A Very Naughty but Affectionate Parody

It was a late Saturday morning in Three Rivers. A warm May
breeze wafted through Sharon Cherski’s window, and the she began to
awaken. Sharon should have been happy on this day. She was, after all,
one of the most popular sophomores at Liberty High. The girls liked
her because of her sweet and friendly disposition; the faculty liked
her because she got excellent grades and joined in so many school
activities; and the boys liked her because…

Well, because she was a stunning beauty. Barely sixteen, she had
the body of a grown woman – and the libido of three. She had long
auburn hair, limpid blue eyes, and smooth, flawless skin. Her full,
sensuous lips frequently broke into a smile that could charm even an
old grouch like Mr. Foster, the principal.

Her breasts were so well-developed that the football team had
voted them “Best Hooters” in last autumn’s “Sophomore Girls – the Top
40” list. Sharon had been embarrassed by this attention at first, but
by the time she turned sixteen, she had gotten over her
self-consciousness, largely thanks to her newfound friend, Rayanne

Rayanne, a tough babe who had been awarded “Most Slut Potential”
on the jocks’ list, had found herself friendless a few months ago.
One drunken evening she had screwed Jordan Catalano, a boy beloved by
her best friend, Angela Chase. And not only Angela, but her whole
crowd, had stopped speaking to Rayanne. The one exception was Sharon.
Her sweet heart had compassion for everyone, and she had offered her
friendship. And so Rayanne had become Sharon’s inseparable buddy and

“Don’t let those jocks bum you out, Cherski. If you can’t beat
’em, fuck ’em !” Rayanne had urged. “I mean, not actually FUCK ’em,
but like, flaunt them, or something.”

“You mean I should actually like show off my, um…?”

“Ex-fucking-actly, girlfriend. Show off your UMS!”

“Yeah! I have a right to even, like, dress like a SLUT if I
want, Raynie.”

“More like an obligation. And quit calling me ‘Raynie,’ for
chrissake. You sound like my god-damned mother. The fucking trollop.”

“Ray-ANNE!” Sharon , who loved her mother very much, was
sometimes shocked by her trash-mouthed friend.

“Well she is. Like mother, like daughter you know. Hey, let’s
get Tino to drive us to the mall! Let’s get you something

And so the girls had made an expedition to the mall. First they
selected a tight little belly shirt in hot-pink cotton, with a low
scoop neck. The top exposed a generous amount of cleavage, as well as
Sharon’s flat, milky-white tummy. Their next purchases – an
ultra-short blue denim miniskirt and a pair of black over-the-knee
stockings – made a nice contrast. Rayanne picked a sexy black velvet
choker as an accessory, and even talked Sharon into buying a tiny
removable skull tattoo.

“Where am I supposed to put THAT?” Sharon wondered.

“Just leave it to me. Let’s book!”

They’d returned to Rayanne’s place, where Sharon had tried on
her new outfit. Rayanne adjusted the choker while Sharon put on pink
lip gloss to match her new top.

For the finishing touch, Rayanne knelt and straightened Sharon’s
stockings and applied the skull tattoo to Sharon’s left thigh, just
above the stocking top. During these operations, Sharon thought maybe
Rayanne’s hands lingered a bit longer than necessary. But she didn’t
complain; in fact she closed her eyes and rather enjoyed her friend’s
soft touch.

When the tattoo was complete, Rayanne looked up appraisingly.

“Just one more thing. Lose the bra.”

“As IF! I can’t go to school without a bra!”

“When the hell did you rejoin the Girl Scouts? Let the guys see
your nips! Just do it! And get on with your life!”

Sharon complied, blushing. When she looked in the mirror, she
had to admit Rayanne was right. She didn’t really need a bra; her
ample breasts were extremely firm. And the sight of her erect nipples
beneath the pink top would bonerize the whole male population of
Liberty High. Involuntarily, Sharon ran her hands over her breasts and
fingered her nipples for a moment.

Rayanne watched Sharon with a fiendish grin. “Voila!” she
cried, suddenly hugging Sharon around the waist. “The all-new Sharon

“Oh, bite me!” laughed Sharon.

And that is what Rayanne did – she gave Sharon a sharp nip on the
inner thigh, followed by a tender, lingering kiss.

“Graf!! Shut up! I mean, cut it out or whatever…” Sharon
protested, flustered by the pleasure she felt.

“I guess you’re not ready for me yet, Cherski,” sighed Rayanne,
getting up. “Besides, I was just kidding around.”

But both girls knew she wasn’t.

Rayanne, as usual, recovered her cool quickly. “Anyway, you look
wicked now!,” she exclaimed. “Especially with that skull. What genius
though of that, huh? We should sneak into Let’s Bolt tonight or
something. We could have a time!”

Sharon, feeling a surge of affection for her girlfriend, put her
arms around Rayanne and kissed the top of her head.

“Thanks for helping me shop and everything. Like, I don’t know
what I’d do without you. You’re such a good friend.”

Rayanne, smiling, closed her eyes and nestled her head on
Sharon’s shoulder.

“Duh squared,” she murmured, giving Sharon’s hair an
affectionate tug.

Rayanne’s “Slutski liberation campaign” soon boosted Sharon’s
self-confidence enormously. Before, Sharon had favored long
floral-print dresses and had concealed her chest under baggy sweaters.
Now, she enjoyed tormenting the boys with her luscious figure and long
legs. Especially the jocks, who had humiliated her with their “Top
10.” If she caught one of them staring down her cleavage or up her
skirt, she’d sneer: “Keep that wood in your pants, pal!” and stalk
off, hips swaying, with Rayanne snickering at her side.

But, although Sharon dressed like a slut and acted like a
cockteaser, she didn’t follow Rayanne’s example in all things. She
still worked on the yearbook, and she was still sweet to all her old
friends. And unlike Rayanne, she didn’t go down to the Liberty High
boiler room for a makeout-and-blowjob session with any boy who asked.

Instead she stuck with her football-playing boyfriend, Kyle
Voinovitch. Sometimes she asked herself why, and she always came up
with the same answer:

“Brad Pitt.”

Kyle was a rather dim bulb, but he had figured out that a Brad
Pitt movie – especially “Thelma and Louise” – was a foolproof
aphrodisiac as far as Sharon was concerned. After spending a small
fortune renting tapes, he’d finally bought video copies of several
Pitt movies, and had watched them over and over until he knew Pitt’s
every scene and entrance.

Their dates were always the same: Sharon would come to Kyle’s
place, where he would be waiting with popcorn and a tape cued up in
the VCR. The popcorn was just for show though; Sharon would usually
just seat herself on Kyle’s lap, grab the remote, and start the tape.
Kyle would then attempt a few kisses, but Sharon would fend him off
until the name “Brad Pitt” appeared on the credits. At this point she
would turn her head and begin Frenching Kyle passionately. First she
would thrust her tongue down his throat until he could barely breathe;
then she’d switch gears and suck his tongue as if it were a cock.
This would continue until Kyle sensed that Pitt was about to appear.

“Let’s watch awhile, babe,” he’d suggest.

And while Sharon turned her attention to the flick, Kyle would
turn his attention to her breasts. They were a lot more accessible now
that Sharon had taken to wearing skimpy little tops with no bra; in a
few seconds he would have her right nipple in his mouth. While he
sucked on it, he’d use his left hand to squeeze her other breast, and
his right would move down and caress her belly.

