F” Is For Facial

He stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, making faces and sticking his tongue out at himself. “I hate my face.” He said. He could hear her in the bedroom, putting away laundry from the sound of it. “I hate my face!” He said, louder this time so she would hear his complaint. She

Twins Erotic Affair

The twins were born minutes apart, the female at 12:03, the male at 12:12. Their father hadn’t been able to make the event, being on duty in the Philippines at the time. No one from the immense horde of relatives had come from their scattered homes to the Denver event, so the mother had no

A strange story about breasts

Candy was smiling angelically at us having finished the story of how she developed her massive bust and the effects that that growth had on her life. “Candy, are you happy now with how things turned out? An “L” cup is really large! I’d thought of maybe an “F” cup but I may set my

A summers day up at the lake on our boat, one thing leads to another

It was late summer, and we’re out on a boat, taking in the hot California sun. I love looking overboard watching the ripples of the water. You bought me a really beautiful bathing suit to wear which I wear proudly. It shows the better part of my butt and my voluptuous bust. I’m hanging over