Peaceful Summer Night

Cool night air drifted through the open window, pleasantly chilling her warm, damp, freshly showered skin.
She stepped into the bedroom, wrapping her towel tightly around herself as she walked between her bed and the bathroom wall to the open window.
She stood before the window closing her eyes and breathing deeply of the clean air. The silence of the night was broken only by the chirping of the crickets in the surrounding fields and the occasional call of a night bird in the forest.
It’s so peaceful and quiet, Kristen thought. So much better than the city. I made the right call. Even Chelsea is starting to like it here.
A soft smile playing at the corners of her mouth as she replayed the events of the last six months.
Her generally calm, respectful, intelligent daughter had erupted at the decision to move out of the city.
Chelsea had thrown every cliche in the book at her mother. When they failed, she pleaded for enough time to graduate next year. Finally resorting to the “I will be eighteen by then and you can’t make me” tactic.
Eventually, the fit subsided. Chelsea finished her junior year of high school and celebrated her eighteenth birthday in the new house a week later.
In the month since, Chelsea had gotten a part time job, made a couple friends and settled in.
It’s going to be okay, Kristen assured herself, turning from the window.
She unwrapped the towel, dropping it on the floor with her sweat dampened workout clothes. She lifted her eyes, trying to find her pajamas, and caught her reflection in the full length mirror directly across the room.
Her blue eyes moved from her honey blonde curls to her small, pedicured feet as she approached the antique mirror.
Not bad, she thought as she looked at her reflection. No grey hair. No wrinkles. Not bad for thirty seven.
I still have pretty nice tits too, Kristen said to herself as she reached up and began fondling her c cup breasts. They may not be as high as they used to be but, they still feel good.
My nipples are still as eager as always, she thought, feeling them harden against her palm. She moved her hands and looked at her long, dusky pink nipples. She traced a finger around her areola and over the hard, sensitive tips of her nipples.
They aren’t all that’s eager, Kristen thought as a warmth spread between her legs.
Feeling a little naughty, and more aroused for feeling that way, Kristen began to slide her right hand down her stomach and over the smooth, hair free skin above her wet pussy.
She pulled her hand away from her pussy and let go of her tit as an idea formed in her mind.
Where did I put it, she asked herself as her eyes darted around the room.
Not the closet, she said, dismissing the huge, mostly bare space with a glance at the slightly open door. I think in there, she decided.
Feeling naughty and excited, Kristen hurried past the closet to the tall, white dresser. She opened the second drawer down and began digging through the stacks of seldom worn clothes.
There it is, she thought triumphantly as she pulled the light blue, silk nighty from the bottom of the pile.
She closed the drawer and, turning toward the bed, slipped the nighty over her head.
The silk felt cool and smooth as the garment fell into place against her bare skin.
Kristen felt even naughtier, sexier and more aroused as she looked down at herself.
The low cut, light blue material looked good against the smooth, creamy skin of her breasts. Her long, hard nipples stood out in stark relief against the thin, light silk. Below her breasts, the garment curved with her body, accentuating her hourglass figure and round butt before ending just high enough on her thighs to not show her ass cheeks.
I have to see, she thought, intending to go to the mirror.
A big, strong man’s hand clamped down on her mouth from behind, grinding her lips against her teeth and yanking her backward against him.
Kristen wanted to fight, wanted to scream, wanted to resist in any way but, her panic frozen body refused to obey her screaming and jumbled mind.
“You just be nice and calm,” said a deep, gravelly voice in her ear. “You do what I say, you and the cutie down the hall are going to come out alive. You don’t,” the voice trailed off and a silenced pistol slid into her vision.
Chelsea, her mind screamed.
“Understand me,” the voice growled as the barrel of the gun pressed hard against her head.
Chelsea, oh God Chelsea, her mind cried out as tears fell from her eyes. She nodded her head as vigorously as his hand would allow.
