House wife looking for love, finds the man of her wanton desires and dreams

As she walked into the bar, all eyes were on her. Her
tight, short, black skirt, with the hem, just about
mid-thigh, traced the form of her wanton body. And with
each step, the slit, to the side, gave way to the
tanned, well shaped lower limb.

The pink blouse, tight across her breast, gave the
invite to see, but not touch, till she was ready, and

Her hair pulled back, in a tight French braid, favored
her beautiful face. With just enough make-up, to
blossom her womanly stature. The lips, lightly painted
with a gloss pink covering, enhancing her kissable

As she sat at the bar, the bartender spoke, “Hi Vicki,
the usual?” This not her first time here, she nodded,
an approval.

Waiting for her drink, she scoped out the room, made
eye contact with no one, but made a mental note of one
man in the corner.

He, a big man, with a silver cowboy hat, cocked to one
side ever so slightly, made a mental note himself, of
this beautiful lady. The smile escaped his lips, before
he could control the involuntary reaction. Dam, she was

Her quick mind, encased his dress of the starched
shirt, and his jeans looked as if he had been melted
and poured in them. His legs crossed at the knees, she
could not help but notice his package. His cock ran
down the left side of his tight jeans, at least five
inches. God, she thought, if it were that big soft, how
big would it grow?

Sam, the bartender sat her Long Island Iced Tea, on a
coaster. As he did so, her lips parted as if to say
something, but before she could speak, “That’s mighty
strong drink for such a beautiful lady.” The stranger
spoke with a southern draw.

Her body trembled, her breath stopped, the crotch of
her panty became wet with her sweet nectar. My God, she
thought, I will have this man, before the night is
over. “Please join me.” Had she really said that?
Everyone in this bar knew her. Knew she was married,
had gone to school with a couple of them. She didn’t

He wasted no time, as he pulled up the bar stool,
tipped his hat to her, and again with the slow southern
draw, “I’m Carl, and I am going to be your lover
tonight and maybe, just maybe, for ever more.”

Dam, this man was sure of himself, I like that, raced
through her mind, as she grinned from ear to ear. He
sat close. Her knee grazed his starched jeans, and
stuck in place as if glued. Her eyes locked to his, the
reflection of her wanton desire of this man, shocked
her. Was that his, or her wanton desire to explore

“I like a man who knows what he wants, and if I have my
way, yes, you will have me tonight, and many more,
nights, and a few days also.” Her knees parted as she
spoke these words of her willing need. “If I may be so
bold, you have caused my panties to become very wet. I
do hope you like.” Her eyes lowered, pulling his with
hers. His eyes, feasted to her wet crotch, “I like, and
please be bold anytime you want.”

He grasped her hand, pulling her to her feet. Without a
word, he led her to the door. Again all eyes, locked to
her. Her hips swayed to the motion of bliss, knowing of
what was about to happen. She knew, this man could and
would put out the flames of passion, buried deep inside

He opened the door to his pick-up, never letting go of
her hand. Her skirt parted, as she placed her firm
bottom to the seat. He embraced her body, with strong
arms, pulling her close, her breast pressing his chest,
her breath stopped, as his lips touched her moist lips.
Her lips parted, her tongue, tasted his. As soon as the
kiss started, it stopped, leaving her breathless. He
walked to the driver’s side, opened the door, and with
one swift move, sat under the wheel. “Motel, or your

“Motel, I live to far from here, I need you now!” she
almost screamed.

Two blocks away, that seemed like two hundred miles for
her, he stopped the engine. He swung the door open, and
in a flash, he was opening the door for her. Again he
grasped his big hand in hers, and led her to the motel
door. The key went to the lock, the door opened. In the
corner, a small lamp guided them to the center of the
small room. She wrapped her arms around him, this time
she pulled him to her.

Their lips locked, her passion poured from her. His
hands went to work on her blouse. The black lace bra,
came into sight. The hard nipples, begging for freedom,
pushing against the fabric. She reached for the clasp,
freeing her breast. Her hands came to the back of his
head, guiding his hot mouth to her left nipple. His
tongue teased and tasted her willing flesh.

