Clothing fetish slice of life story

I awoke some time before my alarm went off, as usual. I
lay there in the cozy, warm darkness enjoying the
sensation of moving my toes and fingers in the slick
softness of my silken sheets and nightgown, turning
very slightly from side to side to feel the unyielding
stiffness and scintillating tightness of my long,
confining night corset, straining my wrists ever so
gently against the implacable steel of the handcuffs
which restrain my arms behind me at night.

I’ll wait until the music comes on my clock radio at 7
before I get up and carefully cross the room to my
dressing table, where I’ve left the key to my
handcuffs. Only then will I be able to remove the
tight, padded satin blindfold which has kept me in the
cozy, warm darkness long past the rising of the sun.

Now begins the morning ritual of undressing completely
for the bath. First the long, billowy Victorian
nightgowns, with their acres of soft, shiny silk; next,
the task of unlacing the long night corset, untying the
knot at the waist, freeing the yards of braided silk
ribbon that were wrapped around my waist, after being
so carefully and tightly pulled through the 36 pairs of
eyelets only last night, releasing the terrific
pressure that has confined my body from shoulders to
knees all through the night, imposing a much more
desirable shape upon my willing flesh, strictly
training and disciplining, yet lovingly caressing me.

Finally the sides of the corset are far enough apart
that the studs on the steel busk can be unslotted and
the corset removed. The sensation of relief at my
release from the night’s prison makes me think that
today I will leave off my corsets and go about free and
unconfined. But before I am even finished with my bath
I will be longing for the embrace, the warmth, the
security of my corsets, and I will tightly lace myself
up for yet another day.

Once the corset is off, the silk drawers and chemise
follow quickly, leaving only the task of peeling off
the very tight, silky lycra support stockings which
keep my legs in such perfect condition. Nakedness, so
prized by so many, is very different for me. I love my
pretty body; I care for it scrupulously with a strictly
proper diet and two or three hours of ballet, modern
dance, and bicycling every day, plus frequent long
walks. But my body doesn’t come alive until it is
covered with layers of silk and snugly confined inside
a stiff, tightly-laced corset.

After a brisk scrub I dry myself, wiggle into a pair of
my support stockings, and begin to dress for the day.
My involvement in graduate school and the consulting
work I do rarely give me a day (except for weekends) to
enjoy the luxuries of Victorian dresses during the day.
So I choose less voluminous, tailored lingerie, whose
bulk won’t show beneath my clothing.

I usually wear “combinations,” a lovely garment
resulting from combining the chemise with the drawers.
I always wear two pair, as I like the two layers of
silk beneath my corsets; they add a certain measure of
“lubrication” between my body and the corsets, making
them considerably less confining, and eliminating
chafing altogether. I have to admit that the multiple
layers of silk sliding back and forth over each other
is very stimulating to me.

My day corsets all fit me about the same: from armpit
to hips, with the waist f****d low against the top of
the pelvis (pretty much the design of the late 1890’s).
They differ in stiffness, degree of compression, and
amount of constriction about the ribs and diaphragm. My
daily choice is made according to my expected

If I’m going to be sitting around in the library,
studying, I will choose a much more severe one than if
I’m going to be shopping or lunching with a client.
During the day I always wear a pair of regular nylon
stockings (the flat-knitted, non-stretch kind with
seams and reinforced heel and toe) gartered to my
corset. I wear another silk combination over the
corset. Finally, a couple of frilly slips and then my

My favorite “modern” clothes are silk blouses with
long, billowy sleeves, and a full skirt, usually of a
heavier silk or muted satin. I also love patterned silk
dresses, especially the shirtwaist style. I wear my
dresses quite long, about half-way to my ankles, a
length which is always fashionable. I usually wear a
nice wool jacket or a light blazer on top, depending on
the temperature. I’ve always worn hats, and lately I’ve
begun to experiment with veils.

I’m sure I wouldn’t get near as many stares if I lived
in New York or Los Angeles, but here in Salt Lake City
you just don’t see that many hats, let alone veils.

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