“Good, that’s good,” he said, returning to a softer tone. “I am going to let go of you. When I do, you just sit down on the bed real nice, got it?”
Kristen nodded again and felt him let her go cautiously.
She stepped forward, turned and sat on the bed feeling exposed in the skimpy nighty. She looked up at the strange man through tear streaked eyes.
His face was covered in, what looked to her like, a black goalie mask with some kind of mesh covering his eyes. He was tall and powerfully built, dwarfing her 5’2″.
“Now, you might get the idea to make a run for it. Before you do, think about the little cutie. There is a very small chance that I could miss you with a bullet if you were running but, being tied up like she is, I surely won’t miss her. Get me?”
“Yes,” Kristen muttered.
“Good, glad we understand each other. Now, I am going to ask some questions. You answer honestly. What is your name?”
“Kristen, nice, classic. You may call me, Leo. What is the cutie’s name?”
“Chelsea,” Kristen said through a sob.
“Chelsea your daughter?”
“Yes, are you going to hurt us,” Kristen burst out sobbing.
“I am asking the questions,” Leo growled. “How old are you and Chelsea?”
“I am thirty seven, she is only fifteen, please don’t,”
White light erupted in Kristen’s head as his left fist shot forward, connecting with her temple.
“I told you not to lie Kristen,” he said, pointing the gun menacingly. “I know she just turned eighteen. I know where you both work. I know where you both hang out. I know an awful lot. Now, apologize for lying.”
“I’m sorry I lied,” Kristen mumbled to her lap, her fear for herself and, more importantly, Chelsea growing deeper.
“Good. Now, who is the sexy little nighty for?”
“It’s, it’s for…me,” she stammered, resisting the urge to try for a police officer boyfriend lie.
“Yeah? Does it make you feel sexy,” Leo teased.
Kristen nodded her head, embarrassed.
“It makes you look sexy,” he said. “Stand up for me.”
“Please,” she pleaded, looking up at the black spots where his eyes should be. “I have a little money and some jewelry. It’s yours if you want but please, leave me and Chelsea alone?”
“I said stand up,” he growled, pointing the gun at her face.
Kristen stood up slowly, feeling the silk of her nighty rising and clinging to her body as she did.
“Money and jewelry,” he said, chuckling disdainfully.
Kristen dropped her arms to her sides and stood in front of him. She could feel his hidden eyes crawling over her body.
“Yes, very pretty,” he said. “Spin for me.”
Kristen turned as quickly as she felt safe turning, not wanting him out of sight.
“Much better than money and, jewelry can’t do this,” he said, gesturing at the front of his pants.
Kristen looked down at the bulge pushing against his jeans, it’s presence confirming her fear.
“Oh God please no,” she said in a mumbled, begging rush.
“How could I not,” Leo taunted. “Now, do what you were doing in the mirror.”
Kristen glanced up at the masked face in shock before dropping her gaze, embarrassed.
“Yeah, I watched it all,” he bragged. “See, I waited until you left for your run and let myself in the back door. By the way, the fake turtle statue isn’t very clever. Anyway, I came upstairs, tied up Chelsea and waited in that big, dark closet. Never thought I would get such a show but, I am not complaining.”
Kristen stared at her feet, tears of guilt and shame rolling down her cheeks. If I hadn’t left that damn key. If I had stopped to talk to my daughter.
“Now, do what you were doing in the mirror,” he commanded, taking a few steps backward in order to pull the wing back chair away from the wall. “Over the nighty will be fine for now. No need to rush things,” he added, sitting down in the crimson colored chair.
Kristen lowered her gaze to the floor, raised her trembling hands and cupped her breasts. Her nipples stabbed into her palms, harder from fear than she ever remembered from arousal but, utterly numb to her touch.
“When was the last time you had sex Kristen,” he asked, leaning back in the chair.
“Four years and three months,” she promptly replied.
