Atomic’s Erection

I still remember my first experience with a girl. She was the most gorgeous girl I had ever met. She had beautiful blue eyes and golden hair. She also had the greatest body in my class. My hormones were, raging and I couldn’t wait for some- thing to happen. Her name was Sarah and she

Loving My Stepdad

When I was in highschool my dad worked from home and my mom was a nurse working the night shift from 6pm until 6am. With Mom working at night, it gave me and Stepdad plenty of quality time together. I would tease daddy wearing sexy clothes. Daddy would complain about the way I dressed but

Night with Ashley

It was a new school year, one that I was looking forward to and even though I had a full class, there was one particular young lady that I wanted in my class, but unfortunately she was not assigned to me. Ashley was a thin Latina with long blonde highlighted brown hair, and she was

The Ballerina

I trudged into work, I had got soaked from the brief distance from my car to the entrance of the gym where I worked. The late shift, my 4 hours of letting people in an out occasionally saying “Hello” but being ignored because of headphones. I didn’t exactly mind the job, nothing to strenuous about