Girls Loving Girls

“Karen, I’m going for a hot shower,” Brenda said as the
movie ended. “Want to join me?” She got up from the
couch and stretched her arms over her head; her breasts
pushed her T-shirt out as it rode up exposing her bare
navel and tiny bikini panties. It was Saturday and our
parents were away for the weekend. My seventeen-year-old
sister and I (I’m sixteen) had decided to spend the
evening at home watching TV. The main reason: neither
one of us had a date.

“Sounds inviting,” I said. “You get started while I clean
up.” I watched her head up the stairs, her long legs were
tanned and slim, her bare feet padded on the carpet. Then I
picked up the empty popcorn bowls and soda glasses and went
to the kitchen. The movie we rented was sexy with lots of
nudity. Brenda and I had been lying on each end of our large
living room couch. My hand had slipped down between my legs
a few times during the really hot scenes, and I could tell
from Brenda’s squirming that she was enjoying herself too.
By the end of the movie, I was definitely turned on and wet.
I knew from Brenda’s suggestion of the shower that she was as
horny as I was.

Taking a shower together was not unusual; we loved being
naked and touching each other. When we were younger, it was
innocent, sisterly stuff: inquisitive fingers exploring under
a nightie or a bathing suit. But as teenagers, there were
times when it went a lot further. Like the first time Brenda
made out with a boy. She raced home to tell me. I wanted to
know how it felt so she showed me. From then on, we would
practice our kissing techniques on each other before we went
out on a date. Sometimes I wondered which I liked more,
making out with my sister or my boyfriends.

We shared a large bedroom with two beds, but in the winter we
often slept together. Many nights, we would snuggle up to
get warm and our hands would wander, caress, and search. It
was so erotic to fall asleep with our bodies entwined and my
hand between Brenda’s legs or hers on my breast. One night,
I woke up to feel her finder in me. She must have been
having a very wet dream; she was fingering me in her sleep.
I thought it was so adorable and returned the favor,
awakening her from her slumber with a warm, wet orgasm.

The memory sent a tingle down between my legs as I finished
cleaning up the kitchen and headed up stairs to our parent’s
huge bathroom. It had a whirlpool and double-headed shower.
I could see Brenda through the steamy glass shower doors.
She had her head tilted back letting the hot water wash over
her face. Her small breasts were little cones that stood
straight out.

As she turned around, I could see the V-shaped patch of fur
over her crotch that pointed like an arrow to her slit. I
had trimmed it for her only a few days before and called it
my “get to the fucking point” design.

I pulled my T-shirt over my head and pushed my panties down
my legs. The crotch was still damp from playing with myself
while watching the sexy movie. Sliding the glass door open,
I stepped inside as the steam rushed up and surrounded me.

“We need a wash cloth,” I said, turning to get one.

“Wait, Karen.” Brenda held my arm. “Just your hands.”

“You’re such a bad girl,” I said as she pulled me into the
two streams of water.

Brenda handed me a bar of soap and turned to face the marble
wall. “Do my back.”

I lathered up my hands and rubbed them in big circles over
her back starting at her shoulders and working my way down.
Brenda leaned forward placing her hands on the wall; her head
faced down between her arms as the hot water sprayed over
her. I increased my circles to include her ribs and hips,
letting my hands reach around to sweep over her breasts.
Every second or third time, I would stop on her nipples and
give them extra attention; they hardened at my touch. I ran
my hands along her arms stopping to gently clean her
underarms. My sister was very sensitive there and had told
me that when I kissed or caressed her underarms, it sent
sparks shooting down to her pussy. I hoped it was working

From there, I lathered up the soap again and worked my way
down to her bottom. And what a thing of beauty: tight and
perfectly shaped. Brenda’s clothes clung so nicely to it; I
know because I watched it just as much as everyone else did
when she walked down the hall at school.

Brenda and I loved to play little sexy games when we were in
public. Like at school, we would go into a stall in the
bathroom and finger each other. Then we would switch
panties. During the next class, I would push the wet crotch
of her panties in me. What a turn-on it was to smell her
pussy on my fingers and know her warm girl-cum was mixing
with mine.