“A sultry, sexy thing like you,” Leo said in shock. “In that time I bet you could have found a thousand men who would love to fuck you! Men of all ages! Your age, older. Hell, I bet you could fuck a hundred guys your daughter’s age if you wanted to be a cougar! So, why so long without dick?”
“That was when my husband died,” she replied, fighting back tears.
“Well, I’m sorry to hear that,” he said in mock sympathy. “Step closer,” he added, gesturing with the pistol.
Kristen stepped closer, doing her best, despite her fear and embarrassment, to act sexy and sensual.
“What was his name,” Leo asked.
“David,” she whispered as fresh, hot tears spilled from her eyes.
“Let’s get a hand a little lower,” he instructed.
She swallowed hard and f****d her right hand downward, feeling his gaze on the place where her extremely hard nipple pushed against the thin silk.
“Was he a big guy like me or a small guy,” Leo asked, switching the gun to his left hand.
“Big. Almost as big as you,” she replied, wishing he wouldn’t ask anything else about the subject.
“So, you like big guys,” he said enthusiastically. “That’s good for me,” he chuckled.
Kristen’s hand stopped trailing down the silk at the top of her slit.
“Rub yourself through the nighty,” he ordered, placing his right hand on the huge bulge in his jeans.
Kristen’s middle finger wrapped itself in silk as she pushed it between the lips of her bald pussy. She caressed her clit seductively despite how dry her slit was.
“Show me those titties,” he said thickly. “Stop rubbing them and pull your nighty down so I can see.”
Kristen pulled the top of her nighty down, exposing her breasts as she continued to rub at her dry, unaroused pussy.
“You have magnificent tits,” he said, sounding sincere. “But, those nipples! I have seen a lot of titties and the nipples on them but, I have only seen one set as long, suckable, abusable and sexy as yours,” he stated, rubbing the bulge of his cock a little faster.
Kristen flushed, embarrassed by her exposure and self conscious of her unusually long nipples.
“Lift up your nighty and show me your cunt,” he ordered.
Her flush deepening, Kristen slowly lifted the hem of her nighty. The silk slid up, exposing her smooth, bald pussy little by little, eventually exposing it completely.
“Open your legs,” Leo instructed. “I said show me your cunt and I meant all of it.”
Kristen complied, spreading her thighs apart, exposing her most private body part to the masked stranger.
“Damn,” he said appreciatively. “That’s a very pretty twat. Four years must regrow virginity,” he said, laughing.
Kristen looked down, taking note of how much harder he rubbed his cock.
“If your cunt is that pretty, I can’t wait to get a look at Chelsea’s,” he exclaimed.
“No, please,” Kristen begged. “You can do anything you want to me and I will do anything you say but, please, leave my daughter alone.”
“I will do anything I want to you, and your little girl, and the two of you will do anything I say or, I will do things that make you wish you had,” he said in menacing sincerity.
Not my little girl, Kristen pleaded silently. Not my shy, sweet girl.
“Now, here is what comes next,” Leo said, grabbing her attention. “You are going to go in the bathroom and pretty yourself up. Do your hair and makeup nice and sexy.
“You will be in there for twenty minutes. When I say come out, you better come out fast and sexy. If you try to come out early or come out not finished or too slow, I will hurt your daughter. Do you understand Kristen?”
“Yes,” she replied, fear for her daughter c*****g her words.
“Good, twenty minutes starts now,” he said.
Kristen walked quickly into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She turned, leaning an arm against the door, she buried her face in the crook of her elbow and sobbed silently.
Something thumped against the door, rattling the handle.
The chair from my vanity, she guessed. I’m most likely locked in, she thought. Unwilling to test the theory and risk Chelsea, Kristen began doing as he had instructed. She began gathering her makeup as the stereo in her bedroom came to life. Country music playing, Kristen focused on her task.
“Kristen, turn off the light and come out now,” he commanded through the door upon which she leaned.
Kristen moved as quickly as she could, flipping the light switch and pushing the door open.
