Acquiring A Taste For Chocolate

I got home from work that evening completely bushed. It
had been one of those days – nothing goes right for you
and you just feel like hitting the nearest person to
you (know the feeling?). I stripped off my work clothes
and put on a comfortable pair of shorts and went into
the kitchen to cook something for dinner.

I had a nice salad and watched some TV. As it happens,
nothing was really on, so I ended up watching some of
that film, 9 1/2 weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim
Basinger (schwing!) in it. It was actually just up to
the part where she was lying on the kitchen floor and
they were messing around with the food and the ice cube
(know the part?).

As I happen to like this part, I was getting a pretty
respectable hard-on! Almost unconsciously, down went my
hand and I started to play with my erection – not
masturbating, but just to prolong my erection, which
was beginning to feel like opening a hole in the

Anyway, movie finally ended, but I was still pretty
aroused by it. It was about 10pm by this time and my
wife Angela came home, she had been out with some

I had just nodded off and almost fell off the chair
when she walked in and woke me up.

‘Nodding off were we?’ she asked.

‘Not really,’ I replied, not wanting to admit that I

She came and sat down next to me (I was still sprawled
out over the chair). Angela is 26 years old and quite
good looking naturally, but when she applies makeup,
she can be a really hot looking babe! Her outfit
consisted of a VERY short black dress, which she wore
with no bra, these skimpy looking knickers and high
heeled black shoes. Her hair is black, pretty long and
slightly curly (loosely permed), which was tied back,
so it never got in her face. The dress (which I
objected to her wearing) shows off her body really well
(measurements are roughly 38-23-36 – although she
hedges around them when I ask!).

At this point, her cheeks were slightly flushed and her
nipples were ready to pop out of her dress!

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked, knowing full well what
the matter was – Angie normally gets aroused once she
has had a few drinks out with her friends… play it
easy, Dave, I thought and this could be interesting.

‘Nothing, why?’ She replied. However, she gave it away,
when she moved closer, planted a sexy kiss on my lips
and straight in went the tongue, and naturally, her
hand went straight to my dick, slowly squeezing it –
not that I was bothered… I was starting to get mega-
erection number 2 for the night!

In about three seconds, she had my shorts off, cock out
and was kneeling there, sucking away as if she had had
30 seconds to get the job done.

‘Err, was it a good night then?’ I gasped.

Her reply was a slurp and a mumbled, ‘Mmmmmm…’

Well I had to stop her or I would have cum there and
then and I really wanted to deposit my cum in another
orifice than her mouth that night.

So off we trooped to the bedroom, Angela was stripping
off her clothes and flinging them anywhere as we went
up the stairs. By the time we reached our bedroom, she
was naked and looked as if she wanted to shag an army
battalion (hmm, that’s a thought!).

She sat down on the bed and urged me to come closer (as
if I needed urging!). She took hold of my semi-erect
prick and took it straight into her mouth again. One of
Angela’s best qualities is her professional quality of
cock-sucking – she knows exactly what to do to get the
maximum effect!

Whilst she’s sucking me off, she has this thing where
she’ll spit and dribble on my dick and then rub it in,
so it’s really squelchy. It might sound weird, but it
is mega-stimulating. She’ll then jack me off quickly
for about four to five seconds – the friction she
builds on my prick is mind-blowing! She then stops and
wets it some more – I was starting to get really
carried away.

‘Hang on a second, I’ve got an idea,’ I said, not
wanting this to end too soon.

‘What?’ she asked.

‘Wait and see!’ I countered, and winked at her.

I rushed downstairs into the kitchen and went to get a
can of chocolate-swirl whipcream. (Our favorite)

I ran back upstairs and into the bedroom. Angela looked
at me inquiringly then her eyes lit up when she saw the
can. I sprayed some of the cream onto my hand and then
rubbed it onto my prick. ‘There you go honey, have a
taste of that.’

Not requiring any more encouragement, Angela literally
raped me!

Well… I think I lasted about fifteen seconds of her
slurping, and came straight into her mouth. I looked
down at her as I felt my load blast out and noticed
that she slowed down so she could swallow my cum. By
the time she was done with me I felt I’d emptied my
balls and half of my legs as well – the feeling was
that strong!

‘Now that was nice,’ she purred.

I must admit, I gave myself a 10 at this point for
being able to hold out as long as I had. As I went to
move away, so that I could go and wash up, she grabbed
hold of me and said, ‘Oh no you don’t! You can finish
what you’ve started now!’ With that, she grabbed the
can and sprayed chocolate cream all over her neatly
trimmed pussy and half the bed in the process. Then she
said, ‘Now get your face down there and give it to me!’

Without a word, I eagerly got down on my knees and
spread her legs wide as she lay back on the bed. I
kissed the insides of her legs at her knees and slowly
licked my way upwards, until I finally came to a
chocolate whipcream. Three, two, one and I was in
there… needless to say at this point, this fucking
cream stuff gets fucking everywhere, even up your nose!
But by god, her cunt tasted fucking gorgeous mixed with
that chocolate!

Angela moaned and squirmed every time I poked my
chocolate coated tongue up her hole and wriggled it
around, whilst rubbing her clit with my thumb at the
same time. After a good couple of minutes, she started
to quiver and the buck and moan and then had one huge
hell of an orgasm… she must have lifted a foot off
the bed arching her back and pushing her pussy against
my face fiercely.

When I finally stood up, she laughed at me, because
this chocolate cream was splattered all over my face,
arms, chest and even in my hair!

‘What are you laughing at?!’ I demanded, and began to
spray the whipcream all over her. Well to be honest, I
thought she would at least fight me a little and try
to get out of the way. But instead, she just lay there
purring and began rubbing it into her skin!

FUCK! It was a huge turn-on to me to watch her acting
so slutty and I got one of them stiffies that smashes
through the ceiling and keeps rising, watching her
caressing her tits with all this chocolate cream
covering them. It sent me over the top and I jumped on
her and rammed my cock straight up her cunt and started
fucking her like a wild animal.

As I had only just cum a few minutes before, I lasted
quite a long time (almost an hour!). We started off in
the missionary position, then turning over, I fucked
her from behind doggie style and then Angela got on top
of me, all the while both of us were squelching about
in loads of this chocolate cream!

We finished off our fuck in the classic 69 position,
where we both ALMOST came at the same time. Man, after
this we were both whacked, and just collapsed

Some time later, we both got up and looked around us.
The chocolate stuff was everywhere – all over the bed
sheets, on the bedside cabinets, on the carpets, on the
door handle (she went to the toilet – chocolate colored
pee?), on the walls (hand marks) – it was everywhere
and it took us hours to clean up, but it had really
been a great fuck, so it worth it.

Afterwards we got into the shower and ended up fucking
again standing in the water flow as we were washing
each other. What a wonderful session this had been. As
I thrust into my wife, holding her wet body against
mine with the showering water beating down on us, I
realized how lucky we were to be young and in love and
so compatible. I hoped that it would always be like
this. Then I lost track of my thoughts as I came in my
wife a third time that night…