We were always seeing how much we could get away with. Once
in a crowded elevator on our way up to our father’s office, I
was squeezed in close behind Brenda. Without anyone knowing,
she reached behind and slipped her hand under my mini-skirt.
By the time I realized what she was doing, her finger was
around the edge of my panties and into my pussy. I was so
flushed I almost fainted. As the doors opened and we stepped
out, she licked her finger. “My favorite flavor,” she said
with a wink. I was destroyed for the rest of the afternoon.

But I always got her back. Like the time our family sat at
the table eating dinner and our mother was discussing some
important school event with Brenda. I sat across from my
sister, and while she tried to talk, I slipped my bare foot
up between her legs and rubbed her crotch with my big toe.
Paybacks are hell, I thought, as I watched her squirm.

As the hot water created a steam cloud wrapping itself around
us, I leaned forward and kissed Brenda’s back. Then I
lathered up again and rubbing her beautiful bottom. Running
my slippery hand up and down her crack, I could tell she was
getting aroused. Her breathing deepened and she spread her
legs for me.

“Get it really clean,” Brenda said, smiling over her

“Expecting company?” I asked.

“Only that nasty little tongue of yours.”

“My, aren’t we horny tonight.” I squatted down and ran my
soapy hands along her legs enjoying the feel of her soft
inner thighs. While I stroked them, my eyes never left that
gorgeous ass right in front of my face, particularly her
puckered little hole. It looked like a small flower and I
remembered the first time I saw it up close. We were in bed
one night exploring each other’s bodies using only the glow
of a flashlight. Brenda lay on her stomach and stuck her
bottom up. She reached back and spread her cheeks so I could
see her hole, asking me what it looked like. I told her I
thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world, next to
her pussy of course. That night we spent hours just sniffing
and licking each other’s bottoms.

I continued washing Brenda’s legs working my way up until I
was stroking her pussy from behind. She moaned at my touch.
Then I took my thumbnail and softly scratched her anus
causing an immediate contraction of her cheeks. I pushed the
tip of my thumb against her little hole until her muscles
relaxed, and then let it slide in about the depth of my nail.
Brenda responded by pushing back trying to force it in
further. With my thumb inside her, I stood up and let my
hips press up against her ass. Spreading my legs slightly, I
brought my pussy against the back of my hand and started a
slow pumping rhythm as my thumb slid in and out of her while
I massaged her cunt.

Next, I leaned over so my breasts lay against her back. I
reached my other hand around and cupped her left breast,
taking her swollen nipple between my fingers and giving it a
firm squeeze. I pushed my pussy against my hand forcing my
thumb up inside her rectum as far as it would go.

“God, that feels so good,” she managed to say as she met my
thrusts. “Just the right size.” Her words were slurred as
her breathing quickened, her body trembled, her stomach
sucked in and out. I know my sister well; she was going to
come fast and hard. I loved the feel of my cunt pressing
against my hand, but right then I was thinking only of her;
all I wanted was to make her come.

“God, if I only had a dick.”

She climaxed with a shudder; gritting her teeth and jerking
her head up and back. She made a low moaning sound as she
closed her eyes, the steaming water washing over us. I
slowed my thrusts and tried to support Brenda to keep her
from sinking to the floor; her legs shaking, her body limp.
Slowly she recovered and caught her breath. As I took my
thumb out of her, I gave her pussy a few loving strokes and
covered her back and neck with kisses. She straightened and
turned around, her eyes glazed over with sex.

Brenda wrapped her arms around my neck and locked her mouth
on mine, her tongue shot out in a hot, wet kiss. It was not
a sisterly peck but a passionate, “fuck me” kiss. Our
breasts pressed together wet and slippery, soft and
wonderful. We shifted slightly so our pussies could grind
against each other’s thighs; our hips moved in a wanton,
lustful motion.

Finally, we broke the embrace and I took Brenda by the hand.
“Let’s dry off and go to bed,” I said.

