A true story of (for) submission

Dearest Lover,

I hope you will enjoy this recounting of the most incredible sexual
experience of my life. It was, of course, with you.

As I drove back to the hotel to meet you again, my hands began to shake. I
knew that you intended to tie me to the bed and do terrible, wonderful things
to me. I was in a state of heightened anticipation. I parked the car in the
lot and went around to the back entrance to your room and knocked. You let me
in and kissed me, telling me that you’d been dying to see me again all day
long. Oh God your arms feel so good around me. How can this man feel SO
right? I cannot resist him, cannot deny him any part of me. You are so
strong, so perfect. Let me lean on you….just tell me what you want and I
will do it….so simple that way. There was Rachmaninov playing softly in the
background, and candlelight filled the room. You released me and we made idle
chit chat for a few moments. Then you kissed me again, and motioned to the
bathroom, told me to get ready. I nodded mutely and got my bag, then went to
the bathroom to change into my white satiny nightie with spaghetti straps.
White is supposed to be for purity, yet here I am about to do the most erotic
thing I have ever had done to me. I feel wicked just wearing white doing

When I came out of the bathroom you looked at me and smiled. “That looks
incredible on you, lover,” you said. “But I want you naked.” Ohgod….that
smile…so knowing, so erotic… Your hands reached for the bottom of the
nightie and pulled it up off me. “Oh yes,” you said. “Beautiful.” Your eyes
seemed to caress my body. I closed my eyes for a moment. I’ve got to calm
down…breathe deeply…ohgod…how I FEEL with him near me. Help me…. “Now
lie back on the bed, lover,” you said as you guided me onto the king size
bed, “and spread your arms and legs.” Panic button! I’m not sure I can do

You smiled again as I obeyed you. “That’s right.” You reached down and began
to tie legs and arms securely with ropes. “No…wait. You don’t have to tie
me. I won’t move I promise I promise. Please you don’t have to tie me!”
“Oh yes, I do,” you looked straight down at me and answered. Oh my god the
coolness in his tone…it chills me to the bone. OHgod I am afraid…what
will he do?? Doesn’t he hear my calls for mercy? Can’t I move him to answer?
Is he that much stronger than any man I have known?

“There” you said, and admired your handiwork. You walked around the bed to
the bedstand and sat down on the bed. “Now, lover,” you said, “time for you
to watch me.” “Ohgod yes,” I replied.

You took off your clothes so slowly. My eyes could not leave your body, you
looked so gorgeous, so male. I could see your cock standing up already for me
through your boxers. I want you NOW.Then you removed your boxers and
straddled me, high up on my body, so your cock was above my breasts, and I
could see you so well. You took your cock in hand and began to stroke and
caress yourself. You instructed me to watch, which I did, intently. I
couldn’t take my eyes off your gorgeous cock and the things you were doing to
yourself. Oh his cock is so huge…so high oh I love it I want it in my
mouth…please let me have a taste.

Then my prayer was answered as you told
me, “Here are a few drops…taste it.” You put your cock lower near my mouth
and I greedily lapped up the drops. Mmmmtastes so good so good so good let me
have more let me have it all. I struggled against my ties, but to no avail.
Your hand caressed one breast and nipple, then the other…so hard for
you…while your right hand continued to stroke your cock…I wanna see that
come I want it on me please please please. Your hand almost crushed my right
breast…the pain and pleasure mixed. oh yes yes yes yes yes Then I looked up
at you and saw you were close and your hips thrusted forward and your hand
worked faster and you came like a sonofabitch…all over my breasts, chin,
neck. Oh my god so much I have never seen so much never ever…ohgod I want
that in me…oh he is so much man so male so masculine…his come his
pleasure for me ohhhhhhhhhhh. Your hand massaged the come into my breasts….
so erotic, then offered me your fingers for me to lick clean. Mmmm tastes so
good can’t wait to have so much inside my cunt. I could feel myself getting
wet between my legs.

You got off the bed, then sat on the edge of the bed by the nightstand. You
looked at me and said in a whisper, “That was wonderful, lover. Now, for the
next thing. I’m not sure if this is going to put you over the top, but I want
it. I want to do this to you. If it is too much, let me know, alright?” You
smiled that smile again and I nodded silently. What is he going to do? More
panic. Oh no he is opening the bedstand drawer…he doesn’t have a THING?? OH
NO PLEASE!!! “It’s okay, lover,” you said, sensing my distress. “It’s just a
scarf” Oh thank god it is only a scarf…no…a long black silk veil. But
what is he going to do?