“Ohhh… Brad, um, Kyle,” Sharon would moan, not taking her eyes
off the screen. Usually she would rewind and watch the same scene
several times, while Kyle’s hand slithered down her belly, down to her
knees, and back up her thighs and under her tiny skirt.

The tape would run some more and they would kiss again, Kyle
caressing and squeezing Sharon’s soft, warm inner thighs until her
hips began to undulate. She would bite his neck and thrust her hips
upward, desperately trying to bring her twat into contact with his
hand. But Kyle would keep his hand just below crotch level, biding
his time until Brad’s next scene…

“Let’s watch some more, honey.”

They seldom got past Pitt’s second scene. At this point Sharon
would usually grab Kyle’s hand and practically force him to put it
inside her soaking panties and thrust two fingers into her hot pussy.
If he refused – as he sometimes did just for a tease – she’d lose all
control and shove the remote up her snatch and use it as a dildo,
bringing herself to near-orgasm before he relented and fucked her
vigorously with his rather large cock.

But fucking wasn’t Kyle’s favorite sport. More often, Kyle would
grab the remote and demand sexual favors:

“No more Brad for you, you cunt! Not until you suck me off!”

Kyle knew that Sharon would do almost anything when she got to
this stage. What he didn’t know was that Sharon liked to play this
game too – she wanted to be ordered to do something and then pretend
she was doing it to Brad.

And so, Sharon happily dropped to her knees and kissed Kyle’s
balls, sucked his cock, and licked his asshole, sometimes for half an
hour, before he’d finally command her to jerk him off and take the
load in her face. He wouldn’t give her theremote until he’d soaked
her mouth, eyes, and hair with sticky cum.

Then, while the satiated Kyle nodded off, Sharon would turn back
to Brad and finger-fuck herself to multiple screaming climaxes.

But there was one thing Sharon wouldn’t do for Kyle, no matter
how long he teased her. She would not let him fuck her up the ass.
“I’m saving that for Brad,” she thought secretly, but she wouldn’t
explain it to Kyle. Every time he made the request, she would
absolutely refuse, and there would be a huge fight….


The couple had had the same old fight on Friday night. And that
is why Sharon Cherski, a lovely girl in the springtime of her
sixteenth year, was not so happy.

Sharon didn’t want to get out of bed, even though it was past
10:00. Indifferent to the sweet-smelling breeze, she pulled the
covers up to her chin and closed her eyes.

There was a knock on the door, and Sharon’s mother Camille
warned: “Sharon! You’d better get a move on! Clarinet lesson this

Sharon, deep in thought, did not respond.

“Kyle is being a butthead again,” she pouted. Maybe I should
just dump him. He’s so selfish and immature….”

After hours of foreplay, Kyle had demanded she let him in by the rear
door. She’d refused, but as a compromise had allowed him to give her
a prolonged rim job. Sharon had rimmed Kyle often, but he’d never
returned the favor before. The novel sensation of a hot, wet tongue
probing her poop chute drove her wild. And she’d nearly creamed
herself as he tongue-fucked her virgin anus.

But Kyle had withdrawn his tongue just before her climax and
insisted again on sodomizing her.

“Babe, you’re ready!” he’d insisted.

“Not EVEN!” she’d replied.

And the situation had deteriorated from there….

Sharon sighed and tossed in frustration. She was not only
furious with her boyfriend, but extremely frustrated and horny.

“I’m sick of immature sophomore BABIES!” she thought. I need an older
guy… if Jordan walked in right now, I’d fuck him silly!”

But she knew that Jordan Catalano, though 18 and a dreamboat,
was off-limits. He belonged to Sharon’s oldest and best friend –
Angela. It was pleasant to think about him though. Sharon fingered
herself gently as she considered her boyfriend dilemma….

She’d already talked to Rayanne about the problem, but for once
Rayanne’s advice had been unsatisfactory:

” Just take it up the ass and get on with your life, Cherski! It
only hurts the first time you know. Brad’s never coming to Three
Rivers, and even if he did, how could he tell if you had a virgin
asshole? Besides, maybe Brad doesn’t even like fucking girls up the
ass… not that I know any guys like that…”

Rickie Vasquez hadn’t been very helpful either.

” Are you kidding? I’d LOVE it if some jock fucked me in the
ass! Do you think he’d take me on…?”

Sharon had rolled her eyes. “Yeah, right. I’ll be sure to ask
him, Vasquez.”

There was only one person left to confide in: Angela. Maybe good
old Chase-face would be home this afternoon; Sharon could drop by
after her lesson.

“Hell,” muttered Sharon, dragging herself out of bed. “Can’t
sleep, can’t come, might as well get dressed.”

She opened her closet and eyed her wardrobe.

“What would an older guy like?” she wondered, still thinking of
Jordan in spite of herself. “I know! The schoolgirl look!”

Sharon had an actual Catholic schoolgirl uniform, handed down
from an older cousin who had graduated from St Catherine’s School. It
consisted of a green plaid jumper with a pleated skirt and buttons up
the front; a white cotton blouse; and a striped school tie. Sharon
always wore white cotton knee socks and black mary-jane shoes with it.

Sharon grabbed some skimpy white cotton panties and put them on.
Then she tried on her uniform. Gazing at the mirror critically, she
was pleased with her appearance. True, the jumper was about a size too
small – but guys seldom objected to extra-tight dresses or ultra-short

She wasn’t sure why, but Sharon knew her schoolgirl getup drove
certain older men wild. She remembered how the ultra-cool Vic Racine,
substitute English teacher, had broken out in a cold sweat and started
stammering the first time she’d worn it to his class. Even Mr.
Katimski, who was known to be gay, had been unable to refrain from
trying to get a peek up her skirt. The memory made her smile.

Sharon noted that she looked a bit tired around the eyes; a
little makeup would fix that. Her depression lifted as she put on her
mascara, pink lipstick, and a dab or two of perfume. Making herself
pretty always cheered her up.

“Shar-RON!” Camille yelled from downstairs. “You’re gonna be

“Chill, Mom!” Sharon retorted. “I’m like, almost ready!” She
combed her hair energetically, put on some tiny pearl earrings, and
gathered up her sheet music, clarinet case and purse. Then she ran
downstairs to the kitchen and gulped some coffee.

“I’m going to see Angela after my lesson,” she told her Mom.

“OK. Say hi to Patty and Graham for me. And don’t skip lunch!”
replied Camille.

Sharon kissed her mother goodbye, and bustled out the door.
She didn’t notice that three minor traffic collisions took place
during her 15-minute walk.

The Three Rivers police logger thought it odd, though. “Three
collisions in 15 minutes on a Saturday morning, all in the same
neighborhood? What are they smoking over there?”

Graham Chase, a man in the middle of life’s journey, found
himself unexpectedly alone and at loose ends on an early Saturday
afternoon. His wife, Patty, had informed him that her Dad was in the
hospital for tests again, and she’d hurried off to her mother’s place
for the duration. She hadn’t even nibbled at her lunch.

His daughters had buggered off too. Danielle had declined lunch
and gone off to play with her friends, informing him she was having
lunch ” at Ryan’s.” Graham admonished her to return right after lunch
to do her chores, and she’d given him her “Stop nagging me” look as
she tore off out the kitchen door. He’d never had a chance to ask who
Ryan was.

“He’s her so-called boyfriend, ” Angela informed him. “I’m
going out,or whatever, too.”

