Chloe writes to Mom about her need for sex with other men

You have the most outrageously sexy ideas! No other girl
has such a clever, wonderful mom as you. You are right,
of course. It’s not just that I need more hard nasty sex
than Sidney can give me; I need a baby. After all, I’m
almost seventeen! That explains why I am so constantly
horny and unsatisfied, even after Sidney does manage to
“do me.” (That and his 7″ dick. Pue-ney!) Maybe he
suspected something and that is why he didn’t pressure me
for sex while we were dating. I know, I know. You TOLD me
to try him out and to bring a pregnant belly to the
altar, but I still had some of those “good girl” notions
about being a virgin when we married.

But that was then. Sidney had his chance. Even though he
hasn’t been fucking me more than once a day since we
married (Can you believe it?), that ought to have been
enough. If he didn’t get me pregnant in these first three
months, there must be something wrong with him. Thank
goodness I have Martin and Darrell living next door who
have been keeping my gears oiled recently. And Sidney
took it like a wimp, just as you predicted. They can do
the job. I was so silly to make those two beautiful black
studs wear condoms when they were fucking me silly during
my fertile period last month. I guess I COULD keep that
up, knowing that I’d miscalculate sooner or later.
Especially since they fill me sooo full of cum and men
like that just have to be super virile. But I’m going to
follow your example instead.

I just can’t understand how I could have failed to notice
until you pointed it out that none of us kids look
anything like each other or like Daddy, except for Arthur
Jr. We really believed that story about your being of
“mixed racial” descent. None of us thought it
strange that I have long straight blonde hair, Leon has
kinky black hair, Shawna is a redhead with all those cute
freckles, Mei-li’s and Shie-li’s eyes ARE sort of
slanted, and that Antonio’s skin is that delicious golden
brown color, almost as dark as Leon’s. I think it is sooo
cool the way, after me, you started naming each of my
brothers and sisters after their father. That explains
why the little girls have those funny names, Darrelette,
Reggiena, and Luthera. Too bad you didn’t call me Rodita.
That Rod sounds like one incredible stud!

Now that you explain it, I can understand why little
Artie is not as big and handsome and smart and athletic
as our other brothers are. He just takes after Daddy too
much. I don’t know if I’d go so far as you in saying you
regret letting Daddy get you pregnant with him, (he’s a
cute little runt) but I agree that you should NEVER get
that drunk again when no one is around but Daddy. Not
that it is an issue now that you use him exclusively for
mouth worship and clean-up detail. You are so right;
there is nothing quite like the orgasms you get from
having your loving, faithful husband with his face
between your thighs sucking a well-hung lover’s come from
your pussy.

I’m going to tell Sidney about our plan tonight. That
should give him about ten days to decide if he wants to
be there when our first baby is conceived. So far he
hasn’t wanted to watch me with Martin and Darrell,
although I have told him they don’t mind. But this would
be different. This is the c***d he is going to be
rearing, whose diapers he’ll be changing, who he will be
rocking to sleep at night. I don’t see how a good daddy
can NOT want to be there to see his sexy young wife
getting knocked up for the first time.




Dear Mom,

Just as you guessed, Sidney gave in and was there for the
“big day.” That was about the only thing that went
according to plan, however. I can see now that I should
have informed Darrell and Martin in advance that I
intended them to get me pregnant that weekend. They
should have known, though, that something was up when I
wouldn’t let either of them fuck me on Thursday or
Friday. I wanted their balls full to the brim with
wigglers. When Sidney and I showed up there on Saturday
afternoon and I told them what I was there for, their
jaws just dropped. It was sooo funny. Well, Sidney didn’t
think it was funny, but you would have.

I had to explain to the guys a couple of times that I was
fertile those days and that I wanted to fuck all weekend
without protection so one of them would put a beautiful
black baby in my belly. Sidney nodded dutifully when they
asked to make sure that he would assume all the duties of
being the daddy and not ask them for any financial
support. (With the trust fund that Sidney’s father has
established for each of his grandchildren, that’s hardly
and issue. I understand now why you agreed to me marrying
Sidney, in spite of what you guessed about his, er,
performance.) I even told them that I had talked this
over with my Mom and that you were behind me 100% and
that you had done the same thing to Daddy. (Then it was
Sidney’s turn to gape. He had never realized that, except
for the twins, no two of your eight c******n has the same

Well, Darrell and Martin were a little taken aback,
although the bulge in each of their pants told me they
liked the idea. They kept talking around the idea; it DID
take a little getting to use to. And they actually came
up with a flaw in my plan. I had figured that I’d just
I’d just get in bed with them and let them take turns
fucking me as always. I knew that with all the hot potent
sperm they’d pump into my little pussy that weekend, I
couldn’t keep from getting pregnant.

