A Quiet Friday

Thursday Night – And So It Begins

Until the door bell rang around 8 o’clock on Thursday night, I had completely forgotten that Barb had told me her sister was coming to spend a long weekend with us.

Barb got up saying, “Oh, that’s Sue. Remember, I told you she was staying with us for the weekend.”

Barb and I had been sitting together in the parlor, finishing a bottle of wine that we had started at dinner. Until that interruption, I would have guessed that Barb was prepping me for an early trip to the bedroom.

Barb and her sister Sue chatted in the foyer for a while. Then, I heard them putting Sue’s things in the front bedroom. Finally, Sue joined me in the parlor. I stood and offered her a glass of wine. Wine in hand, we sat and chatted, catching up on odd bits of personal and family news. After a few minutes I heard the toilet flush and Barbara rejoined us.

“Everything OK?”

“Yeah, fine.”

We all continued chatting for a while, but when Sue finished her wine, she announced that it had been a long day; and that she was going to shower and turn in early.

It was barely past 9 o’clock when Barb and I found ourselves alone again. I was surprised that she went right back to where she left off—sitting very close to me, we were soon ‘making out’—something we hadn’t done in a long time. It didn’t take long for her attentions to have their intended effect. In fact, somehow it seemed that everything that was happening was amplified by knowing that Susan was in the house.

Barbara’s Surprise

I was soon getting very excited—about to drag her off to the bedroom. Barb kept looking at me, like she had something she wanted to tell me or ask me. She came close to me and whispered in my ear.

“I have a surprise for you tonight.”

“Really. What?”

“I got something special for you today—something for you to use tonight.”

She pressed her body against mine.

“I hope you’re gonna like it.”

Now, I really was getting aroused. After a moment of suspense, I felt her press a small box into my hand. I looked and discovered a three-pack of Kimono Ultra-thin condoms.

“I read about ’em in Cosmo. They’re new and ultra-sensitive. It said you’re gonna feel everything.” she paused, “Wha’d’ya think? Wanna try one?”

I checked out the box. Right below “5X Tested | Stronger |Reliable” was the claim they were only 0.04-mm thick. The Trojans-Enz we were using were 0.07-mm and felt like wearing a raincoat in the shower. I turned and gave her a long very-sensuous kiss.

“I’ll take that as a yes?”


“Good. I bought them this morning and I’ve been distracted thinking about them all day.”

“I thought there was something on your mind.”

“And there’s another surprise for you.”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

“Well, it’s actually for me. But something were both gonna like.”

“Trying to be mysterious?”

“Maybe. I already used it.” Then coming closer to me she whispered, “I can feel it working.”

“Was that why you were in the bathroom so long?”

“Yeah. Tonight, I wanna feel you come the way you useta—when I started the pill? Remember?”

‘Yeah, I do. Inside you without anything was amazing—I came so quick and so hard.”

“Yeah. And so much! It dripped out of me for hours.” She came closer to me, “I wanna feel you come like that again – tonight.”

Barbara got up, brushing her hand lightly across the lump in my pants. Taking the box of condoms from me, she headed for the bedroom.

“Don’t keep me waiting.”

I took the three wine glasses to the sink, washed them and put them away, giving Barb the time to get everything ready. Ever since she was no longer on the pill, our nightly routine was for her to get our contraceptives ready on a small silver tray that she put on her night table before we got started. Making contraception part of our love making was something she read about in a girly-magazine and we both really liked it. It took what would have been a distraction and made it part of our foreplay.

Bedtime with Barbara

I knew she was ready for me when the bedroom light went out. In the darkened bedroom, Barb was already under the covers. I quickly undressed and joined her. I love the feeling of her naked body next to mine.

“Try not to make too much noise. Don’t want my sister to hear us.”

“Barb, she’s a big girl—I think she knows what we do in bed.”

