The Fuck Me Suit

It’s been less than a year since I’ve been married to my wife. Before we got hitched, she bought this blue jacket with matching skirt for work activities that required a more professional look. I was with her when she bought it, and I remember thinking that it made her look sexy. But I had

Morning Orgasms

In her final dream of the night, Kate was enveloped in warmth and security. She was longer worried about the flashes of personal tragedy or fear that had run their course during dreams earlier that night. Those dreams, now forgotten, had given way to a sense of well-being, of belonging. Her brain was rising toward

I Shared My Wife – Erotic shorts part 1.

Nicolette had a strict upbringing although she still had her fare share of boyfriends with 1 being a long term relationship. Her parents are of Southern European background giving her lovely coffee colored skin, sultry sexy looks, stands 5’5′ tall, lovely round shaped breasts round size 32 with a then size 10 body, she could