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Nicolette started her last year in boarding college. She just turned 18. It was an all-girls school her parents had insisted she attend. She had been there for 4 years, only going home on term breaks. The seniors had larger rooms, two girls per room, and also had a separate bathroom. Her roommate was Tiffany.

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David Burton gripped the steering wheel hard as he drove downtown. A slight sweat beaded his brow. He glanced in the rear view mirror. His beautiful daughter sat there quietly. Her sapphire blue eyes watching the passing scenery as the light faded and another magnificent sunset broke over the African city of Harare. His thoughts

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In June of this year my family and I spent a two week, luxury vacation in Kenya. It proved, as you’ll find out, to be an unforgettable experience. My wife Kirsten and I have been married eleven years now and I guess you could put us down as your typical white, British, middle-class couple. We