Initial Explorations

I’m not sure if this is typical, but as long as I can remember I’ve known that my cock had two distinct states. I thought of the larger, stiffer, and more infrequent one as “big,” and the process of erection as “getting big.” And as long as I can remember, I’d had a habit of

Mom’s favorite Bitch

I was eighteen when my mother came home unexpectedly early one afternoon and caught me with a boy from the neighborhood. I was still in my school uniform but my blouse was open, my bra pulled up to bare my small, firm breasts, and I had Jimmy’s cock in my mouth. I’d been sucking his

Naughty, naughty, Professor

“You’ve got a tail.” I turned around to see the prettiest girl smiling at me. She had bouncy blond hair and impish green eyes, and I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about. For a moment I thought she meant she was the tail – that she’d followed me out of the little gift

Same Nightclub Next Week?

It was almost a cliche. Our eyes almost met across the crowded dance floor of the night club. But although I’d noticed her, and now couldn’t stop staring, the crowds hadn’t parted enough for her to see me yet… I made my way onto the dance floor, slowly easing my way through the crowds of

A Late Afternoon

“Ok guys, time for work group!” Ms Tara’s voice was as welcome as the afternoon bell, announcing school was over. “Geez, Tara,” groused Ms Regina. “I was almost afraid you’d forgot!” The young lady stood up from her desk and stretched. Then she reached a hand down and helped Robin to his feet. The teen

Candy and Mandy – lesbian erotic story

“When did you ever see it?” His wife asked. “Not counting pornos. I mean in real life? Being right there?” “Well, I used to drive for those girls that worked bachelor parties for one. It was practically a given at any decent party. A girlon girl action is expected.” He said. “Decent?” “You know what

House to Home

“Hi Red” Lill said as she closed the door “Who’s home?” Red almost pounced her high school classmate hugging and kissing Lill “Just you and me hun, Mum left say something odd about going to a motel…” Red paused “…sorry I meant your Mother.” Lill shook her head and gave her friend a little kiss

Step-Daughter adventures

It was first in the morning as I passed my step-daughter’s bedroom door, on my way to the bathroom. “Come on, it’s my birthday.” I heard my son saying, “Won’t you at least give it a try?” Since it was after midnight, it was technically his 18th birthday and his big sister, Peggy, would be

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