Magd in the basement

This story fell in the summer with me, there is a gypsy girl in the street I’ve been watching for a long time, but not because she’s so beautiful, but because she has a big cud and tells her it’s easy to fuck her. They told me that once he had gone through the thrill of 6 people in a row for a couple of wives. I wondered when there was no one at home, then he was passing through something! But why am I cursing? I figured I’d say come over the cellar, I’ll give you a thousand and a couple of liters of wine for sure. I wait until it’s out on the street, so I’ve been drinking half a liter of encouragement. I went there, told her what I wanted, she came across did not have to say twice! Even when it was clean, my dick got up from her tubs, and her head was so ugly that coal was coming from the mine. Like your pet’s, that’s just a big deal! I told her she did not have to worry and ask for a drink. Of course I did ask him to do it properly, I knew she was drinking all the time. I started doing well and liked it, and I’ve been watching for a long time. He asked: Do you want to fuck what? I told her that yes but that secret would not tell anyone. He told me to bitch him if I gave him my necklace, my bracelet, but I did not bend into his mouth, literally he said that. I took my chain, it was silver, I say so much this big bud. I begin to grab her breasts, get into her pants, and finger the lizard. I sat down in the chair, took off his shirt, and I took the pipes, licked it all. I took my dick and started barking her breasts. I asked leszopjalak? I pushed her mouth and her breasts in turn, in the chair, as long as I did not let goose on her chest. I wiped it with a cloth. You say that you did not bother, I’ll tell him next time. You’ve been through it every week very cheap, but the best bitch!

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