A story of how a submissive transvestite prepares herself

It was to be a long session. Mistress called me from
work and told me to be ready to be well used. It had
been a difficult day and she would be taking out her
frustrations on me! Once the chores were finished I
went up to her bedroom to prepare. First I loaded the
CD player and set it to repeat to provide background
music for my wait. Then I opened the Toy Box and began
to prepare.

First I put on the black Basque with its garters. It
covers from below the breasts to my waist and is quite
tight when it is fastened. Next I drew on the long
black seamed stockings. Carefully I drew them upward
until I could fasten them to the Basque with the
garters. Checking the seams to be sure they were
straight I then carefully disarrayed the right stocking
so as to annoy the Mistress. Not that she would need an
excuse to use me well, but there is no use in taking

Next I bend over and put on the high heels. The high
arch (5 inches) combined with the wide ankle straps
make for a delicious bit of height and bondage.
Especially after the straps are locked, securely
fastening my feet in their bonds.

I pick up the Cock harness and fasten the waist strap
over the Basque and bring the cock ring down to my
stiffening cock. I pull the balls through first and
then squeeze the flaccid penis through. It stays
shrivelled for only a moment and then begins to expand
and swell. Now I get out the creme and grease the butt
plug. Then taking a generous quantity of creme on my
fingertips I reach past the dangling harness and begin
to apply the lubricant to my anus.

Slowly I slide my finger in my rigid ring muscle and
slip it in and out stretching my rim to accommodate the
butt plug. Finally I pick up the butt plug and press
its’ head to my anus. Gently I begin to force it deep
with in, squeezing to tire the muscles of my ‘back
door’ so that suddenly it is forcing the widest part of
itself past my nether hole and I gasp as it makes its’
way home.

It is the work of a moment to grasp the crotch strap
and pull it tight forcing the butt plug even deeper
with in me. My cheeks are pushed apart by the width of
the strap and I wriggle my ass to revel in its
fullness. I fasten the thigh cuffs to complete the
imprisonment of my buttocks and take a moment to strut
about in my captivity. I like the sight of myself as I
teeter on the high heels and wriggle my hips and ass. I
feel like the little slut that my Mistress likes me to
be and my cock hardens in anticipation.

My collar and leash come next, and when they are
securely fastened I get out the wrist and ankle cuffs
with eight locks and four lengths of chain. It takes
only a moment to fasten them about my limbs with the
chain and place the locks in the eyebolts in the
doorframe of the closet. I make a last pass through the
apartment making sure all is secure and ready for the
arrival of the Mistress in about two or three hours.
Then I turn on the CD player and go to the closet. On
the way I pick up the blindfold and ball gag harness.

I stand in the doorframe and bending left then right
fasten my ankles to the lower eyebolts. My legs are
held wide and stretched and I revel in the helplessness
I am about to experience. Quickly I put on the
blindfold and make it fast. Next I open my mouth and
render myself mute with the ball gag deep with in. It
is the work of an instant to pull the straps tight
silencing me and holding me in anticipation of my

Straining I reach up and find the last two eyebolts
overhead. Working one handed I slip the end of the
chain at my wrists through the locks above and then
with two final clicks I am bound spread-eagle in the
closet doorway of my Mistresses bedroom. Now I can only
wait for her to come home and release me to my
servitude. I shudder with anticipation.

Time passes. In the darkness behind the blindfold I can
only wait and savour my helplessness. From the arch of
my feet in their high heels, to the butt plug deep with
in I am only an instrument of my Mistresses pleasure.
My feet begin to ache and my legs tremble from standing
so long. I have completely lost track of time. I no
longer can remember how many times the CDs have cycled
through and it seems longer than I can imagine.

Finally in my daze I stiffen and tense. Is that the
sound of footsteps approaching the apartment door? I
almost scream in relief when I hear the sound of a key
in the lock and I hear the click clack of the
Mistresses heels in the foyer. The door closes and I
follow the sounds as Mistress moves about the
apartment. Finally she comes into the bedroom and I
hear the click of the light switch. Silence reigns as I
wait in darkness. I hear the rustle of her clothes as
she moves away and I am left only with the scent of her

The dresser drawer opens and I hear clothe swish as it
is removed and dropped to the floor. I listen as
Mistress begins to dress herself and I wonder what it
is she will be wearing or if I will even be allowed to
see. Finally she walks over and stands behind me and I
know with out seeing that I am being inspected.