“Where to?” He regretted asking as soon as he’d spoken.

“Like, OUT, Daddy!” she had replied, with some asperity. And
she’d grabbed her Walkman and flown out, slamming the door.

“Probably going to bang that … (he failed to find an
appropriate obscenity) … Jordan.” he fumed. “A little slut at

Graham wandered back into the kitchen and sat at the table, staring at
the omelettes he’d prepared for his female household.

“At least Angela ate half of hers,” he thought. He sighed and
started cleaning up.

Graham, a gourmet cook, felt most unappreciated. The girls were
always dissing him, and cooking for them could be a thankless task.
Patty, who suspected that Graham was having an affair with his
restaurant partner Hallie, had lately turned a cold eye upon his
cooking. (And a cold cunt toward his cockin’.)

Hallie, meanwhile, was thoroughly pissed at Graham, who
regularly refused to fuck her, although she begged him for it almost
daily. He wouldn’t even let her suck him off. Life at the restaurant
was getting to be a nightmare.

“Maybe I should just do it,” Graham mused. “Get her over here
right now and screw her inside out…. at least then maybe she’d shut
the fuck up…Nahhhh…”

Hallie was very attractive, but Graham couldn’t get it up for
her. He didn’t care much about Patty’s coldness either. Their sex life
had become routine and mechanical long ago. The truth was, neither
woman was to Graham’s taste; somewhere along the line he’d developed a
yearning for younger females. He’d almost had his way with a
22-year-old recently, but his brother Neil had talked him out of it.

What he hadn’t told Neil was that what he really wanted was
pussy even younger than that.

“As young as… oh say, maybe 15 like Angela… or 12 like
Danielle, even…”

“SHUT UP!!” Graham screamed at himself, trying to block out an
obscene vision of his daughters on their knees, licking his massive
hard-on. He substituted Rayanne Graf for the girls and continued the
daydream with less guilt. Rayanne liked him, he felt; he still
remembered how hard she’d hugged him when he gave her and Angela his
Dead tickets.

Graham wished that Angela would make up her quarrel with
Rayanne. Otherwise he’d never see Rayanne again. He considered calling
the girl up. Then he considered having his head examined. “What, I’m
going to call up a highschool k*d for a date? I must be cracking up.”

Thoroughly confused and frustrated, Graham did what he always
did when he wanted to stop thinking: he started cooking. Not even
consulting a recipe, he started assembling the ingredients for a cake.

“I think I’ll start with the icing,” he thought, grabbing a
mixing bowl. A few minutes later, he’d whipped up a delicious
bittersweet chocolate confection.

Then, to Graham’s annoyance, the doorbell rang.

“Oh, fuck…” he muttered, hurrying to the front door. He opened
it with a frown.

It was Sharon Cherski.


Graham’s frown turned to a salacious grin as he looked the girl and
her uniform over. His eyes lingered on her cute kneesox and her
well-exposed thighs. Catching himself, he twisted his face into what
he hoped was a welcoming expression.

“It’s the famous Sharon Cherski! Did you transfer to parochial
school or something? Come looking for Angela? Or maybe Danielle?”

Sharon smiled bashfully, disconcerted by Graham’s facial
spasms. She hunched her shoulders and hugged her music to her lovely
bosom. Graham found the gesture charming.

“Hi, um, I was just um… I mean, is Angela home?”

“Well, actually… Angela left awhile ago, for an undisclosed
location, if you know what I mean Danielle should be back soon
though.. ”

“Oh. ” Sharon looked crestfallen. “Mr. Chase? Do you think I
could, like wait for Angela or something? I have to ask her something

Graham was beginning to get an idea (as well as a hard-on.) “No
problem. Actually, I could use some help in the kitchen. Know how to
bake a cake?”

Sharon brightened. “Sure, Mr. Chase! I got an A in Home Ec,

“Call me Graham, dear.”

And Graham ushered her in. He motioned toward the kitchen, then
politely followed her, enjoying the rear view . He was so absorbed
that he forgot to close the door. Graham began humming a tune.

Sharon put her stuff on the counter.”What’s that song, um,

“It’s called ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.’ It’s an old blues
thing… it’s on the Dead’s first album:

Good morning little schoolgirl,

Can I come home with you?

Tell yo’ mama and yo’ papa,

I’m a little schoolboy too.”

Sharon giggled. “Oh… I guess you like my outfit or whatever?”

“I like the outfit AND the whatever!”

Sharon, unaccustomed to such pleasantries, giggled again. “My
boyfriend never says things like that!”

“Is he gay? Or just a dullard?”

“Not even! I mean, he’s real straight, but he is, like, kind of
slow… and he’s IMMATURE! We just had a big fight, too.” Sharon

(Things are shaping up, thought Graham. A teenage honey who’s
unhappy with her boyfriend… this should be easy.)

“What about? If I may ask.”

Sharon blushed. How could she explain – to Angela’s Dad of all
people – that they had been fighting over the pros and cons of sodomy?

“It’s kind of hard to explain,” she answered evasively.

Graham didn’t press. “So speaking of quarrels, do you think
Angela will ever make up with Rayanne?” he asked.

” I wish…” sighed Sharon. “They’re both so unhappy
sometimes…” Her eyes got a little misty.

“Don’t be sad, honey.” said Graham in the tenderest tone he
could manage. “How about trying out my chocolate icing over there?”
he asked, glancing at the bowl. “That usually cheers people up.”

“Oooh, I love chocolate!” squealed Sharon. She grabbed Graham’s
mixing spoon and licked it with visible pleasure. “Mmmmmmm… this is
so delicious! Can I have some more?”

This reaction pleased Graham. Everything about Sharon pleased
him, actually. “Help yourself, sweetheart,” he replied.

Sharon turned her best 150-megawatt smile on Graham. “Actually,
I know how to make this taste better.”

“Oh? How?”

“Icing is always better if you, like, eat it off your finger? Or
even… someone else’s finger.” She giggled again.

“Hmmm. Is that so? Someone else like who?” Graham dipped his
finger into the icing and looked at it thoughtfully.

Sharon gently took his hand and guided the chocolate-covered
fingertip into her mouth. She quickly sucked all the icing off it, and
swallowed. Then, closing her eyes, she took the entire finger in, with
a soft sound of pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm…” Sharon moaned, sucking like a baby at the bottle.
Graham watched in amazement as her head bobbed back and forth,
deep-throating his finger. He stroked her cheek encouragingly. Then
(being Graham) he began to worry.

“Sharon honey ? How old are you?” he asked.

“Sithteeb,” she replied, her mouth full of finger.

He relaxed; sixteen was the age of consent in Pennsylvania.
Graham couldn’t believe his good luck. A lovely girl of legal age, and
apparently horny, had walked into his kitchen and into his life!
Overwhelmed, he removed his finger from Sharon’s mouth, pulled her
into his arms, and passionately kissed her face and neck. Sharon’s
back arched with pleasure and she hugged him back, making sure to
press her breasts into his chest.

Graham kissed her on the mouth; his lips tasted her juicy
sweetness. Her fingers caressed the back of his neck, and she kissed
him back fiercely. Her teeth nipped at his tongue. He squeezed her
breast gently with his left hand, while the right slid down the front
of her jumper and under her pleated skirt.