Her breath again stopped, her scream of “Harder, suck
harder!” filled the room with passion. Her hands went
to his belt buckle, released it, and shacking, snaked
her hand to his hard cock. The pre-cum, on the head
told of his desire of her. Her pussy, already drenched
with her nectar, flamed hotter liquid, into her

She walked him to the edge of the bed, pushed him down.
Sitting him to the level of her crotch. He wasted no
time in pushing her skirt above her hips. Her panties
wet with fluid, he moved the panty to one side, covered
her pussy with his mouth, and inhaled the aroma of her.
His tongue pierced the swollen lips of her pussy,
causing her to shiver. He swirled, he tasted her. Her
clit swelled, and in less than a minute her first
orgasm exploded.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, more, please more,” she screamed.


She grabbed his cock, now rock hard, and shoved him to
his back. She straddled him, holding his cock, looking
deep in his eyes, “Fuck me, fuck me hard and deep. Fuck
me, fill me with your cock. Cum in me… give me your

She rubbed the head in her wetness, her pussy sucking
for the head. She placed the head to the entrance, and
with a slow move, sank the entire shaft to a depth
never touched by any one. She sat with the cock deep in
her, letting her pussy get used to the size, she was
his from now on. Her stretched pussy, would and always,
be this man’s, no others.

Her hips rose, leaving half of this huge cock in her.
She sat back down, enjoying the feeling of being
filled, for the first time ever. Her hips, rose and
fell, rose and fell. The tempo growing faster, her
fluids pouring from her pussy, she was close. Now
begging, “Please cum in me, make me yours, NOW, CUM in
me, NOW!” As she reached the never before bliss of
what fucking should be.

His cock head enlarged, as the veins popped on the
sides of his enflamed fuck tool. Together, they
exploded, he filling her with hot, almost boiling
cream, as her pussy muscles gripping, milking, and
sucking his hot cum deep in her willing pussy.

She fell to his body, his arms pulling her to him, she
and he, knew there was a lot more to come, before this
night was over.

…as she rolled to her side, his cock never left her.
Their fluids leaked from her swollen pussy, filling the
air of the tiny motel room with the bitter, sweet smell
of hot pure sex. Her glazed over eyes, told volumes of
what had just happened. She tightened her arms around
this man from the south, pressing her hot body close.
Her hard nipples pierced, his flesh, marking his skin
of her desire.

“I have waited for you all my life, were the fuck have
you been?” she asked.

From the depth of his soul he spoke, “Looking for you.”

The tears formed in the corners of her eyes, as she
whispered, “Never leave me, I will be yours for ever.”

Their lips touched, more tender than before. The
passion now was of love, not just hot unyielding
fucking. Hands searched each, finding new areas of
flesh, burning, and tempting the feel for more.

The fingers of this man, traced her firm tight thighs,
to the junction of her swollen pussy lips. Inserting a
finger in the warmth of her to the first knuckle, the
fluids covered it with the hot remains of their
passion. His tongue, traveled slowly, tasting and
teasing her hot body. The closer he came to her pussy,
the harder her breathing came.

Her hips rose, inviting his experienced tongue to
devour her waiting pussy filled with the fluids of
boiling cream. The point of his tongue parted her
pussy, tasting the fluids. He drove it deep, wanting to
capture all. The smell was intoxicating. The taste was
sweet, and the pleasure she so deserved and needed was
his reward.

