Erotic memories part 1.

As I rolled to the side, shifting the covers, she pressed up against my back. “Danny, me boy, we’ve come a long way.” Memory plays games when the nights are cold. Memory talks and I sleep, and we all grow old. The air conditioner kicked on in the hotel room, and my upstairs neighbor stumbled

Love making in the park

Yes, it was beautiful. Spectacular, really. Beth and I had stopped at a roadside park to have a look. It was mountainous country and the park was basically a lookout, with a sidewalk and a stone fence serving as a railing. It was sunny and there was just a little bit of mist, some of

The Goodnight Kiss – erotic story

I watch you getting ready for bed, enjoying the nearness of you – the closeness of this space we share. With a tired sigh, you crawl beneath the covers and I stretch out next to you, my body hungry for the comforting warmth I know I will find in your arms. “God, I am beat–”

Online Seduction – erotic fiction

I realized that the person who popped in out of the blue to chat with me was suspicious. This “teen girl” said she liked to meet people and thought I’d be interested in seeing her. Now being a techie who writes erotic fiction, I wasn’t all _that_ paranoid since I was, for the most part,

Early Showers

He holds her close to him, enjoying the scent of her that is wrapped around him. He kisses her exposed neck, nibbling softly, awakening her. “What time is it?” she asks. “Early,” is all that he says. She moans slightly and says, “Then let me sleep in.” He picks her up and carries her into

Ass Play for Siblings

I stood up from my computer and stretched. It was getting late, pretty well time for bed. I padded on bare feet out of my room and down the hall in just my sleep shirt and panties. The bathroom was past my brother’s room, but I didn’t intend on stopping in to say goodnight. He

Erotic Story – Me and my Wife

I checked the time on my phone. It read “3:56” just as my computer made that shutdown noise. Perfect. I’d worked through lunch just to achieve this. I pulled on my jacket, keeping the phone in one hand and texted while one of my fellow escapees pressed the down button. “You home?” I sent, my

The Sea Cruise

Chapter 1. The day was typically cold and wet and just what everyone expects for a funeral. We were gathered to bury our father who had finally passed away after a long, lingering, pain filled and undignified illness. His death came as a relief to us all, and I have no doubt to Dad as

Humping With Marlene

So there we were Marlene and me. My wife had just died of cancer and it had taken every penny I had for her medical treatments. I had to get a second mortgage on the house to make ends meet. I lost so many days from work visiting at the hospital that I eventually lost

The off season

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he said. “Yes,” she replied, her voice a husky whisper against his neck, his thick sideburns tickling her nose. He smelled of autumn leaves, faint, spicy soap, and grease from the motorcycles he loved to work on. “We’re breaking the law, you know.” “To hell with the

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