Sharon broke off the kiss and gasped for breath. “Ohhhh,
Graham,” she panted. “Touch me anywhere, anywhere you want…. just
don’t stop.”

“I don’t intend to, you little angel,” he said, moving his other
hand under her skirt and caressing her inner thighs. Sharon, eyes
closed, clung to him for dear life, alternately kissing and biting
his neck.

Graham suddenly dropped to his knees. Without interrupting his
caresses, he ducked his head under her skirt and rubbed his face
against her soft cotton panties. Sharon moaned and grabbed the back
of his head, pressing his face into her crotch. Her grip was rather
strong, but Graham didn’t want to escape. He just grabbed her
buttocks, which encouraged her to hump his face. He began to lick her
rapidly moistening pussy lips through the cotton. Soon her crotch
of her panties was soaking with a mixture of her sweet girl-juice and
Graham’s saliva. Graham pulled Sharon’s panties down to her
mid-thighs, like a starving man would peel an orange. He thrust both
his tongue and his middle finger into her teenage pussy.

Sharon squealed with pleasure as his tongue approached her clit,
and humped his finger with wild hip thrusts. Her breath was coming in
short, rapid gasps now, and Graham knew she’d come soon. He removed
his soaking finger and gently caressed her asshole. Hearing her moan
in response, he thrust his finger in up to the first knuckle.

Sharon, on the edge of orgasm, could barely utter her plea:

“Graham… ohhhh please, Graham, put your finger in there…
all the way.. please, Graham…”

Brutally, he shoved his finger up her tight little anus as far
as it would go. Her sphincter spasmed, the muscles gripping his
finger so tightly he thought it might break. Sharon, now way over
the edge, screamed in ecstasy, digging her fingernails into his neck
and pulling his hair. She came for several minutes, as Graham
continued his relentless tonguing and ass-fingering..

As her orgasm subsided, Sharon began to cry uncontrollably.
Graham slowly removed his finger from her anus and gently kissed her
thighs. He arose from his kneeling position, not bothering to pull
her panties back up, and put his arms around her. Softly, he caressed
her hair. This wasn’t the first time Graham had seen a girl cry after
a climax. And he hoped it wouldn’t be the last.

“Hold me please,” Sharon wept, burying her head in his shoulder.
“Just hold me…”

Graham held his tearful teen angel. ” I’ll hold you all day if
you want, little one,” he whispered. He covered her tear-stained face
with tender kisses, and soon her crying ceased.

Sharon raised her head and gazed at Graham with adoration.
“That was like, so wonderful,” she sighed. “I wish I could do
something that would make you feel that good.”

Graham grinned. “Well, honey, now that you mention it…

Sharon managed a little smile.

“There is something you might like to try…”

Sharon giggled. “And what might that be?”

“Get down on your knees, close your eyes, and open your mouth,
and I’ll give you a hint. As if you didn’t know already.”

Sharon complied eagerly.


Graham took his time. He wanted to savor this moment, to
remember it always. It might never happen again: here was a
sixteen-year-old honey, dressed like a schoolgirl, on her knees before
him with her panties down. And she was ready to perform anything he
asked, like a slave. He gazed down at the young beauty and, with
deliberation, unzipped his pants and whipped out his fully erect
schlong, an organ of considerable magnitude.

Sharon, hearing the zipper, tilted her head back a little and
opened her mouth wider. But Graham didn’t just shove his prick in.
Instead, he grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her toward
him, pressing his dick into her face. Slowly and sensually, he
rubbed his cock against her chin, then her soft, smooth cheeks. As he
moved his wang up toward her forehead, his balls dangled over her
mouth , and Sharon stuck her tongue out and tried to lick and suck
them. He let her do so for awhile, as he gently spanked her forehead
with his boner.

Graham pulled his scrotum out of her mouth and began to rub the
shaft of his penis against her soft, full, lips. “Lick it,” he
ordered, and she did, with a whimper of pleasure.

“Now suck it!”, he commanded, plunging his rock-hard prick into
her warm, wet mouth. Her full, pink-painted lips closed expertly
around the head, and she took half his shaft in without nipping it
with her teeth.

“She’s good!” he thought. And, grabbing her by the hair, he
began to hump her face in earnest. “Let’s see how much she can
stand… take that! and THAT!”

Sharon, even though she gagged occasionally, happily accepted
his most powerful thrusts. In fact she grabbed him by the ass and
pulled him closer, as if to encourage his roughness. “Mmmmmmm…. ”
she moaned, as he rammed his cock further and further down her
throat. She sucked him fiercely each time he pushed it in, and
fluttered her tongue (a most agile tongue, due to her clarinet
studies) against the head each time he pulled back. Soon Graham began
to feel himself building up to a spasm.

He slowed down and held Sharon’s head still, continuing a slight
humping rhythm.

“Now listen,” he gasped. “I’m gonna come soon. Here’s what I
want you to do…”

“Mmmmm..” Sharon replied.

” I’m gonna come in your mouth, and you’re gonna swallow every
drop, and love it! Got that?”

“Mmmmm-hmmm!” Sharon assented.

“Then I’m gonna pull out and blow my wad all over your face. And
you’re gonna take it like a woman!”

Sharon answered as best she could with a mouthful of rock-hard
cock. “Yeth, Gwahab.” She couldn’t wait to taste his sperm.

Graham let his last inhibitions go. He fucked her face brutally,
as though she were a ten-dollar whore. “If only Andy and Camille
could see what I’m doing to their girl!” he thought. “Andy would be
back in the cardiac ward…”

The thought that he was being blown by the c***d of Patty’s best
friend, a k*d he’d known since infancy, a girl he’d thought of as
almost a third daughter, drove Graham wild, and he began to pump out
his load. “Unnnngghhh!!” he groaned, as his first hot jets of semen
spurted into Sharon’s mouth and down her throat. His thrusting almost
stopped, and he let his sperm flow. He watched Sharon’s sweet face
as she gulped his sticky cum. She tried to keep up with the flow,
but Graham shot so much sperm so fast that her mouth overflowed. A
trickle of cum dribbled out of her mouth and fell upon her white

Graham pulled his dick out of Sharon’s mouth. She turned her
face upward to receive his load; he could see a gob of white,
unswallowed semen on her tongue. Aiming at her forehead, he began to
jerk himself off. He missed. “Ooooh!” she cried, as the first white
droplets hit her right in the eye. “Give me more! Please!!” Soon he
was uncontrollably shooting thick wads of spooge all over Sharon’s
cheeks, eyes, hair, and chin.

Feeling his orgasm die down, Graham chucked her under the chin
and tilted her head way back; then he ejaculated upon her tender
white throat. He finished by soiling the bosom of her blouse and
jumper with his last few spurts.

Graham sighed with satisfaction and leaned back against the
kitchen table.

“Let me clean it for you,” begged Sharon. So he stuffed his
slowly-shrinking pud back into Sharon’s mouth, and she sucked and
licked it, desperately wanting to prolong the moment. He stroked her
hair and watched as a few rivulets of cum dribbled off Sharon’s chin
and fell onto her pleated plaid skirt.

Despite Sharon’s attentions, his erection withered in a few
minutes. He pulled out of her mouth and tucked his dick back into his

“Now where the hell did a young thing like you learn to give
head like that?” Graham wondered.

Sharon, still on her knees, wiped a blob of sperm from her
eyelid with her finger, then slowly sucked her finger clean.

“Two words: Brad Pitt.” was her reply.