“Well my pretty one,” she says, “Are you ready to be
well used?” Frantically I nod yes and moan into my gag.

Laughing the Mistress says, “Don�t go away then, I’ll
be right back,” and I hear the sound of her high heels
go into the kitchen and mix a drink.

More time passes. Now I am becoming stiff from my
restrained position and my cock aches from
anticipation. At last I hear her footsteps return and
my Mistress begins to run her hands over my bound, silk
clad body. Grasping my swollen cock she coos, “My we
need to do something about this, don’t we?”

I moan into the gag and Mistress squeezes my shaft
sharply in warning, “I’ve warned you before about
speaking haven’t I slave?”

I nod yes and she continues, “It seems I’ll have to
remind you again. Not only are you speaking with out
permission but also you have a crooked seam in your
stockings. What ever shall we do about this?”

With that she lets go of my prick and wanders off to
the Toy Box. Her return is signalled by a caress along
my inner thigh. It is not her hand that touches feather
light up to my buttocks and then down to my heel
tracing the line of the seam in the black hose. It then
continues back up the other heel to my buttocks again.
Flinching I try to pull away from this odd caress. What
is it that the Mistress is touching me with? As if she
was reading my mind she tells me.

“In case you were wondering what this is,” she says
once more continuing the slow caress of my thighs and
buttocks, “it is a little friend of mine called a cane,
that I use to remind forgetful slaves of their place.”

Just as she finishes speaking she lifts it away from my
flesh and strikes a sharp stinging blow to each cheek.
I yelp into the gag and try to pull away from the pain
but I can only sway back and forth in my bonds. Even
this scant amount of movement is intolerable to the
Mistress because she says, “You have a bit too much
freedom to be proper slave. We need to make some

My hands are unshackled from above and brought together
behind my back. Next a broad leather strap is fastened
above my elbows and pulled taut until they nearly
touch. A rope is fastened between my wrists and passed
through the eyebolt directly overhead. As the Mistress
pulls on this, my wrists are pulled upward and I am
f****d to bend at the waist. Soon my leash is touching
the floor and Mistress pauses to shorten it and lock it
to the eyebolt placed there for this purpose. Then my
arms are pulled up once more until I am nearly

My head is below the level of my waist, pinioned by the
leash, while my wrists and arms are pulled nearly
straight up, and my feet are held in place to the
floor. My buttocks jut outward and now invite the
attention of the cane that my Mistress begins to once
more brandish behind me.

“I think about 25 to each cheek should be a sufficient
reminder not to speak and to keep your seams straight.
Don’t you slave?” she purrs.

Before I can reply she strikes first one cheek and then
the other. Sometimes it is three in a row to each side.
Sometimes they fall left, right and a pause. Other
times it is a single blow to a side and I am left to
wait for the next one for what seems forever. Between
times the Mistress uses the cane to caress my burning
buns or rubs them with her hand.

“You are getting a fine shade of red my Pretty one,”
she says, “Maybe we need to do this more often.”

Blow after blow falls but slowly through the pain of
the sharp stinging blows I begin to feel a heat build
in my cock. As the blows land the pain starts to take
me closer and closer to orgasm. Soon I am almost
thrusting my hips like a slut in heat trying for just a
bit more sensation. I lost count of the blows at about
nine or ten and it is almost with a sigh of regret that
I greet the announcement that she is through. Softly
she caresses my flaming ass and reaches between my legs
to feel my prick.

“One would have thought you were getting turned on
there at the end,” she says as she touches the head of
my shaft.

“My Pretty one,” she purrs, “You almost came didn’t

When I make no reply she cuts me across a cheek with
the cane again. “Didn’t you?” she asks.

Quickly I nod yes behind the blindfold and the gag.

