A young, blonde Policewoman is abducted during a jewellery heist

The white Fairlane pulled up at the gate of a
warehouse block on the outskirts of the industrial
district. An armed thug unlocked the gate and opened
it to let the car though. The car moved up to the
large, plain warehouse where another man opened the
roller door so it could move inside.

The Fairlane came to a stop and a tall, dark haired
man wearing a black suit got out. An older, stockier
man was there to meet him, flanked by two more thugs.

He was the Mafia crime boss Salvatori Dolmio, who
owned the warehouse, and used it as a base of
operations for many of his criminal enterprises.

“What the fuck happened out there Baroudi? We didn’t
do all that planning for a fuckin’ b***d bath.”

“I’ll tell you what fuckin’ happened!” came the
agitated voice of another man walking toward them, he
was also wearing a black suit and had a goatee “…Mr.
Cool here flips out and starts blowing people’s heads
off! Next thing the cops show up and everything turns
to shit!”

Baroudi casually lit up a cigarette. “I told the
manager not to trigger the alarm. He triggered the
alarm, I shot him in the head.”

“Bullshit, I didn’t hear no fuckin’ alarm.” said the
other man.

“It was a silent alarm Dipshit, I saw him trigger it.”

“Then what happened?” asked Salvatore, “…Tell me you
got the fuckin’ diamonds.”

“I got the fuckin’ diamonds.” said Baroudi, he tossed
a black velvet bag to Salvatori. “…Then all of a
sudden the cops were there, and we had to shoot our
way out. Liam got tagged.”

“Shit, tell me he’s dead, I don’t want him singin’ for
the cops.”

“Took a couple to the chest, lots of b***d, pretty
sure he’s dead.”

“And you two made damn sure you didn’t bring any heat
back here didn’t you?”

“What do we look like amateurs?” said the goateed man,
“…It’s cool boss.”

Salvatori opened the bag in inspected the diamonds,
“Well then, our little operation didn’t go exactly as
planned, but it looks like it turned out Okay in the
end, and we have one less mouth to share the pie with.
Well done fellas.”

“I’ll be expecting a bigger slice of that pie now.
Like fifty percent bigger, since I had to have a
shootout with the cops.” said Baroudi as he took
another puff of his cigarette.

Salvatori hesitated a bit but opened his palms in a
gesture of acceptance. He knew Boroudi’s reputation as
a cold, calculating psycho, “Sure Baroudi, I’ll take
care of it.”

Baroudi took another long puff of his cigarette then
stamped it into the concrete floor. “There is one
other thing boss.”

He grabbed his keys and moved around to the back of
his Fairlane. “In all the excitement I was able to
grab a hostage in case I needed one.”

“A hostage?” said Salvatori. Baroudi opened the boot
and they peered in. The other men were surprised to
see the unmistakable dark blue police uniform, and the
face of a young woman, her blue eyes wide with fear as
she looked at the men. There was silver tape over her
mouth and her hands were cuffed behind her back with
her own handcuffs. she had her gun and radio removed
and appeared to be uninjured.

The goateed man, Harris, laughed excitedly. “God Damn,
Baroudi, you snatched a woman copper, how the hell did
you manage that?”

“Just seized the opportunity.” said Baroudi as he
pulled his captive out of the boot. The woman was
short and petite, and in her mid-twenties. Baroudi
stood a couple of feet taller than her and had no
trouble lifting her to her feet.

She was quite pretty with short blonde hair and a baby
face, and a decent pair of pert breasts pressing
against the fabric of her police shirt. There were
muffled cries under her taped gag, her eyes were
filled with fear. She tried to struggle but Baroudi
had no trouble holding her still.

“You bring a copper back to my place of business?!”
said Salvatori, “…You better be planning on killing

“Don’t worry about that boss, I’ll k**l her when I’m
ready.” Baroudi’s hand moved up to her chest and he
started squeezing her tits, “But I had a pretty tense
day, and she can help me work off some of that
tension. Have you got a honeymoon suite for me and my
new girlfriend?”

The men around him cheered their approval, the sight
of a captured young policewoman had drawn the
attention of several of the thugs working in the large

Salvatori cracked a cruel smile and said, “There’s a
demountable over at the back with a bed in it, go have
some fun, you earned it.”

Harris chimed in, “This a private party Baroudi? or
can we all join in?”