Graham was puzzled, but he let it pass. “Maybe you should wash
your face, he suggested. You can use the girls’ bathroom…it’s up

“I know the way,” said Sharon. She pulled up her panties and
stood up, steadied by Graham’s hand.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” exclaimed Sharon. “Mom said to say hi to
you and Patty!” Grabbing her purse, she bounced out of the kitchen.

“Give her my best…” Graham replied mechanically.

Part 3A

Brian Krakow was in the habit of riding his bike in circles on
the street in front of the Chase house. He claimed it was for
“exercise,” but in fact he chose this cycling spot in order to spy
upon Angela (his not-so-secret love)

and perhaps snag her in conversation . Today he’d been out for an hour
or so,

circling like a vulture – and all the while picturing Graham’s older
daughter naked.

Brian noticed a small figure in the distance, approaching
rapidly. His pulse quickened for a moment; then he saw that it was
only Danielle. Oh well, maybe she’d tell him something about

Danielle Chase sprinted down the street toward home as fast as
her cute little legs could carry her. She had forgotten she was
supposed to do her chores, and she was way late.

“Omigod!” she thought. ” I have to feed the cat, and change his litter
box, and tidy my room, and…” Danielle sped up.

“Hey Danielle!” yelled Brian.

She whizzed past him into the Chase front yard.

“Danielle! Wait up! Hey, where’s Angela?” he yelled.

Danielle did not break stride. “If she was up your ass, you’d
know where she was!” she taunted.

Brian was used to being addressed in this manner at school, but
he was stunned to hear such talk from a little k*d. He wondered why
Angela kept insisting that Danielle had a crush on him. He figured it
was probably a cruel joke. Which was unfortunate, because the little
girl had a really cute ass.

“Angela is like, heartless.” he thought.

Dejected, Brian wheeled his bike home. “There’s just something about
my life,” he muttered. ” It’s like totally unacceptable.” .

Brian was wrong about Danielle, who was actually madly in love
with him. But she hid her feelings by dissing him at every
opportunity. At least that got

his attention.

Danielle, overshadowed by her big sister, felt she never got
enough attention. If anyone ever did pay her any mind, they might have
noticed that she was growing up a bit too fast. Between Christmas and
April she’d had a 2-inch growth spurt – her head now reached Sharon
Cherski’s shoulder. Less than a month after her 12th birthday, she had
begun menarche. Her chest wasn’t exactly flat anymore. And recently
she had grown a little pubic peach fuzz which matched the color of her
shiny blond tresses.

Danielle, always a sassy girl, was becoming more rebellious as her
hormones kicked in. She sneaked cigarettes whenever she could, and
she had taken to shoplifting eye makeup and lipstick. She put them on
when she left the house. This made her look sexier than a 12-year old
had any right to, and sometimes she got into trouble if Patty caught
her at it.

She was also working hard at acquiring the vocabulary of a
stevedore. Her speech was often laced with superfluous obscenities,
many of which she did not fully understand.

Danielle stopped in her tracks in front of the house. Once
again, she’d left her makeup and lipstick on. Now she’d have to sneak
in and remove them.

“Motherfucking copsupper!” swore Danielle, who needed more

Luckily, the front door was ajar. Danielle removed her sneakers and
stole up the front steps. She poked her head through the door. Seeing
the coast was clear, she tiptoed into the hall.

But as Danielle headed for the stairs, she heard some odd sounds
from the kitchen.

“What the fuck is that?” she wondered. The sounds from the
kitchen resembled what she heard when she listened through the rents’
bedroom door. She knew they were lovemaking sounds, but she’d never
seen the actions that went with them.

Danielle was adept at spying and eavesdropping on people. Perpetually
ignored, she could stand in a corner playing some boring game and
listen in on entire conversations, as if invisible. She knew a lot
more about her family than anyone realized. She knew, for example,
that Mom was jealous of Hallie, and hadn’t been putting out for Daddy
lately. Were her parents making up now? In the kitchen? But wasn’t
Mom at Grandma’s ?

Danielle, growing suspicious, edged toward the kitchen. A
female voice moaned her father’s name. “Ohhhhh, Graham..ohhhhh, don’t
stop! Ohhh…. Oh! Ohhhh, Graham….” the moans turned to whimpers,
then to a long scream. Then there was quiet for a moment, followed by
weeping: “Hold me please… Just hold me…”

“That voice is, like, SO not Mom!” thought Danielle. Pressing
her back against the wall, she sidled closer to the kitchen door. The
voices conversed softly for a moment; then there was a female giggle
and a silence.

Danielle was right by the doorframe now. She heard a zipper
sound. That must be Daddy. It sounded just like when he unzipped to
go to the bathroom.

Soon there were slurping and gagging sounds, mixed with male
grunting. Danielle figured the couple would now be fully occupied –
it would be safe to take a look. Slowly and carefully, she craned
her neck and peeped through the kitchen doorway.

Danielle’s lovely brown eyes nearly popped out of her head.
There, by the kitchen table, stood her Daddy, with his pants down
around his ankles. Before him on the floor knelt some girl in a
school uniform that was too small for her. Her skirt was hiked way
up, and her panties were pulled down to her knees. Graham had the
girl by her long auburn hair, and the girl clutched Graham by the
butt, digging her nails in. Her head bobbed back and forth, while
Graham’s hips gyrated wildly.

The girl’s hair obscured her face, and Danielle couldn’t quite
make out who she was or what she was doing. Danielle ducked back from
the door and tried to think. She was shocked, but also strangely

“That bitch must be sucking Daddy’s hog!” she reasoned. “If
Mom ever finds out, she’ll divorce him!” The thought made her very

Graham’s was saying something in a soft but commanding tone.
The girl’s voice murmured in reply; then silence; then some loud male
grunts and groans. Danielle peeked again.

Now she could see the girl’s face. It was Sharon, Angela’s best
friend! Sharon knelt, mouth open, eyes closed, with some gooey
stuff on her lips and chin. Daddy was rubbing his prick in a funny
way, sort of like churning butter. White stuff was squirting out of
his dong and getting all over Sharon’s face.

The little girl stared, transfixed, as Graham finished
shooting his wad at Sharon. Then she heard Sharon beg to clean his
prick. Danielle watched as Sharon took the rod back into her mouth.
Then Danielle tiptoed, as quickly as she could, back across the hall
and up the stairs.

Danielle sat down on the top step. Without even knowing she was doing
it, she slid her hand under her black denim miniskirt and caressed
herself. She was very wet. Quietly, she waited to see what would
happen next.

Soon she heard Daddy say something to Sharon about using “the
girls’ bathroom.” Danielle scampered off, ducking into the bathroom
she shared with Angela. Assuming a nonchalant air, she began fiddling
with her lipstick.


Danielle studied herself in the mirror. She wasn’t crazy about what
she saw.

“I wish I was as pretty as Sharon. Or Angela…” she thought. “At
least I have nice hair. And eyes.”

Danielle, low on self-esteem, failed to appreciate herself.
She was an adorable budding beauty, the type of girl of whom it is
said: “Soon she’ll be breaking hearts!” Her golden-tanned skin, still
free of pubescent blemishes, complemented long, shiny blonde hair
trailing halfway down her back. Long bangs framed her big, liquid
brown eyes. Her lips, naturally red, didn’t really require the
lipstick Danielle liked so much. Her pretty little ears were pierced
and held tiny gold circle earrings. True, her figure wasn’t much yet,
but it was developing.

