A young male office worker is turned into a sex slave by six sadistic women

I have always been rather shy around girls. Don’t get
me wrong. I am one hundred percent straight, even
though some of the things I have been f****d to do
recently might seem to deny that. I was a good student
in high school and an even better one in college. I
liked sports, but really excelled at mental activities.
So it’s not surprising that I landed a really nice job
for an upscale marketing firm.

Because I was quiet and as I say, shy with girls, I
never had much sex. Here I was for all practical
purposes, twenty-two year old virgin. I had been jerked
off by some girls I dated, and I had been blown several
times, and once time I even had my dick in a girl’s
pussy, but I got so excited I pulled out and shot all
over the place. What I wanted more than anything was a
really nice caring sensual girlfriend with whom I could
explore sex and release all of my pent up desires.

I thought my chances at the marketing firm were pretty
good as there were six girls working there and only
myself and one other guy. This was my first job out of
school, and I had big bills to pay for my college
loans. I also splurged and bought a car and got a
pretty decent apartment. So I really had more money
going out than coming in.

I guess I tried too hard to show that I was all man,
because I must have come on too strong with the girls.
I was determined to get at least one of the girls to
fall for me, so I flirted and teased. I was reminded by
Barbara, the boss, that the office was no place for
“horny teens to get off on their stupid male
fantasies.” This shut me up and put me in my place.

And yet, the girls dressed in such sexy ways, and stuck
their big tits out at me, and I became very confused.
They seemed to come on to me, but if I even smiled or
winked, or got friendly, they shut me up at once and
warned me to behave. It was cock-teasing at its worst
as far as I was concerned.

And then the other guy disappeared. They told me he was
transferred. I was the only guy in the office with six
gorgeous girls, but I couldn’t even strike up a
friendly conversation with them. My job changed too.
Barbara would ask me to make coffee for all of them, or
to go out and buy some snacks. The other girls asked me
to clean up their desks, to empty the wastepaper
baskets, to do janitorial type shit.

I didn’t know what the fuck was going on. I had a
marketing degree. I kept asking for serious, demanding
work, and Barbara told me over and over that first I
had to prove myself. I would have quit, but by now I
was really deep in debt. Things got worse. The girls
started to sexually harass me. They asked me to do
things like help them change their shoes or straighten
out their stockings.

I don’t know why I went along with it all. They gave me
piles of dumb office work to take home with me, and
Barbara demanded that it be completed the following
morning. Then Barbara told me to dust and clean her

I complained. She turned bight red. “You fucking twerp!
Who the fuck do you think you are?” She roared. I
blanched. I am not used to being yelled at.

“It’s just that I…”

“I-I… you think only of yourself Jason. You are a
selfish prick. Just like most men. You think just
because you have a dick hanging between your legs that
gives you special rights. We’ve all see how you stare
at us around here. We are nothing but fuck-dumps to
you. All you think about all day is shoving your dick
into one of us!”

“Barbara, that’s not true. I don’t think about…”

“Shut the fuck up when I am talking to you. You know
what you need, don’t you. Some good old fashioned
discipline.” She pushed a button on her desk and within
seconds all five other girls were in her office
surrounding me.

“Girls, Jason here just sexually attacked me. I think
we should call the police.”

I was suddenly out of my mind with fear. What had
happened? Why was Barbara lying about me?

“What are you doing? I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Calling me a hot cunt and grabbing my breast and
rubbing your dick against me and tearing my blouse and
trying to r**e me is nothing?” Barbara said, reaching
up and ripping her own blouse, so I could see her bra
holding up her large tits.

“That’s right,” Angie , a smaller blond chimed in. I
saw everything! He grabbed you and shoved you back
against your desk and tried to stick his dick into

I suddenly realized I had been set up. But what chance
did I have against the word of six highly respected
women? Barbara picked up the phone and dialed 911.

“Please don’t do this to me! I pleaded. Please. I
haven’t done anything to any of you. Don’t ruin my

A slow smile spread across Barbara’s face. She put down
the phone. “Take off your clothes!” she snapped. And
all the girls seemed to relax.

“What? You want me to do what?”

“I want you to do everything fucking thing I tell you
to do. If you are a good boy and do as we say, you
won’t go to prison for r**e. Now you have ten seconds
to get bare assed naked, Mr. Macho Man!”

I have always been shy about my body. I mean, It’s a
good body and I am a good looking guy, but even at the
health club, I detested being near any other guy when I
had to strip to change. Now I had been ordered to strip
bare assed naked in ten seconds. I hesitated, and
Barbara picked up the phone again.

I almost ripped my clothes off. My shirt and tie, my
dress trousers, my black shoes, my black socks, I stood
there in front of six attractive young women dressed in
only my Calvin Klein briefs. I was terrified. Barbara

“I said, everything, Ass-wipe! What’s the matter,
afraid to show us your pathetic little dick? Is it too
small to fuck a girl?” For some reason, I felt like
crying. I know grown men don’t cry much, but at that
moment, my eyes filled with tears.

Angie leaned in. “Look, the big mama’s boy is crying.
What’s the matter honey, don’t you have the balls to
handle six girls? Come on, this is every man’s dream.
But maybe you aren’t really a man.”

“Take off the fucking underpants, Shit-hole!” Barbara
said, and I slid the white underpants down to my ankles
and stood there naked in front of the girls. They
roared with laughter.