“You can wait `till I’m done with her.” said Baroudi
as he made his way toward the back of the warehouse
with his frightened captive policewoman, the other
thugs were cheering an making lewd commands as they

The demountable was a small basic room, with an old
single bed in the middle of it, and a few basic pieces
of furniture. Baroudi flipped the light switch and the
neon tube blinked before filling the room with light.
He threw the young blonde onto the bed and began
removing his jacket.

The policewoman curled up on the bed, filled with fear
and dread. Her name was Ashley Cohen, daughter of a
Police Officer, who followed her father into the
Academy, and had earned a reputation as a dedicated
cop. She liked the feeling of being in control of the
situation, despite her small stature. But now this was
a situation where she had absolutely no control. This
psycho had killed her partner and abducted her. Now he
was going to r**e her.

With her hands cuffed behind her back, and surrounded
by criminals, she loathed how vulnerable she felt.

Baroudi, with his jacket and pants removed, moved onto
the bed. He effortlessly pulled Ashley up onto her
back on the bed and looked into her scared teary eyes.
He pulled the silver tape off her mouth. “You’ll just
excite the other guys if you scream. You’re a pretty
one aren’t you Ashley?” He had read her name off her

“Don’t do this please, leave me alone.” cried Ashley.

“That’s not gunna happen.” said Baroudi and he planted
a big kiss on her lips, taking Ashley by surprise as
his tongue lashed her mouth. She tried to resist this
violation, and thought about biting down on his
tongue, but didn’t, she knew it would only bring
violent retribution upon her.

Finally the lusty French kiss ended and Ashley sobbed
as he licked her cheek. Suddenly Baroudi’s hands were
busy at her chest undoing the buttons of her police
uniform. With her shirt open, he grabbed at her white
bra, pulling hard. Ashley cried out as she felt the
sting as her bra was ripped away from her body leaving
her pale breasts exposed.

“Nice tits for a little girly.” said Baroudi. His
large hands groped and squeezed them with wild lust.
Ashley just cried as her tits were manhandled. Baroudi
kissed her again as her played with them. He
eventually drew himself away from her tits and moved
down the bed. “Let’s see what you got for us down

His hand worked at her belt and then her zipper, he
pulled off her boots, and then pulled at her dark blue
police issue pants. Ashley cried out for him to stop,
she tried to kick her legs and struggle as he pulled
the pants down, making it harder for him. But he got
them off, leaving her shapely legs and white panties
exposed. He pinned down her legs stopping her from
kicking. “Don’t struggle bitch! Do you want me to tie
you up?”

Ashley stopped struggling, it wouldn’t do her any good
anyway, she felt so vulnerable, and being tied up
would make it even worse.

Baroudi rubbed his fingers along the soft fabric of
her panties. Once again Ashley cried and sobbed, his
strong fingers rubbed along her vagina, she couldn’t
stand him touching her there. The rubbing got harder
and rougher and despite her fear and shame, she could
feel her crotch tingling and getting moist.

Then Baroudi pulled her panties down. Ashley could
feel her heart pumping like mad. Now her pussy was
exposed to this Madman, she wanted desperately to be
anywhere but here. “Hoo, clean shaven! I like it.”
said Baroudi.

Ashley felt ashamed, she started shaving her pubic
hair a year ago because her boyfriend liked it, and
continued to do it even after they broke up months
ago. She had not had sex with anyone for over three
months, perhaps that was why her vagina was responding
to this stimulation.

She could feel those fingers rubbing on her pussy lips
and felt the sensation of her getting wetter. Without
warning a finger pushed past her pussy lips,
penetrating her. “Aaaagh ow, stop it… NO!” she

The finger wiggled around inside her, it felt really
big. Baroudi just smiled and pushed the finger back
and forth inside her in a fucking motion. “Shit, your
pussy feels tight around my finger.” He pulled his
finger out of her and examined it, “…Your getting’ a
little wet too slut. You’re giving me a raging hard-

Baroudi got off her and stood up, he pulled his cock
out of his briefs. Ashley’s eyes widened in horror, it
was a big erect cock, he looked like one of those hung
porn stars. Baroudi held it in front of him proudly.
“like what you see Ash? It keeps the ladies happy.”

Ashley could just look at him and plead, “Don’t r**e
me… please!”

“Oh I’m gunna r**e you good!”

