Woman Of My Dreams

My divorce was finalized about 6 months later. After that I started dating a few women here and there. I was being rather picky in my pursuit of the ideal mate for me to spend the rest of my life with. I vowed that I would not settle for a woman that was not a

Cum Bucket Bitch

It was your 30th birthday, I’d been planning this for a few weeks, sourcing the people, making sure everyone was fully tested and clean. You hadn’t got a clue, you thought I was just taking you out for a meal, it was the perfect surprise. I’d hired a special chair for 24 hours. I very

My Mum’s Friends

So my mum had me when she was 18. When I was 18 I went off to university. I came home during the summer at 19, she said she wanted to have a fancy dress party for me coming back. I asked who was coming, she rhymed off a few names, including Lucy and Daniela.

The Singer Assignment

Kati walked down the hall towards the editors office. He had sent word that he wanted to see her as soon as she arrived in the building. She worried as she approached the office. Had she done something wrong? Did she miss a deadline? Questions raced through her mind as she reached the office door.

Enzos Nikki’s Cum Bath

It is the year 6969. A race of a-sexual humanoid creatures from another galaxy have declared war on all earthlings and all forms of life treaty-ed to the earthlings. Inter-Galactic Intelligence has uncovered a plot by the enemy to engage in germ warfare. They are allegedly researching and planning to release a germ that will