Jerking off on the other side of the fence

All I could think of by now was how soon before I would be able to go next door and fuck Jan. Having put on a show from my back yard and spurting at the fence were someone new was watching energized me even more. Jan later told me that her friend Alice who was watching my jackoff session talked non stop about what she had viewed and she even took her entire suit off, which I took notice of through the fence hole.

Alice also a mature bbw was now horny as hell and Jan found it amusing that after 2 summers of coming over and tanning only her tits. She was totally nude and had pulled her chair close to the fence hole and sunned. Alice was not as hairy as Jan and being a natural blonde her pussy hair had and almost transparent look to it, and she had much longer nipples.

I eventually made my way back over Jans that day and we sucked and fucked and layed in her bed for awhile. I could not keep my fingers out of her pussy and she layed back stroking her fingers through my hair a she talked about Alice and how turned on she was. Jan had said that she had once tried to make the move on her but she just showed no interest.

I told her that she could invite her back over and I could come over and clean the pool while they were laying out in there suits. After I was finished and made like I had left, I told Jan to tell Alice that I would often go home and jackoff next to the fence peeping on her. Jan told Alice that after I left she went nude would finger her pussy knowing that the pool boy was next door jacking off and wanted to fuck her badly, if only Alice new.

And that she should take her suit completely off. Alice was so eager I thought that when I was cleaning the pool she flashed her tit.
It was all I could do to not just instantly get hard, my mind was racing about the plan and show I would give Alice by having her catch me jacking off in Jans house looking out the living room window when she went to get them drinks.

I told Jan good by and put away her pool brush and headed back into the house as if I was leaving. I quickly went to the livingroom and stripped behind the curtains and looked out the window as naked Alice paced by the fence peering through the knot holes wait on my show. Jan told her to relax he wont disapoint us and that she would soon see me jacking and shoot my big load upclose soon.

I have always been a big cummer when I shoot, and this was a major plus as Jan told me, she always loved the taste and never could get enough. As I looked out the window and Alice was glued to the fence Jan stripped off her suit and jumped in and walked over to Alice and they both together tried peering through the same knot hole. Jan was leaning on Alice with her right tit on Alices back and a hand around her waist.

I thought for sure that Jan was going to grab her ass or even feel her pussy. It was a highy charged moment in my eyes and I was rock hard and waiting for Jan to ask Alice to get them some drinks. Alice was so excited and glued to the fence that she kept saying no and to wait until after the show. Jan was now back in the pool and she told Alice that she guarunteed that I would be out and she would get a really close up look.

So Alice asked Jan what she wanted to drink and headed into the house. I was positioned so that as Alice came in and went to the kitchen she would catch me looking out the window stroking my cock. Jan just swam around with a big smile on her face and even flicked her tongue at me a few times knowing what was to happen next. Alice came in and headed for the kitchen and just froze, I could see her from the corner of my eye and I was now furiously jacking looking out the window at Jan.

Without say a word she walked around the couch to me I turned and she just staired intently at me stroking and I was there, ready to blast my load, I was less than a foot from her and shot such and intense wad of cum it flew up and landed from her right nipple to her shoulder and the second and third shots hit her stomach. She did not say anything and did not even move, just staired at what I was doing.

It was the most sexually energized monment I had ever had up to that time and I thought I was going to pass out. Jan was now in the house and standing behind Alice who was licking the cum off of her fingers and had grabbed ahold of my now going limp cock. Jan walked up to Alice and put her lips to her cum covered nipple and began to suck it.

Alice said to me that she had never seen a man shot as far and as much cum in her life. Well being almost a man at that time made me feel good, and Jan told Alice that we planned this just for her and that she told her she would get a real close up view today of me jacking off and cumming.

We all sat on the couch Alice between Jan and I and Jan feeling and touching Alices tits as Alice stroked my now hardening cock. Jan suggested that we go to her bed were we all could spread out. I think I was actually drugg there by my dick and Alice leading the way. Once in the bedroom Alice told me to lay on my back and she began sucking my cock while Jan began kissing me and positioner her self so that I could play with her pussy and she could play with Alices pussy.

Alice spread her legs and Jan dove in and got sucked. Wow was all I could think, was this really happeneing and I soon was pumpming my cock in and out of Alice and she shook several times and panted and moaned so loud that it just excited me even more. Jan finished Alice off by licking my cum from her pussy and I watched them kiss for awhile then went home. After my parents got home and we had dinner I went next door for desert with Jan.