Itchy-Bitchy mother 2.

Marie eased her car into the carport beside her house, switched off the engine and went inside. She paused by the kitchen sink to pour herself a very stiff Scotch and water, figuring that the drink would help her relax and forget about the tensions still gnawing at her womb. She carried the drink through

Itchy-Bitchy mother

Marie Kozyk tried for a moment to resist the pressure of his hands on her head, even though she knew she would not be able to for very long. She nibbled frantically at his right nipple, running her tongue over the tiny protuberance and grasping it between her teeth in a gentle grip, but this

Mrs. Taylor THE Cuckold MILF

My name is Luke. I am 21 years old and a student at the University of California. The final bell had rung for me. I’m officially on Spring Break! After a long stressful semester of studying engineering, I am done with school for a week. I am looking forward to spending time with my friends

Between auntie’s thighs

Karen Jordan, a tall cool-looking blonde of thirty-five, watched intently as the boy walked onto the diving board and prepared to plunge into the pool. Specifically, she watched his crotch, and she was thinking, Oh, to be young again! Karen’s dark-blue eyes focused lingeringly on the well-defined bulge of the kid’s skimpy trunks, and as

My ultimate fantasy was to have my wife be touched by someone else

My ultimate fantasy was to have my wife be touched by someone else that I trusted totally. She always said that she could never do that, and I always accepted that. She always knew that I thought about it, and she’s told me “stories” about doing it but emphasized that she never could (after I

Oh, fuck. Yeah, right there, baby, right there

David rested his head against his headboard, while on the other side of the wall, his mother screamed out yet another orgasm. His cock was firmly held in his hands, as his mother screaming to be fucked harder and harder. In his mind it was him, David, she was screaming for. He could feel himself

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