Four of a Kind – A strip poker story

Five cards stared up at me while the implications of their configuration suffused my being. Four queens, the heart suit carefully arranged on the left, followed by her sisters, each card a mirror image of the previous except for the suit. The last card, the ace of spades, broke the pattern, but served to complete

Birthday Erotica

You ever had one of those days? I had received a grade of 53 on one of my papers, (also somehow managing to spell the professors name incorrectly), had a house guest from hell who would not leave, the possibility of getting mono from my roommate, (who had such a bad case that he had

Melissa An Adult Virgin

Melissa had been a good student. Too good. She spend all of her time in highschool working on her classes that she rarely dated. She really didn’t have the time to spend with boys. She wanted to receive a scholarship so badly that her studies became her main interest. Needless to say, she remained a

Solo nude days

I was furloughed in April and May 2020, but did some work at home from June onwards, since then I have had ‘zoom’ meetings with others from my office which has included my Boss and we’ve had one on one meetings, often after the other have signed off. I know we have all had those

My hot neighbor Peg

I was the oldest in a family situation that was unique to families of the WWII era. There were four of us but I was seven years older than my next youngest brother. My three younger brothers were born after the war and I happened earlier before my father left for military service in the

A haven for Monica

I found myself moving out of an uncomfortable situation (which I don’t care to discuss) into an apartment. Not in the best or worst part of town, but in a low-rent area, where the folks were mostly laboring class people and the rents were a lot cheaper. I made friends, became known and got involved