Night with Ashley

It was a new school year, one that I was looking forward to and even though I had a full class, there was one particular young lady that I wanted in my class, but unfortunately she was not assigned to me. Ashley was a thin Latina with long blonde highlighted brown hair, and she was

The Ballerina

I trudged into work, I had got soaked from the brief distance from my car to the entrance of the gym where I worked. The late shift, my 4 hours of letting people in an out occasionally saying “Hello” but being ignored because of headphones. I didn’t exactly mind the job, nothing to strenuous about

The Prom Dress Fitting

“I’d love to go,” Fran said excitedly into the phone, “sure, sure, uh huh, okay, yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow at school then, and thanks for asking me, bye!!!” “Yipeeeee,” Fran shouted at the top of her lungs, “guess who just asked yours truly to the Prom!?!” “Let me guess,” her mother replied thoughtfully, “I’ll

So Shy

Jenny Gallagher was painfully shy. She was the kind of girl you could be in a class with all semester and never realize she was there until the last day of class, when she tripped on a desk leg or sneezed during the final. She was a nonentity at my high school. One day I