Baroudi moved back onto the bed, he grabbed Ashley’s
legs and spread them wide apart. He positioned his big
dick onto her bald crotch. Ashley cried and pleaded,
her heart felt like it was going to jump out of its
chest. Baroudi just sat there for a moment rubbing his
cock against her pussy lips, savouring her terror at
what was about to happen.

When he was ready he got hold of his cock and pushed
it into her slit. She was tight. Once the fat head
f****d its way past the opening he gave a thrust, and
the whole large member pushed its way into the depths
of the squeezing orifice.

Ashley screamed out in pain, it felt like a baseball
bat had been f****d into her. Her pussy was stretched
obscenely around the invading cock. It was worse when
the cock began to move, pulling back several inches
and then pushing forward again. The fat cockhead
rubbed up and down the stretched vaginal wall, deep
inside her.

Ashley couldn’t believe this was it, she was being
raped. Her worst nightmare came true. Baroudi got into
a steady rhythm, grinding his huge member into the
small helpless woman.

He was loving the intense friction of the tight pussy,
he also loved the fact he was raping a police woman,
something he had always wanted to do.

Ashley cried loudly, tears streaming down her face as
the violation went on. Baroudi grabbed at her tits
again, groping them as he fucked her. “You are a tight
bitch Ashley, haven’t had much big dicks like mine
have you?” Ashley stretched pussy got wetter as it
responded to the fucking. She just wanted the r**e to
end, but it seemed to go on and on.

Eventually Baroudi pulled his fat dick out, and Ashley
hoped that was it, but it wasn’t. He got hold of her
and flipped her over. Ashley felt just like a doll, as
his strong hands put her in position, bending her legs
with her ass in the air, her face pressed into the bed
with her hands still cuffed behind her back. He was
going to do her doggy style.

Baroudi positioned himself behind her and aimed his
hard cock at her pussy. Ashley cried out, as once
again the cock was f****d inside her.

He grabbed hold of her ass and began thrusting into
her with more force than before. Ashley cried and
moaned, her whole body getting repeatedly bucked as
Baroudi pounded her from behind.

For Ashley the fucking was an intense mixture of pain,
pleasure, humiliation and terror and seemed to go on
and on. After a while Baroudi pulled out again. “Ah
shit, I gotta stop, before you make me cum.” Ashley
just wanted this ordeal to end.

After a short break Baroudi flipped her over again and
grabbed her legs bending them up to her chest. “You
ready for some more bitch, I’m havin’ a great time!”

Ashley just sobbed as he got on top of her and
penetrated her again. Fucking her in a steady rhythm.
As he fucked her, his weight pushed her down into the
springy bed. The noise of the creaky bed filled the
room, along with her cries and moans as he bounced up
and down on top of her.

‘This guy is a freak’, she thought as the r**e went on
and on, ‘when was he going to finish?’ Baroudi’s
thrusts got faster and faster. “Oooh, we’re on the
home stretch here bitch, you want me to cum in your

“Ungh …Uh, NO! Don’t do that …ooh, please not

“Then you’re gunna swallow it all down for me!”
Baroudi pulled out of the ravaged cunt, and let her
legs drop down. He crawled up the bed and pushed his
hot, wet cock into Ashley’s face. “Open wide!” he

The defeated and violated Ashley opened her mouth and
he pushed his cock in. “Come on slut, suck it for me!”
Ashley closed her lips around the shaft, she had to
have her jaw wide to accommodate the large dick. She
could feel her tongue pressed against the head and
could taste her own juices.

Baroudi rocked it back and forth in her mouth as she
sucked. Baroudi grabbed her head, “Oooh uh ungh …I’m
cumming.” The large member throbbed and a big load of
cum errupted into Ashley’s mouth.

Baroudi pulled out, and another load of cum shot onto
her face as he groaned in pleasure. His hand clamped
over her mouth. “Now swallow it all, like a good
girl.” Ashley felt sick as she did what he said.

Baroudi climbed off Ashley and she lay there, crying
and panting after her brutal r**e. She couldn’t wipe
the cum off her face with her hands bound. Baroudi sat
at the foot of the bed and lit a cigarette. “That was
just what I needed! …You know, you’re a good fuck
for a copper.”

Ashley just glared at him through tear filled eyes,
now she was angry more than anything at what this
bastard had done to her. Her vagina felt like it had
been rubbed raw despite being soaking wet and the
horrible taste of cum in her mouth made her feel like
she was going to be sick.

