Boyfriend brings home a pretty young black woman

Karrie is sitting in the bath, soaking in the heat, relaxing after working the weekend shift and feeling beat. Now is her moment so to speak. Hubby will be home soon but this time’s for hers. Hmmmmmmm… Karrie heard the front door open. “Honey, is that you?” “Yeah, sugar. Guess what! I brought you somethin’

A peeing fetish story with sex

I suspected all along from several comments she’d made that Sally was into wetting her pants. We were alone today and I was imagining Sally’s faded jeans heather gray T-shirt and sneakers soaked in piss. We shot the breeze as we walked; talking about a recent news report on the lack of female restrooms came

Mind control and fetish

I’m Sophia. I’m in my second year of college now, but this all happened during my first year. I’m not allowed to tell you where, but it’s in the upper Midwest. Smart, well-rounded people go here, or at least people that think they’re smart. I don’t consider myself a genius, but am generally pretty studious,

A story about a breast and nipple fetish that turns into swapping and orgies galore

The doorbell rang and Sheila answered it. “Oh, Mandy,” she said, “I’m so glad you stopped by! Come on back to the kitchen. What a coincidence. My husband was just saying that, since I’d mentioned you so often, he’d like to meet you. And here you are!” “Yes, here I am,” Mandy laughed. “Are you

A son with a big foot-fetish focused on his mom, and a mom who has a big testicular-fetish focused her son

Jeff was in love with his mother Patricia’s feet. He was 18, she was 38. They were absolutely gorgeous as far as he was concerned. He often fantasized about licking her size 8 soles and sucking on her big toes. Aside from having a foot fetish for his mom’s feet, he also kept a much