A professor and a beautiful Arab woman

“I can take you to the place you seek,” the Arab girl whispered. Professor Montana Smith eyed her skeptically. It was hard to judge if she was lying, as all he could see of her face was the dark liquid pools of her eyes above that veil. Although he had been in the kingdom for

Consenting Adults

It was crazy. Sure, he’d had a lech for Marilyn Ralston for a long time, but he’d never seriously contemplated doing anything about it. She and her husband lived in the same building as he and Laura, and they saw each other for drinks occasionally. So you get the hots for a neighbor, maybe in

Fuck my wife! Please !

My wife Joyce and I have always enjoyed reading letters and stories about a lifestyle we have found to be exciting for both of us. That life style is wife sharing. I truly enjoy sharing Joyce with other men while she enjoys the excitement and sex from many different partners. Until recently I have found

Niki And Her Dog – The story of a woman who makes a decision that forever changes her life

Niki was shocked! It just wasn’t possible…was it? Her mind was spinning in endless circles as she looked at the two blue lines in front of her. PREGNANT?!!! How can I be pregnant?! Niki sat down on the edge of her bed and continued to stare at the test strip in front of her. Her