Her eyes, accustomed to the brightness of the bathroom, where momentarily blind in the dimness of her candle lit bedroom.
“Chelsea,” she cried as her eyes adjusted enough to see her bound and gagged daughter.
The petite girl tried to cry out to her mother, the words becoming a meaningless squeal against the huge ball gag that stretched her jaw uncomfortably.
“Oh my God Chelsea,” Kristen said, sobbing as she dropped to her knees in front of her chair bound daughter.
“You did good in the bathroom,” he said to Kristen. “You look very sexy. Now, I will take the gag out of Chelsea’s mouth. You have ten minutes to do the same to her. Go,” he said, unwrapping the gag.
Kristen wasted no time, consoling her frightened daughter as she applied makeup and fixed the girl’s disheveled blonde curls.
“Not bad,” Leo said after ten minutes. “Now, I want you to look over there,” he said, gesturing to the bedroom door.
Kristen looked, after a moment, seeing the boards across the door. They where locked in.
“Just wanted you to be aware,” he said. “Now, Kristen, attached to the footboard of your bed are handcuffs. I want you in them.”
She hesitated only a moment, quickly recognizing the threat his hand on Chelsea implied.
Kristen sat on the bed and cuffed herself tightly, twisting to do so.
“Good,” Leo said. “Now, I’m going to untie you Chelsea and, while I do, you are going to answer a few questions. Mommy, would you like to tell her the rest?”
“Whatever he asks baby, tell him the truth. Please,” Kristen stressed to her daughter.
“Do you have a boyfriend Chelsea,” he asked, kneeling to begin releasing her ankles.
“No,” the girl replied softly.
“No,” he said in mock astonishment. “Pretty girl like you? Have you ever had a boyfriend?”
“Yeah, one,” she answered.
“Just one? So, have you ever had sex?”
“No,” the shy girl whispered.
“What have you done sexually with boys?”
“Tell him baby,” Kristen said, sending her daughter’s hesitation.
“Well, I kissed three different boys,” Chelsea began slowly, trying to be as honest as possible. “I let two touch my boobs,” she admitted, blushing. “And, I touched ones dick and let him touch my cunny lips,” she blurted. Her blush darkened as she shot embarrassed glances at her mother.
“Just your lips,” Leo asked. “He didn’t put his finger in your pussy?”
“No,” Chelsea replied, shaking her head.
“Have you ever had anything in your hole,” he asked.
“Yes,” she whispered, flexing and rubbing her now free hands.
Chelsea hesitated, shooting a glance at her mom.
“Tell him,” Kristen shouted, afraid of her getting hurt.
“I put my mom’s toy in me sometimes,” Chelsea muttered, her face turning scarlet.
“Go get it,” he instructed.
Chelsea rose stiffly and crossed the room to her mom’s night stand. She opened the drawer, pulled out the small, white vibrator and took it back to the big, masked stranger.
“That’s it,” he asked laughing. “This is barely big enough to pop your cherry! You are going to feel great,” he said, rubbing the massive bulge.
Fear crossed Chelsea’s face as his words sank in. Tears built in her eyes, spilling down her cheeks slowly.
“Take me,” Kristen cried. “Leave her alone and take me!”
Leo grabbed a handful of Chelsea’s hair and yanked the crying teens head back painfully.
“What did I tell you before,” he growled to Kristen. “You can help her do what I want or, I can hurt her and make her do it. Your choice Mommy,” he said, punctuating the threat by dragging the girl’s head back farther.
“Okay, I’ll cooperate,” Kristen agreed, unable to see her daughter in pain.
“Good,” he said, letting Chelsea go and coming to the bed. “It’s easier if you cooperate.”
Like magic, a key appeared in his hand. He unlocked Kristen’s cuffs.
Suddenly, Kristen noticed he wasn’t holding the gun. It was holstered on his hip, not easy to get but, it was a bit of hope.
