Cherry’s New Shoes

Cherry Adams was a wiry attractive redhead who needed a new pair of shoes. She owned over three hundred and fifty pairs, a mere pittance according to her. However, she was missing a pair that matched the color red of the new dress her boyfriend insisted she buy. “Cherry, you have red shoes,” he informed

Cumming In The Shoe Store

She came into his shoe store a few minutes before closing time. It had been a tough day and he was tired. He was about to snap at her, something cold and impersonal like, “Lady, the store closes in 5 minutes.” But there was a way she walked that caught his attention and made him

Queening and Strap On

It began at dinner. The humor and banter of table conversation was punctuated by her meaningful glances and significant smiles. She wove her emotional cocoon around his mind slowly and carefully, channeling the conversation in the direction she sought, teasing and seducing him with voice as well as words. It progressed with a back rub.

Hypnotized Into Adultery

Colleen lit the birthday candles on her husband’s cake and turned out the dinning room light. She loved surprising her husband and this being his thirty-fifth birthday wasn’t any different. She baked his favorite, chocolate frosting over chocolate. “Paul. Are you coming?” “Honey. I’ll be there in just a moment.” Paul walked into the dinning

A Shameful Obsession

We just published a new book, called A Shameful Obsession (61 pages in print). It’s about the middle-aged headmaster of a village school who becomes obsessed by his new neighbour. There is plenty of voyeurism and fetish & power play in it. Dennis Hobson is the well-respected headmaster of the village school. Already in his

Cassie’s Smoking Fetish

Cassie moved closer to John on the couch as they watched a movie they had rented. Unconsciously, he put his arm around her shoulders, not taking his eyes from the action on the screen. Having grown bored some minutes earlier, Cassie had decided to take control of the situation and get John’s mind away from