The Secret Life of Michelle

If anyone had ever looked at Michelle, while passing her on the street, you’d never guess how interesting this girl was. She was a long haired brunette, with a fairly athletic build, and a great smile. Michelle was well liked among her friends at the Hamilton Heights Academy, and one of the better students who’d

A day with my hot Cousin

It was 3 years ago when I moved to my cousin’s house to stay because of family working problems in China. She lived with her aunt and uncle.At first we didn’t talk much because we haven’t seen each other for over 6 years. But a few years later, something happened last year when I was

Debbie The Cumslut

Debbie made a habit of attending as many rock concerts as she could afford and doing whatever was necessary to get into the group’s dressing room backstage after the show and hopefully spend the night with one or more of the lucky guys. Tonight Debbie was going to a concert featuring a group known as

My First Seduction

I was now hungry for more fresh young cock, Marcus was now very good at pleasing a woman and had brought me and Kate to many a good climax before cumming his hot load. I asked Marcus if he would help me, he said he had a friend that he thought would be game for

Mother in Law’s inspection

I heard a knocking at my door, I went over, opened it, and was surprised to see my soon to be Mother-in-law, Lisa Perkins, standing there. She smiled at me and said, ”Good morning Leo, could I come in and talk to you for a bit?” I was happy to let her in, she was