A woman in her thirties thinks she’s seducing a younger man

Abby lived next door to James. That’s how they’d become
friends. Otherwise they would have never known each
other. They came from different worlds. Abby was 36,
from the south, an accomplished woman who’d been
through a bad divorce. She’d been in political life
before the divorce had depressed her enough to make her

Now she worked at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. But it
was just temporary, and everyone knew. Abby was one of
the smartest, most capable people James had ever known.
She’d be back in the political life eventually. She
might even become the first woman president.

James, on the other hand, had always just barely made
it in life. He was only 22, fresh from the university.
He’d gotten through college on scholarship, which he
very nearly lost several times after bouts with poor
grades. James hated school but he knew he needed a
degree if he ever wanted to get anywhere in life.

After college, he left as quickly as he could for the
big city. He got himself an apartment and a job at the
local mall. At night he would work on stories.
Eventually he had enough to make a novel. But he
worried that they were not good, certainly not up to
the standards that a sophisticated reader like Abby
would have.

He was shocked when she called him and told him she was
coming over to talk about the novel after only having
it in her possession for two days. He feared the worst,
that she’d read only two pages and then decided to
trash the whole thing.

She was over in a flash, letting herself in as usual.
He hadn’t even had time to straighten up. He’d barely
had time to put pants on. He was still shirtless.

“James, your novel is wonderful!” she said immediately,
hugging James and then collapsing with him onto the
couch. “The characters were so vibrant. I stayed up
half the night reading your book. Where’d a young guy
like you learn to write stuff like that?”

“Um…” said James.

Truth is, he didn’t know what to say. He was
speechless. Probably because everything was happening
so quickly, and because he hadn’t been expecting Abby
to say such nice things. Probably also because of how
stunning Abby looked. He’d always thought she was
beautiful, but today she looked especially sexy.

She wore a black, form fitting shirt and a long, green,
cotton skirt with a slit running up the left side. Her
brown, wavy hair was up. She’d slipped her feet out of
her black pumps when she’d folded her legs under
herself to sit down. Her lips were full and glistening
from the chap-stick she’d just applied. She was such a
knock-out. He couldn’t believe any man had ever wanted
to leave her.

“James?” Abby said. “Are you still with me, honey?”

There was just the faintest hint of her old Virginia
accent when she said the word “honey.” It made James
feel warm and tingly all over.

“Yes, sorry,” said James. “I was just distracted for a
second. But I’m listening to you. I’m really surprised
you liked the book so much.”

“I do,” said Abby smiling. “I think that you’d have no
problem publishing it. There’s only one minor detail
that I think you need to spend some time correcting.”

Here it comes, thought James. Here’s where she says
that I’m all washed up.

“It’s the sex scenes, James,” she said. “You’ve got to
do something about the sex scenes.”

James was shocked again. His mouth went dry. “What do
you mean?” he said.

Abby took his hand. Her fingers were warm against his
cold and clammy skin.

“You haven’t had much experience, have you?” she said.

James looked down, embarrassed. “Is it really that
obvious?” he said.

“Afraid so,” she said. “The main character seems like
such a take charge kind of guy. But when he gets in the
bedroom, everything is bland. He doesn’t show the same
fire he’s got inside him the rest of the time.”

“I just write so much from my experience,” James said.
“I didn’t know how to write about stuff I’ve never

“You mean you’ve never had sex?” she said.

He nodded. “I’ve fooled around with girls, but…”

Abby threw her hands up in the air. “Well, that’s just
unacceptable!” she said.

James sank lower into his seat. He’d failed her. He
knew it.

“If you’re going to be a great author like I know you
can be,” she said, “you’re going to have to learn to
get into the minds of your characters.” As she said it
her hand slid up James’s thigh until it landed on the
bulge in his pants.

James was startled. “Oh shit!” he said.

“It’s ok, hon,” she said. “Just relax. Today I’m going
to teach you a few things about taking charge in the
bedroom and being creative.”

“But…” James started to protest.

It was too late though. Abby had slid down onto her
knees. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his warm,
firm cock and began to suck on it, letting her saliva
run down over his balls as she took the full length
into her mouth. Instantly he went from being slightly
turned on to being hard as a rock.

“You like that?” she said between mouthfuls of dick.

James nodded.

“Then tell me what you want to do,” she said.

“I don’t know… I…”

“Don’t do that,” she said, taking her mouth away and
staring up at him. “Don’t be the nice guy. Be the guy
from your book. Be the hero. You don’t have to be mean.
Just direct. If he were you, what would he say?”