Laughing Mistress promises, “Well if you are very, very
good to your Mistress I may let you come later. Much


Now Mistress leaves me for a short while. My ass throbs
with the heat of my caning. In the dark I feel the
tight restrictiveness of my bonds. Bent over at the
waist, with my arms bound tightly elbow to wrist, every
inch of me feels my enslavement.

I hear the sharp clicking of my Mistresses footsteps as
she once more approaches me. I feel a sharp tug at my
wrists, as the rope to the top of the doorframe is
pulled even tighter and then sag in relief, as it is

A tug on my leash brings me to my knees with my ankles
still attached to the base of the doorframe. Now my
ankles are released, and the chains from each side are
brought together and locked to a third length of chain
that is run up to my wrists. Next the gag is removed
from my mouth and Mistress stands in front of me.

I know what it is she expects and I quickly bend and
seek her feet in the dark to give her the homage she
deserves. After I kiss her feet my leash is unlocked
from the floor, and she tugs on it to signal me to
return to my kneeling position.

“I will be in the living room Slave. You will crawl to
me on your knees to serve me further,” she commands. I
pause to listen to her footsteps recede in the
direction of the living room and then begin my blind
fettered journey to service her.

Hobbled as I am I lose all track of time as I crawl to
the living room. When I finally enter I pause to try
and determine just where the Mistress is. At last I
hear the clink of ice cubes as she sets down her drink
and I hasten to crawl to her side. Carefully I kneel
beside her as she lies at ease in her chair, and I wait
in anticipation for her to take heed of my presence. I
hear her turn the page of a magazine she is reading and
then she lies back in the recliner.

“My boots are in need of a cleaning Slave. Put your
Slave tongue to work on them.”

Eagerly I crawl to her feet and turn to face her.
Slowly I search her boots out with my blindfolded face
and begin to lick and suck at her boots. The leather is
slick and warm beneath my tongue as I give her my
devotion. I savour the taste of the leather and the
smell of her. I work my way up their length to the top,
which is just above her ankles. I am almost
disappointed that they are not her thigh high boots,
which would offer me the chance to draw near to her
most secret depths.

Finished for the moment, I pause as she crosses her
ankles and begin to clean her boots again. I spend long
moments taking the length of the spike heels into my
mouth and lick and suck on them as I wish she would on
my bound cock.

After a time she notices that I have finished with her
boots. Now she commands me to remove them and begin on
her feet. Using only my teeth because of my bound hands
I untie her boots and slowly work the laces loose to
free her feet.

At last they are free and I revel in the twin aroma of
her boots and her silken clad flesh. Once more I lick
and suck at the feet of my Mistress. Slowly I suck on
each smooth toe through the confines of the stockings,
and then I languidly bathe the lengths of her soles
with my tongue.

Tiring of my ministrations to her feet, Mistress orders
me to sit back. I hear the recliner fold back and I am
ordered to crawl forward. Can it mean that she is ready
to use me for her pleasure? Casually she leans forward
and picks up the end of my leash. With a gentle pull I
am drawn deeply between her legs. I feel the heat of
her thighs along my face, and I smell the sweet dusky
scent of her innermost recesses.

“Use your tongue Slave. Eat me,” She commands.

I need no further urging, and in the darkness of my
blindfold I gently bring my lips to hers. Slowly I ease
my tongue into the dark wet folds of her slit and I
taste of her nectar. I work my tongue deeper as I slide
it between her labia and begin to lick at her tender
flesh. Savouring the scent and taste of her I begin to
lap up her juices, and run my tongue from the base of
her slit to her clit. Her lips begin to expand and
swell from her arousal, and I am rewarded by her warm
throaty purr of pleasure.

“Yes, deeper Slave,” she moans, and I obediently thrust
my tongue into her depths. After a time I work my way
up to her clit and when my tongue caresses it Mistress
grabs my head with her hands and pulls me in tight to

Her thighs imprison me as I suck hard on her clitoris
and begin to caress the little man in the boat with my
tongue. Around and around and around I move my tongue
varying firm slow strokes with quick darting flicks.
Soon I feel her thighs tremor in rhythm to my tongue
and I know it is only a matter of moments before she is
on the brink.