Mother and daughter embraced as Leo sat back down in the wing back chair.
“Kristen, bring your daughter over here,” he instructed after a moment.
Hand in hand, they stood before him.
“Chelsea, I want to see you in your bra and panties,” he said. “Kristen, get her that way or I will.”
“It’s okay baby,” Kristen said to her scared, shy daughter. “See? I’m pretty much naked already.”
She pulled the girl’s t-shirt up and over her head, uncovering her petite upper body and a thickly padded pink bra.
“Half way there,” she said encouragingly as she helped her daughter pull down and, step out of, her white pajama shorts, exposing the girl’s white thong.
Kristen smiled at her embarrassed daughter, trying to be brave for her.
“Do you girls know how sexy you are,” Leo asked, letting his eyes play over them from behind his mask.
Mother and daughter shook their heads in unintentional unison.
“Well, I know,” he said, rubbing his palm down the length of his straining cock.
“Chelsea, come sit on my lap,” he instructed the girl.
The girl obeyed reluctantly, sitting down with her firm, round, barely covered ass on the hardness of his cock.
“That’s nice,” he said, lightly caressing her bare skin. “Kristen, undress for me.”
Kristen took a deep breath and began to slip out of her silk nighty, watching as the man who called himself Leo touched her little girl, slowly pushing his cock against her butt.
“Isn’t your mommy sexy,” he asked the girl on his lap.
“Yes,” she replied reluctantly.
“Now, it’s your turn to loose some clothes,” he said, unhooking her bra with one hand. “Take it off and show me your sexy little titties,” he instructed.
Chelsea slipped her bra off and, at his insistence, turned sideways on his lap.
“Oh my God,” he said in awe. “You have such nice little titties! And look, long nipples like your mommy.”
Kristen looked at her topless daughter. Her round, a cup tits were perky and firm and, topped with unusually long nipples.
Chelsea returned her mother’s gaze, for the first time actually looking at her mom’s breasts.
“Come here Kristen,” Leo commanded, running his hand up Chelsea’s petite body and covering her perky little tit with his big hand.
Kristen stepped closer, watching helplessly as the masked man groped her daughter.
“Touch each other’s tits,” he said, taking one of Kristen’s in his free hand. He rubbed his cock against Chelsea’s ass as he played with their tits.
It’s like playing with my boobies when I was thirteen, Kristen thought as she placed her hand on her daughter’s small, firm breast.
Chelsea put her hand on her mommy’s tit and began to rub. She had always been jealous of bigger chested girls and had secretly wondered what big boobs felt like.
“Kristen, show me your baby girl’s pussy,” Leo ordered, grabbing Chelsea’s other tit. He began gently rolling the girl’s long nipples between his fingers.
Kristen pulled her daughter’s panties off and coaxed her legs apart.
“Very fucking nice,” Leo said. “Kristen, look at your little girl’s cunt.”
Kristen looked between her daughter’s spread legs, right at her bald, puffy pussy.
Leo caressed the girl’s pussy lips, while her mother watched. Slowly, he slipped his finger into her slit, letting Kristen see her daughter’s fat cunt wrap itself around his big, molesting finger.
Chelsea tensed on his lap as he rubbed her dry slit.
“Okay girls, to the bed,” he ordered.
Once on the bed, Leo lay the girls on either side of him. His big, powerful hands grabbed and touched the blonde mother and daughter everywhere.
“Kristen, take my cock out,” he commanded.
Kristen moved down the bed and unzipped Leo’s jeans. She reached inside and pulled out his huge cock.
She starred at it for a moment, shocked not at the impressive size but, at the similarities between this cock and her late husband’s.
In size and shape, they were identical. The only differences being that, David wasn’t fully circumcised like this man and, the birthmark she had loved to kiss wasn’t above the stranger’s balls.
“Too big for you,” Leo teased.
“No,” Kristen answered.
