What a way to meet a girl and fall in love

The music was deafening enough a deaf man would could have heard the noise. The club was crowded almost to capacity. Jeff Wilson and the man beside him at the bar kept bumping into each other. Jeff decided to get out of there and go somewhere else that was a bit saner. As he finished

A Job Is A Blowjob

High school was over and college was two months down the road. I needed a job. What I really needed was money. Anyhow, I took the first clerical job that came along, a menial, $250 a week, minimum wage job at a big brokerage house in the city. I rode the subway to work and

An Afternoon Sex Cocktail

Nothing, but the worst guilt trip of her life, could have caused such a need to vomit up her soul as she now felt. Suddenly pulling her elegant appearing smokestone clear coat metallic colored 2009 Lincoln MKS to the side of the parking lot as the was beginning her drive home. Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Berkenstein stopped

Erotic Dream

She is his dream. He walks past her house every day and every day he thinks of stopping. A block before her house he slows, the thickening fantasy of her nearness making his legs heavy. He strolls past her window, trying not to be too conspicuous in his attempt to see through the narrow gap