“Is that a proposition?” she asked with a giggle.

“Let’s just say I heard you were an easy lay.”

She kissed me again while she slid her hand down my stomach
to my pussy, her middle finger resting between my folds.
Then she whispered into my ear, “We’re wasting time talking
when we could be fucking.”

Shutting off the water, we opened the glass doors and stepped
out. Brenda grabbed two large towels and we dried each other
off. I was so turned on I wanted to pull her to the floor
and go down on her right there. But before I could, Brenda
threw her towel over my head.

“So you think I’m an easy lay, do you? Well, little sister,
if you want to fuck me, you’ve got to catch me first.”

With that, she ran out the door and down the hall. Tossing
the towel aside, I raced after her, thoroughly enjoying her
girlish laughter and the sight of her bouncing ass and long
legs as she disappeared around a corner.

Down the stairs we ran, two naked girls chasing each other
like dogs in heat. The sight would have given any boy an
instant hard-on and any girl a wet crotch. We raced around,
me catching her only to have Brenda slip out of my grasp and
sprint to the next room. Finally, she ran back up the
stairs, heading for our parent’s room and their king size
bed. By the time I caught up, Brenda had yanked the covers
off and threw them to the side. Then she scrambled onto the
bed and positioned herself with her back to the headboard. I
stopped a few feet away to catch my breath.

“Is there something you wanted, young lady?” she said
nonchalant as if she had just noticed me for the first time.

I squatted down with my arms resting on my knees. Then I
slowly ran my hands along the inside of my thighs until they
were at my crotch. Brenda kept her gaze locked on the spot
between my legs as I spread myself open. I was so wet that
when the cool air hit my hole, it gave me a rush.

We liked to use our parent’s big bed when they were out of
town on business trips. We would fill the room with the
sweet scent of our lovemaking and I often wondered if mom and
dad could smell all the girl-cum that had dried on their

I gave out a little growl and went down on my hands and
knees, my cunt throbbing and flared wide open, ready to be
eaten. I slowly crawling toward the bed and at the edge I
growled again and climbed up the side until I was poised like
a cat on the far corner.

“Is the lioness hungry?” Brenda asked.

I growled again, deep and sexy.

Brenda brought her knees up and spread her legs apart. Then
she reached down with her fingertips and opened herself to
me. I could see moisture on her short fur, the inside of her
sex glistened. “Here’s your dinner, pussycat, hot and pink,
just like you like it.”

I crawled forward until I was directly over her crotch. Her
scent filled my nostrils. I was so turned on, my body shook,
my eyes blurred. I bent down and kissed her pussy with the
same passion I would have kissed her mouth. Then I lowered
myself onto the bed, the coolness of the sheets felt
wonderful on my naked body, still sweaty from our chase. As
Brenda wrapped her long legs around my head, I devoured her
like a hungry animal; licking, sucking and drinking in all
the sweet love juice that flowed out of her.

I reached up, took her nipples between my fingertips, and
squeezed them as I licked her. She moved her hips in unison
to my thrusts and her soft purring quickly turned to moans
and yelps as her climax built. Brenda ran her fingers
through my hair, pushing on my head to force my tongue
deeper. Finally she stiffened and squeezed me tight with her
legs as the orgasm rocked her. I slowed and opened my eyes,
looking up at her. It was the most beautiful sight I could
imagine as I watched her drift in and out of the blissful

“Come here, sweet baby girl,” she said, holding her arms open
after she’d caught her breath. I crawled up her body licking
and kissing as much of her salty, damp skin as I could. When
our lips were inches apart, she wrapped her arms around my
neck and we kissed, trying to eat each other with our hot
mouths. My lips and cheeks were covered with her cum and she
seemed to relish licking it all off.

“I love making you come,” I said between kisses.

“Really, I hadn’t noticed.”

We both giggled as we continued planting kisses all over our

“You’ve been doing all the work,” Brenda said when we finally
stopped to catch our breath. “Now its my turn.”

