My Dog, My Lover

It was a hot and humid late summer night. The window was down in the Uber that was taking me home from a long night at the local bars. I have always loved the feeling of warm summer air in my face. The driver took an apparent interest in me and would not stop asking

Amateur video obsession

I have always loved looking at porn, my dad had a huge collection of videos and magazines so it was always easy enough to borrow a film or magazine. These days it’s so easy to watch porn, too easy possibly, but over the years has led me to explore the world of available adult content.

Seducing the Maid

All Carson could think of was how lucky he was. His wife knew full well what kind of a person he was. And yet here was their new help, ripe and ready to assist him. Oh, she would be assisting him in more ways than she could imagine. He was drooling over her so much

Mom screwed hard by car mechanic

Hi my name is Jack and my dad was working as a assistant in dubai and we live in Canada.My mom name is Ava and she is 36 yrs old stunning beauty.Long black haired brunette with blue eyes, pink lips and voluptuous body sizes.She is 5’4 inches and 65 kgs weight.Her sizes are 36-36-46 and

Stacee Needs To Keep Her Job

Stacee’s first week in the job has been stressful. She only had a few of her colleges names memorized, and she was still trying to figure out a good balance between answering the phone and entering the data from the piles of paper work she had sitting on her desk. The man that had hired