Her legs were shapely enough to look good in a miniskirt . Rayanne had
told her so! Her little ass was a mortal temptation – even geeks
like Brian noticed it.

Danielle removed her white sneakers and socks and sat on the
edge of the tub, stretching out her legs to see if they needed shaving
yet. They didn’t; they were baby-smooth, tapering to slim ankles
and tiny, graceful feet. Danielle inspected her pink toenail polish
and tried to make sense of what she’d just seen downstairs. She
loved Daddy and adored Sharon. Sharon and Rayanne were the only big
girls who had ever been nice to her. Especially Sharon, who’d gone
trick-or-treating with her last Halloween. Sharon always had time for
Danielle, even when she came over to hang with Angela.

So should she be happy if Daddy and Sharon were in love? But
were they? And shouldn’t she be mad at Daddy for cheating on Mommy?
And then shouldn’t she also be mad at Sharon? Danielle felt
hopelessly confused. Sharon chose that moment to walk in. She was
wiping cum off her face with a hankie.

“Dan-iYELL!” she gasped, deparately trying to conceal the gooey
remnants of her blowjob session. “I…I wasn’t… Graham, I mean Mr.
Chase said you weren’t…like…”

“Your face is like, a mess! ” Danielle, suddenly angry,
interrupted Sharon’s babble. “So’s your hair. What the fuck
happened to you?” She smiled with mock innocence.

Sharon’s mind went blank. “What did happen to me?” she asked
herself. She dropped her purse, sat down on the john and slumped
over, face in hands.

“Are you gonna cry or something?” asked Danielle. Her heart
softened. Danielle stepped close to Sharon and put a hand on her

“No, honey, it’s just…. look, if I tell you what really
happened, will you promise to never ever tell anyone, not ever?
Because, like do you realize how over my life will be if anyone
ever finds out? ”


“I mean, you can’t even tell your husband when you get married.”

“Angela says nobody would marry me ’cause I’m too weird.”

“She didn’t mean it, Dani. She loves you, even more than I do.”

Danielle was overjoyed to hear this, but concealed her

“Yeah, fuckin’ A. Anyway I promise. And besides, I saw what
you were doing in the kitchen., so you don’t have to tell me.”

“You Whaaat??!!” Sharon sat bolt upright.

“You were giving Daddy a SNOW JOB!” said Danielle brightly.

Sharon burst out laughing. “Dani, it’s not called
a….sn-sn…” She was overwhelmed by giggles.

“What’s so funny?” asked Danielle, looking a little hurt.

Sharon suppressed her mirth. “I’m sorry, sweetie. You got it a
little mixed up and it sounded funny! It’s called a BLOW JOB. ”

“Oh,” said Danielle. She thought for a moment.

“But why is it called a ‘blow’ job if you’re sucking the
guy’s… you know.”

“I don’t know,” answered Sharon. “That’s just what people call
it.” She got up and went to the mirror. “Eeewww!” she exclaimed. “I
am a mess! My face, my hair, my dress…my mascara’s like, wrecked!
” She reached for the soap.

Danielle got her a washcloth. “Here, use mine.” she offered.

Sharon washed her face and neck, and painstakingly scrubbed the
cum stains from her jumper and blouse. Then she dabbed at the
half-dried splotches of jism in her hair.

“You missed some,” Danielle pointed out helpfully. “Maybe I
should fix your hair. I can see it better.”

Sharon sat on the john again and let Danielle scrub the globs
from her hair. “This is so cool, hanging with Angela’s cool friend,”
she thought. She combed out Sharon’s hair, lovingly running her
fingers through it..

“That feels nice,” murmured Sharon relaxing. She let herself
bask sensually in her young friend’s attentions. “Can I do your
makeup too?”

“OK. Look in my purse.”

Danielle applied Sharon’s eye makeup with a steady hand. Then
she fished out Sharon’s pink lip gloss and painted it on. She put the
makeup things back in the purse.

“Now you look beautiful!” exclaimed Danielle. And without
thinking, she threw her arms around Sharon, kissing her right on the

Nothing would have surprised Sharon at this point. She not only
went along with the kiss, she responded passionately. Hugging the
girl to her soft bosom, she caressed Danielle’s neck and thrust her
tongue into the 12-year-old’s mouth.

“This must be, like, a French kiss!,” thought Danielle, her
breath quickening. “This is so cool!” She sucked on Sharon’s tongue
and squeezed her harder.

Sharon lost herself in the naturally-sweet smell and taste of
the little girl,

the baby-softness of her skin. She kissed Danielle’s forehead, her
eyes, her

cheeks, the nape of her neck, her sweet little ears. “Dani…” she
whispered. “My little Dani…” She licked the hollow of Danielle’s
throat. Feeling her heart would burst, she came up for air. She
pulled the k*d onto her lap and circled her with her arms. The girls
clasped hands.

“Am I going to fall in love with the entire Chase family?”
Sharon asked herself.

Danielle sat sideways on Sharon’s lap. Her head was in a whirl,
and she was a little frightened. “Am I like, a lezzie or something? ”
she wondered.

She looked up at Sharon’s face. “Does it feel this good when a
boy kisses you?” Danielle asked in a small voice.
“Sure…better, even, if it’s a boy you like a lot. If it’s a boy you
don’t like, you’re like… YUCK.”

“Yuck!” echoed Danielle. “Sharon…are we like, bi? ‘Cause we
like boys but we like to kiss each other and stuff too?”

“I don’t know,” Sharon answered, quite truthfully. “Why worry
about it? Rickie is bi, and he’s cool, right?” “Yeah! Rickie
is cool!” Danielle sounded relieved. “So… do you give your
boyfriend snow… I mean, blow jobs?” “Like, constantly! Or at
least I used to, but I’m dumping him.” “So how d’you do it? Give a
blow job, I mean.” “Well…it’s sort of like sucking a lollipop.
Or a popsicle. Except it gets bigger when you suck it! And, you
have to be careful not to bite it, ’cause it’s totally sensitive. And
also, you have to, like, move your head up and down…”

Danielle looked confused. “All at once? How the fuck d’you …”

“Wait, I’ll show you! Put your finger in my mouth. And watch
what I do with my lips.” Sharon drew her lips in so they covered her
teeth. Then she sucked Danielle’s index finger in, moving her head
back and forth. She wiggled her tongue aagainst the finger.

Danielle wriggled with pleasure. “That feels nice!” she sighed.

“See how I covered my teeth so I didn’t nip you?”

Danielle nodded. “Can I try now?”

“OK,” said Sharon, offering her finger. Danielle sucked, in
perfect imitation of her mentor.

Sharon caressed Danielle’s hair. “That’s awesome!” she said.
“Now try moving your head reeaaally slow, back and forth….baaack
and fooorth… that drives them wild!”

Danielle obeyed, slowing her head motions to a sensual slow

“Now, gradually speed up until you’re going as fast as you
possibly can!”

Danielle accelerated her rhythm. The sight of her sweet little
head bobbing up and down excited Sharon. “Sometimes I wish I was a
boy,” she thought.

Danielle was moving so fast that her neck hurt a bit, and she
was out of breath. Gamely, she kept the pace up.

