Morning Orgasms

In her final dream of the night, Kate was enveloped in warmth and
security. She was longer worried about the flashes of personal tragedy or
fear that had run their course during dreams earlier that night. Those
dreams, now forgotten, had given way to a sense of well-being, of
belonging. Her brain was rising toward consciousness feeling needed,
wanted and relieved. A good night, at the end.

She stirred slightly and, before opening her eyes, realized that she’d
been sleeping in Warren’s arms, her back pressed against his chest and
stomach, his left arm curled around her across her chest, where her own
left hand held it close. He was already awake and, eyes still closed, she
smiled and moved her head as she felt him kiss the back of her neck. She
could also tell that he was awake because wedged up against her ass, she
could tell that he was… well, er, awake.

He moved his right arm around between them, and as he continued to kiss
her neck, he began to softly rub her back. Not knead, just slowly,
smoothly stroking her shoulder blades, then down to the small of her back.
Large, strong but surprisingly soft hands moving slowly and warmly over
her equally warm skin. Circles, here and then there. As his mouth kissed
its way across the sides and nape of her neck, she kept her eyes closed,
smiling and feeling his right hand moved down to rub her ass while the
warm left hand, long nestled against her breasts, began to caress them.
She kept her own left hand over his as he caressed her breasts and
nipples. Fingers moved over her nipples, rubbing, pressing, pinching.

The warm, strong hand continued rubbing her ass, fingers occasionally
slipping between her ass cheeks. She moved slightly against him, pressing
her ass against his hand. His left hand moved down past her breasts,
across her stomach and over her pussy. His fingers slid into her pubic
hair and his hand rested outside, cupping her warm, slightly moist cunt.
She gasped and tried to move herself even closer to him. He pressed his
hand over and against her mound, slowly rotating. She squirmed and spread
her legs, moving her left leg up and over his.

As his right hand continued to rub her ass and the fingers of his left
hand pressed and moved the lips of her pussy between them, Kate felt
Warren’s hard cock sliding slowly back and forth over and through her ass
cheeks. She could feel his breathing becoming labored and his hips

Warren’s hand left her pussy and reached over to the night table, grabbed
the bottle of Charlie Sunshine oil and oozed a glob onto his hand. First,
he took the oil behind her and rubbed a generous dose onto his cock. Then
he returned his left hand to her pussy and began to run his oiled fingers
over her lips, fingertips slipping briefly between them.

Kate reached up and used her right hand to caress her breasts while her
left reached behind her to rub his side. She began to moan as his oiled
fingers found her clit and circled it. She could feel his hot breath on
her neck and ear as he moved himself around until his cock could reach her
pussy. He slid the tip of his cock inside her as his fingers continued to
massage her clit.

Kate pushed herself back against Warren and her left arm reached as far
back as she could to grab him. His cock slid in and out of her as his
fingers strummed her clit. She squirmed against him and found herself
with her mouth open, panting as her pelvis began to shiver, her nipples
hard and her body flush. She felt the urgency of his fucking and his
trembling hand on her clit. She mover her left hand back over his,
feeling the movement of his hand beneath, over her pussy. He moved his
right arm around her to hold her as she cried out and began to arch her
back against him.

Kate’s head snapped back and she came as his thrusts became desperate, he
groaned out her name and his body joined hers in a quivering sweat. His
cum overflowed the shallow penetration of her pussy, leaving his fingers,
her hand and stomach wet with sex.

He brought his wet hand back up to her breasts and they held each other as
close as they could, still moving against each other; warm sweaty bodies.

After a few minutes of quiet purring and cuddling, she moved around to
half face him.

“You don’t have an early meeting, do you?” he said.

“It’s Saturday, oatmealbrain,” she answered, chuckling.

“Oh yeah,” he smiled, and held her just a little bit closer.