At half time, my BBC Master allows two of his BBC buddies to use me anyway they want – and in public

Freshly showered, make up re-applied, carefully douched,
both vaginally and anally, wearing only my heels and
slave collar and leash, my Master/husband led me naked
back into the living room of the hotel suite. I then
learned what was in store for me.

Since New England was leading at half time, Charles and
Billy the Patriots fans from the East Coast could use me
as their slave during the half time period. Furthermore,
they were not restricted to the confines of our hotel
suite. This took me by surprise, as I was comfortable
being used by 4 BBCs in the privacy of the hotel suite,
but now my Master was giving me to two relative
strangers to take wherever they wanted! Furthermore, I
wasn’t even sure that my husband would be there to keep
me safe! I felt fear and also strangely excited by the

Charles and Billy had been huddling for a while, and
when they saw me, Charles had an evil look in his eyes.
Billy went to his duffle bag and pulled out some
temporary tattoos. They were of the Queen of Spades, the
universal mark of a black cock whore. Grabbing my leash,
Charles made me stand with my legs wide apart as Billy
applied one to the inside of my thigh, and one on my ass
cheek. Then Charles took out a black marker and wrote
above my permanent tattoo “Black cock Whore” above my
shaved pussy. He made me bend over and wrote just above
my ass hole “Black Cocks Only”.

Seeing myself in the mirror with all this obscene
writing on me, I realized that anyone who sees me will
know immediately that I’m a slut for black cocks. Next,
they insisted I re-do my makeup to look more like a
whore. Lots of mascara, red lipstick, with matching
polish on my toes and fingers. I was ordered to put on
my 4″ stiletto heels, thigh high stockings, and a tiny
black leather miniskirt.

Next, they attached the nipple clamps to my tits, joined
by a chain. A see through blouse, unbuttoned halfway
completed my outfit. No panties, and my slave collar and
leash remained. OMG! If anyone sees me, I might as well
have a sign that said “Fuck Me” on it! I looked at my
husband, pleading with my eyes to not make me do this.
But he just smiled at me and said, “I expect you to
follow their instructions exactly” and they will punish
you on the spot if you don’t.

Then, when they report to me, I’ll punish you myself.”
Totally defeated, I lowered my eyes and said, “Yes,
Master, I will do as you say”. For the final touch,
Charles and Billy made me put on a ball cap with the
Seahawks logo on the front. It became clear to me that
these two Patriot fans were going to degrade and use me,
as a fan of the Seahawks! Since it was half time, the
hotel was busy with guests in the hallways, elevators
and lobby. Just getting down to the parking garage was

As we left the suite, we encounter groups of men and
women on our floor waiting to take the elevator. They
all stared as they saw me on a leash between two BBCs.
The women hated me on sight for being a cheap whore, and
their men looked at me with lust. In the crowded
elevator, to my horror, I felt Billy’s hand caressing my
leather encased ass. Everyone watched, but no one
intervened, scared of these big black men.

Slowly, I felt Billy’s hand go up my miniskirt, as he
fingered my bare pussy and started to play with my
rings. This lasted all the way down to the lobby, and my
face was flushed with a mixture of excitement and shame.
We had to change elevators in the lobby to get to the
parking garage, as people in the lobby stopped to watch
the 2 black men lead their Seahawk whore to the
elevators to the garage.

My training began before we even got out of the garage.
Their rental was a black Escalade, the fuck mobile of
black studs all over. They unbuttoned my top all the way
so that my big white tits with the nipple clamps and
chain were clearly visible.

As Billy drove up to the parking attendant booth, I felt
Charles’ big black hand on my head, as he pushed my face
onto Billy’s lap. Knowing what was expected, I unzipped
Billy’s trousers and took out his BBC and started to
lick and suck it. “Don’t stop, bitch!” I heard Billy
say. The young white attendant stared in amazement as my
blond head went up and down on the now fully erect cock.

Billy took his time paying for the parking before we
finally pulled out into heavy downtown traffic. My
wrists were cuffed behind the front bucket seat as we
drove through heavy traffic, giving anyone who wanted to
see, my tits, nipples, and slave collar. As we drove
into the seedier area of town, Charles reached around
and pulled the chain connecting the nipple clamps.

I whimpered, moaned and squirmed in my seat, but there
was no denying the heat and moisture emanating from my
shaved pussy. The pain and humiliation was turning me
on, and now I just wanted cock and was anxious to see
what these two BBCs had in store for me.

We were now deep into the ghetto, the poorest part of
town, pretty much all black. White men didn’t come to
this part of town, and the only white women here were
either working whores, or women addicted to black cock.
We pulled into a garbage strewn parking lot of a porn
store/adult arcade. When we entered, all conversation

I was the only white woman in the bookstore, and my tits
were still exposed, plus Charles led me in like a bitch
on a leash. There were a smattering of black men,
ranging from men in their 20s all the way up to their
60s. The black man behind the counter was in his 50s,
with grey hair. At the door was an enormous black
bouncer, maybe 6’5 and 250 lbs. of all muscle.

Charles led me to the older black man, who appeared to
be the manager and ordered me to spread my legs and grab
my ankles. Now my ass and shave pussy was in full sight.