“Heads or tails?” I asked.

“Tails, of course,” she replied, scooting out from under me.
Still on my stomach, I waited until she positioned herself
behind me before I pulled my knees in and stuck my ass up. I
could feel her warm breath as she sniffed me like a puppy.
Then she ran her tongue up and down my crack using the tip to
tease my ass hole before moving down to lick my pussy.

“You smell so good,” she said between licks.

“Good enough to eat?” I asked with a wiggle.

Her answer was a loud moan as she pressed her face into me
and ate my pussy.

Brenda knew how much I loved being eaten from behind, and
electricity shot through me when her tongue went in my pussy
and her nose pushed on my anus. I reached back to spread my
cheeks and she rubbed my legs and ass, her experienced tongue
doing exactly what I liked. “Oh, you’re such a fucking,
nasty girl!” I said through clenched teeth.

Suddenly the phone ran.

“Shit!” Brenda said, looking up. “Don’t they know we’re
Slowly I swung around, out of breath, my chest heaving. “It
could be mom or dad. We’ve got to answer it.” I took her
face in my hands and pulled her mouth to mind. I could taste
my pussy all over her.

“Fuck!” she said as we broke the kiss.

“Hold that thought.” I rolled over to reach the phone on the
table beside the bed. “Hello.” I listened for a moment and
then held my hand over the receiver. “It’s Mrs. Cummings
from down the street,” I whispered. “She’s been called into
an emergency shift at the hospital and her husband’s on the
road. She wants to know if we could baby-sit Lisa tonight?”


“You know, her twelve-year-old.”

While I talked with Mrs. Cummings, I watched Brenda as she
slowly slipped two fingers in and out of her pussy. She knew
she was driving me crazy as she brought them up and licked
off her juice. With a wicked smile, she stuck her fingers
deep inside her again and then offered them to me.

“Cut that out, Brenda,” I whispered. “We have to decide. Do
we want her over here or not?”

“Well,” Brenda said between licks, “how can we have fun when
there’s a twelve-year-old around to watch?” Then she paused
for a moment and said, “Unless . . .”

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I said slyly.

“Maybe we could have some three-way fun.” Brenda reached
over and ran her hand down between my legs.

“Is that all you think about?” I said, pushing her away.

“Oh and you don’t?”

“Mrs. Cummings,” I said with difficulty as Brenda played with
“We’d love to help you out. Just sent Lisa on over and don’t
worry about a thing.

She’ll be in good hands.”

Brenda laughed out loud at that last comment and I found it
hard to keep a straight face until I hung up. “You have the
dirtiest mind of anyone I know,” I said. Then I leaned over
and put my lips to her ear. “Besides, what if I don’t want
to share you with some little twelve-year-old cunt.”

Brenda ran her fingers through my hair. “Remember, lover,
what’s between my legs is yours anytime you want it.” She
kissed me hard, then said, “Now I wonder what it would take
to get in Lisa panties?”

“She is kind of cute.” I casually played with Brenda’s patch
of pubic fleece.

“I saw her in a two-piece not too long ago,” Brenda said.
“She’s got a nice ass and her tits are just starting to come

“Then let’s get dressed and be ready to eat, I mean greet
We both laughed as I rolled off the bed and reached out my
hand. Brenda took it and we headed down the hall arm-in-arm.
“What do you wear to seduce a twelve-year-old girl?” I said.

“Now who’s got the dirty mind?” she said, running her hand
down my bare ass.

* * *

“Hi Lisa.” Brenda held the door open. The petite seventh
grader smiled and walked in, a small gym bag hung from her
right hand.

“You guys are really great to let me come over,” Lisa said,
standing in the foyer and looking around.

I could see her from the living room. She was dressed in
short denim cutoffs and a Nike pullover. Her long blond hair
was tied in a ponytail and she wore white tennis shoes, no
socks. Her legs were long, firm, and starting to take shape;
the two little mounds on her chest were developing nicely.
Brenda was right, she did have a cute ass and it definitely
filled out her snug shorts. My pussy tingled at the thought
of licking it.

