Breeding Susan

Susan and I have been married for 15 years. We have two wonderful kids and both of us are in a good profession. A year ago, our sex life was on the dull side. The Penthouse and Playboys were not getting it anymore. Susan worked hard since the children were born losing the weight and

A pretty unlikely story about a husband and wife, and a stranger

Last year while on vacation my wife and I experienced car trouble late in the evening whilst in a remote area. As we were looking under the hood at a split radiator hose a pickup truck stopped to assist and the driver a man about about our age in his forties informed us that there

Sex on a rooftop

I’d been reading some of Keiko’s exhibitionist stories, and Bobbi Sue’s stories too. I’d never thought about exhibitionism in relation to myself, but for the past several weeks thoughts had been circulating through the ol’ gray matter. I went so far as to talk about it to Jeff. Actually, we had a great time discussing