Slowly I ease back for a moment, and she quivers on the
very edge of sensation when I begin to deliberately
stroke her clit and I am nearly pushed away as she
begins to buck her hips and cry out in pleasure. While
she slowly comes down from the heights I gently kiss
and caress her thighs between the tops of her stockings
and her lips with mine.

Reaching forward she removes my blindfold and rewards
me with a glimpse of her. Her full breasts are
displayed on the shelf of her red satin bustier. Her
pale thigh flesh contrasts nicely with the curly hair
of her pubes and her red stockings. I lean back as she
releases me from between her thighs and I see the full
length of her legs in her stockings.

Gazing up at her in worship I can only hope that she
will use me further. I need not worry. As soon as she
has caught her breath she gives me new commands.

“You have pleased me Slave. Now go to the bedroom and
bring me back my latex briefs with the dildo built in.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I reply. Carefully I rock back on my
heels and slowly stand up. It is difficult to catch my
balance because of my bound wrists and the fetters on
my ankles but once upright I quickly proceed back to
the bedroom. I revel in the twist and sway of my hips
as I journey back to the toy box in the closet.
Kneeling before the toy box I turn and can barely bring
my fingers to the handle of the lowest drawer.
Carefully I open it and turn about.

There in the drawer are the Mistress’s latex toys. I
lean forward and with my mouth I pick up her dildo
briefs from the drawer. The shaft of the dildo slides
between my lips and the body of the briefs hang
obscenely in front of my face. Slowly I suck on the
shaft until the base of the dildo is at my lips and I
stand and return to the Mistress in the living room.

While I have been in the bedroom the Mistress has been
busy. From the closet she has brought out the pillory,
which tells me that she intends to use me quite well
this evening. Now I kneel before the Mistress as she
stands by the base of the Pillory and wait as she takes
the dildo pants from my lips.

I tremble in anticipation as she slides them up her
long legs and carefully adjusts the prong and jutting
shaft on the inside to her satisfaction. The slender
black phallus thrusts out obscenely from her crotch and
I am curiously aroused by this sight.

Now she struts back to her chair and carefully pulls
her red, high heeled ankle boots on and laces them up.
Next she stalks back to stand before me. Snapping her
fingers she points to the floor and I strain to bend
over and kiss her feet. Carefully I lick and caress her
boots until she tires of my submissive display when she
snaps her fingers again and points to her out thrust
penis. I lick my lips in anticipation and then slowly I
begin to lick and suck on her shaft.

As I kiss and caress on it with only my lips it bobs
and weaves about. I know that this causes the interior
shaft and prong to rub and caress her clit and vagina
at the same time. With a soft purring moan from her
lips I know that I have succeeded in arousing my
Mistress also.

Now I slide my lips to the end of the shaft, and move
so that I am facing the Mistress. Slowly, ever so
slowly I take the full length of her latex shaft into
my mouth. It is so long that it soon is at the back of
my throat and I begin to c***e on it. Easing back a bit
I suck on its length in my mouth and let myself become
accustomed to its fullness. Again and again I slide it
to the back of my mouth until suddenly Mistress shoves
her hips and my lips are f****d to the base of its
length and it forces its way down my throat. For a
moment I panic and then I relax and let it slide in and
out of my lips. Slowly she begins to fuck my face
thrusting it to the hilt in my mouth.

I suck on it in time to her thrusts and soon she begins
to tremble as the additional stimulation begins to make
it felt on her clit. With a guttural growl she comes
and she spasms from the force of her orgasm.

“Well,” she announces as she catches her breath and
removes her latex phallus from my lips, “If your mouth
felt that good your ass will be wonderful indeed.”

Picking up my leash she leads me to the waiting
pillory. My neck is placed in the centre hole of the
bottom half. It takes her but a moment to slide the top
half down and to lock it securely holding me bent over
at the waist with my chest parallel to the floor. Next
the chain between my ankles running to my wrists is
unlocked and my arms are pulled upward toward my head
by means of it. A quiet click announces that it is
fastened to the top of the pillory.