“Come on in, Lisa,” I called. She walked into the living
room, sat her bag down, and plopped down on the couch beside
me. “You hungry?” I asked.

“No thanks, Karen, I ate just before I came over.” Then she
turned and looked at the TV. “What are you watching?” she
asked with a startled expression.

I had one of my dad’s X-rated videotapes playing in the VCR,
the ones he and mom kept hidden and didn’t think we knew
about. I had located a hot scene just as Lisa arrived.

“Oh, this,” I said nonchalantly. “We rented a couple of
movies for tonight.

You like adult films?”

As Lisa stared at the screen, two girls and a guy had just
undressed each other. “Yeah, I guess,” Lisa said, transfixed
on the images. One girl knelt in front of the guy and put
his dick in her mouth while the other girl crawled under her
friend and ate her.

Brenda came over and sat on the other side of Lisa. “This
movie is guaranteed to get you wet,” she said.

“Yeah?” was all Lisa said, sinking back into the couch and
slipped her shoes off.

“You don’t mind if I turn the lights down, do you, Lisa?” I

“No,” she said, never taking her eyes off the sex on the TV

As the movie continued, the scene got hotter: the two girls
were doing each other in a sixty-nine while the guy screwed
the one on top from behind. The girl on the bottom licked
her friend’s cunt and the guy’s balls at the same time.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes before I saw Lisa move
her hand down between her legs. I tried not to let her know
I was watching but this was definitely promising. The hotter
the movie made her the better our chances of getting her out
of those little tight shorts.

Lisa reminded me of some girls we had fun with last summer.
Brenda and I were counselors at a girl’s camp in the
mountains. One night we wound up looking after six twelve-
year-olds while the rest of the kids went on an overnight
campout. It started raining so the eight of us were stuck in
one of the cabins. The girls were all restless and horny,
and the conversation quickly turned to sex. One of them had
smuggled in a copy of Penthouse and started reading the
letters out loud. One story was about two cheerleaders who
took a shower together and wound up making love. This
brought a lot of suggestive comments about what would happen
if we all showered together. Then we looked at the pictures
and decided to vote on the best ones. The winner was a
pictorial showing three lesbians in a hot tub doing what
girls do best.

I was getting really turned on and I told the girls I had to
go pee. I motioned Brenda to follow me into the bathroom,
and when we were alone, I suggested we sneak off to one of
the other empty cabins and make love. To entice her, I put
my hand down my jeans and slipped a finger into my already
moist hole. I offered it to her and she licked it clean
saying it tasted tempting. Then she pulled her pants down
and sat on the toilet. As I watched her pee, she spread her
legs so I could see the golden stream shoot out. We liked to
watch each other pee and I always got a tingle seeing her
wipe herself.

As she pulled her jeans back up, she said that after what she
saw earlier, we might have more fun staying there. I asked
her what she meant and she told me that two of the girls went
outside on the porch to smoke a cigarette. After a few
minutes, she went to the window to see what was taking them
so long and she saw them making out and feeling each other
up. I immediately saw her point; my pussy moistened at the
idea of eating something that young and fresh.

When we came out of the bathroom, the girls were still
looking at the pictures in the magazine. This time it was a
series of shots of a girl laying on her back in a bathtub
letting the water shoot onto her pussy. Everyone agreed they
had to try that as soon as they got home.

Brenda had a couple of joints and we all sat around and
smoked them. Then someone suggested we play strip poker. To
make it interesting, we decided that the looser of each hand
had to let another girl remove the article of clothing.

Brenda lost the first hand on purpose to break the ice. She
picked me and I pretended to be her boyfriend. I slowly
unbuttoned her shirt, seductively sliding it off her
shoulders. Then I went behind her, reached around and
playfully fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples through
her bra. The girls called out for more and cheered me on. I
pulled one side of her bra down and flashed them a nipple.
This brought more cheers and applause.

