An attractive couple

A very attractive couple drove up to me as I started to enter the barn. They wanted to use my farm for their nude photography and they said that I could watch. So naturally I said, “Yes.”

They started out in the barn with her standing next to me. As she removed an article of clothing she would hand it to me to hold.

What a lovely young lady she was!

Joy had just turned eighteen the day before and she wanted to get started in the porn business right away…or be spread out in Playboy…or become a famous country singer…or maybe a high fashion model.

To tell you the truth that scattered brain blonde could probably be anything that she wanted to be. She definitely had the looks and the body for it. As I soon found out she was willing and eager to do anything and everything that her boyfriend photographer asked her to do.

As it turned out neither one of them had graduated from high school and they had only known one another for a week. Despite that, she was still willing to pose nude for him.

I got the distinct impression that he was using her for sex and possibly an Internet web site that he was running. He mentioned a few girls and had apparently earned enough money to get himself a very expensive camera. The car he was driving was not any clunker either. He made it a point to tell me that he had paid cash for it just two weeks before.

Joy told me that she had run away from home because of her stepfather. Apparently he had made a few advance toward her but mostly because he insisted that she stay in school and get a part time job to earn her own spending money. I actually liked her stepfather better than her new boyfriend. He was most definitely taking advantage of her.

So anyway there I was holding her clothes as she posed all around inside of my barn. I put them on a bale of hay while she posed in front of and on top of the other bales of hay. She did not even seem to mind the sharp ends stabbing her soft flesh. She let the baby goats lick her bald pussy. She let the baby calves suck on her nipples.

She even got down on her hands and knees and let my dog lick her asshole but she didn’t like it when he tried to mount her. However, when her boyfriend insisted that she let him, she gave in. Rover was in heaven. It had been a while since my daughter had gone off to college. He was her dog and I had known about her animalistic tendencies ever since she became a teenager. Lucy let all of the animals enjoy her body in one way or the other. By the time my daughter was in high school she did it openly in front of me. I would hold the ponies just to keep them from fucking her too deeply and causing internal damage.

By the time Rover got his cock into her, Joy was rocking back at him. She needed calming down though when he started to force his knot into her pussy. Once he had his knot in her she was all his. Rover thrusted into Joy with a need that I had not seen in him since Lucy. That dog wanted to possess her. After he finally came in her he turned around so that they were ass to ass but still locked together.

Joy had cried real tears after she realized that his knot wasn’t coming out and again when he triggered a massive orgasm in her. Then she just relaxed waiting for him to pull out. Rover had no intention of letting his new bitch get away that easily. He turned himself around and fucked her again. The second time was much longer and her orgasm seemed much bigger. Again she cried right afterwards as if it was just too good to take. When Rover fucked her for the third time in less than an hour I knew that Joy was hooked. She belonged to Rover. I think her boyfriend knew it too. However, he didn’t care, he had some terrific bestiality photos to post on his web site.

When he finally got Joy outside, the sky was blue and had a few small scattered clouds in it. The weather was nice and warm too. Joy looked even more beautiful in the bright sunlight. Her areolas were a light pink and she had just a hint of tan lines. She was very sexy. She was completely uninhibited. After all we had just watched her let a dog fuck her three times in a row and she thoroughly enjoyed every inch of it.

Joy posed near a fence post with several strings of barbed wire glistening in the sun behind her. She posed while sitting on a big pig that was sleeping in the warmth of the sun, it had just been feed and it was taking his siesta. She held a couple of baby ducks up to her stomach. They were freshly hatched, soft as cotton, and a very nice yellow color. She flinched when one snapped at her nipple but she didn’t drop them and to my total surprise she let it try again. That time it got her hard nipple in its beak.

When she saw the ponies, one had his huge cock hanging out of its sheath. I knew that he had just fucked the female. Joy reached down and grasped his two-foot long brown cock. She commented on how wet and how warm it was. She licked her fingers and then she knelt down to lick his cock directly. When I asked her if she wanted him to fuck her she hesitated. Her boyfriend told her to go for it. Why not, it wasn’t his pussy that was about to be stretched to its limit. He would have his precious pictures to post.

I showed her the stand that I had built for my daughter. Joy got on her back and I led the pony over her. She was holding his cock and opening her own pussy lips to allow him in. When the big brown head entered her she stopped breathing. I had seen my daughter do that in the past so I pulled on his bridle and he stepped forward impaling her fully. Another minute and Joy was gasping for air.

All she could say was, “I feel so full!”

After that she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the pony that was fucking her. She smiled and she even started to thrust back at him. He was certainly enjoying the attractive young lady that speared herself on the end of his rather large cock. My daughter had named him Five Legs because he had a perpetual erection hanging down just in front of his rear legs.