I forgot about the temporary tattoos and the dirty
writing! The old guy chuckled as he shoved 3 fingers
into my wet pussy. Charles was loudly telling him what a
black cock whore I was. I couldn’t stop moaning as the
wet sounds permeated the bookstore. Then, without
warning, the old black man jammed his thumb up my ass. I
let out a little cry, which earned me a hard slap on my

The manager told Charles to take me to room 17 and that
he’d see to it that we wouldn’t have to pay the machine
to watch the loops. But I guess I had to suck the
manager off, as payment. The old guy got in front of my
face and took out a surprisingly big cock for an old
man. He had grey hair around his BBC, as I started out
giving him a hand job. The big bouncer came around
behind me and started to spank my tight white ass with
his mammoth hands. Powerful slaps rained down, as my ass
started to turn red. I bent over, opened my mouth and
started to lick and suck the old man as everyone

It took him a while to cum, and he called me filthy
names, like “White cocksucking whore”, “Black cock-
loving bitch”. When he came, he grabbed my blond head
and thrust deep down my throat. He must have not cum for
a while, because he deposited a huge load in my mouth.
Some of it ran down the corners of my mouth even as I
tried to swallow it all.

I was ordered to stand up, on wobbly knees, as Billy
took off my miniskirt. Now everyone could see my tattoos
on my pussy area and the nasty writing above my cunt.
They made me walk slowly to booth 17, and most of the
black men followed. Booth 17 was tiny, with 2 glory
holes facing each other. Between them was a bench,
clearly for positioning someone to fuck and suck at the
same time. The loop was already on, showing a hot white
woman betting gang banged by a group of blacks.

Charles took off my mini and sheer top, so that I was
dressed only in heels, thigh highs, collar and leash. My
tattoos, rings and filthy writing was clearly visible.
Billy left the door wide open as black men formed a
crowd in front of our booth.

The big black bouncer who had spanked my ass pushed me
down to my knees to suck his massive black cock. It was
gorgeous, over 10″ and as thick as my wrist. I was
excited and scared of his impressive manhood, and it was
easy for me to lick and worship his cock. It grew even
bigger as my saliva coated its length and I bent lower
to suck and lick his big black balls. Everyone was
watching and making degrading comments.

When fully erect, the bouncer left the room going to the
adjacent booth to fuck me. Charles ordered me to get on
the bench on all fours, with my ass and pussy facing the
glory hole. The BBC I had been sucking emerged from the
wall, as I backed up to it and guided it into my
dripping wet pussy. Despite being well lubricated, his
mammoth cock had trouble fitting into my well used

I wanted it all, so like a nasty bitch, I started
thrusting back, even as I started to whimper from the
pain of being stretched. He hit bottom with a vicious
thrust and I let out a cry, before settling into a rapid
jackhammer rhythm. The sounds were loud of his cock
slamming into my poor pussy, and the wet sounds of my
cunt clinging to the big black cock. I was so into my
brutal fuck that I didn’t notice a black cock facing me
on the other wall. It must of been one of the older
black men, because this cock had grey hair around it.

Billy grabbed my blond hair and pulled my face to the
other glory hole, and I immediately started to suck. I
was now spit roasted on both ends, putting on a show for
all the horny guys in the bookstore/arcade. A line had
formed in both of the adjacent booths, and I was
resigned to serving as a cum dump for all these black
men. I still wore my Seahawks ball cap, and Charles and
Billy were talking about how Seahawk fans were pussies
and that the Pats were going to show us how to win a
Super Bowl.

For the next half hour, I was used in every way, as some
cocks tired of my stretched and cum filled pussy, and
opted to fuck my ass. I couldn’t keep track of how many
loads of cum I swallowed, and some chose to shoot all
over my face and hanging tits. I was hoping that soon,
Charles and Billy would put a stop to this gang bang and
return me to the hotel. Then I remembered that since it
was the Super Bowl, half time is much longer, due to the
big halftime show!

Finally, they called it quits. I was a total mess, with
cum flowing out of my ass, pussy, and drying on my face
and tits. They refused to let me clean up. I had to wear
the signs of my shame for all to see. As I got dressed
again, cum trails flowed down my thigh highs and of
course my face, neck and tits had dried cum all over.
With an evil look, Charles said, “Nicely done, whore,
you’ve earned yourself a drink”.

“No, please! I don’t need a drink!” I was horrified that
anyone would see me in my debauched state.

We drove back to the luxury hotel, and they led me by
the leash to the posh cocktail lounge, which was filled
with couples and guys watching the game. Halftime was
starting to wrap up, and Charles said, “Good timing,
we’ve got time for one drink”.

Everyone stared as we walked in, and I was afraid the
bartender would call security and have me thrown out,
since I looked like a well used whore. We took a table
as a pretty waitress took our drink orders. She kept
staring at my cum covered face and looking at the 2 big
black men who controlled me. I think she was excited and
maybe had the potential to be a BBC slut herself. When
she delivered our drinks, both BBCs had raised my short
mini to exposed my well used pussy. They were playing
with my rings as the cum continued to seep out. She
could see the tattoos and the nasty writing above my
cunt. The other patrons of the bar were also watching
the show.

They started to fingerfuck me, and against my will, I
had a huge orgasm right there in the lounge. Only then
was I allowed to return to our suite.

Once in our suite, I had to tell in detail what was done
to me, while on my knees. I then had to thank Charles
and Billy by sucking them both at the same time. My poor
mouth was stretched grotesquely as I tried to take both
big cocks as once.

After swallowing their loads, my Master bent me over the
sofa back, and whipped my ass for being such a filthy
whore. I deserved it, and I begged him for more as my
ass was beaten, leaving whip marks. Jamal also took a
turn whipping my ass, which still showed dried cum
coating my asshole and thighs. When they were done, my
Master took the big leather handle of the whip and
inserted it into my gaping ass.

“Now, crawl like the bitch you are to the bathroom and
clean yourself up!”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, as I crawled on my hands and
knees across the room to the bathroom. I felt totally
drained and satisfied from my extreme use.

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