Baroudi got up and got dressed again, then he left the
room. Ashley was glad that bastard rapist was out of
her sight, but fear filled her heart again when she
wondered, what now?

Baroudi left the room and saw that Harris and three
other guys were standing close by, drinking beer and
talking. They all gave him a round of mock applause.
“Hey Baroudi, sounded like you had a good time in
there, how was she?” asked Harris.

“She’s a real goer.” answered Baroudi.

Harris laughed, “Yeah, I bet she is. Look we respected
your privacy and all, Reckon we could get some of that
copper pussy?”

“Tell you what, give me one of those beers and she’s
all yours.”

Ashley was up on her feet, she was wearing nothing but
socks and her open police shirt. She wanted to get
dressed again, but having her hands cuffed behind her
back made that impossible.

Her heart was beating rapidly again, she was left
alone in there and she was pretty sure the door was
left unlocked. She knew this place was crawling with
criminals and her chances were slim, but she had to
try and make a break for it, they were going to k**l

She turned around and turned the door knob with her
cuffed hands behind her back. Suddenly, the door
opened and a man came in and grabbed her from behind.
“Where are you goin’ honey?” said Harris, “It’s party

Ashley cried out as she was pushed back into the room.
Harris grabbed her tits and began playing with them.
Ashley saw another man enter the room, and then
another, and another. “NO! …what is this?” cried out

“This is a gangbang baby!” said Harris.

“NO!” Ashley cried out in horror “…Not again!
Please, no more!”. The men just laughed at her.

Ashley was pushed down onto the bed on her back. She
began kicking and fighting, she didn’t want to be
raped again. Rough hands grabbed her legs and held
them wide apart.

“Looky here fellas, a bald pussy!” said Harris. “Any
chick who shaves her kitty is begging for it!”

Harris dropped his pants, he had an average size dick,
not near as big a Baroudi’s, but it was hard and ready
to go. He climbed on top of Ashley, the other men
still had her legs spread wide. With little hesitation
he shoved his dick into her. Ashley cried loudly as he
pumped his cock into her violated pussy.

“Uh, yeah baby! Your pussy feels good!” Rough hands
mauled her tits again. The men around her cheered,
teased her, and encouraged him to fuck harder as he
pounded away at the tender cunt.

“You love the cock don’t you? You Police Bitch!”

“Bang that pussy Harris, make her scream!”

“My turn next Blondie, bet you can’t wait!”

Harris pounded wildly into her cunt, until he moaned
loudly. His cock throbbed, and Ashley felt the
horrible sensation of hot wet cum flooding deep inside
her. “Did you just cum inside her man?” said one of
the men.

“Yeah sure did.” said Harris, “…Right up the duff!”

“You don’t cream-pie a bitch when there’s others ready
to have a turn, it’s gangbang etiquette man!”

“You need the extra lubricant for your big dick Tony.”
Harris joked as he pulled his dick out of the violated

In no time the next man was on top of Ashley. She
cried as another hard dick penetrated her sore cunt,
which was now soaking wet with cum. Once again she was
subjected to the horrible feeling of a thrusting cock
violating her.

As she was getting fucked for a third time, one of the
men put his hard dick in her face. “Come on, suck on
it for me, copper slut!” Ashley could still taste the
cum in her mouth, she didn’t want to do that again.
The man was persistent and pulled her hair painfully
until she opened her mouth and accepted the cock.

The man had hold of her short blonde hair and was
fucking her face as the man between her legs fucked
her pussy hard. She was f****d to suck on that dick
for what seemed like ages, until the cock that had
been fucking her pussy blew another load of cum deep
inside her. The cocks withdrew from her mouth and

The man who had his cock in her mouth said, “My turn
now. Flip her over. No sloppy seconds for me, I’m
goin’ up her ass.”

Ashley screamed in horror as they flipped her over,
Tony bent her over the edge of the bed and held her
down. “NO!! DON’T DO THAT! PLEASE NOT THERE!” screamed

She had never had anal sex before and had never wanted
to. The other men just got more excited and cheered
him on. “Go for it Tony, bust her little asshole.
Yeah, cornhole that copper!”

Tony spat on a finger and prodded at the little brown
freckle of her asshole. He slowly pushed it into her.
“OH Yeah Baby, this is gunna be really tight!” Ashley
screamed, she couldn’t believe this ordeal was about
to get even worse. Tony pulled his finger out and the
little orifice quickly squeezed shut.

