An old grandma finds some pleasure with her younger man

This is another true story about my conquests with the older woman. I just really love sex with these old woman, there bodies just turn me on.

This story start like most of mine. I started chatting with this lady on one of the well known hookup sites.

I had been online for a few weeks without much success until I started chatting with Jeanie. I sent her an initial email and then started chatting through messenger with her.

Jeanie is about 5’3 and about 150 pounds. She’s your typical grandma shape, nice, soft and plump. Now Jeanies age may shock some of you, she’s 70 years old! She’s still married but husband is in care and she’s not had her needs met in years.

It wasn’t long after we started chatting that the conversation turned to sex. She was a very horny old broad that really wanted to try lots of new things. After getting each other off online we decided to meet for lunch and see where it took us.

I drove about an hour and met Jeanie at a local restaurant. She greeted me with a smile and peck on the lips. I could see from the shirt she was wearing that her tits were very big. Rest of her body was soft and plump, but not very fat. We shared an appetizer and drink while chatting. I could tell she felt more comfortable after 20 minutes or so chatting and we became more open chatting about sex and her life.

I suggested we go somewhere quiet like a motel across the street and she agreed without any hesitation. Before we left she made me promise not to run if I see her naked and don’t like what I see. She said she was really shocked that a man young enough to be her son wanted to get naked with her. I assured her that I would take care of her and make her feel young again.

I got us a room and we walked in and took our jacket and shoes off. She sat on the sofa as I took off my jacket and joined her. Immediately we kissed with no hesitation. I was horny as fuck for this old woman and I totally got that vibe from her as we kissed. Her lips locked and our tongues danced. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it. She moaned a little as I kissed her deep. My hand made its way to her huge breasts. I cupped them over her sweater and she didn’t resist at all.

We broke the kiss and quickly started undressing. Jeanie stood in front of me wearing a red bra and panties. Her tits looked huge and her body what you’d expect of a 70 year old woman. I stepped forward and un clipped her bra while kissing her. The bra fell to the floor as I felt her huge breast in my hand. I quickly found her nipples and rolled and squeezed each of them. Jeanie moaned as I played with her nice big nipples and approvingly said “yes baby” please.

Jeanie reached for my cock and started to stroke it nice and slow. I was already hard as rock as her old hand stroked me back and forth. I broke from sucking her nipples and stood up.She stood up without a word and got completely naked. Seeing this 70 year old lady in front of me fully naked was a sight. Her tits sagged, but not terribly. She had a bit of a pouch for a belly and blue veins running up her thighs. Her pussy was bald. I asked her if she shaved it, she did. Just writing this I’m getting hard thinking about her.

I laid Jeanie on the bed and climbed up next to her. We kissed and I felt her hand on my cock again. My mouth made its way back to her nipples and hand between her legs. I felt her smooth mound as my finger found it’s way to her clit. Gently I started to rub it and without any warming she came hard! Never experienced anyone cumming so fast from rubbing them. I left her tits and made my way towards her pussy, I was desperate to taste this old broad and really make her cum.

My tongue quickly found her old snatch. Her pussy lips were nice and swollen and I could see the wetness. I licked up and down her old hole tasting this 70 year old pussy. She was groaning and enjoying every second. I moved further up and found her clit. My tongue started licking and circling and without any warning she came again and squirted in my mouth and face. I gulped down the first mouthful and kept licking her. Less than a minute later there was more hot fluid splashing against my face. Her voice was becoming very high pitched as she kept cumming and squirting. Eventually I slowed down and removed my mouth from her soaking pussy.

As I laid next to her I wasn’t sure if it was her love juice all over me or her piss. Never experienced that much warm fluid squirting out a pussy in my life. In reality I didn’t even care. I could hear Jeanie breathing hard and softly cooing. “Baby I needed that so badly” she whispered. She made her way down the bed and towards my cock. She had mentioned that she’d never given a blow job before, only watched it from porn. I laid back and watch her start to lick my hard cock up and down. She then took the head in her mouth and started to slowly suck. I was in awe watching this old granny blowing me. Her huge tits sagged down from her body as she engulfed me. She took me deeper and faster, just watching my cock disappear in and out of her old mouth was so hot. My mind started to wander about how this old 70 year old grandma was in bed and sucking my cock. I had to quickly stop as I was getting so turned on and didn’t want to blow in her mouth.

I looked down at her and asked her if she wanted to feel my hard cock inside her pussy. “Yes baby” she said while smiling. Jeanie made her way back to the pillow and I positioned myself between her legs. My cock was rock hard. I’m not huge but thick and very hard right now. “Go slow” she said. “It’s been years since I’ve felt this” I look down at her glistening old snatch and slowly start to ease my way in. First couple of inches slid in easily but it got tighter. I pulled it back and pushed a little further until I was all the way deep in her. I could feel her pussy easing up a little as I slowly worked it in and out. My rhythm got a little faster and harder, Jeanie’s breathing started to get harder and her face grimace. “Give it to me” she grunted, my hands lifted her ass up and I really started to fuck her. She screamed and before I could do anything all I could feel was more warm liquid. This time all over my cock and stomach. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” she kept saying as I kept fucking her old pussy.

I slowly slid my cock out of her while watching her swollen pussy lips release me. The bed was soaking from her juices and my cock glistening. “Baby I want to feel you cum in me” I smiled at her and said “Yeah” This time I brought her to the edge of the bed on her back. I positioned her ass all the way off the bed while holding her legs by shoulders. If you ever want to fuck a woman completely balls deep then this position is great.

I said are you ready to be really fucked now, and she nodded and said fuck me like your whore. Those words were more than enough. I stood against her and the bed and shoved my cock deep. She grimaced again as it took her breath away. I wasn’t playing around now. It was my time to get off and I was going to fuck her hard. I started slamming her old pussy as hard as I could, my balls slamming her ass as I pumped in and out. I started to think of her husband in his wheel chair unable to pleasure this old broad as now his wife’s pussy was mine! I was animalistic as I yelled “who’s pussy is this” It’s your pussy baby she kept saying over sad over, all yours. I’m close I grunted as she said I’m cumming too, I’m cumming. I felt her soak me again and that was all it took. I grunted and erupted deep in her, pumping in and out. I could feel the hot cum shooting out my cock as I flooded Jeanie’s worn old pussy. I didn’t stop until every drop had been drained from my balls.

Jeanie’s face was red and flushed, I don’t think she’d ever been fucked like that in a long time, maybe never. I crawled up next to her and could feel her body still shaking. Oh baby she whispered, “Oh baby”. I could tell she was well satisfied as was I. She turned to me and just held me, I could hear her heart racing through her chest.

This story will have many parts to it. We chatted afterwards and she wants to try lots of new things. Also I want her to blow me with her teeth out. Never had the moxy to ask her at the time.

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