“Look at the tiny dick on this sissy boy. No wonder
he’s so timid. Shit, my clit is larger than his dick!”

I tried to cover myself, but Lois one of the other
girls, slapped my hands away.

“Don’t even think of covering yourself, Cunt-sucker!”
My dick which is not really very large, I have to
admit, compared to the cocks of some of the dudes I see
at the health club, was now shriveled from fear. One of
the girls produced a digital camera from someplace and
they started taking photos of me.

Well, that was how it started. Once they had photos to
blackmail me with, I was their slave. They made me stay
naked in the office at all times. When I arrived in the
morning, I had to leave my clothing in a locker at the
door. I had to clean for them and do menial chores, and
most of the time while I worked, they made me keep my
dick hard. I had to masturbate for them endlessly, but
I was not allowed to cum.

The first time I couldn’t control myself and shot a
load on the desk, they made me lick it up , and then
they beat my bare ass with yard sticks, rulers,
brushes, anything they could get their hands on. I
couldn’t sit down for three days. My entire ass was
blistered and black and blue.

When I went home at night, they locked a plastic cock
cage on my dick. I couldn’t jerk off at home either. So
my balls got heavy with cum as they cock teased me all
day and made me jerk myself without cumming. I couldn’t
sleep at night, and I became a nervous wreck. Sometimes
at the office, they chained my ankles together and made
me crawl all day.

They would often tie my dick and balls with string or
ropes or chains, they would tie it so tightly that the
balls swelled up as if they would burst, and my dick
throbbed painfully.

They would also insert objects into my asshole. This
was terribly humiliating and painful. It started with
Barbara sticking a fountain pen up my rectum while she
masturbated my prick until it was leaking pre cum all
over the desk. Of course I had to lean over to lick up
the pre cum. They all thought my ass looked so cute
with a pen in it, that they decided to have a contest
to see who could find the most fun object to shove up
my faggot pussy. (that’s what they called it.)

By now, I was crying in the office a lot. I mean, one
or the other of them was always playing with my dick
and squeezing my balls, but warning me not to cum.
These are gorgeous girls! I was going nuts.

Barbara announced that I was going to do a photo shoot
for them. She told me I had the makings of a faggot
homosexual male porno model. I sobbed and told her for
the hundredth time I was totally straight. They put up
a drop cloth and spent one whole afternoon with me
naked posing for them as they shot video and photos.
They played with my dick and made comments on the video
about how small it was and how it could never fuck a

I had to do the most disgusting things done to me like
stick two fingers up my asshole and fucking me. I had
to pull and twist my nipples like some cheap male
whore. I had to masturbate in every position they could
think of. I had to kneel with my ass up toward the
camera and my head on the floor and spread my ass
cheeks for them. One of them threw a large rubber dildo
onto the floor and told me to fuck myself with it. I
choked back my tears enough to beg them for mercy. They
laughed and spit on me and kicked me in the nuts.

I fucked myself in the asshole with the dildo like some
queer. The pain was the most horrible thing I ever had
to endure. The next day, Barbara informed me that they
had put the photos up on gay websites around the world.

The rules of my life became worse. I was forbidden to
go out at night. I was forbidden to have friends. I was
forbidden to even use the toilet like an adult male. I
had to squat over a litter box to shit and piss. When I
went at work, at least one of the girls was always
there to watch me and degrade me. For lunch I had to
eat dog food out of a doggie dish. they brought
girlfriends in to watch me jerk off and to taunt me and
play with my dick. I had not cum for two weeks at this

Then one day, they brought in this muscular black male
hustler. They paid him to strip for them and to let
them jerk his huge nigger dick to erection. Then they
introduced me and ordered me to suck his cock. I had
never felt so humiliated in my life. I had to lick his
big full nut sack and lick his cock up and down. I had
to lick up the fluids from his dickhead.

He kept saying things like, “That’s a good cocksucker.”
Or, “Come on faggot, you can suck better than that!”

When I gagged, they had the black hustler slap me. He
shoved his ten inch prick deep down my throat until I
couldn’t even breath. Then he pulled out and slapped my
face with his dick, leaving pecker tracks all over it.
The girls busted a gut laughing. Here I was, a normal
twenty-two year old straight male, bare assed naked on
my knees licking the balls and sucking the dick of a
nigger stud hustler.

“When he cums, you better not spill a drop, faggot-boy.
Swallow it all like a good pussy-boy,” Barbara said.

“Yeah, Motherfucker, here is comes, ” the black stud
said, arching his back and shoving more dick down my
throat. I felt the huge hunk of fuck-meat grow thicker
and throb in my gullet. Then he suddenly pulled way
back so only the tip was in my mouth and I felt a gush
of sperm hit my palate. I was as cocksucker. I was a
fucking cocksucker! The cum filled my mouth and bloated
my cheeks. It squirted out the sides of my mouth, even
though I swallowed as fast as I could.

“The Ass-wipe is spilling some of that nice dick-snot!
I think he needs to be punished real bad, don’t you
girls? I fell to the floor hysterical with fear and
humiliation. The black stud’s dick kept unloading cum
all over my face and body.

Barbara smiled. “Oh yes, he’s going to really get it
now. He’ll be sorry he was ever born!

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