Her Black Side

My lovely little blonde haired wife Darcey and I have
been married for 15 years this September, and I suppose our married life
up to this point has been spent providing the best of
everything to our kids. I guess we kind of forgot about
each other over the years, as well as leaving behind
what was once a very satisfying sex life.

About a year ago Darcey found a copy of Penthouse
Letters that I’d stashed away years ago, it was in an
old box of stuff that I’d completely forgotten about.
After the kids had gone to bed one night, and much to
my delight she pulled it out from under our bed and
asked me if I’d read a couple of stories to her from
it. Not only shocked that she’d found the magazine, I
was turned on to no end that her and I had the
opportunity to be liniment for the first time in what
seemed like months.

As I somewhat nervously thumbed through the stories,
kind of reading the first paragraph or two of five or
six of them, Darcey asked me to go back to one in
particular and read it in it’s entirety. The story was
about a husband and wife who’d experienced there first
interracial experience, it involved the wife
uninhibited sex with a black man at a rest stop. The
story went on to describe how this middle-aged woman
lost all control and became a total slut for this
young, and obviously well hung black man, cumming more
times in a half an hour then she had cum in the
previous 25 years of her marriage.

Darcey was so turned on by me reading this story and
it’s details that she did something completely out of
character, she went down on me. She pulled the covers
back, pulled my shorts down, and began not only playing
with my hard cock, but sucking on it as well. She
hadn’t done anything like that for at least ten years,
and the shocking part was that she was rubbing her
pussy under her nightgown while she did it, which was
something that I’d never see her do, period.

As she sucked my dick I asked if she’d like to be
sucking on a big black dick like the woman in the
story. All she could do was moan, I could tell she
liked that, as she rubbing her wet pussy even harder. I
then told her that she’d love to be a whore for a big
black stud and do anything he wanted and beg for him to
fuck her with his big black dick, she began to cum like
I’d never seen her cum before, and by her own fingers
no less. After her waves of pleasure subsided, she
looked up at me and literally begged me to fuck her.
Her exact words were, “fuck me like a whore, fuck me
like you’re white whore.”

Needless to say, the sex that followed for the next
hour or so was some of the best we’d ever experienced
during our entire marriage. I’d never seen Darcey so
turned on, or cum so many times in all of our married
life. It became quite obvious that she had a turn-on,
and or a fantasy about being with a black man.

Over the next couple of months we shared and explored
this scenario many, many times. It only seemed to get
hotter and hotter each and ever time. I not only bought
more magazines that featured interracial stories, I
found a couple of web sites that dealt with them as
well. I even started renting, and buying interracial
porn movies that we watched after the kids had gone to
bed. It seemed the more I read to her, the more she
heard, and the more she saw of these black studs taking
white women the more obsessed she became. Our sex life
had never been better, we had gone from hopefully
having sex once every couple of months, to five or six
times a week.

I new what had finally awakened the woman inside my
wife, and I not only accepted it, I was completely
turned on by it. I wanted my wife to be well fucked by
a black stud as much as she did. We discussed it, we
fantasized about it, we played it, we did everything we
could other then taking the final leap and allowing her
to do it.

That is until about two months ago, our kids had gone
off to Darcey’s parents to spend their annual two weeks
during their summer break, and it was going to be just
her and I getting to spend some time together. We’d
talked about running naked around the house, and having
fun, which I knew included playing our new found
fantasy games.

We took the kids down to their grandparents house on
Saturday, and returned home on Sunday, we were both
tired from the whole deal that we ended up just going
to bed early on Sunday evening. Monday morning and the
week’s jobs and those responsibilities came way to
quickly. My day was filled with it’s usual things,
although somewhat slow, I managed to make it through. I
was looking forward to coming home and finding Darcey
there, and having a little fun of our own without
having to worry about the kids being around.

When I arrived home though, I was shocked beyond my
wildest dreams. Darcey was in the bathroom in front of
the mirror applying more make-up to her face then I’d
ever even imaged she could wear, I hardly recognized
her. Her long blonde hair was tightly pulled back into
a pony-tail. She wore a little cotton Corona skirt that
was so short it barely covered her ass, so short that
when she leaned over the sink to apply more make-up her
bare ass showed. She had a small little tube-top and no
bra that was three inches wide tops.

Darcey was never blessed by any means in the breast
department, but I k*d you not, there was all but
nothing covering what she did have to offer by that
skimpy little top she had on. Her make-up itself was
heavy, and she was applying it even heavier, bright red
lip-stick was the highlight. I then noticed the high-
heels she had on, they must have been at least six
inches high. You talk about the look of a total slut,
there isn’t a street walking whore that could have
looked any hotter then she did right then.

I honestly thought our evening was going to be just the
two of us, fantasizing and creating our same old
scenario about her and a well hung black guy. Our
innocent fantasy, the one that had so many times turned
her on, and satisfied the both of us. I guess I was

As I approached her she told me to back off, she said
to me that she was for black cock only, and that I
could watch, but I couldn’t touch. Dumbfounded, and
with a suddenly, and rapidly growing hard-on, I asked a
simple question. Is there something I need to know? She
said no, but it’s what you’re about to know, kissed me
on the cheek and headed for the door. When she got to
the door, she looked over her shoulder and asked me to
grab my keys because we’re going out.

I grabbed my keys and was right behind her in a
heartbeat. Once we got in our vehicle and backed out of
our driveway she told me to head towards the
interstate. Without saying a word I did exactly what
she said, although I kind of had a feeling what was
going to happen, I said nothing.

I finally asked her where we were headed, Darcey
grabbed my right hand, and told me that she was going
to live out her fantasy, and that we had about sixty
miles to go…