Voyeur Officer Tim

It was 3:15am and she was waiting for him to get home from work. He usually pulled into the parking space a little before 3:30am, having worked the 3pm-3am shift at a nearby police department. She was at her window… watching. Her apartment building was directly across the street from his. Both apartment buildings were

How to Avoid being Blown

“Strip!” barked the guard. “All right! I heard you the first time,” Heather Stanton replied. As an FBI agent, Stanton made countless trips to prisons around the United States, but she was accustomed to more preferential treatment under the aegis of her gold badge. Today she signed into the prison visitors’ area as Shelby Taylor,

Sharing Carole

We’d been celebrating Jess’ and Jack’s baby with rather a lot of alcohol and with Jess in hospital for a few more days Jack had no need to be home at any particular time. We’d known the couple since teenagers and had done pretty much anything you could think of together one way or another.

Girlfriend turns her jock boyfriend into a sissy

“Why aren’t you dressed?” I asked. “The party starts in an hour.” I was startled to see Janet in a light blue bathrobe and slippers. “Oh, I’ve been trying to sew this darn thing, but I can’t do it without a form,” she responded, discouraged. “Well, we don’t have a lot of time left and