“Was your boyfriends cock that big,” he asked Chelsea.
“Not even close,” she replied, starring at the impressive member.
“Go down there with your mommy,” he instructed the girl. “Kristen, show your daughter how to handle a real cock.”
“Give me your hand baby,” Kristen said to her daughter, taking the girl’s small hand and wrapping it around the shaft of his cock. “Rub up and down like I am,” she instructed.
“Kristen, show her how to suck cock,” he ordered, pulling the silenced pistol from it’s holster and aiming it at Chelsea’s head. “And keep in mind, you bite, I shoot. You squeeze my balls I shoot. You do anything but give me the best blowjob of your life, I shoot. Got it?”
“Yes,” she answered, angry and scared but, powerless.
“Watch mommy,” she said to her daughter as she opened her mouth wide and took his cock inside.
It had been years since she had sucked a cock but, after her jaw loosened, she realized she hadn’t forgotten how.
Despite the anger and fear, Kristen focused on the task at hand. She sucked, licked and, gagged on the stranger’s cock trying to get it over with.
Kristen was so focused, she didn’t notice how intently her daughter was watching. The girl’s curiosity and secret sex drive held far more power than her fear of the gun.
“Your little girl wants to try,” Leo said, noticing Chelsea’s stare.
Kristen pulled her mouth off his cock and looked at her daughter.
“Okay baby, just put it in your mouth and suck. Don’t rub your teeth and don’t bite down,” she instructed the girl.
This is so fucking wrong, Kristen thought, watching her daughter slowly wrap her mouth around a strange man’s massive dick.
She is a natural, Kristen thought as her daughter began giving a porn style blowjob.
“Make her swallow my cum,” Leo ordered Kristen as his cock pumped into Chelsea’s mouth.
“Swallow baby,” Kristen urged. “Don’t spit it out, swallow it like a good girl.”
Fuck me, Kristen thought. I just told my own daughter to swallow cum like a good girl.
You are also being raped, another voice said.
Kristen couldn’t argue that and pushed the thoughts away as she watched her daughter swallow her first mouthful of cum.
“Your little girl is a natural,” Leo said, unknowingly echoing Kristen’s thoughts.
Maybe he will be done now, she hoped.
Leo holstered the pistol and gestured his victims to him. Without warning, he reached between their legs, slipping his fingers between their pussy lips.
“Still a couple of dry cunts,” he remarked, continuing to rub them. “It won’t be very long before I’m ready to take a teenager’s virginity.”
Chelsea began to cry softly, understanding the threat in his words.
Leo pulled his hands back, smiling behind his mask. Either Kristen would get her daughter wet or, he would force his huge cock into her dry, virgin cunt. It was a win win situation for him.
He is going to r**e my daughter and there is nothing I can do, Kristen told herself. I can’t get the gun free fast enough, we couldn’t get out fast enough, he is going to take my baby girl’s virginity by r**e.
The only thing I can do for sure is make it less painful, she thought. Even if it is wrong.
“Chelsea, lay down baby,” Kristen instructed her daughter.
“Why mommy,” Chelsea asked, laying back slowly.
“Just lay down,” Kristen said firmly.
Chelsea lay back, her knees up and together, her perky little tits pointed at the ceiling, her blue eyes on her mother.
Kristen pushed her daughter’s legs apart and began moving between them.
“No mommy,” Chelsea cried, trying to close her legs. “You can’t do that! It’s wrong!”
“Baby, this man is going to r**e you,” Kristen said bluntly.
“I know mommy,” Chelsea replied, trying to be brave.
“If he does it while you are dry, it’s going to hurt a lot more. If I lick you, I can make you wet. It won’t hurt as much,” Kristen explained.
“I know all that,” Chelsea said. “It’s just, people say it’s wrong and,”
“I don’t care about people,” Kristen said, cutting her daughter off. “I care about you so, relax, forget about what is right or wrong and try to enjoy it,” she told her daughter. Like I am going to try and enjoy it, she added to herself.
