Blacked Birthday

What do most women dream of? Well, what do a lot of us fantasize about sex wise? As for me it has always been taking a horny young man and showing him what an older married woman can do for him. (Of course a young man can make an old married woman feel young again,

My MILF Whore

The sound of the shower running told Mike that his wife was up and readying herself for work. He glanced at the clock, noting the time was fast approaching eight p.m. and Susie would be in a hurry to get herself ready as well as grab a bite to eat. He got up from the

Fun Drive

This might be the hottest day of the summer, Janet thought. And here she was going door to door to collect money for the intramural volleyball team. You’d think the school could pay for a couple of dump trucks of sand for the new outside courts. She’d picked a neighborhood with a lot of trees

Hotel Mature Fun

i am 27 years old and my wife is 22 years old. We live in canada. Actually from bangladesh. We went back to bangladesh after 4 years of our marriage. She always wanted to go for our first honeymoon in coxès bazar. So according to our plan we went there and reserv a hotel honeymoon

Diane And The Lawn Guy

Diane was lying in her tub with the water pick gently spraying her open cunt. She was older but still good looking and was thinking of her last young boy. She knew that young boys had powerful hormones and, if you didn’t scare them away, they were fucking machines. She was lonely now that the