Sharon grabbed Danielle’s head and began to thrust and pull her
finger in and out of the c***d’s mouth. “This is what they do when
they get real excited!” she panted. “Ohhhh, ohhhh! I’m coming! Ohhh!”
She did her best to simulate a male orgasm, then gradually slowed down
and pulled her finger out.

Danielle gasped for breath and rubbed her sore neck.

Sharon grunted, imitating a male voice: ” ‘Did I tire you out,
honey?’… that’s what they usually say afterwards.”

“I’m tired, but it was nice.” Danielle said. “My neck hurts like

“It’s more fun with a real guy. A real one would actually, like,
come in your mouth. It’s totally exciting! ” said Sharon. “We should
find one for you to practice on… but who?” She pondered the

Danielle shrugged. But her mind turned to Brian Krakow, her
major crush.

“I know!! ” Sharon exclaimed. “Perfect! He’ll do whatever we
want! YES!!”

“What? Who?” asked Danielle, hopefully. “KRAKOW! Brian
Krakow!! He’s right across the street…”

Danielle blushed. “Sometimes big kids can turn, like, psychic.”
she thought.

” …And his parents are away all week, I happen to know.
They’re at a psychiatric conference.”

“Like, really? ” asked Danielle, still blushing. “He probably
hates me, you know. I really gave him a lot of crap today. ”

“Just apologize nicely and let me do the talking. That guy is so
horny he’d fuck a duck, or something!”

Danielle and Sharon hit a high five, laughing. Danielle jumped
off Sharon’s lap and freshened her lipstick, smeared from all their
kissing. Sharon joined her at the mirror. Soon, the two girls were
bounding down the stairs. Danielle was so excited she forgot her
sneakers and socks. They continued to the kitchen, where Graham was
putting two cake pans into the oven. “I’m gonna hang with Sharon
for awhile,” Danielle announced, trying to sound cool.

“OK, pumpkin. I’ll have a chocolate cake for you later!”

Sharon picked up her things, giving Graham a naughty wink. And
the two girls skipped out the kitchen door, hand in hand.

Graham noticed that he had a boner again.

Part 4A

Brian Krakow lay on his bed, shirtless. He leafed listlessly
through a photo album with a well-worn spine. This album, which he
kept under the bed, contained photos he’d surreptitiously snapped at
Liberty High. Brian was the yearbook photographer, and was entitled
to carry a camera about in school and shoot pictures whenever he
liked. He was adept at photographing one thing while appearing to aim
at another. As a result he had a priceless collection of closeups of
teenage girls’ body parts – thighs and knees, breasts, shots up the
skirt and down the blouse. He also prized photos of Sharon Cherski

Kyle Voinovitch making out on the schoolbus – he especially liked the
one with Kyle’s hand up her skirt. His favorites, though, were his
pictures of Angela Chase. A photo of Angela – even if it revealed no
skin at all – was enough to quicken Brian’s pulse. He had filled
half the album with her pictures alone.

Brian felt a boner coming on. He unzipped his pants and began
playing with his pecker. “I must stop obsessing about Angela
Chase! ” he thought. “I sicken myself…” But he knew he couldn’t
stop. Once he delved into his pictures of the beautiful Angela, it
was only a matter of time before he had to beat the meat. Sighing, he
thought about Angela’s luscious mouth. What wouldn’t he give to kiss
it? Her lips were not as full as Sharon’s, but her mouth was rather
wide, and could probably accommodate an average-sized dick such as
Brian’s. He imagined his cock sliding between her soft red lips and
down her throat….

At the sound of the doorbell, Brian nearly jumped out of his
skin. Hurriedly he stuffed his prick back into his pants and ran
downstairs, panting for breath. “Omigod!” he thought. ” What if it’s
Angela?” He paused for breath and ran his hands through his hair,
trying to regain some sort of poise. He didn’t notice that he’d
forgotten his shirt.

Brian opened the front door. He was astounded to see Sharon
Cherski. Usually, Sharon bossed him around in her capacity as yearbook
chairperson. But today she was beaming at him in a way she usually
reserved for her boyfriend.

And standing timorously behind her – almost clinging to Sharon’s
skirt – was the foul-mouthed Danielle Chase. Danielle’s expression was
penitent, her eyes downcast.

“Hey, Krakow!” Sharon said cheerfully.

“Hi…. hey.” responded Brian. There was an awkward pause while
Brian gaped at the girls, trying to figure out what on earth they were
up to. Sharon was dressed as if she wanted to look way younger than
she was. By contrast, Danielle – sexy as hell with her mascara, pink
lipstick, and miniskirt – looked at least 14.

“So, Cherski, is this about yearbook, or something? I like,
told you those photos from the dance wouldn’t be ready till next

“No, it’s something else. Invite people in much?” “Well,
you can come in but I don’t know about your little friend, the
way she talked to me today…”, huffed Brian. “Danielle?” prompted
Sharon, pushing the youngster forward. “I– I’m sorry, Brian… I’m
really sorry, I didn’t mean it… please don’t be mad at me.”
stammered Danielle. She looked up, her big brown eyes beseeching him.
Brian couldn’t resist her gaze. Besides, she sounded like she
actually was sorry. “Well… OK.” he relented. “You can come in too.
But don’t, like, swear at me anymore.” “I won’t!” promised
Danielle. The girls stepped into the hall, and Brian shut the
door. “Like some cookies ?” he offered, smiling at Danielle.

“Awesome!” said both girls in unison. They giggled.

Brian tousled Danielle’s hair, and was rewarded with a winning
smile. He headed for the kitchen, followed by the girls.

“You sit, Brian,” said Sharon, touching his bare shoulder.
“I’ll find the cookies and stuff. Danielle, sit over there and keep
Brian company… got milk?”

Brian sat at the kitchen table. Dumfounded, he watched Sharon
bustling about . He couldn’t remember her ever calling him anything
but “Krakow.” Now she was serving him milk and cookies!!??

“So Brian…” said Sharon, setting out a plate of
chocolate-chip cookies. “Remember you promised to give Danielle a

“You mean, like, a saxophone lesson or something?”

“Yeah. She wants to play your saxophone.” Both girls

Brian looked at Danielle suspiciously. “Well… OK or

Danielle approached Brian with a saucy smile. “Hey Brian, she
asked, “how come you don’t have a shirt on?” She ran a hand slowly up
his chest to his shoulder.

Brian shivered with pleasure at her touch, and blushed. “I… I
guess I was in a hurry, or something. I mean, I forgot. R-running
downstairs.” He was embarrassed to notice his growing erection.

“Danielle, Brian’s cold!” said Sharon, with mock concern. “Better
keep him warm!”

At this, Danielle climbed sideways onto Brian’s lap and snuggled
up to Brian, leaning her head against his chest. She wiggled her
little bottom against his boner. Her soft hand snaked up and down his
chest. Without thinking, Brian put his left arm around Danielle’s
shoulder and pulled her closer. He rested his right hand,
tentatively, on her bare knee. In response, the 12-year-old gave a
little moan and moved her legs ever so slightly apart . Brian, with
more assurance, moved his hand up toward her inner thigh.

Danielle raised her head a little and gazed up into Brian’s
eyes. “Are you warm now?” she asked softly. She closed her eyes and
parted her lips.

“Yes,” he whispered. He kissed her gently on the mouth.

Danielle kissed him back enthusiastically, her little tongue
darting into his mouth. “This is so cool!” she thought. “My dream is
coming true!”

