Just a short erotic story

My on air Greek Goddess hadn’t been around much lately busy with her on air duties plus being with her family I know not to bother her she’ll get in touch with me. Last night I’m sitting home my phone rings it’s my goddess… sorry I haven’t been around I’ve been really busy that’s ok

So from now would you pleasure your husband’s small organ with your mouth?

Boredom was my biggest enemy, my nemesis I would say. I spent most of my time battling this foe that crept up everyday as sure as the sun rose. I soaped my body twice and brushed my teeth until I couldn’t hold the foam any longer. I cursed that my sleep no longer cradled me

Dog-Style Wives 2.

Because Cassandra had vacationed with a friend the previous summer — the first summer Harp Lake was used by its new owners — she had been there only on weekends during the fall and spring, and she knew little of the property. Thus she was able to enjoy the mysterious side trip as a genuine

The Sinner Auntie

“Delayed!” Mom said, disgustedly while scanning the arrival board. “Just like her to make me have to wait around longer.” “I don’t think Auntie Sin did that, Mom,” I told her from my spot on the end of the bench. Peering around dad, she pointed at me, “Your aunt’s name is Sinclair”. “She always says

Samantha the HR Whore

Samantha stared blankly at the trade magazine in her lap, the words swimming randomly in front of her eyes like drops of rain rolling up a windshield coated with Rain-X. She hated these late-night conference calls with the Hong Kong office. They were so unproductive lately. Everyone was still nervous about the Chinese. Not that

It was shameful that a pretty cunt

If you were to ask Frank Kazarra what he thought about the building, ten to one he’d say “Magnifico!” But he’s biased! He not only owns it, he also built it. The six-story edifice is on the corner of Classic Place and Manor Avenue. It is officially called The Kazarra Apartments but the tenants refer

Beast humping

In the course of history, bestial practices have not only been a private pastime but in various places and times have played a part in religious rituals, witchcraft rites, and public spectacles for the titillation of the masses. It is hardly surprising that the ancient Romans who made a arena spectacle out of everything from

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