Private Practice

I met my friend Lesley during the first two weeks of working at Temptations. We were dancing on the same shift and I noticed the first few days I was there that the guys went wild whenever Lesley walked out on stage. She’s a slender, sexy girl with long, dark hair and small, hard nipples

Tight Security

Author Note: This story is of an adult nature, containing some sexually explicit scenes. I do not intend either for me or the reader to break the law in any country where they may be read, and so if for any reason the law of your country forbids you from reading adult literature, do not

A Little Sin

Deborah was sitting at her desk intently looking at her screen as she always did. I approached from behind. She was always so close to her computer monitor that if you didn’t approach from behind her monitor you were approaching from behind her. She was a very tall girl, all legs and attitude, a very

Lu’s Wife

When I first arrived here from Taiwan with my husband in 1975, we were desperately poor. Lu worked fourteen hours a day, I worked six, and we lived in a tiny camping trailer that was up on blocks on a little plot off a country road. The first winter was very hard, we’d never experienced

Letter to a Cuckold

Dear Wimp, So you are Mary’s husband, the loser, the wimp, the shrimp-dick that I’ve heard about. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news for you, wimp. The good news is that until last week, Mary had been faithful to you. Faithful for five years of marriage. That’s almost a miracle. That such a