Brian was now completely inflamed. He hugged Danielle with all
his strength. Forgetting that he was embracing a little girl, he
mashed his mouth onto hers so hard that their teeth ground together.
He sucked Danielle’s tongue into his mouth as far as it would go, and
thrust his hand all the way up her skirt,

where he could feel her little slit -lips opening under her soaking
wet panties. Danielle wiggled her hips, trying to hump his hand.
Brian caught her rhythm, gently pressing down on her crotch as she
thrust upward.

Sharon – never so happy as when matchmaking – nibbled a cookie
and watched the passionate couple with a smile. “I guess they’ve lost
interest in milk and cookies,” she thought.

Brian withdrew from the kiss and looked at Danielle’s sweet
face, now twisted into a grimace of passion. Inexperienced though he
was, he knew that Danielle would come soon. He stroked her pussy
faster and listened as her girlish moans and sighs escalated.
Abruptly she bit his neck, and screamed as if in agony. Then she
went still, lying limply in his arms. Brian held her soft, warm body
gently, as if she were a kitten. He kissed the top of her head over
and over.

“Way to go, Krakow,” said Sharon approvingly. “I mean, like,
well done.”

Brian looked up, startled. He had utterly forgotten Sharon’s

“You… you think so?” he asked. “I’m like, not that experienced
or anything. I mean with girls. But I have a strong theoretical

Sharon rolled her eyes. “Yeah, bet your strong foundation’s
under your pants.”

Part 4B

Danielle, sighing with contentment, sat up in Brian’s lap.
“I’m really hungry!” she exclaimed.

“Have a cookie,” offered Sharon. Brian grabbed the cookie from
Sharon’s hand. “Yes, sweet one, have a cookie,” he murmured. And he
held the cookie to Danielle’s mouth. Slowly, she nibbled at it.

When she had finished the cookie, Danielle jumped off Brian’s
lap. “Hey Brian, Sharon taught me something today. Want to see ? ”

“OK. What’d she teach you?”

“How to give a SNOW JOB!! ” Danielle replied. She sank to her
knees and crawled between Brian’s legs.

Sharon chuckled. “Go ahead, show him! And remember, start

“A ‘snow job..?’ ” Brian looked puzzled.

Awkwardly, but with determination, Danielle fumbled with the
button of Brian’s pants. She got it open and quickly unzipped his fly,
then pulled down the waistband of his shorts. Brian’s raging hard-on
flopped into view. Brian raised hit butt a bit as Danielle pulled his
pants and shorts down to his knees.

Danielle took Brian’s tool in her little hand and studied it,
fascinated. “It’s so hard! ” she thought. She closed her eyes and
kissed the tip gingerly. Encouraged by Brian’s sigh of pleasure,
she kissed the head more firmly, then pressed her lips to the shaft
and rubbed her mouth against the shaft, moving slowly downward. When
she reached the root she stuck her tongue out and licked her way back
up to the tip.

Brian moaned as he watched her . He could barely prevent
himself from blasting his load all over her little pink tongue.

Danielle let go of his pud; she lowered her head and rubbed her
cheek against his right thigh, moving slowly downward. When she
reache his knee, she switched to the other thigh, covering it with
long, lingering tongue-kisses. Slowly, she kissed and licked her way
up to his crotch. Grabbing his cock again, she stroked it while
licking his balls.

“I’m probably breaking like 14 different laws,” thought Brian,
smiling to himself.

Danielle raised her head, took a deep breath, and drew her lips
in over her teeth, as she’d been taught. Slowly, she swallowed the
head of Brian’s boner, wiggling her tongue against the shaft.

Brian, grabbing the back of Danielle’s head, couldn’t believe
what was happening.

Danielle, responding to the pressure of Brian’s hands, did her
best to cram his whole erection into her small pre-teen mouth. She
loved how hot and hard his dick felt in her mouth; she loved how it
tasted; and she loved Brian. Her

soft lips moved ever further down the shaft; she didn’t stop even
when she felt the tip of his pud poking into her throat. She was a
stubborn c***d.

Brian’s hands pulled her back, just as she was about to gag.
Slowly, she withdrew until the tip almost popped out of her mouth.
Brian thrust upward, and she began to slowly suck him in again. Soon
she learned to follow his rhythm. Her head bobbed up and down, guided
by his hands, faster and faster. Danielle’s hands moved up and down
his body as far as she could reach – up his thighs, over his hips and
belly, back down, over and over… Sharon watched with interest.
After all, she’d never seen a 12-year old virgin on her knees,
sucking off a 15-year old virgin. Sharon was getting a little wet
between the legs. “Krakow actually has a fairly good body…” she
thought. Catching Brian’s eye, she smiled.

Brian smiled back dreamily, then resumed watching the
12-year-old who knelt before him, cheeks caved in as she sucked his
cock with abandon. He’d never felt this good on his pathetic life.
Soon he’d lose control…. “Danielle…” he panted, “I’m going to
come soon…can I come in your mouth?”

Brian was always polite. “Mmmmmmmm…..hmmmmmm.” assented
Danielle. And she began to move her head back and forth furiously, as
Sharon had instructed her. “I wonder what it tastes like?”
thought Danielle. She felt Brian’s fingers digging into her scalp,
and heard him scream. Seconds later, she had her answer. She felt a
throbbing pulsation in his shaft, and suddenly a stream of hot, sticky
goo spurted onto her tongue. It had a salty, yet sweet taste. She
liked it.

“This is awesome!” she marvelled, as Brian’s semen continued
to shoot into her mouth and down her throat. She wanted to swallow
every drop, but Brian had a huge load to drop, and he overwhelmed her
small mouth. Soon a steady trickle of jism was leaking from her lips.
Cum dribbled down the little girl’s chin and splashed onto her knees.

Brian, feeling his orgasm peak, rammed his wang into Danielle’s
sweet mouth one last time, making her gag a little. But she kept
right on sucking. He sank back into his chair, his spurts now coming
slower and growing weaker. He watched his semen drip down the chin
of his newfound sweetheart, who continued to suck worshipfully as his
pecker shrank.

As Brian’s climax ebbed, he relaxed his grip on Danielle’s head
and tenderly ran his fingers through her long blonde hair.
“Finally…” he thought, . “An orgasm from actual female
suction….” Danielle didn’t want it to end, though. “Maybe if I
keep sucking it will get big again,” she thought. She sucked harder,
but the boner in her mouth grew smaller and softer. Fianlly she gave
up and let his dong pop out of her mouth. Tired but happy, she laid
her head on Brian’s knee. “That felt so good,” said the
satiated Brian. “I didn’t tire you out, did I?”

Sharon and Danielle both cracked up . “See? I told you !”
laughed Sharon.

“What?” said Brian, once more the clueless geek. He got up
clumsily, pulling up his pants.

“Never mind, Brian.” Danielle murmured soothingly. Still on her
knees, she hugged his leg and kissed his hand. Brian grabbed her hand,
pulled her to her feet, and hugged her. Kissing her mouth, he tasted
his own cum. He liked the taste, so he licked her lips and chin

“That tickles!” tittered Danielle.

“I love you, Danielle.” he whispered in her ear, very softly.

“Me too,” she whispered, euphoric.

Sentimental Sharon’s eyes grew wet. But she also noticed her
pussy growing wet.

“Hey Krakow…” she purred. “Do you have any good videos? Like
maybe a Brad Pitt movie?”