I lost the next hand, so I stood up and made Brenda kneel in
front of me and pull my jeans down. Like a guy shoving
dollar bills in a stripper’s garter, Brenda stuck a few
playing cards in the top of my panties and asked me what she
got for her “money”. One of the cards was an ace, so I put
it down the front of my panties and rubbed it on my wet
pussy. I took it out and let her sniff. Then she passed it
around and the girls all agreed I smelled sexy. I told them
they could sniff me for an ace and lick me with a full house.
I’d go down on any girl that could come up with a straight
flush. A couple of the girls frantically shuffled through
the deck trying to put the right combination of cards
together. We were laughing so hard we cried.

Everyone really got into the game, whistling and clapping,
yelling “take it off” or “go all the way”.

I lost another hand. Brenda removed my bra and teased my
nipples until they were hard and stuck straight out. Then
she hooked her fingers in the sides of my bikini panties and
slowly pulled them down until my bare slit was showing. Just
the week before we had started shaving each other’s pussies.
She stuck her tongue out but I pushed her away saying she
only paid to sniff, not to lick. That brought tons of laughs
and catcalls. I pulled my panties back up telling the girls
I hadn’t technically lost them yet but I’d still give them
something to look at. Pressing the thin silk crotch
together, I stretched it so it disappeared between the folds
of my pussy; my moist lips stuck out on each side.

When I sat back down, I spread my legs so everyone got a good
view. It made me so wet knowing seven girls were mentally
eating me.

The effect of the grass was really kicking in now and
everyone was acting silly and having fun. The comments were
getting very sexual, bisexual to be exact.

One of the girls lost the next hand. While her friend pulled
the girl’s shorts off, Brenda announced that all this was
making her so horny she didn’t care which one of us fucked
her as long as it was soon.

Each time it was our turn to strip a piece of clothing off
one of the girls, Brenda and I would “accidentally” touch
them between their legs, brush their nipples or whisper
something sexy in their ears.

By the time we were all down to just panties, everyone was
masturbating and the air was thick with the smell of wet
pussies. Then a couple of the girls started French kissing
and playing with each other.

One of the girls, a pretty redhead with pink lace panties,
had been staring at my partially exposed pussy for the last
few hands. There was no mistaking the look in her eyes; she
was dying to fuck, and made it a point to let me see the wet
spot between her legs. Acting like there was no one else in
the room, she stood up and slipped her panties off. Then she
came over and sat in my lap wrapping her legs around me. She
held her panties up and asked me if I wanted a sniff. With
our eyes locked on each other, I brought them to my nose,
breathed deeply, and licked her girl-cum off the crotch. She
smelled and tasted heavenly. Then she said that if I wanted,
I could lick the real thing. We kissed passionately and she
ran her hand down between my legs. The other girls were
going crazy watching us; the last of their panties flew off.

Brenda went and turned out the lights, and the next thing I
knew there were naked girls everywhere. I had never heard so
much slurping and sucking and moaning in my life. In the
dark, it didn’t matter who was with who; it was a pussy-
eating frenzy. My little redhead was so turned on, the first
time I touched her clitoris, she screamed and climaxed. I
remember at one point having two girls sucking my nipples,
one eating me, and one sitting on my face. It was so much
fun showing them how to please each other. The best part was
when we all formed a daisy chain circle and everyone “ate at
the Y”.

Eventually, we paired off and found an empty bunk. I lost
count of how many times I came that night because the girl I
slept with was having the first orgasms of her life and she
was insatiable; we fucked for hours. When she finally fell
asleep, I laid there for a long time with her in my arms
listening to the erotic sounds of the other girls making
sweet lesbian love.

The next morning, I awoke from a wonderful wet dream to find
my little redhead back in my bed. She had her warm mouth on
my breast and a finger in my pussy. I pulled her mouth to
mine and she tasted delicious. She said good morning and
asked if I was hungry. I told her I was starving and she
giggled saying she had something for me to eat.