Chelsea let her mom spread her legs and get between them.
Pretend it’s not your daughter, Kristen urged herself. Pretend that the pretty little pussy belongs to one of the girls David used to bring home. Hell, just focus on that plump, tight, bald, perfect little cunt.
Kristen felt her own pussy get warm as she slipped her tongue between the plump lips of her daughter’s pussy. She took her time, easing the girl into it. Her warm, wet tongue worked it’s way into the teen’s cunt little by little.
Kristen licked at the edge of her daughter’s hole then, licked up to her clit, lapping at the smooth little bud gently.
She looked up and directly into her little girl’s eyes as her tongue dipped into the opening of her hole.
Warm, slippery, sweet tasting liquid covered Kristen’s tongue as her daughter became horny while they looked at each other.
Kristen felt a growing wetness between her legs too as the combination of intimacy and naughtiness aroused her fiercely.
Kristen glanced sideways, her eyes going directly to Leo’s huge, hard cock.
“Get your tongue out of your daughter’s cunt you nasty whore,” he growled. “That hole is mine.”
Kristen moved reluctantly and lay beside her frightened daughter.
“Mommy,” the girl whispered.
“What baby,” Kristen asked.
“If I liked that, am I bad,” Chelsea asked nervously.
“Not any more bad than me,” Kristen replied smiling. “I liked it too.”
Leo positioned himself between Chelsea’s legs, lining his massive cock up to her small, virgin cunt.
Kristen wrapped her arms around her daughter, holding her as he thrust the head of his dick into her.
Chelsea tensed a little but, because of her mommy’s tongue, it didn’t hurt to much.
Kristen watched the big cock stretch her daughter’s little pussy, watched it work it’s way deeper and deeper into her.
Leo began to thrust in longer, harder strokes. He pulled his cock almost all the way out then, thrust it forward, slamming into the girl’s body hard enough to make her tiny tits jiggle.
Chelsea closed her eyes and let her body react. Let her pussy find the pleasure in the pounding r**e. She began moaning softly, shocking her mother.
Now is the time, a voice said in Kristen’s head as she watched both Chelsea and, more importantly, Leo loose themselves in the moment.
His gun is on the other side, she realized.
She thought fast and acted faster.
Kristen reached up quickly, grabbing Leo’s mask and ripping it off as he came in her daughter’s pussy.
“Oh my fucking God no,” she blurted as she recognized the face behind the mask.
“Daddy,” Chelsea questioned in a shocked scream.
“Hi girls,” he said as his massive cock finished pumping cum into his daughter’s cunt.
“You are,”
“Dead,” he said, finishing Kristen’s thought. “Well, legally,” he said, slipping his cock out of his daughter and crawling off of her.
“Daddy, how? Why,” Chelsea finally managed.
“I guess I can try to explain,” David said, putting his softening cock away. “There is a lot you girls never knew about me. You never knew about my illegal activities or connections. You never knew what I really did for a living and, you never knew about my family incest tradition.
“A little over four and a half years ago, some very bad people decided they wanted me, and my family, dead. At the same time, I had a beautiful daughter, blossoming into a beautiful and sexy woman. I had tried to leave my family tradition behind but, it became hard. So, with people wanting me dead and my needing to go, I faked my death.”
“You faked your death to protect the daughter you just raped,” Kristen screamed.
“It’s all I have thought about for years,” he said quietly. “Introducing you to my family’s taboo tradition. This was the only way I could make it happen.”
Kristen’s mind reeled with conflicting emotions. She wanted to scream, cry, k**l David and hug him.
“Daddy,” Chelsea said softly. “I’m glad you came back,” she said, throwing her arms around his neck and pressing her naked body against him.
The chaos in Kristen’s mind stilled suddenly as she stopped fighting the truth. She was glad he was back too and, she could get used to nights like this.