I don’t know whether Barbara realized it, but thinking about Susan over-hearing us, was a turn-on for me. I was already thinking about spending the day with her on Friday. Besides, letting her hear me giving her sister a good fuck was one way of getting back for all her flirting and teasing.

I felt Barb’s hand hunting for my engorged penis.

Barb whispered, “Let’s go sweetheart, everything’s ready.”

And, thus began the foreplay that always began our nightly sessions. I was usually ready to go, but Barb would need about 10 minutes of kissing, fondling, and oral foreplay before she would be fully aroused. Tonight she was already wet when I touched her; she seemed anxious – kissing and touching me more than usual. She’d let me know she was ready, by handing me the plastic applicator—already filled with contraceptive foam. Now, after several months of practice, I quickly placed her contraceptive and handed the empty applicator back to her. She returned it to the tray; then sat up to apply my condom. Part of her preparations had been to removed the condom from its foil wrapper and orient it before placing it on the tray. All these little details were an important part of our nightly ritual and making birth control a seamless part of our lovemaking.

Having gotten me ready, she lay back down. I always gave her the choice of position.

“Sweetheart, how would you like it?”

“The way we did it the very first time. Do you remember?” she asked.

“You mean without a condom, with me pulling out just in time and squirting semen all over you?”

“No Robert, I mean the position.”

“Oh, the old standard – missionary – boy on top praying for forgiveness.”

“Don’t tease me … not tonight … I want tonight to be special.”


I pulled down the sheet and she spread her legs for me. I got on my knees ready and positioned myself for ‘missionary’—something we didn’t do very often these days. My favorite position was ‘scissors’ which allowed more leisurely love making and deeper penetration.

I felt her hand on my penis, just like that first time, as she guided me into her vagina. I slipped into her. But something was different. She felt smaller and tighter than I remembered. She must have sensed my surprise.

“… feel it?”


“That’s my other surprise. What do you think? How’s it feel?”

Between the new condom and her unexpected tightness, It felt like it was that first time.

“Oh, Barb. It’s gonna be a quick trip to the Magic Kingdom tonight.”

“And you’re gonna come like there’s no tomorrow. Consider tonight your special night—so just enjoy yourself.”

I started giving her some nice long strokes, enjoying the feeling of her vagina squeezing me.

Barb added, “I remember some pretty quick trips last summer when I started the pill. When you came it was like getting kicked by a mule. I hope I’m gonna feel you come like that tonight.”

Barb kept kissing and caressing me, telling me how good it felt and how much she wanted to feel me come. She raised her hips to help me penetrate deeper.


Between the ultra-sensitive condom, her tight pussy and her attentions, everything moved along quickly. Soon, I was humping away—the bed squeaking and her vagina was doing its work on me. With each thrust, she let out a little gasp. In the semi-darkness, I could see her watching me. Waiting for it. I closed my eyes and let her take me to heaven. My leg muscles began to stiffen and tremble, as I felt the semen filling the base of my penis.

“Barbara, I love you.”

With that, she knew what was about to happen – we had been here so many times before – she locked her lips on mine. For the next several seconds, the urge to ejaculate kept building. I continued to thrust — resisting the urge to ‘let go’ as long as I could. But, finally I enjoyed giving in to the inevitable. A final thrust as deep inside her as hard as I could—I held onto her trying to get still deeper as the orgasm swept over me like a summer thunder storm—

‘Uuugghh. Uuuugghhhh.”

I had already delivered my first and largest load of semen. A couple of more strong ejaculations followed—involuntary contractions about a second apart – just like clockwork. With each one, I exhaled her name, trying to push still deeper as I pumped my semen into her. The orgasms intensity abated as still weaker ejaculations finished delivering my semen into her.

When I finished, Barb whispered, “Yes, baby. That’s the way you useta come for me.”

I was still breathing hard and felt totally wiped out…ready to nod off.

“Oh, Barb. I haven’t come like that in a long time.”

“Feel good?”


“Good sweetheart. That’s what I wanted.”

