A Shameful Obsession

We just published a new book, called A Shameful Obsession (61 pages in print). It’s about the middle-aged headmaster of a village school who becomes obsessed by his new neighbour. There is plenty of voyeurism and fetish & power play in it. Dennis Hobson is the well-respected headmaster of the village school. Already in his

Cassie’s Smoking Fetish

Cassie moved closer to John on the couch as they watched a movie they had rented. Unconsciously, he put his arm around her shoulders, not taking his eyes from the action on the screen. Having grown bored some minutes earlier, Cassie had decided to take control of the situation and get John’s mind away from

Pissing in the Wild 2.

If I had been a dedicated trail hiker before, now I was there every chance I got. My pussy would cream at the idea of being opened up with my watcher’s 9 inch cock. On the trail, when I found a private place to let my flow go, I would now strip completly naked, it

Pissing in the Wild 1.

Walking through the woods, I could feel the urge. I should have used the toilet at the trail-head, but no, I was too busy looking at all the gorgeous scenery, and now, I could feel my bladder start to make demands. I looked around, the trail was deserted, so I left the trail, went past

I’m a Panty Lover

In my line of work [handyman] I need good shoes. And, since my feet don’t match [a 10 and an 11] I have to shop at places where I can get custom services. I am greeted by a 50 ish woman and I sit for a fitting. We discuss the possibilities and she asks what