Tony put his cockhead at the tiny opening of Ashley’s
anus. Slowly he began to force his way in the tight
ass, making the little ring stretch open for his cock.

Ashley was screaming so loud a hand was put over her
mouth to gag her. The virgin asshole resisted the
invader furiously but it was losing the fight, as the
ring stretched wider and wider until the whole cock
thrust forward with a plop. Tony had his whole cock
buried deep up the tight, squeezing anus.

“God damn! I knew you cop bitches were all tight-
asses, let’s see if I can loosen you up a bit bitch!”

He pulled his dick back and then thrust it forward
again as the fucking began. Ashley still screamed into
the hand around her mouth, tears flowed from her eyes,
she was getting her ass fucked for the first time, and
it was t*****e.

The men all cheered Tony on as he fucked the tight ass
hard. His cock slipped out, but he quickly grabbed it
and pushed it into the clenching hole again. After a
while of hard fucking, the friction got too much for
Tony, he pulled out just in time to shoot a load of
hot cum onto her pale ass.

The next man didn’t waste any time getting behind her.
“I’m gunna get me a piece of that. My girlfriend won’t
let me do anal.”

He pushed his hard cock up the violated asshole and
began giving it another fucking. The hand wasn’t
covering her mouth anymore, and Ashley just cried and
sobbed as she was bucked forward with each hard thrust
up her ass.

While Ashley was getting sodomized for the second time
she noticed the door open, two more men walked in.
They were big rough looking black guys. They watched
the petite blonde bent over the bed getting ass raped
with wide grins.

“Damn, Harris told me you were having a party, how did
you fellas manage to get hold of a real police bitch?”
said one of them in a deep voice.

“Baroudi snatched her at a job this morning, we been
showing her a little friendly hospitality.”

“I’ll get in on that. But she looks like a sweet
little thing, I might break her!”

The man fucking her groaned loudly as he came inside
her ass. He pulled out and Ashley was left there, bent
over the bed, with cum dripping out of her open ass-

“I guess you’re up then Jules.” said one of the men.

“All-right, I don’t know if you’ve had a black man
before bitch, but you’re gunna do some serious coal
grinding now!”

The big black man lifted her up like a rag doll and
put her back on the bed on her back. He dropped his
pants to reveal a huge black cock, even bigger than
Baroudi’s. This was a monster cock. Ashley’s eyes went
wide in terror again.

“NO!…You’ll tear me apart!”

“I’m certainly gunna try.” laughed Jules, climbing on
top of her. The men who had just raped her hung around
in the room to watch this show.

Jules and his brother Sam worked for Salvatori. They
were hired muscle, and also worked as porn stars,
known as the Buster Brothers. Now they were going to
show Ashley what they do best.

The black monster cock rubbed at Ashley’s crotch
threatening another brutal violation. Ashley’s pleas
for mercy went unheeded as the dark monster slowly
f****d its way up the already well-fucked cunt.

She cried out in pain, her pussy was stretched around
the huge invader and it slid deeper and deeper until
Ashley thought it would invade her womb. “It’s a good
thing you already been fucked a few times. They were
just warmin’ you up for the real fucking!”

The monster cock pulled back and Ashley cried out as
it felt like her insides were being pulled out with
it. Then it thrust back in and Ashley screamed. It
pulled out then slammed in, repeating the action in a
slow but steady rhythm.

Ashley could feel every inch of the monster cock
moving inside her. The men around the room cheered
wildly, they loved the sight of a little white
policewoman being f****d to take the huge black
monster cock. As the fucking went on, Jules began to
speed up his thrusts. The pain slowly began to lose
its’ intensity in Ashley’s stretched cunt.

After a while Sam spoke up, “Hey Nigger, you ready to
tag me in yet?”

Jules pulled the monster cock out, and Ashley’s pussy
released its tight grip with a plop. “She’s all yours

Sam got on the bed and positioned his cock at Ashley’s
crotch. His cock was pretty much identical to his

Ashley cried out as her cunt was filled with big black
monster cock once again, and Sam continued where his
brother left off, grinding into her.

“Mmmm, tight and wet! Just the way I like it.” Ashley
let out a loud moan. The pain had subsided now, as her
cunt had gotten used to the giant thrusting invader.

