A gold digger in the Gold Rush

Feeling akin to a gold miner in the Gold Rush, looking for that nugget among all the sand and pebbles, that nugget when found would make him a rich man. In the right hands, hands familiar with molding one into something else, the nugget dug from the ground becomes more beautiful and then even more

Sometimes, When You’re Sleeping

Dear Diary, | Late at night, sometimes, you | whimper. I think it wakes me every I want him to use me. | time. | That sounds weird, doesn’t it? I | It scares me just a little; I know don’t understand. | right away that something’s wrong. | You’re as close to me as

First fuckdate

“Do you know what?” she asks him, in bed. “I know someone who likes you. Yeah, they do! Do you want me to tell you who it is…? You do? I think you should have to guess… I’ll give you a clue… it’s a part of my body. Can you guess?” His hands are running

Initial Explorations

I’m not sure if this is typical, but as long as I can remember I’ve known that my cock had two distinct states. I thought of the larger, stiffer, and more infrequent one as “big,” and the process of erection as “getting big.” And as long as I can remember, I’d had a habit of

You’re showing signs of obsession

“You’re showing signs of obsession,” Fawn observed calmly. “You mean, I’ve never shown signs of obsession before?” I asked, leaning back in the leather armchair that dominated my office. “Fawn, if we’re right I’m going to spend most of eternity with plenty of company, but today is my thirtieth birthday and I haven’t seen another

Erotic ecounter

he hurried along the path on her way home; the sky was getting darker and darker. The wind started to gust as she heard the roar of distant thunder. `Seems like we are in for a storm’ she thought to herself `a welcome relief – it will clear the mugginess in the air’. She hoped

A Chance Encounter – MDom story

After months of just not understanding what the deal was with him, I got fed up. I just couldn’t take the unexplained bouts of silence anymore. Or rather the unexplained bouts of vagueness. A few months passed, I was happy, busy, properly courted by a few men my age, and amused by the usual twentysomethings

Online Seduction – erotic fiction

I realized that the person who popped in out of the blue to chat with me was suspicious. This “teen girl” said she liked to meet people and thought I’d be interested in seeing her. Now being a techie who writes erotic fiction, I wasn’t all _that_ paranoid since I was, for the most part,

Swinging with a landlady

It was a really nice upstairs flat. The woman who was looking for a roommate was a cool customer, but I could see she kept the place neat and tidy and she seemed like the type of roommate who would be no trouble at all. I decided to go for it, and moved in. I

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