It was Darrell that pointed out that if they both fucked
me, I wouldn’t know who the father of my baby was. I
hadn’t thought about that. They are both so strong and
good looking that I didn’t really care. Either of them
would make a beautiful baby in me that Sidney and I could
be proud of, or at least I could. But Martin supported
his roommate on this and said that the baby deserved to
know who his or her father was. Moreover, he pointed out
that THEY would want to know as well.

I was crushed to think that I had not taken their
feelings into consideration. I had just assumed that any
man or any two men would jump at the chance to impregnate
a sexy young woman like me. I sort of hung my head in
shame and was about to take Sidney and go home. Sidney
looked happy for the first time that day as he chimed in
to agree that it wasn’t right for a woman to have a baby
and not be able to name the father. He even brought up
some legal stuff about it complicating the inheritance.

I had started to turn for the door, already foreseeing a
miserable life of maybe one c***d if Sidney got really
lucky. I would not be able to stay pregnant virtually all
the time the way you were when I was little or to stride
around in public pushing a stroller with one c***d,
nursing infant in my arms, while obviously pregnant with
another one. I was almost in tears.

Suddenly Martin spoke up and said he had an idea. He
would volunteer to wear a condom that weekend and until
it was confirmed I was pregnant so that we could all be
sure that the baby was Darrell’s. Well that perked me up.
My pussy let down another little gush to think about a
man as good looking as Darrell pushing his big black cock
into me and flooding my fertile womb with his thick baby-
making come over and over.

But then Darrell said no; it shouldn’t be that way and my
hopes of getting a beautiful back baby in me that weekend
fell again. He said that it was Martin’s apartment, HE
was just rooming and that HE would wear the condom and
Martin should be the one to put a baby in me. Well you’d
better believe that wet my panties again, or it would
have if I’d been wearing any. Martin is just as tall and
ruggedly handsome as Darrell and his cock is, if
anything, even bigger. There was no way I could get
fucked over and over with that beautiful babymaker and
not get a bun in the oven. I was overjoyed.

But then Martin and Darrell got into one of those “guy
thing” arguments, that Martin should do it because of the
time that so and so and that Darrell should get to do me
because of this and that. Apparently they had been
friends a long time because they got totally caught up in
reliving incidents of saving each other’s asses on
hunting trips and at ball games. Each was trying to
persuade the other that he should be the one to wear the
condom that week.

Well Sidney was starting to look a little hopeful again
and I was starting to despair that neither of these
overly-chivalrous hunks would fuck a baby into me, when I
came up with an idea myself. I made them stop arguing and
listen to me. I said that if they had done as I
originally suggested each would have had a 50-50 chance
of knocking me up, right? They agreed but started back on
“the baby needs to know his father” routine until I
shushed them. I said we could have a coin toss just like
in a football kickoff. Only this would be for a
“fuckoff.” The “winner” would get to have me bareback for
a week and the “looser” would wear the condom. To make it
fair, Sidney could be the referee. Sidney didn’t like
that, but Martin and Darrell did.

I went on to point out that once I was pregnant they
could both have me without a condom. I also told them
that they’d better start eating right and working out
more vigorously to get in shape because if I was anything
like you, Mom, I was likely to become a sex maniac once
all those pregnant hormones got loose in my body. That
brought a grin to their faces and made Sidney moan. Then
I said, just like in the second half in football, as soon
as I could fuck again after the baby was born, the
“looser” of the toss could start doing me bareback and
the “winner” would wear condom until I was pregnant a
second time.

Well, both Darrell and Martin had to agree that was fair.
Sidney sputtered something about that meaning that I was
going to be pregnant not once but twice with another
man’s baby, but I pointed out that that was going to
happen anyway. I had decided to have a big family and
since he was unable to help me I would get my lovers to
do the job for him. Even Sidney had to agree that Martin
and Darrell were fine specimens and true gentlemen.

It was sooo funny to see Martin and Darrell get into the
coin toss idea. They shook hands with each other and then
shook hands with Sidney and faced off on each side of
him. He used one of the new $1.00 coins, the one with
Shag-a-Whoever, the Indian woman who got pregnant with
Lewis or Clark’s baby, I can never keep them straight. I
suggested that they call “tails” not “heads” since the
winner would be getting my tail and the looser would just
get head. Everybody but Sidney thought that was
hilarious. I felt like someone should sing the “Star
Spangled Banner.”

Sorry this is getting so long, Mom. I’ll have to tell you
about your daughter’s first breeding in the next letter.

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