Barbara continued kissing me and letting me recover. Even on a regular night, I rarely lasted long enough for us to come together. But, Barb could always count on me to make good with some cunnilingus.


“Sorry. I just need to rest for a minute.”

“Don’t worry about that. Just lie down along side me. OK? I want us to talk.”

Pillow Talk

I was relieved that she didn’t want me to eat her pussy. I didn’t have the energy. It felt good to lay down and rest. We lay facing each other, kissing—she stroking my hair and me lightly caressing her breasts.

“Barb, sweetheart, that was amazing?”

“Did it feel different?”



“Your vagina felt very…” I felt embarrassed to say the word.

“Tight. Is that the word your looking for?”

“Yeah. How did you do that?”

“It’s an old trick my mother taught me. I douched with a little-bit of alum when my sister was in the living room talk with you. It works quick and is very effective, don’t you think?”

“Oh god, Barbara. It was amazing. Why didn’t you ever do it before.”

“I was saving it for a special occasion.”

I asked, “So. What’s the occasion?”

But Barbara turned serious.

“Robert, my sister is here. You two are going to be here alone all day tomorrow and I know how she likes to tease you and lead you on.”

“Good lord! Are you jealous? Don’t worry. I can handle myself.”

“Robert, listen carefully. Tomorrow, I think she’s going to try to seduce you. So, I want you to be prepared.”

I was stunned. Barb had never spoken about her sister like this before.

“Barb. She would never do that. Besides, she’s going out with Dave. You and I were fucking like little bunnies by our last year in high-school. I’ll bet she and Dave are at it every day. So, by now he must be keeping her more than satisfied – maybe even a little bit sore. She’s not interested in me!”

“Well, maybe and maybe not. After I agreed to let her stay with us, I began to worry. That’s why I got our little presents on the way to work this morning. But, after talking with her tonight, I have a funny feeling I know what she is going to do. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I can’t help it. Anyway, I want to be sure, you’re ‘satisfied’ with the sex you’re getting ‘at home’.”

“Barbara. I love you. I’m not interested in anyone else.”

“Not that long ago, we would do it more than once every night.”

“Yeah. I remember.”

She continued, “Well, I’m in the mood. Feeling up to one more time?”

I felt I had no choice but to say, “Yes sweetheart, of course.”

“Good. I want to be sure I’ve taken care of you.” She lingered over the last words.

“Oh, Barb. You shouldn’t worry so much. Your sister’s teasing is harmless. She’d never do anything.”

In my mind, I had completely dismissed Barbara’s worries about Sue. I felt confident that I could control the situation and that I wasn’t interested in fooling around with her or anyone else.

“Well, go the the bathroom, get rid of that condom and clean yourself up.”

“OK. But first, I wanna make you come.”

She rolled onto her back as I scooched down between her legs. I gave her a round of cunnilingus, easily bring her to her usual rather vocal orgasm. When she was done, I’d crawled back up, under the covers to cuddle and get warm.

After a short cuddle, I said, “I’m ready for a little more. You still interested.”

“OK. First, I gotta pee.”

She made a quick trip to the bathroom. Years later, I learned that as she peed, she quietly filled the bulb-douche with water and rinsed the contraceptive foam from her vagina. She knew it was her fertile time. She had wanted to get pregnant for the last few months, but knew I would object. She had fantasized about how we might have ‘an accident’ – had actually tried and failed to entice me into unprotected sex several times when I had had a little too much to drink. Tonight she tingled with the hope that the combination of wine, fatigue and Susan-in-the-house would work. She had gotten everything ready.

When she got back, I went to the bathroom, to remove the condom and clean myself up. Meanwhile, Barb got out the lubricant she kept ready-for-use in an empty 2-oz ‘Pediatric Fleet Enema’ syringe. It made intercourse easier on the ‘dry days’ just before her period. But tonight, first a cotton handkerchief wrapped on her finger absorbed the water that had remained inside her from the douche. Then she inserted the tip of the syringe as far as she could and emptied the contents. It would naturally flow toward her opening. But, she also used her finger to spread it inside herself, as well as onto her labia. She wanted to be sure I would slip in easily when she was ready. Finally, she wiped her finger on the handkerchief and hastily put everything back in the night table drawer.