Her hips rose to meet the phallus of his invading hot
tongue, pulling, teasing, drinking the fluids as if his
life substance. Her moans of pleasure sparked the
increased speed of his taking her with his wanton

“OH GOD!” she screamed, “Eat my pussy, taste our cum!
Suck my clit, taste us!” Her hips rose greeting his
mouth with the flooding, of her fluids. Her hands
locked behind his head pulling him deeper into her
pussy. “OH GOD I’m cumming! Suck my clit harder! Drink
our cummmm…” her screams of pleasure, heard not to
him, from the pleasure his was receiving, giving to
her. Her legs now locked around his upper body, trying
to push his head into her swollen pussy. “OH FUCK, I’m
cumming, I’m cumming, OH GOD I love you…”

His tongue drove deep into her, pulling the fluids form
her. Her clit, stiff, from the teasing, throbbed and
arched for more attention. As her orgasm started, the
fluids poured into his mouth. He savored the sweet
thick juice that she produced for his waiting taste

Her screams became whispers as her orgasm slowed. Her
legs loosened from around his body. Her hands pulled
him to her, placing her lips to his, tasting her fluids
from his lips.

Her moans of approval, from the taste of her nectar,
sparked his cock to grow, and begin to leak a small
drop of pre-cum, from the opening. She snaked her hand
to the swelling cock, and with loving fingers, guided
the head to the entrance of her waiting pussy. Her
hips, rose slightly to take just the head into the
waiting entrance. “Fuck me hard and deep. Show me how
much you want my pussy, and my love.” She whispered to

He reached for her ankles, grasping them with strong
hands, looked into her eyes, and with one hard stroke,
drove his cock deep into her. She screamed, not of
pain, but of her yielding to this man. At that moment,
she not only gave her pussy to him, she gave her life,
to this man of her dreams.

He held the rock hard cock deep in her, wanting her to
know she was his. He twitched his cock, sending shock
waves of heated lust through her body. She moaned, her
breath quickened, she was his. He withdrew till just
the head was left, and with more force than the first
deep penetration, drove deeper. Her pussy, stretched,
and yearned for more. He withdrew, and again, the down
stroke seemed to go deeper than before.

Her hips began to respond. She met his strokes with
just as much force. She felt very inch, every b***d,
popping vein of his cock. The head, with every buried
stroke, pressed to her cervix, sending more fluids to
wrap around his cock. The fluids of her pussy, dripped
to the crack of ass, causing her heat to build. Their
pace quickened, to a fevered pitch of passion. His cock
head swelled, her pussy gripping, not letting his cock
escape her cave of heat.

“Cum in me… make me yours… fuck me hard…” she

Both were close, to the ultimate bliss of satisfaction.
His balls started vibrating with the anticipation of
the strongest orgasm of his life. Her eyes glazed, with
the knowing this was her lover for life. His cum,
started through his shaft. Her pussy gripped, and
pulled it to her.

“NOW! NOW!” she screamed, “CUM in me NOW! Fill me with
your cum!!”

His cock head swelled, the first projectile hit her
cervix, as if it were a bullet. Her pussy gripped and
milked the shaft, pulling his cum to her waiting womb.
Her legs locked his body in place, holding him deep in
her. The second ejaculation, stronger than the first,
shook her body. Her tears of happiness, streamed from
her beautiful eyes, telling him they would be one,

…he lightly pressed his thumb to the corner of her
left eye, slowly the tear dripped to the surface of the
thumb. He focused on the tear, as it lay peaceful on
his thumb. Raised it to his lips, and very gently
kissed it to the heart of his soul.

“These tears you weep, I will remember always of the
giving of your soul to me. These tears will be in my
heart, till you ask for them back. I will carry these
tears, in the safety of my heart, mind, body, and soul,
till we are just a grain of dust.” As he spoke these
words, both hearts opened, reaching for the life that
was meant to be from time beginning.

“I give you these tears to carry for me, to keep safe
in your heart, mind, body, and soul, until we are but a
grain of dust. I want no other, as I have found the man
who is not perfect in many ways, but the love we have
will over come, both our imperfect ways.”

His arms, encircled her warm and unyielding body,
pulling her to him. Her eyes closed, perhaps wanting to
remember this moment in their time. Perhaps, just
anticipating what was about to come.

