Pleasures Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

As you may learn from real experience, most men do not
give a woman the ultimate pleasure she deserves when it
comes to sex. Either they don’t know how, or they are
more focused on their own satisfaction. Even I may have
been like that to some extent before I was married, but
I wanted my wife to experience the pleasure that would
lead her to absolute ecstasy. So I experimented and
tried different things until I finally learned how to
stimulate her sexual desires to a point where her
orgasms reach the fulfillment that she deserved.

Here is the erotic story that describes what I have
learned. I hope all persons can learn something from
this. For all you ladies, maybe you should have your
panties off as you will likely need to masturbate after
reading this.

We could start our visit together by enjoying a nice
meal with wine. This would give us time to get to know
each other a little. After our meal, we could then go
to your place, or to my motel room where it is so
private and quiet.

Once there, we both knew that we would likely be
together for the whole night and I knew you were
feeling a little nervous being with me for the first
time. So I took my time with you and tried to make you
feel as comfortable with me as I could.

At first, we just sat on the chesterfield and talked
some more while enjoying another nice glass of wine.
Then I put my arm around you and we kissed a few times.

Before long, we moved to the bedroom. There, we both
lay on the top of the bed, cuddling up in each others
arms as we continued to kiss and squeeze each other.

When the time was right and we both knew what we were
going to be doing shortly, we started to gradually take
each others clothes off. When we were both naked, we
got under the covers and continued to cuddle and kiss
as our warm bodies were pressing up against each other.
By this time too, my cock was as hard as iron and we
could feel it between us as we pressed our tummies

Our kisses were increasing in number and lasting longer
and even our tongues were involved now. Slowly I
started to kiss and nibble your ear lobs and then all
over your neck.

This was really turning you on and before long, you had
both of your hands on my hard cock. I could feel you
squeezing and rolling my balls around inside my bag
with one, while with the other one, you started to move
my foreskin up and down on my cock. I think you
especially liked touching and fondling the velvet-like
surface of my big mushroom-shaped cock head. Every now
and then I could feel you pushing my foreskin over it,
and then slowly pulling it back off it.

Now, it was time for me to begin giving you a slow,
steady period of foreplay. So I lifted one of your arms
up past your head and I then started to kiss my way
over to your arm pit. When I got there, I gave it a
slow gentle tongue bath and this sent shivers all over
your warm body. Your dampness and sweaty aroma there
made me excited too. In fact, it made me pump my hard
cock muscles a few times. I guess you could feel me
doing that because you would squeeze it each time that

After spending some time there, I then started to move
over to the other arm pit. But as I made my way there,
you stopped me by wrapping your arms around me and you
pressed our mouth’s together in a few long wet tongue
kisses. As we did this, I knew that you were getting
very horny now and you were really enjoying the things
I was doing to you.

Then I continued to your other arm pit and gave it the
same attention as the first one. By this time I could
feel your body shivering even more and no doubt, your
pussy lips were now getting very swollen and thick as
some hot, sticky lubrication was beginning to collect
between them.

Now it was time for me to move my foreplay to another
part of your soft warm body. So I started to kiss you
on the neck again and then as I moved the bed covers
away, I slowly licked my way down to just above your
belly button. At this point, I changed directions and
began to make a big circle, licking my way around one
of your beautiful breasts. Around and around it I went,
while gradually moving closer and closer to your
sensitive nipple. This was really starting to stir up
your passions as you anticipated feeling my tongue on
it. I could hear your breathing increasing and soft
moans began to come from your throat.

Slowly, I kept getting closer and closer to your
waiting nipple. When I reached it, I lifted my mouth up
over it and started to flick the sensitive end back and
forth with just the tip of my tongue. Oh how this was
making you even more excited then ever. You moaned and
squeezed me, and your breathing got even faster.
Finally, you just couldn’t take it anymore. Putting
your hands on my head, you pulled it down, so that your
hard, swollen nipple was right inside my mouth. It was
so firm and standing up like a tiny cock. So I
immediately started to suck on it, licking it all over
with my tongue.

Well, this was making you almost wild and I was
imagining how wet and swollen your hot, aching pussy
was by now. You just kept moaning and groaning from the
beautiful pleasure you were experiencing.

I knew you would be cumming very soon, so I didn’t
stop. I just continued to lick and suck on your
sensitive little nipple. Then I went across to the
other breast and did the same thing. And by the time I
had the second nipple in my mouth, your were almost out
of control from being so horny, and you really started
to moan and groan like crazy. I wasn’t sure if you had
started to go off or not. Then suddenly, you pulled my
head up to yours and kissed me over and over with a
flood of deep tongue kisses. As you did, you told me
that you loved me and that you wanted to feel my cock
inside you right away.

So between kisses, I said that I would, but that I had
some other beautiful things to do to you first. Then I
moved down to your belly button and gave it special
attention with my wet tongue. After giving it a nice
bath, I began to kiss and lick my way all over your
tummy, slowly working my way towards your hot steaming
vulva. But as I reached your soft curly pubic hair, I
stopped and changed directions, moving over to one of
your legs and slowly licked my way down to your knee.

Now it was time for me to change our positions on the
bed. So I got you to move cross-ways on it with your
bum resting right at the edge and your legs spread wide
open and lifted up on your feet. Then I got down on the
floor between your legs and starting at one knee, I
slowly began to lick the inside of your thigh all the
way down to your dripping wet love nest. But just
before contacting it, I moved across to the other leg
and did the same thing. The nerves in your sensitive
skin were just dancing as my wet tongue slowly made its
way down, closer and closer to the bottom of your hot
throbbing vulva.