When he started to squirt copious amounts of pony semen into her, she had an orgasm of her own and by the sounds of it, a very nice one too.

As Joy lay there on her back recovering from that massive onslaught, her asshole boyfriend shoved his cock down her throat cutting off her air supply when she most needed it. I was leading Five Legs away when I saw her fighting him off. I let go of the bridle and got a punch in. I hit him square in his chest, right over his sternum. He dropped backwards like a lead balloon. Joy gasped for air and clung to me.

She recovered before he did and called him words that I had not even heard before. Then she took his camera and emptied his pockets of several small discs. She popped the one out of his camera and then let it drop to the floor.

Joy put the discs in my front pocket and then told the bastard to hit the road. He started at her and I pulled my fist back again. That little computer geek could not take me. I had been working that farm most of my life. I was physically fit and strong as an ox, according to my doctor. I just smiled as he walked to his car and peeled out leaving a dust cloud behind him.

Joy asked, “Can I stay here? I don’t have anywhere to go and I’m not going back to my stepfather.”

I said, “Sure you can stay in my daughter’s room until you get things straightened out.”

Then I asked, “What about your clothes?”

She caught me completely off guard when she said, “I don’t need them, I like being nude for you and the animals.”

Then I realized that she was talking about the clothes that she had taken off earlier and I said, “Not those clothes, the ones at your boyfriend’s place.”

Joy laughed and said, “I only had those clothes when I left home and I really haven’t needed any with him taking nude pictures of me all of the time. If he wasn’t taking pictures of me he was fucking me…or one of his friends was.”

I smiled at her and asked, “Would you like a shower? Lucy has plenty of clothes in her closet and dresser drawers.”

So Joy retrieved her stack of clothes and carried them into the house with me. After her shower she came out to me still naked. I looked at her and she smiled saying, “I don’t need to be modest in front of you. I was naked for the last three or four hours and was fucked by your dog and your pony.”

She waited a moment and said, “You can fuck me too. I don’t mind. Really! I like being fucked. Just NOT by the man that is fucking my mother.”

Well to tell you the truth I didn’t fuck her that day, but a week later I sure made up for it.

First off Joy apparently knew how to hack into her ex-boyfriends web site and erased all of his pictures even the ones that weren’t of her. She changed his passwords, deleted his account, and started up a web site of her own. She posted about three hundred pictures of herself posing all over my farm. She even posted the animal pictures too but for an extra fee of course.

It was another week later when Joy told me about the success of her new web site and that her clients were screaming for more pictures. She bought me a nice camera and we were able to add a hundred pictures a day after that.

That was when I found out how erotic it was to photograph a pretty girl in the buff. Every time that I got hard, Joy would let me fuck her. Of course she took care of Rover and Five Legs every day too.

Two weeks later my daughter came home to see who the girl was that her father kept talking about.

As usual, Joy was naked and I was taking pictures of her in the cornfield. As they say, “Knee high by the Fourth of July.” Well it was taller than that in June so when Lucy found us out in the field Joy was tickling her pussy on the tall thick leaves.

The next thing I knew Lucy was standing near her and she was also naked. As they posed they talked and I kept taking pictures. When the girls started making out, things got really nice, and I got really hard.

Lucy watched me fuck Joy from just inches away. The girls had been in a sixty-nine when I slipped my cock into Joy. Lucy got hit in the forehead with my balls and then started licking my cock as it came out of Joy’s pussy before plunging it right back into her. Well that was more than I could take. However, my cock slipped out in my haste and I started to cum…right into my daughter’s mouth. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world.

After Lucy had finished swallowing it all she said, “Boy, Dad you could give Five Legs a run for his money. Do me next.”

I was absolutely stunned upon hearing that from her.

Lucy said, “Those Fraternity studs can’t fuck for shit. That’s why I came home. I miss Five Legs…Rover, and now I’m sure that I’m going to miss you when I go back on Monday.”

Joy said, “You can visit us anytime.”

Lucy looked at Joy, then she saw the ring on her finger, and asked, “Do I have to call her Mommy? She’s younger than I am.”

Joy said, “I think I could get used to having a sexy daughter like you around. I could even pack your lunch for school…a box lunch…I could even warm it up by sliding it down the banister first.”

That was the start of a beautiful relationship. Joy and Lucy got along very well and became the best of friends. I married Joy and got her pregnant almost immediately. Her pregnancy pictures were posted every week and her fan base increased tremendously. After that the pictures of her nursing our daughter Jade became a hit too.

Lucy graduated from college, got a good job not too far away from us, and settled down to start her own family. She still comes over for visits and let the animals, me, and Joy fuck her senseless. She loved it all and so did we.

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