Her arms wrapped around his back, pushing his chest to
her harden nipples. The nipples imprinting their,
wanting in his skin. In unison, hands traveling at a
snail’s pace, searched the distance to each. Breathing
increased, hearts skipped a beat, then raced fast. Her
skin became warm, from the b***d racing through out her
willing and wanton body. Her pussy, quivered and gushed
fluids, near boiling, as the lips swelled to the
thickness of desire.

His fingers felt the heat from her out pouring desire.
He rose to his knees, looking at her face. The beauty
of this lady, in her wanton need, was the most
beautiful thing he could have ever drea

med. The heat, the fluids pouring form her sex,
triggered his shaft to throb. This beautiful lady,
reached with her knowing hand, grasped his cock with a
firm and delicate touch, guiding the head to the
entrance of her flames. The pre-cum, on the head of
his cock, and with the fluids form her pussy, well
lubed the shaft of her desire. Her hips, quivered as
she circled his cock head around her waiting pussy,
gathering the fluids of both, preparing for the unison
of their bodies.

As he pressed forward, her eyes locked to his. The
unspoken words of her heart, told of this junction of
love that was to be shared with these two beings. The
head of his cock, sought the heat of her hot, wet, and
tight pussy, craving the depth, it would find in a few

He withdrew, and slowly with a motion that showed his
caring for her, pierced her to the depth, both needed
and craved. Her cervix welcomed the invading blunt head
of his cock. Her pussy, relaxed, released fluids, and
waited, for the journey of the release of his cream,
splashing her depths of womanhood.

Her breathing stopped as his cock left the confines of
tight pussy, not wanting it to leave her. The cock
stopped at the entrance, and then drove deep, again
hitting her cervix. Her breathing started, in an almost
painful breath of life. The welcomed cock head’s
flight, stopped, throbbed and then withdrew, back to
the entrance. This time the wait shorter, for the deep
penetration of his shaft slamming against her.

Her hips, rose to meet his decent, of the hard and
forceful cock. The inner muscles of her pussy, began
their flexing to bring him deeper. The tightness of her
pussy, marked the sides of his cock, branding the shat
of their love. The fluids, both producing, made the now
rapid intrusions more heavenly, and wanting. Her hips,
his thrusts, soon the birth giving fluid would unite
them as one.

“Fuck me! Harder! Fill me… I need your love…” these
words came with such ease, from her beautiful lips.

The words she spoke, built the flames of passion to
another height, as his cock buried deeper and harder
into this lady of beauty. His felt it start in his
toes. The building of an orgasm that he has saved just
for her.

“FUCK ME! FILL ME!!” she was close to the explosion of
her life.

“I need you so much… LOVE ME!!” almost begging him to
conquer her passion, and love.

His thrust faster, deeper, and harder, this gave him
the power to please her. His cock head swelling to the
first stage of ejaculation, so very close, but yet so
far away. He wanted this beautiful lady of passion, to
tell him when she wanted to feel his hot cum, buried
deep in her. His hands wrapped around her ankles,
spreading her magnificent thighs, watching his cock
bury in her pussy. As he withdrew, the fluids of her
pussy, coated his cock, causing it to shine.

She rose and with eyes wide, gazed at the sight of his
cock’s traveling in and out of her well fucked pussy.
Her hands rubbing her stiff nipples, her eyes begging
for release. “NOW! NOW! Fill me with your hot cum. GIVE
us a baby. Please NOW!!” she screamed.

Her pussy muscles gripped his cock tighter, milking his
shaft, pulling the waiting cum from his balls. His cock
head buried deep in her. The first spurt hit her
cervix, bouncing to the head of his shaft. Her scream,
“YES! FUCK ME! Give us a baby… cum in meeeeeeee! GOD
I LOVE YOU Carl.” Her breathing stopped, she gasped for
cum in meeeee…”

As the shaft splashed more cum to her, he slowed the
pace, wanting her to feel the love pouring into her
body from his. He would give her all, not holding any
back. They needed, wanted and deserved this.

He released her ankles, and fell to her body. Her arms
pulled him tight, her mouth to his ear. “Carl, I love
you.” Words that made his body tremble, his cock throb,
and his heart swell.