Then she got up on her knees, straddled my face and lowered
her adorable little pussy down on my mouth. Soon, her cries
woke up all the others, and it didn’t take long before the
sounds of girls loving girls filled the cabin. Finally, when
everyone had climaxed one last time, we got up and came
together in the middle of the cabin. At some point during
the night, we had all made love to one another. Now we
lovingly pressed our naked bodies together kissing and
hugging; lovers forever. The girls would be going home that
day so we promised that next summer we would have a reunion.

My little redheaded still calls me once or twice a month to
talk about that night. We always wind up having phone sex
and masturbating together.

Thinking about how much fun I had with all that sweet girl-
candy made my pussy ache as I sat next to Lisa and watched
the porn flick. I was really turned on, and out of the
corner of my eye, I saw Lisa rubbing herself.

“This is making me so hot,” Brenda said, standing up. We
wore only T-shirts and panties and Brenda pulled her shirt
over her head. She slipped her panties down and slid them
off purposefully bending over so Lisa got a full view of her
ass and delicious bare slit peeking between her legs. Her
nipples stood out like pencil erasers as she sat back down,
this time right next to Lisa. God, she played dirty, I
thought with a smile.

“What are you doing?” Lisa said. Her voice was more puzzled
than alarmed as she looked at the naked girl beside her.

“I don’t know about you,” Brenda said, “but I’m so fucking
horny.” She started caressing her breasts and rolling her
nipples between her fingers. “Does this bother you?” she
asked Lisa. “If it does, I can go in the bedroom and get
myself off.”

“Well, no, I guess not.” Lisa was not attempting to hide the
fact that she was rubbing herself now, and Brenda’s
beautiful, naked body so close to her only seemed to add to
her arousal.

“I think you’ve got the right idea, Brenda,” I said, pulling
my shirt off.

Without standing up, I slipped my panties under my ass and
down my legs. Then I tossed them at Brenda who held the
crotch up to her nose. “Smells like somebody wants to fuck,”
she said, and playfully tossed them back at me.

“Are you guys always this . . .”

“Horny?” Brenda said.

“Definitely.” I added.

“Sometimes we get so turned on,” Brenda said, “we do each

Lisa’s eyes grew wide as she looked back and forth at our
naked bodies. The timing was perfect as the movie changed to
a girl-girl love scene. It was obvious I had picked the
right tape; there were two beautiful, young girls French
kissing. Lisa watched intently as they got into a sixty-nine
and made love.

“Don’t you just love having your pussy eaten like that?” I
said, looking at Lisa.

“I’ve never . . .” she said softly.

Her little body must be on fire by now, I thought. Her hands
were between her legs, her fingers fighting their way under
the edge of her shorts.

Brenda leaned over and whispered in Lisa’s ear, “That’ll be a
lot more fun if you take your pants off.”

Without hesitating, Lisa wiggled out of her shorts and
panties, and pulled her shirt over her head. She wasn’t
wearing a bra, and her breasts, the size of ripe plums,
looked delicious. When her fingers went back to work, I
looked down at the most beautiful little hairless pussy.
Lisa’s fingers moved in and out, her head back slightly, her
breathing heavy. The sight made me light-headed.

Brenda winked at me and I knew what she was thinking. In
less than ten minutes we had managed to get Lisa to take her
clothes off and masturbate in front of us. This was too

Phase two of our seduction of Lisa was about to begin. So
far, it had been each of us doing our own thing. Now it was
time for group involvement.

When the movie ended, I stood up. “I feel like dancing,” I
said and went over to the CD player. I put on a grinding
rock song and moved back in front of the two naked girls. As
the song started, I did my best slut dance; a lot of bending
over and squatting down so Lisa could see what was between my
legs. She stared at my crotch as I ran my hands up and down
my body. Then I reached out and said, “Lisa, come dance with

She gave Brenda a hesitant look and then turned back to me,
not sure what to do.

Brenda ran her hand up the inside of Lisa’s thigh lightly
touching her pussy and whispered in her ear, “Let’s see how
wet you two can make me.”

