Lana’s Lust

“Ah-Augh!” A feminine voice cries out, moaning loudly over a rhythmic clapping. Her eyebrows knit together as waves of pleasure flows from her sore muscles and throbbing pussy, overlapping the pain of sore muscles all over her body. Surrounding her are four older gentlemen resurrecting her sex life, something that died years ago. She thanks

Ass to mouth

She stripped naked. Becky turned the shower on and looked in the mirror at her nude curves before stepping in the shower. Tonight was the big game for her beloved Cougars. Where she slept was decked out in school colors: red and white. She left the shower curtain open. She was kind of in a

My Brother’s in Law

I was always a popular and beautiful girl. I’m not saying that out of conceit just out of fact. My parents started entering me in beauty pageants when I was 10. My most recent accomplishment was coming in 2nd in the Miss Teen USA competition in my state. Just getting ready to turn 18 next

The Swedish Farm Girls

I had had a great two weeks backpacking around Europe, but seeing how I had gone through my money much faster than anticipated, it looked like I would have to cut my trip well short of the month I had planned. However, just outside of Stockholm, traveling toward Germany, the train passed through a small

If I Was Your Girlfriend

Maybe it was the party, maybe it was the trash-can punch, who knows, maybe I had just finally truly come to grips with my sexuality, but that night with Wayne will always seem fresh in my mind. I remember it almost everyday, bringing up every detail and refreshing it in my mind, so that it