You tied it across my face and I felt my body tremble. Oh no so helpless.
What will he do next? Now I have no warning. I can’t see…all I can do is
FEEL. I am a thing…his thing. Ohgod…this is so fucking exciting…and so

I could hear you padding about the room, but I couldn’t see anything. The
next thing I know, I felt a champagne glass brought to my lips. “Drink” you
said, which I did, greedily, being thirsty. Then you held something else to
my lips. I tentatively tasted it. It was cold, that much I knew, and sweet.
“Chocolate?” I said with a small voice. You laughed…”No, vanilla!” And you
began to drag it down my lip, chin, throat…teasing my nipples, then down my
chest, belly and then THERE. Ohgod that is cold….my nipples are hard…what
is he going to DO???? I didn’t have to wonder anymore as you began to lick
the ice cream off me, teasing me and biting my nipples gently as you moved
slowly but steadily down toward my cunt. And then you were there, licking me
THERE. OH That feels SO incredible…ohmy god…his tongue…his hand on my
leg….I can’t move away…ohdon’t stop…keep going…ohgod so close…keep
going and then suddenly my left hand was free! I was so surprised! I’d been
tugging so hard, hard enough to make a mark on my wrists, I would find out
later. I had just wanted to pull your head in closer to my cunt to continue
that incredible feeling, but you saw my free hand and stop. DON’T stop!!! I
was soooo close. But you stopped and retied my hand in place. Interrupted so,
you got a new idea. You moved away from the bed again and came back, sitting
close to me on the bed. The next thing I felt is COLD. Even colder than
before. Ohgod it’s ice…just like what I wrote. Ohgod no….it’s too
cold….You run the ice all over my body…and I am dreading what will come
at the end…what I wrote about. And then I am NOT dreading it…only wanting
it so much. I can’t wait any longer I want that ice in me…do it do it do it
get it over with do it…I need it in me.

“Please, please put it in me I need
it!!!” You got a new ice cube and your hand trailed down me and you pushed it
deep inside my cunt. SO cold…so cold….so cold in the hotness of me….
You came up and kiss me, then whispered to me to tell you when it was melted.
I clenched inside me and felt that it was already quite a bit smaller than
before. You continued kissing me, caressing my breasts….teasing me. I began
to beg you to just FUCK me. But you said no…to wait until the ice was
melted. I clenched within again and then told you that I thought it was
melted. “Is it? Mmmm good,” you said, and I felt you move down into position
between my legs. You placed that huge cock, now hard again, at the entrance
to me. You held yourself up on one arm, then reached down and slipped off my
blindfold. You told me to look into your eyes. Ohyes you are so
beautiful…and I want you so. Please..Oh yes please put it in me put it in
me…deep in me again I need it there again…and that come…I want it in me
please PLEASE!!!! Then you looked down at me and told me in a deep voice,
“Yes, ohyes you ARE my good little whore.

Don’t forget that.” I clenched from
within again and then you moved into me…so deeply…that big cock that I
had to struggle to have inside me. And I heard you groan with pleasure. Then
you began to stroke in earnest….Ohgod it feels so good. I wish I could
touch him…wrap my legs close to his…touch and stroke his back….but this
is good too…I’m just a thing for him…only for him, for his pleasure as he
wishes…as it should be. I am his and I am only here to give him pleasure oh
yes ohgod please don’t stop I am so close please ohgod and I felt myself go
over the edge into an amazing orgasm. Your strokes continued…so beautiful
so deep so perfect. Then I heard you groan loudly and you began to
come…filling me with that come…so much of it. Yes yes yes oh yes let him
come in me I want it all all of it please don’t come in anyone else but me I
want it all please yes god yes I am yours only yours I belong to you. yes.
yes. yes. And your strokes subsided, and you lay on me and I loved it. Oh the
weight of your body on mine as you lie on me and within me… that cock still
buried so deeply in me. Oh god…I am where I belong..under you, having
pleased you. And I love you.