Now my legs are spread apart and secured in the
horizontal stocks provided at the foot of the pillory.
Not only do they hold my feet secure and immobile but
also they provide a short platform for the Mistress to
stand on. So secured I am subjected to rubs and
caresses on my posterior which is still tender from my
earlier caning. Stroking my ass Mistress comes to a
decision. “You need to be a bit redder before I screw
you in the ass. Wait here while I get the paddle and a

Unable to move because of the extreme bondage I have
been placed in I await the return of my Mistress. My
buttocks extend outward helpless to resist any use to
which the Mistress may wish to put them. I hear the
click-clack of the Mistress’s high heels as she returns
from the bedroom and I tense in fear and anticipation.

Slowly now she walks about me viewing her restrained
property. Standing in front of me she holds up the ball
gag. Commands are unnecessary as I open my mouth to
receive it.

“That’s right Slave,” she says, “We don’t want to
bother the neighbours with unneeded noise.”

Pulling the straps tight, she rubs my cheek with the
paddle, and laughs as I flinch from its caress.

“Not to worry, Slave. It’s your other cheeks that will
feel this.”

Now she stalks behind me, leaving me to await her pain
or pleasure. Softly she caresses my rear with the
smooth surface of the paddle. Her hand slides between
my legs to pet my hard aching shaft. I shake at her
touch and she laughs to have had such an effect on me.
Suddenly without warning she strikes! Blows begin to
land on first one cheek and then the other. I feel the
heat of them start to build and I writhe and squirm
from the blows.

Held captive at neck and ankles, I struggle in vain to
escape. To no avail I cry out for mercy into the
muffling restraint of the gag. For a moment I don’t
think the Mistress has heard me but then she stops.
Gently she caresses my burning cheeks and murmurs, “No,
not quite red enough yet.”

With that blows fall all over my exposed buns. From the
tops of the stockings to the bottom edge of the bustier
she rains sharp stinging blow after blow. This is
alternated with cool strokes from her hands until even
her caresses are painful. Tears are running down my
cheeks when she finally announces that my buttocks are
red enough. Heat pours from them and I wince at her
slightest touch. Now she reaches between my cheeks and
loosens the strap of the cock harness running between
them. Carefully she grasps the base of the butt plug
and works it loose. It pulls free and I am left with a
feeling of emptiness in my ass that I long to beg for
her to fill. Nor am I left too long as she stands
behind me on the platform of the pillory.

“I hope you greased the plug well,” she says as she
places the head of her dildo on the rim of my anus.

Softly she teases me running it up and down the crack
of my ass and then just the head of it in. My nether
rim is still stretched from the hours with the butt
plug in it and it slides past it easily as I relax.
Swiftly it glides in to the base and I scream into the
gag as she rams into my still flaming cheeks.

Patting my ass causes me to jounce around as she laughs
and comments that the gag was a very good idea. Now she
slowly alternates five long slow penetrations of my ass
with fifteen quick, sharp thrusts. My cock bobs and
weaves as I am butt-fucked and I can feel the approach
of an orgasm. Finally she begins a long series of long,
slow, deep thrusts as she lies over on my back and
grasps my cock with both hands. Now in counter time to
her thrusts she begins to masturbate me, and I screw
her hands in rhythm to her thrusts.

“You want to come so badly now, don’t you Slave?” she

Vigorously I nod my head and try to cry out.

“Well, I think that you have finally earned it,” she
says as she stands upright grasping my hips and
speeding up her thrusts.

“Now Slave, cum. Cum for your Mistress,” she cries as
she starts to spank my enflamed flesh.

On top of all the other stimulation I have been
receiving this proves to be too much and with a loud
cry into my gag I begin to shudder in long waves of
orgasm. My cock pulses and spurts and my cum splatters
onto the base of the pillory. Wave after pulsing wave
of orgasm rolls over me and I am left weak and
shuddering as Mistress pulls out of my sore and tender

As I helplessly stand and try to recover my breath I
can only tremble as Mistress announces, “Now I’ll have
to decide what to do with you for the rest of the

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