Posted an ad to host a couple and watch; It Worked

The ad reads: If you are a couple in need (MF, FF) of a friendly place to be together, and don’t mind someone watching you while you do it, I can host you during the morning or early afternoon hours. I can provide light refreshments, a comfortable house, DVD, TV, beds and shower. If you don’t want to spend money on a hotel, and like the idea of being watched, then please think about it. I will not get involved at all other then maybe some self-gratification which I can do clothed.

2 days later I get a response:

About your ad for hosting – I am a 35 year old man, and would like to bring a 30 year old woman over. We talked about it, and are interested in having you watch us.

I respond the same day:

I’m glad you responded. I am older than you, and would love to have you over. There will be no pressure at all.

We make arrangements for them to come over the next week Tues about 10am. The day arrives and I set out cheese, crackers, fruit and some drinks. There is a knock at the door, and I open it.

I say hello, and in walks a very professional looking couple, dressed in office clothes. He is about 5’10”, in OK shape wearing khaki pants and a button down shirt. She has black hair is a little heavy, and short wearing a skirt to her knees, and a white blouse. I show them to the couch, and I sit in a chair next to it.

They seem impressed by my little spread, and the guy right away starts to eat some crackers with cheese. We make some small talk about the weather and a local issue or two. While talking I see he places his hand on her thigh and rubs it lightly.

He then asks ‘So what happens next?’

‘Whatever you two want’, I answer. ‘I have never done this before, and honestly don’t know. It is all up to you.’ I smile at them, and take a drink of water. ‘You can pretend I am not here, or I can leave the room and stay over there.’ as I point to the doorway. ‘I will try and be as unnoticeable as possible.’ I feel my dick getting hard already.

‘This nicer than that crappy hotel’ She says as she leans forward and grabs some grapes. ‘Oh I wish we can have some wine, but I have to go back to work after.’

‘If you two want anything just ask, anything to make you more comfortable. I will do my best.’ I tell them.

‘No this is fine.’ he says as his hand now goes behind her to her back, and pulled her closer. ‘In fact it is perfect’ he says while looking right at her, and she at him. They share a long kiss. I can see that they are both in the right mood. They continue to kiss, and hug, while stroking each other’s backs. He falls backward a little, pulling her onto him. They continue to kiss, and his hand starts to rub her butt. I see she responds by kissing harder and pushing down on him. He rubs her whole ass, and start to pull up her dress a little at a time. I see she is not wearing stockings. He starts to kiss her neck, she make a small sigh as he keeps pulling up her dress. The dress gets to the top of her legs and she moves her mouth back to his. They break their kids and she looks at me then him and nods slightly. There mouths connect again and he pulls her skirt over her ass. I see she has black lace panties on and his hand goes right back to her ass.

I let out a small mmmmm sound. I hear her giggle and continue to kiss. She starts to kiss his neck she unbuttons his to few short buttons while riding his chest. Her skirt is still above her ass as she continues her downward path, kissing his chest, then belly, then getting to the top of his pants. She unbuckled his belt,, unbuttons the pants and pulls down the zipper. She looks over at me, smiles, and starts to pull down his pants and underwear. He lifts his butt, and his pants are down to his ankles, freeing his dick. Nothing special as far as dicks go, maybe 6 inches, but it does look very nice. She wraps her hand around it, stroke it up and down a few times, and then takes his whole dick in her mouth. She goes up and down slowly and then comes off it, looks at him, then back at me, and goes back to his dick. She gives it a ‘porn movie’ blowjob, not only for him to feel good, but for it to look good for me as well. She rubbed it all over her lips, licking it, and sucking it. He is so hard, as am I from watching it. I start to rub myself through my pants.

She looks over at me and says ‘You can take it out if you want’ and takes is dick enteriely into her mouth, slowly going back up. He moans in pleasure.

I take out my hard dick and start to stroke it.

She looks at it, smiles, and stands up. She then strips for me. I can see her partner is slowly jerking off as she is stripping too. She pulls off her panties, and bend over to give him some more head. She is giving me her ass to enjoy, and she bobs up and down on him.

She then steps onto the couch, and puts her pussy right in his face. He dives in and start to wiggle his face. I see his fingers go in and out of her while his face is buried in her pussy. I see her ass tighten several times while she moans. He takes one hand and grabs her ass, and pulls her to his face even tighter. I see a finger search for her asshole, and he sticks it in. Just then she says ‘I’m Cumming’ as her whole body trembles.

She slides away from him, and looks at me and winks.

She kisses him some more, and then lays herself down. ‘Fuck me’ she tells him.

He gets on top of her, and with one good push, thrusts into her. Both of them moan, and I do too at the sight. He starts to fuck her slowly at first, then harder.

‘Oh yes fuck her hard’ I say being so turn on, I cant help myself.

When they hear me, they start to fuck even harder. She is gasping on each thrust. He is fucking her so hard, the whole couch is sliding forward. I am jerking off so hard I am about to cum, when he pushes in, moans loudly, and I see his balls tighten up. She holds him with her legs as he empties into her. I start to cum too, and grab a towel next to me. I moan as he finishes in her. She looks over in time to see my dick spurt a few times.

He relaxes. She pushes him off her, and brings her hands to her dripping pussy. ‘ALMOST’ she yells a few times, as her fingers rub her clit. She pushes her butt off the couch ‘YYYYEEESSSSSS’ she screams, as she cums with two men watching her.

He gives her a big deep tongue kiss, and they hold each other for a minute. I can see the cum dripping out of her pussy by now. I hand them both a towel, ‘Thank you that was freaking hot!’

He looks over to her ‘She wanted someone to watch us for a while now, but didn’t know where to go. I saw your ad, and we decided to do it.’

They both wipe themselves off, and stay naked while each taking a big drink of water.

I start to zip myself up, and they start to get dressed. While getting dressed, she makes sure to bend over in front of me so I get another great view of her.

As they are getting up he turns to me and asks ‘Same time next week?’

She nods in agreement.

‘Of course!’ I tell them.

She walks up to me, and gives me a kiss on the cheek. ‘Thank you, that was incredible, next time cheer us on some more’

They walk out of my house. I have to jerk off 2 more times that day before my wife gets home from work.