Sexual dreams come true

“I had that dream again last night,” Ed told his best friend Joey. “The one with that girl?” questioned Joey, “What was her name again? Terri? Toni?” “Tina. Her name was Tina. I just can’t get her out of my mind. It’s weird, Joe, she seems so…real. Maybe I’m just going nuts.” This was the

A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities

For the benefit of those who didn’t read stories one and two I’ll repeat that Sue is petite at 5’4″ 115lbs. 34B, with a nice waist and curvy hips. She has very light brown hair and green eyes. She is very good natured and laughs a lot. Whenever we go somewhere men notice her cute

Secretarial Practice from India

Alex’s cock was so big that he could move his hips back eight inches or more and still leave a good two or three inches stuck fast in her cunt. Shirlyn gasped and moaned deliriously, spreadeagled on her back across her employer’s desk, her naked body glistening with sweat, her legs spread wide on either

Sexual frustration story at the local pet shop

I was on-line chatting, yes hot chatting, Sen- suous Erotic Chat!! I was so turned on, so excited. I could feel an orgasm building deeply within. He had taken me right to the very edge and just held me there for so long, not allowing me that final pleasure. I am sure my neighbors next