I danced over and took Lisa by the hand. Pulling her off the
couch, I brought her to the middle of the room and started
dancing beside her. She caught on quickly and it was obvious
she had a little slut in her too. Soon she was rubbing up
against me, teasing me with her ass and sliding her hands
seductively over her body and down between her legs. I could
tell Brenda was thoroughly enjoying our little game. Lisa
was definitely aroused; I could smell her pussy and it drove
me crazy.

The song ended and a slow song started. Lisa took a step
toward the couch as if she were going to sit down when I
grabbed her hand and pulled her back. “Want to drive Brenda
crazy?” I said. “Let see how sexy we can slow dance
together.” I turned her around so she faced my sister and
pushed my crotch against her ass, pressing my tits into her
back. Moving my pelvis in a slow, sexy rotation, I placed my
hands on her hips and guided her in sync with me. Lisa
quickly followed my lead and we moved over to dance just a
few feet in front of Brenda. My sister already had her legs
spread and was masturbating, her eyes glued to the spot
between Lisa’s legs.

The music was perfect: slow and steamy. I felt Lisa reach
behind and start rubbing my hips and thighs. She slid one
hand down between my legs and played with my bush while she
used her other to stroke herself. Then she closed her eyes
and let her head drift back to rest on my shoulder. I kissed
her neck and ear, whispering how fantastic her body felt
against me. “Do you like it too?” I asked.

“I love it,” she answered, never opening her eyes.

Her finger found my slit and I trembled at her touch. I
lightly pulled her chin around and our lips met. I slid my
tongue into her mouth. She tasted wonderful!

We kissed as I felt her finger slide easily into my wet hole.
Then Lisa let out a heavy moan. I looked down to see Brenda
on her knees, her head buried in the little girl’s crotch.
My hands went up and cupped Lisa’s breasts and I closed my
mouth over hers exploring the inside with my tongue. It was
all I could do to keep from falling, I was so aroused.

Finally, I led her to the couch and laid on my back pulling
her down on me. She kissed me passionately, her tongue in my
mouth. I pulled her knees up spreading her open for my
sister. Brenda lay between my legs and sank her face into
Lisa’s ass while she fingered me. I ran my hands all over
Lisa’s body, trying to taste and touch as much of her as I

I was dying to eat her but I let Brenda have the first taste.
I could tell from their moans that both girls were really
getting off.

Lisa’s hips ground into me and her breathing became heavy.
Suddenly she let out a gasp and her body stiffened. I
continued kissing her face and neck as the orgasm washed over
her. She lay on me, breathless, covered in sweat, her eyes

“God, I never felt anything like that before,” she said after
a few moments.

“Just the first of many, my sweet little lover,” I whispered
to her.

Brenda moved up and lay beside us, kissing me then Lisa. Our
mouths were close and the three of us kissed together. I
could taste Lisa’s juice on my sister’s mouth; it was
intoxicating. I had to have Lisa or I was going to explode.

“Trade places, sweetheart,” I said to her. She moved over
and let me up. As I worked my way down the couch, Brenda got
up on her knees and straddled Lisa’s face. She reached up
and wrapped her arms around Brenda’s legs, pulling my sister
down to her eager mouth. At the same time, I lay between
Lisa’s legs and spread her little-girl cunt with my fingers.
Then I put my hands under her ass, pushed her legs up, and
brought my mouth down on her. The sensation of tasting this
delicious twelve-year-old was almost more than I could take.
I ran my tongue up and down her slit, trying to taste her
pussy and lick her ass all at once. I raised up to see
Brenda, her head thrown back, eyes closed, her fingers
caressing her nipples in a deep sexual trance as Lisa moved
her tongue in and out of my sister. Lisa was totally ours
now, her body completely overcome with the forbidden
pleasures of lesbian sex.

We climaxed together and finally lay back on the couch. Our
bodies covered in sweat, our faces and cunts dripping with
girl-cum. The room was filled with the smell of wet pussies.

After resting for a few minutes, Brenda said, “I’m going for
a hot shower.

Want to join me?”

“Sounds nice,” Lisa said.

We each took her by the hand and headed up the stairs.