More and more she could feel the pleasure of the
intense stimulation of her pussy. It was like the
pleasure she began feeling as Garoudi fucked her. This
pleasure was not welcome, she was being raped, it
would be shameful to enjoy it. But Ashley couldn’t
help it, her body was betraying her.

She just hoped it would be over soon. But it went on
and on, and Ashley couldn’t help but moan with
pleasure every time the massive meat slammed forward.
She could feel the intensity building, and knew she
was heading for climax.

Then Sam pulled out of her. “I’ll tag you in again

“Hey why don’t you guys sandwich the bitch!” suggested
Tony who was watching. The other cheered in agreement.
“Sandwich! Sandwich! Sandwich!” They all chanted.

“Okay then,” agreed Jules. He lifted Ashley up off the
bed, she found her legs were weak after the fucking
she just received but Sam held her up. Jules laid down
on the bed his monster cock sticking up from his
crotch like a baseball bat.

Sam then f****d her on top of him, facing him, the
huge shaft rubbed at her crotch. Sam lifted her up and
Jules positioned his cock at her slit, Sam slowly
lowered her down as she was impaled on the monster

Ashley moaned as her cunt was stretched wide and
filled up once again. Then Sam got behind Ashley and
suddenly Ashley woke up to what they meant by
`sandwich’, he was going to put his monster cock up
her ass.

She cried out for them to stop but it did her no good.
Sam pushed her forward and Jules caught her. Dread
filled her as she felt the huge fat cock head rub on
her ass-hole, she couldn’t stop it, they were really
going to do this.

Sam f****d his cock into her asshole. Ashley screamed
out as once again her tight sphincter was painfully
stretched wide, and the monster was f****d into ass.

Around her, the men cheered loudly. Ashley couldn’t
believe she had two huge black cocks double
penetrating her. The brothers began fucking her in a
clumsy, disjointed rhythm.

Ashley was caught between the intense pain of her
overstretched anus and the pleasure that had been
building in her vagina. The brothers continued to
plough into her holes, and Ashley couldn’t help
moaning and groaning at the intensity of it.

The brutal double fucking seemed to go on and on.
Eventually Sam groaned, “Ungh, Damn! This bitch is too

The huge monster cock throbbed wildly in her stretched
anus and a big load of cum erupted in her bowels.
Slowly he pulled out of the clenching rectum. The
monster cock popped out, and her gaping anus leaked
cum. Jules pushed her back, he grabbed her hips and
began bouncing her up and down on his huge cock.

With that giant cock out of her ass, the building
pleasure in her pussy returned, as she was bounced up
and down. After a while of bouncing her up and down on
his cock, Jules pulled Ashley off, and put her on her
back on the bed.

He quickly lifted her legs and pushed his cock back
into her pussy, now he was bouncing up and down on top
of her and pounding her cunt hard. Ashley couldn’t
contain it any more, the pleasure in her cunt had
built and now she was on the verge of an intense

“Oooh… Oh god! Oh god! Uhh… uhh!” Ashley moaned as
she climaxed with the big cock relentlessly pounding
her hard. Waves of intense pleasure washed over her
and her climaxing pussy squeezed the meat even harder
as Jules started cumming as well. He wedged his cock
deep in her cunt and his hot cum flooded the stretched

Jules finally pulled out of the ravaged cunt. “Damn
girl, I think I enjoyed that almost as much as you
did!” The men around them laughed, and Ashley suddenly
felt very humiliated and degraded.

Ashley lay on the bed panting, she was covered in
sweat. Her pussy and ass were very sore and full of
sticky cum. She was exhausted.

Jules and Sam left the room, and so did most the other
men. A couple stayed behind. Their lusts had been
fired up by the intense live porn show they just
watched and they wanted to r**e her again.

Ashley didn’t fight them as they grabbed her and moved
her into position. She was bent over the side of the
bed and one of the men pushed his cock up her ass.

Ashley didn’t fight or protest any more, she just laid
there as the man sodomised her. The other man, seeing
her defeated acceptance, put his cock into her face
“suck it.” he ordered, and she did.

Eventually the man behind her grunted as she received
another load of cum in her ass. He pulled out and the
guy she was sucking moved behind her and pushed his
dick into her ass.

He proceeded to fuck her hard, until he came and
pulled out. The men left the room, locking the door.
Leaving her alone in the small room.