James paused for a second, thinking about it. He looked
down at his throbbing cock, aching to be touched some
more. Then he looked at Abby, cuter then ever as she
sat there on her knees. He wanted to fuck her so bad he
could barely think straight.

“I want to take you doggie-style, right now, with your
skirt still on,” James said. He could hardly believe it
when the words left his mouth. He flinched a bit, half
expecting her to yell at him and tell him how offended
she was.

Instead a huge grin came across her face. “Now you’re
getting the picture,” she said. “But don’t just say it.
Act on it.”

She stood up and held her arms out, waiting for James
to make the next move. He was reluctant still, but
starting to relax. He liked this new role that Abby was
inviting him to take on. He stood, turned her around,
guided her so that she was bent over the couch, and
hiked up her skirt to reveal her gorgeous, pantiless

James wasn’t exactly sure what to do at first, having
never had sex before. He’d seen plenty of porn, but the
mechanics of the real thing seemed a bit harder then he
expected. It took him a minute to figure out how to get
positioned just right. But once he had his cock inside
of her tight, wet pussy, it was heaven. He began to
thrust in and out, smacking her ass occasionally as he

Abby moaned loudly as James fucked her from behind. Her
moans made him fuck her harder, faster. You could’ve
heard the sound of his hips crashing into her if you’d
been in the next room.

“Come on, James,” she said. “This isn’t it. This isn’t
your fantasy.”

“You’re right,” he said, almost out of breath but still
pumping away inside of her. “It’s not.”

“Let it out, James,” she said. “Do what you really want
to do.”

James was emboldened now. Half an hour ago he never
would have dreamed of doing this in real life, this
thing he’d been fantasizing about ever since he first
met Abby six months ago. It would ruin her. It would be
the silver bullet on her career in politics. But now
that this was happening, now that she was practically
begging him to do something wild, he couldn’t help but
want to oblige, no matter the costs.

“Are you sure?” James said, giving her one last chance
to back out.

“Yes,” Abby said. “Do what you really want to do, what
you’ve always thought about doing.”

That was all the motivation James needed. He pulled out
of her, helped her to her feet, then guided her out the
front door with him, his cock still dangling out of his

Abby got a confused look on her face. “I wasn’t
expecting a field trip,” she said. “Where are we

“You’ll see,” James said smirking.

They took the elevator down to the first floor, then
headed out into the well lit courtyard in the middle of
the apartment buildings.

“Strip,” said James.

Abby was now the one who looked reluctant. “James, I’m
not so sure that’s such a good idea…”

“Strip!” he said louder. It was not a threatening
gesture. She could still say no. But it was clear that
this was what he wanted, and that to say no now would
be for her to step away from James for good. She didn’t
want that. She’d been waiting too long to be with him
for this.

“Alright,” she said. “What the hell.”

She pulled her clothes off and stood before him naked,
the light shining down upon her exquisite body. Abby
could have been 19 from the way her body looked. If you
didn’t look very closely at her face to see the small
lines under her eyes you’d never know she was a woman
almost twice that old.

“Now what?” she said, half figuring he’d be satisfied
just with this and they’d both go back upstairs.

James pulled down his pants so that he was as naked as
she was. He lay down on his back and demanded that Abby
get on top of him and ride him. Her nervousness was
rising, but so was her sense of excitement. With
abandon she straddled him, her legs folded down on the
sides of him, his cock once again filling her.

She rode him hard, so that she was panting. But she bit
her lip, trying to muffle any noises she might make. It
was late. If she didn’t make a sound perhaps no one
would be looking out their windows and no one would see
what was happening in the courtyard.

But James wouldn’t let her get away so easily. “Moan
for me, baby,” he kept saying. “Moan nice and loud like
you did inside. Don’t be afraid. Let everyone know what
a good girl you are. Moan for me.”

She tried to hold back, but it felt so good, having him
inside of her, bouncing on top of him, and the way he
was talking to her, telling her what to do, clearing
her mind of her own thoughts and filling her head with
nothing but animalistic desire instead. She moaned,
just a little at first. Then louder. Then at a roaring
pitch that was sure to wake up the neighborhood.

Lights started to come on in apartment buildings.
People were looking out the window or coming out onto
their decks. Men in robes started to filter out onto
the walkway beside the courtyards, staring at the sex
going on just a few feet from them.

