Cuckold? yes or NO?

I got married to a beautiful mature Lebanese woman, love was divine and making love was great! Cuckolding never entered my mind. She seldom initiated sex but she truly enjoyed it. I know she did because, after her second orgasms, she transformed into a wild woman. She wanted more. And more. It’s like after she

An idea of sexual life

I am a 44 year old investment banker living in Frankfurt living with my husband . I met my husband when I was a junior investment banker in my mid 20’s and he was a receptionist. I specifically made him get me coffees and nobody else. I do think without the Matriarchy and my GIS

Aunt Kristy’s Birthday Party

“Be there at 9 pm, Tristen!” my mother said excitedly over the phone. Apparently she, my father Stephen and my uncle Troy all had gotten together and planned a surprise birthday party for my 48, soon to be 49, year old Aunt Kristy at one of the local halls here in Atlanta, Georgia. I listened