The Beautiful Imbecile

That one, exciting, erotic, wonderful, terrible, excellent night. I never thought I’d get laid at 19. I didn’t think I was ready. I thought I’d stop myself before I went too far. But I didn’t. It started out innocently enough. I was on a date with my new girlfriend, Carrie. She was a year older

Sperm Hospital

She gazed out the hospital window at the familiar scenery below. Vast fields of green and gold sprawled out to the horizon. The August sun beat down upon the asphalt of the highway running in the foreground; the radiating heat turned passing cars into mirages. The hospital was always cool; conditioned to a comfortable 72

Astray – Erotic Story

Tracy opened her eyes as a door slammed shut, startled into a confused consciousness, momentarily uncertain of where she was laying. The stale smell of unwashed clothes made Tracy grimace and turn away. “8:40” glowed in red on the night stand. “Shit,” she muttered, lifting her head off the thin pillow. A dingy white sheet