Abby found herself surprisingly and overwhelmingly
turned on by all the attention. “Yes!” she screamed.
“Yes, fuck me!”

But James wasn’t finished yet. This wasn’t his full

“If any of you guys want to join in,” he shouted to the
collection of men on the sidewalk, “Feel free.”

The words washed slowly over Abby, who was so into the
sex now that very little was phasing her. She didn’t
entirely comprehend what James had done, until she
looked up and saw one of the men in front of her naked,
his cock close to her face.

“Suck on it, baby,” said James. “You know that you want

Abby wanted to say no. She knew this had gotten too
far. Things had gotten out of control, out of her
hands. But it was too late to change that now. And she
was too wildly turned on to say no to even the
slightest of requests from James. She opened her mouth
obediently and allowed the man to slide his cock in.

It didn’t take long for other men to come forward, men
of various ages, fathers and brothers and husbands,
single men and married, working class men and trades

She was startled when the first cock entered her ass,
her pussy still tightly gripping James’s cock as she
continued to ride him. It wasn’t her first time having
anal sex, but it was certainly her first time being
penetrated in both holes at once. It made her cum
quickly, much to her surprise.

As one man would cum inside her ass, another would be
right behind him to take his place. After a while her
ass was so full of cum that the men started to pull out
and cum across her back. Around the other end, men were
coming forward with equal regularity and allowing her
to suck them off.

Occasionally she’d take more than one cock into her
mouth at once. They came in her mouth, on her face, in
her hair, across her chest, even sometimes in her hand.
The whole time James remained underneath her, his cock
hard as ever inside of her as she grinded her hips into
him in rhythm with whoever was in her ass at the time.

The surroundings were becoming a blur. Some wives had
come down and berated their husbands. Others stood with
their husbands, watching from the sidewalk. The events
had been going on for maybe 45 minutes when two police
officers finally showed up.

“Break it up!” said the younger cop. “Nothing more to
see here.”

The older cop stood behind him, one hand on his gun
holster, staring unashamedly at what was going on.

When no one seemed to be complying with the young cop’s
request he came forward. “Didn’t you hear me, folks? I
said cease and desist!”

“Actually you said ‘break it up,'” said James. “But you
don’t want us to do that either.”

“Oh no?” said the cop. “Tell me then, tough guy, what
do I want?”

“You want to take off your pants and start fucking this
girl in the ass, just like your partner is doing.”

“Huh?” said the bewildered young cop. Then he looked to
his right, where his older partner was just beginning
to penetrate Abby’s cum soaked, swollen asshole.

“Shit, what are you doing?” the young officer cried.

“Protecting and serving,” said the older man as he
began to make long, slow thrusts. “Protecting and

The young officer turned away for a second, disgusted
and frightened. He was a by-the-book kind of guy, but
he also relied on his older partner for guidance. Now
he wasn’t sure what he should do.

“Why don’t you come over here, officer,” Abby said in a
voice that was hoarse from moaning, “So I can suck your

The officer looked around for a minute. He opened his
mouth as if to object. Then he just turned and walked
off, past the squad car in the parking lot and down the
side of the highway. James, Abby, and the older officer
had a good laugh. After the older officer came, he
pulled out, tipped his hat to Abby, and left in the
squad car.

The passionate fucking continued until finally James
said “Alright, guys, last call. Get your last minute
fun in before I finish her off.”

It was another fifteen minutes before the last of the
guys had cum. Abby was dizzy and her knees were locked.
She couldn’t even begin to count how many guys had
fucked her, though James said later he’d lost count at
about forty. They both figured it was somewhere in the
neighborhood of 65 or 70, most lasting less then a
minute but some lasting upwards of ten.

When Abby finally got up off of the ground and off of
James, she could barely stand. James however seemed fit
as a fiddle, despite having had her full weight on him
for almost three hours. He picked her up off of her
shaky knees, then carried her cum drenched body up the
stairs, into the elevator, and then back into his
apartment where he placed her, face down flat on the

James spread her legs tenderly, then moved himself on
top of her, tight against her body. He pushed his cock
back into her pussy and moved in and out slowly. Abby
was too tired to moan, but she let out a soft coo,
especially when James grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed
them together as he thrust.

When he finally came, it was a long release. She shot
for over 30 seconds. He was the only man that night to
cum inside her pussy. When he finished, he collapsed
next to her on the bed.

“Hell of a first time,” he said.

“Yeah,” said Abby, too tired and stunned to move. “For
you and me both.”