Queen of Bukkake

My name is Alexia. I’m a young teacher, 28 years old. For the past year I’ve been dating Vic, a 44-year-old widowed father of two girls, 18- and 20-years old. I teach math at the local high school, and Vic is a plumber. He has a good income and is eager for us to get

First Time Footjob

It was decades ago, but I’ll remember it like it was yesterday. We had just finished our night of heated foreplay. I was exhausted. I had spent the last hour sucking, kissing, fingering, and kissing the most beautiful vagina I have laid my eyes on. I needed to rest after a long night in heaven.

A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities

For the benefit of those who didn’t read stories one and two I’ll repeat that Sue is petite at 5’4″ 115lbs. 34B, with a nice waist and curvy hips. She has very light brown hair and green eyes. She is very good natured and laughs a lot. Whenever we go somewhere men notice her cute

The Cum Drinkers Club

I was broke, in college and looking for something, anything to cure my financial ailment. The ad I found was strange. Young males wanted, Specialty Taste Club, catering to the unusual, Excellent pay, flexible hours, no selling. Call for personal interview. The no selling part got my attention. It seemed like all the ad’s that