Lost in thoughts

I was idly gazing out of the bus window. People were rushing along this busy street. Rush hour, one of the worst times to be on the bus and I was looking forward to get home.

Shower, food, start the new book I found at the charity shop and maybe call David.

It was weird how he had changed me, my life. Just two days ago I had been at his place, spent a whole weekend with him in fact, and I already missed him.

Just as I was thinking of him the bus pulled up at a stop. People were getting off, others queuing to get on. As my gaze focussed I realized I was looking directly at the crotch of some guy. Faded jeans, tight fitting an leaving not much to imagination. Maybe the size it would be, when it got hard. I smiled, felt the familiar twang of longing rush through me. Willingly I looked away, only to look at his hands. Long, slender fingers, able to … I shook my head, still smiling.

Fingers on my body, inside me.

David, his fingers deep inside me, pushing slowly while his thumb rubbed my sensitive clit. His tongue playing with my lips, then the other lips, the nipples. His hands gripping my ass tight while I sat on the counter, him buried deep inside me, coming deep inside me.

Home, shower as cold as possible. I stepped out of the memories only to realize that I had missed my stop. This had never happened before and I pressed the button, grabbed my bag and squeezed past the other commuters.

What was happening to me? We had fucked nearly the whole weekend but I was horny as fuck – again. Or still?

Cursing I rolled a fag as I made my longer way home. This had never happened before. But I had never been with a guy like him before.

The flat I shared with three other guys seemed empty. Quickly I undressed in my room and got a towel. For a long time I just let the cool water wash over my body. Finally I started to wash my long hair. Hot dogs? Order a Pizza? Did I have some pies in the fridge? Somehow I didn’t feel that hungry any more. Skipping food was always an option.

While I dried myself off I sighed. I would just start reading now and fix something to eat later on. “You’re such an addict”, I murmured and laughed a little laugh. Only wrapped in the towel I went back to my room, grabbed the book snuggled against the top of my bed and started reading.

Usually I get wrapped up in a book, get lost in it, am dead to the real world. On one occasion I even had read the whole night even though I had an exam the next day. But not today. Today my mind kept wandering back to the last weekend. I noticed and tried to concentrate again. But I could nearly feel his tongue circling my nipple. Only when I tried to reread the last paragraph I realized that I could feel it. Really feel it. But it was my finger, idly circling my now hard nipple.

Groaning I tossed the book aside. Lying down on the bed I closed my eyes. Slowly I let my hand run over my naked body. My skin felt soft to the touch, still wet were my long wet hair had been.

What did he see in me? Even with my slender hands I could cover my small tits. Which I did now. The warmth of my palms against my sensitive nipples. I rubbed them, let my hands travel further down. All over my flat stomach, slow, tentative. Further down over the prominent hip bones my thighs, and up again. Just like his hands had done. Fingers running over my crotch. I felt the heat, a longing, the stubbles since I had not shaved since Sunday.

Longingly I ran a finger over my pussy lips, parted them slowly. They spread so easily, nearly without effort. Even though I had showered not long ago I was wet. Exploring the soft wet flesh with my fingers made me sigh. Oh fuck, this felt so good. Teasing myself I led one finger slide up and down, from the entrance of my greedy cunt to my sensitive clit and back again. I imagined to be my fingers his tongue, teasing me, tasting me, licking up my freely flowing juices.

Sighing I spread my legs further apart. Somehow it did not feel right. His fingers then, touching me, exploring. Slowly, all by himself one of my fingers slid inside me. The other one circled my clit, softly, building up the tension.

In an out, deeper. A second finger followed. I moaned softly as I pulled them out again followed the trail of my wetness. I was so horny. Biting on my lip I rubbed my clit harder, just a bit. How I loved that. All I wanted… needed… now was to be fucked. I longed for his touch, his cock.

I was leaking. All the way down to my ass. Without thinking my fingers circled around my asshole. I moaned again as my index finger slid inside. The second finger followed and I started to fuck my ass. Slowly at first, gentle picking up speed as I rubbed my clit even harder and faster.

It did not take long for me to come. All thoughts ceased as I lay there, panting, satisfied. At least for now.

I woke with a start, pulling my fingers out of my ass. My crotch was sticky from my juices. So were my fingers. Damn I had needed that. And to hell with ‘we meet once a month’.

Smiling I reached for my phone, called David. “Hiya, what are your plans for the weekend?”

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