Cholo Papi

Papi was sitting on the couch while she went down on
her knees in front of him. His back and big muscled
arms were covered in tattoos. He secretly wondered if
he ever intimidated her. She was a good girl that
wasn’t used to fucking with a Cholo.

For now he was not interested in thinking about all of
that. Now his eyes were focused on her sweet caramel
tits, while she held his hard cock in her hand. Her
lips were so full and soft, as she kissed it and put
her mouth over its head. Her dark, intense eyes stared
up at him while she pulled his cock deeper into her
wet, pretty mouth. Her delicate fingers softly caressed
his nuts.

“Oh baby, suck Papi’s dick good. Que linda mami… Que
linda…” he moaned.

She sucked him passionately, deep-throating every inch
of his thick Mexican cock. His pre-cum was dripping
along her tongue, she swallowed deeply…drinking him
in. She wanted to taste every inch of him.

Her deep brown nipples were getting so hard, feeling
his dick muscles expand inside her mouth. Sucking a bit
harder, pulling his dick further and further into her
mouth, until it could not go any further. She pumped
his pole with her entire mouth. She felt vibrating and
getting hot…like it was ready to explode.

“It’s ready baby! It’s ready!” he moaned.

She began to suck harder now, drinking down his
bittersweet juices as they gushed into her mouth. His
body was trembling, and spasming. He could not control
himself. His fingers squeezed the couch cushion very
tightly, while she continued to milk his juicy spewing
cock down her throat.

“Swallow that shit mami, sallow,” he grunted.

She swallowed every bit of his jizz, licking her soft
lips afterwards. His heart was pounding so hard inside
his chest.

“Come here” he breathed. She got up from the floor, and
sat straddled on his lap facing him. He ran his fingers
over her soft, wavy black hair that fell to her
shoulders in ringlets. Her full tits were directly in
his face.

His strong muscled arms hugged her very firmly. His
lips pulled her swollen nipple into his mouth, while
his finger pushed inside her pink, wet pussy. Her hands
rubbed his bald shaved head, with her cheek against his
forehead… while her tits got sucked, and her pussy
got fingered hard.

“Oh papi que rico! Ohhhh!” she moaned, feeling her
pussy get so juicy on his fingers.

“Tue eres mi mami?” he breathed, licking her ripe

“Ohhhhh Si papi si!” she screamed. Her aching pussy was
dripping wet, and his cock was all hard again. He
pushed her up, and aggressively pushed her down onto
the couch, on her belly.

“Bend over and spread those legs” he said.

“No papi, not in the ass” she pleaded.

“Okay I promise, just bend over for me sweetie” he was
on his knees behind her…staring at that big soft,
creamy ass of hers. He slapped her ass, watching it

“Please Papi not in the ass please,” she begged him.

His finger rubbed the wetness of her pussy, and then
lubricating her asshole and his hard dick with it.

“Nooo papi! What are you doing?” she whimpered.

“Shhhh!” he said while he rubbed his hand back and
forth over his dick. His hands were on her full hips
now, as he guided his dick up against her tiny little

“Relax it baby” he whispered.

“Noooooo!” she screamed.

He pushed it harder against the tight little hole until
it started to go inside.

She screamed so loud, and broke into helpless sobs.

“Owwwwwww noo noooo!” she sobbed. Her asshole was so
tight; it was squeezing his dick so hard.

“Ahhh!” he breathed, struggling to push it deeper into
her. It felt so good to him, he felt dizzy with
pleasure. She struggled to move forward, hoping to make
it difficult for him.

“Oh god, please take it out Papi! Please!” she cried

“NO” he breathed heavily.

His strong fingers gripped her hips much tighter now,
and he held her in place. He f****d his dick in and out
of her, pumping her soft round ass. His fantasy was
finally coming true. He had always wanted to fuck a
black girl hard in their big ass. The lucky bonus now
was this Black Mulata happened to be his girlfriend.
Her sobs were getting much louder now, and she was
shaking. Finally her body began to relax more, and her
sobs became much softer and more rhythmic. She was
having her first anal sex orgasm…

“Ohh mi dios mio! Ohhh what’s happening to me? I feel

I feel like—I’m—I’m cumming! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh God
help me!” she breathed helplessly.

“Its okay baby. Cum for Papi! Cum for Papi!” he

He was pounding her now, his wet balls slapping up
against her skin. He felt his dick was ready to shoot
its load right into her…and he let it…filled her up
with his seed…

He pulled his dick out, and lay next to her trembling
body. She was still crying. He kissed her chin tenderly
“Its okay mami. Please don’t cry coraz�n…”

She lay her head on his chest… They fell asleep
naked, in each others arms.