By this time I had you almost exploding with wild
passion. You kept lifting your bum off the bed, as if
asking me to start licking your pussy. You were so
horny that you didn’t seem to know what to do.

When I finally reach your swollen vulva, I stopped with
my nose in the soft pubic hair, and the smell there was
absolutely out of this world. It was the most beautiful
perfume known to man. I just kept breathing it in and I
thought my hard cock was going to burst open from the
extreme pressure inside it. In fact, the aroma was so
intoxicating that I could hardly keep control of my
senses. All I could smell was the wonderful sweet odor
of your lubricating juices mixed with the strong musky
smell of pee. Yes, it was absolutely intoxicating.

But realizing that you needed sexual relief very
quickly, I knew I must continue on my way to do that
for you.

So I started pushing my tongue into the bottom part of
your opening and I found everything there between the
lips just drenched with hot sticky syrup. It too, had
the most beautiful taste known to man. As I licked it
up, the flavor of it made the veins in my cock expand
even closer to the bursting point. All I could taste
was that special sweet flavor of hot, new lubrication,
along with the strong musky, salty taste of pee. I
could hardly control my mind from being so horny.

As I licked up your hot syrup, I moved my tongue up a
little and found the opening to your vagina. It too,
was filled with more sticky juices. As I was pushing my
tongue down deep into it, drinking down mouthfuls of
your hot sticky juices, it made you closer then ever to

After licking up your lubrication from your vagina, I
then started to lick my way up to the “Star Attraction”
of your anatomy — your special little “Jewel” —
your “clitoris”. On my way there, I continued to find
still more hot sticky syrup and so I just kept licking
it up and drinking it all down.

While moving up between your swollen vulva lips, my
tongue came in contact with the rosette-like mouth of
your little pee hole. Stopping there for a moment, I
put my mouth over it and gently sucked on it. And as I
suspected, you let out a little squirt of hot, salty
pee right into my mouth. After savoring it for a
moment, I swallowed it and then moved up to your
beautiful little clitoris. I found it standing up, so
swollen and firm, just like a little penis-head. As I
put my mouth over it, I did it very carefully and
gently because I knew it was so sensitive that you
could hardly stand me touching it.

At this point you were humping your back, lifting your
bum up and down in a screwing motion because you needed
to cum so badly. So to help you to accomplish that, I
settled down with my mouth over your clit and I started
to suck on it while rubbing my tongue back and forth
over the sensitive head on it. At the same time, I
reached up and put both hands on your breasts and began
to massage your nipples with my fingers. Each time my
tongue rubbed across the head on your clitoris, I could
see your stomach muscles jump a little. And you were
now moaning and groaning almost uncontrollably.

Then in about 30 seconds your reached the point of no
return and everything started to explode. At first I
could hear you crying out, “Ooohhh Kennnn! I’mmmm
going… to… cuuummm! I’m cuummmmmmmiinngg! Ohh
god… I’mmm cumminnngg!”

Then you closed your legs on my head and lifted your
bum right up in the air. At the same time, I could hear
you letting out big loud grunting noises along with
some loud moans and I knew your were now having the
most powerful orgasm of your life. With each muscle
spasm in your throbbing pussy, you squeezed your legs
together on my face like a vice and your kept bucking
your ass up into the air as grunt after grunt and loud
moans came out from your throat.

On and on it went as I continued to lick and suck on
your exploding clitoris, making each spasm of orgasm
get stronger and stronger. Your hot juices were now
literally flooding from your pussy. Finally you lost
control of everything and then some hot, salty pee came
shooting out of your little pee hole along with 1 or 2
short, loud farts from your tight little ass hole. I’m
sure your mind was almost delirious.

Every part of your body was now experiencing the most
beautiful pain that man has ever know. It was just
total ecstasy for you. It just couldn’t stop until
finally you had no strength left and you fell flat on
the bed, totally and completely exhausted.

So, after cleaning up all the extra juice flowing out
from your hot pussy, I moved up and cuddled you up in
my arms for a while. You were so happy and completely
contented after such a long, beautiful orgasm.

After a short rest, we then continued to make love
again. This time you started to lick and suck on my
penis, making it as hard as a bone. When I was getting
close to ejaculating in your mouth, I stopped you and
climbed on top of you and we started to have
intercourse. And each time one of us got close to going
off, we would stop, so we could prolong and enjoy the
throbbing pain of our horniness which was flooding all
through our sex organs. It was such a beautiful

And we just kissed and hugged each other as we stayed
connected together. Finally we just couldn’t hold back
any more, no matter what we did, and we both exploded
together at the same time, in a powerful orgasm that
just wouldn’t end. Both of us were moaning and grunting
with loud noises as your vaginal juices literally
soaked my throbbing cock and I started filling you full
of my thick hot cum.

Even after the last drop had come out of me, my orgasm
just wouldn’t stop. It was like my cock was trying
desperately to squirt some more creamy cum into you and
there just wasn’t any left. And this was having an
effect on you too, because your orgasm couldn’t stop
either. Finally, when we had no more strength left, we
just fell into each others arms, totally exhausted.

But this wasn’t the end of our beautiful sex. I made
you cum many more times with my tongue and you even
sucked me off a couple of times more too.