What an incredible fuck

Bobby’s right hand was under Terri’s skirt and was slowly sliding up her thigh. His left hand was cupping her breast and she felt her nipple hardening under the material. She’d never let any boy get this far before, but this time, she decided to take the chance. This was the first date she’d been

Mom cums – the story

…I had planned this out for a while. My husband would be gone as usual, and my 3 boys off camping for the weekend. I would have the weekend all to myself. My oldest boy privately told me my husband had a girl on the side, that was why he was hardly ever home. …This

Bush babes and swapping

This story is base loosly on an experience my boyfriend and I enjoyed a few years ago. He sent it to me as his thoughts and I edited and virtually re-wrote it – his version was pretty basic. My girlfriend and I were walking through a nearby national park. We were by a river and

A Handjob Between Friends

“So, you and Stacy broke up?” “Yeah, a couple weeks ago.” “Really? You must be hard up! I think Jason would go crazy if we broke up, he’s so horny!” “Haha, yeah, I guess I am!” “Well, I suppose I could give you a handjob, if you want.” “Really?” “Yeah, I need the practice. Jason’s

The Babysitter’s Mom

Rebecca Winters stood naked before the full length mirror in her bedroom observing her own beautiful body. Becky, as everyone called her, would be nineteen in two months. She was only 5’1″ and 100 pounds but it was perfectly formed in a 32C – 18 – 33 body and a lovely face with flowing brown

Almost Too Wet To Cum

As Angel lend over her bed watching Brad working on his car, she noticed as she fantasized about him that she was rubbing her pussy back and forth across the edge of her bedpost. She thought to herself, enough of this bullshit, she had to do something about this. She quickly went to the bathroom