In the bathroom, when I saw the condom, I thought to myself, My god, I really did drop a load—even bigger than I thought. I wrapped the condom in a tissue and tossed it in the waste-basket. Barb and I had sex most nights and there were already more than a few tissue-wrapped used-condoms in the trash. What I didn’t notice was that one was missing. I washed myself with soap and warm water to be sure there would be no lingering semen anywhere on me. Then I carefully washed my hands. By the time I was done, I was already getting ready for round-two.

The bare wooden floor felt cold. Back in bed, Barb’s warmth was awaiting me. I snuggled against her and pulled the covers tight around us. Her eager hand found its way to my penis and went to work on me. Pushing me onto my back, she caressed and kissed my chest—slowly working her way down to where her hand was already busy. I knew right away what she was going to do. The last time Barbara did fellatio on me was when we were dating, not long before we had intercourse the first time. My first sex partner, Linda, had taught me what to expect from a really good blow-job. Let’s just say, Barb never disappointed me—she was really good. Someone other than me had taught her well. Back then, she encouraged me to come in her mouth—never gagging or spitting out my cum. Now, I felt her lips sliding down over my glans. Her technique was just as I remembered. If she wanted, she could have finished me off right then and there. But, that wasn’t her plan. She was just prepping me for what she really wanted.

It didn’t take long for her to get me rock-hard and dying to enter her. She crawled back up along side me – continuing lightly caress my penis, kiss me and making me wait. I expected her to put a fresh condom on me, but instead she rolled on her back and lifted her leg for me to enter her from the side – scissors position. I instinctively slid my right leg between hers just as we did when she was on the pill. Before I realized it, I had penetrated her. I felt wonderful, and it happened so quickly.

“Barb, no condom?”

She didn’t answer right away, letting me succumb to the feeling of being in her tight vagina. Then she finally said,

“Feels good. Doesn’t it.”

Of course it felt good and I assumed it felt good for her, too. I didn’t want to stop…she didn’t do anything to stop me…and soon I was too-far-gone to stop myself. This was my favorite position and she had wisely saved it for last. It would be a nice long slow fuck just like when she was on the pill.

I told myself, she’s got two doses of foam in her; it’s my second time tonight, surely not much semen left, and Barb thinks we are safe. It’ll be OK. Neither of us said anything more. She knew what she was doing. I unknowingly enjoyed our time in coitus.

I felt the texture of her alum-tightened vagina – I relaxed, enjoying the feeling of my building climax. I gently rubbed her clitoris while watching her facial expressions. When I felt my legs getting tense, I repeated the familiar words ‘Barbara, I love you’. She braced for my orgasm. In several seconds, I held myself deep inside her and ejaculated – three strong pulses of semen, then several more less intense and finally I relaxed again.

“Feel good?”


“Good. Just stay inside me.”

If her plan was to neuter me for Friday, I was sure she had succeeded. I was totally drained. It was nice laying alongside her, holding her in my arms. We were both totally exhausted. We hadn’t done a double in over a year. Then just before Barb dozed off, she said, “Sweetheart.”

“Yes, Barb.”

“Thank you for tonight. And, whatever happens tomorrow, I want you to know…I love you.”

I didn’t say anything, but cuddled close against her warm body. She continued,

“And, if something happens. Please. Don’t ever tell me.”

I soon fell into a deep, deep, satisfied sleep – completely unaware that my sperm was doing its job inside her. Barb and I would get the news in about 6 weeks.

In the morning, Barb took care of cleanup—washing the contraceptive applicator, disposing of the foil condom wrapper and cleaning the silver tray. Then she put everything away ready for us to use again—all while letting me sleep in. What an angel!