The small room stank of sweat and cum. Ashley lay on
the bed, she was exhausted, but couldn’t sleep. The
memories of her brutal gang r**e were still vivid and
she could almost still feel those cocks thrusting into

Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and she
couldn’t get dressed again. She couldn’t wipe the cum
that leaked out of her.

Ashley lost her sense of time, but an hour and forty
minutes passed before the door was unlocked again. She
tensed as three men came in, they were not the men
that raped her before, but she soon realised their
intentions were the same.

“NO! Not again, please. I can’t take any more.”

But once again her pleas were ignored. She was f****d
to suck their cocks and then one by one they sodomized
her. When they were done they locked her in alone

Two hours fifteen minutes later another black man came
in. he fucked her pussy in a few different positions
then came on her face and left.

Another hour later two older Italian men entered her
room. As they took turns fucking her, another three
men entered the room. They took turns fucking her
pussy, mouth and ass. When they were done they left
her alone again.

Two hours twenty minutes later two men who had raped
her earlier, Harris and Tony came back for more. They
took turns sodomizing her until they came in her ass
then they left.

Three hours thirty five minutes later, five men
entered the room. Ashley was subjected to another

Afterwards she was left alone again. She couldn’t
sleep through the night, she kept expecting the door
to open and more men to come in and r**e her.

The next morning the door was unlocked once more and
Ashley saw Baroudi enter, smoking a cigarette. Rage
built in her toward the man who had put her through
this ordeal.

“Hoo, stinks of sex in here.” said Baroudi, he looked
at Ashley who looked like she had been through hell,
her eyes were tired and red from constant crying.
There was dried cum all over her, but particularly
around her crotch. Her hands were still bound behind
her back.

“Be honest with me honey, have you been cheating on me
with other guys?” he said dryly. Ashley just glared at
him, her eyes full of hate. “I think we should break
up. It’s not you, it’s me.” he took another puff of
his smoke. “Seriously hon, it’s time we took a drive
in the country.”

Ashley knew what this meant. “Please don’t k**l me…
please!” she pleaded.

“Sorry luv, just the way it is. But how about one last
fuck before we go?” Baroudi dropped his pants, he
stroked his big cock getting it hard.

“No leave me alone you bastard!” The last thing she
wanted was this asshole getting pleasure from her
again. But once again she had no say in the matter.

Baroudi grabbed her legs and pulled her up to him. He
grabbed his big dick and f****d it into her sore
pussy. She groaned in protest, her pussy was very
tender from all the times it had been raped though the
night. Baroudi pumped away into her.

“Wow this cunt is looser than it was yesterday. How
many dicks has it taken since then? I heard you got
taken by the Buster Brothers. I’m lucky it’s not
totally destroyed.”

Baroudi pulled out of her. “I bet lots of guys got up
your tight ass as well. I wanna have a turn.”

He lifted her legs higher and positioned his big dick
at her ass, he pushed it in, and began ass-fucking
her. Ashley ass was also very tender, it had been
raped even more times than her pussy. The painful
butt-fucking caused her to grit her teeth.

Suddenly there was a loud bang in the warehouse.
Baroudi stopped fucking the ass, “What the fuck?!”

There were more bangs and shouting. Baroudi pulled his
dick out from Ashley’s ass and grabbed his pants. He
pulled out a gun, then disappeared through the door.

Ashley wondered what was going on, those were
definitely gunshots she could hear. Then the gunshots
were right near the room. Before long men burst into
the room holding guns. Ashley was relieved beyond
belief that they were wearing police uniforms.
“There’s a woman in here.” one of them called.

“I’m Police. Constable Ashley Cohen,” she said.

“Constable Cohen. Thank god! We thought you were

Ashley was overwhelmed with joy, she was saved. Then
she realised she was naked and covered in cum and she
was deeply embarrassed. “Can someone please get these
god damn cuffs off me!”

Ashley later learned that Harris was followed back to
the warehouse after the robbery. The police had it
under surveillance but didn’t move in on it, because
they were waiting for Salvatori to lead them to the
buyer for the diamonds.

They weren’t aware that Ashley was at the warehouse
getting repeatedly raped. When they finally moved in
on the warehouse Salvatori was arrested. Several men
were killed in the raid, including Baroudi. Constable
Cohen received extensive counselling and returned to
active duty several months later.

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