Mega Ass Fucking

“What are you wearing, Diana asked”? Uh, I was just going to wear my board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, why do you ask? Jack answered. “Because guys have it so easy, you just wear anything, whereas us women need to think about weather, what if I get wet, what will I wear if we

Mrs. Claus’s Predicament

It was Christmas time again, and everyone was very joyful at the North Pole. Toys were being made on every table, hot chocolate was brewing and smiles abound. It was a beautiful holiday scene, with the exception of Dear old St. Nick being mysteriously absent. Which made one person very unhappy. Mrs. Claus… Mrs. Claus

How My Friend Stole My Wife And Daughter

My name is Rob and I am 40 year old typical average man, I have my own house, married to a beautiful wife and have an equally beautiful teenage daughter. This is a story about what happened one fateful night to both of them and how it nearly destroyed my life. It was Friday night