Cookie Crumbs by Dryad

She quietly closed the door. It took two readings of “The Polar Express”, one “Night before Christmas” and “The Fourth Wise Man” to get the two wiggle worms to fall asleep. Threatening that Santa wouldn’t come until they were asleep didn’t seem to do any good. “Mark, They’re asleep.” She stage whispered down the hall.

My wife said : Fuck me and cum in me!

“It’s your wife,” my secretary said. “Thanks,” I’ll take it in my office. I sat down at my desk and picked up the phone. “Hello, Beautiful.” I said with a smile. “Hello!” came my wife’s sweet voice. “Guess what! Today’s the day!” “Really?” I said with some excitement. “So your sure now?” “You bet!” she

Timmy becomes Rosie

Tim was just 17 coming up to 18 and becoming more aware of just how different he was to other boys. Tim was the only child to a single mum called Tara, Tara Rose. Tara was not very tall at five foot four; with long blond hair green eyes and wonderful natural 34H tits that

Let’s see… tell her her body is so sexy

“Do you like her?” It was my wife, Doris, asking this. We’d just left from visiting her best friend, Kate! I looked at her suspiciously, trying to judge her angle. “She’s your friend!” We’d been ostensibly visiting Kate to cheer her up. Her old boyfriend, Nick, had left town. Not that Kate had been seeing

Knocking Up The Inner City Schoolteacher

After I graduated from the University of Maryland two years ago I got a job with Teach for America, a nonprofit group devoted to getting talented and motivated graduates to work teaching underprivileged minorities. I was assigned to be a grade-school teacher at an inner-city charter school in Washington, DC. This was the opportunity I

Monica Sleeps Over

I saw Monica that I would have to get in her pants someday. Problem was, of course, that she had absolutely no interest in me whatsoever. Come to think of it there wasn’t much that attracted me to her other than her body; nothing except perhaps the generally snotty and superior demeanor she affected around

Portrait of a Lady

“So you really want me to pose for you?” you said. Light and joking, but seemingly with a touch of nervousness. “I’d love that.” I said. “It’s just I’ve never done anything like that before.” “Well, I haven’t either. I mean, sketched a real person, in the flesh. I mean, yes, in an art class

A Night To Remember

[“mmmmmmmnnnnnn, mmmnh, darling.” She leaned back into his embrace, her hand idly touching his thigh, toying with the hair of his leg. She took her time coming out of her sleep. Letting the pleasure seep into her limbs, the pleasure of waking from a delightfully satisfied sleep to find your lover’s body fresh there against

Sex in the elevator 2.

At a few minutes to five, Michael switched off the computer on his desk. It had been a dull day, and he’d passed the time surfing the web, especially the porn sites. He’d found a picture series of a couple having sex in an elevator, and for some reason that had really turned him on.

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