Mother in law gives me a hand

My wife Jane told me at breakfast, “Mom needs to stay here for a month, so that the upgrades to her new house can be done. It was supposed to have been done before she took possession, but some dummy screwed up the dates. I took the liberty of inviting her to stay here for the month, I hope you don’t mind.”

I smiled and replied, “Not at all baby, your Mom is welcome anytime.”

Jane smiled back, and said, “A lot of guys hate being around the mother-in-law, but not you. So nice that you and her can get along so well.”

I was looking forward to it, Dianne, my mother in law is 40 years old, her face is a peaches and cream complexion, smooth, unblemished, when Jane and her are standing together, it would be easy to mistake her Mom for a slightly older sister, even though Jane is 20, half her Mom’s age. Her shape is sexy as all hell, her zaftig body is like a work of art. Not fat, or out of shape, but full-figured, with the curvy, voluptuous shape that gets me the most. Hefty milk jugs, that make their presence known beneath her tops, and wild curvy hips, oh man. I had gotten a good look at her a few months ago, when we picked her up and went to the beach.

She stripped off her clothes, and uncovered a white bikini that made my cock take serious notice.

With the bikini scooping down so close to her pubic region, I wondered what kind of bush she was sporting. Or was she shaved bare and smooth, it looked like she could be. When she turned her backside to me, oh fuck, the way her bottoms made that awesome cleave right up between her cheeks, made me rock hard. I was glad I was not wearing anything less that fairly loose board shorts, so my cock could grow unrestricted, without it being visible. I had a feeling that she knew what she was doing to my cock, I saw a naughty glimmer in her eyes, she’d give me a smile as she displayed her body, and it seemed that she made sure to give me lots of time to feast my eyes on her awesome form. I wasn’t the only one, I saw several male’s heads turn her way, one was so enamored of staring at her that his girlfriend punched him hard on the arm, to get his attention back on her.

With that kind of eye candy to feast on, it made me think of the road warning signs, SLOW, CURVES AHEAD. If I was lucky enough to be between those curves, I would definitely take my time.

After a couple of hours, we took Dianne home. On the way back to our house, Jane told me to take the road that leads down to the river, it’s a nice, secluded spot, she had something for me.

When we stopped the car, Jane purred, “I am so horny baby, I need to suck that sexy cock of yours.”

My cock was still half hard from eyeing Dianne’s charms, and when Jane stripped off her sundress, the sight of her hot body, brought me up to full. Jane’s russet color hair hung to the middle of her back, her light gray eyes were shiny with lust. .She didn’t have her Mom’s big tits, but her 34B’s never failed to get me going. The dark pink nipples were stiffly erect, and the sight of her bare, smoothly waxed mound, damn that was sexy.

Jane led me down to the riverbank, she smiled, and turned to me, her hands reaching in, and letting out a purr of pleasure as she found what she was seeking. My shorts hit the ground, and Jane was on her knees, eager to suck me in.

Just before she took me in, she purred, “I’m gonna stroke my horny little cunt while I suck you sweetheart.”

Having the hot vision of Dianne still fresh in my mind kicked off a fantasy, and as Jane nursed at my prick, I imagined Dianne standing a few steps back and to Jane’s right, wearing that awesome bikini. She reached behind herself, tugging at where her top is tied up. It loosens, and she is ready to pull it off.

Dianne purrs, “Look at my tits.”

She hooks her fingers through the top straps, and slides it off and away. Her big milk jugs are free, holy fuck, big succulent mounds of tit flesh. She grinned, cupped her tits, caressing her nipples, mouthing “suck my tits” and then shook them at me. I imagined myself sucking and nipping those giant melons. In real life, my cock was fully extended, Jane’s hot mouth working me over. I can feel the vibrations of her purrs of pleasure, as she strokes her pussy in time with her mouth riding my pole.

In my fantasy, Dianne purrs, “Time to show you everything, look at my snatch.”

She undid the ties at the side of her bikini bottoms, letting them fall away. Oh fuck, I imagine she is just as bare and smoothly waxed as Jane.

“Jane and I got matching Brazilians, makes me feel so sexy to have my pussy hair free, I love it”, Dianne coos.

She grinned and humped her hips at me, and purred, “suck and fuck my cunt.”

I imagined myself on top of Dianne, fucking her wildly, sucking those giant melons and ramming that sexy looking bald pussy, feeling her tight, fiery cunt squeeze my throbbing prick, the imagined sound of Dianne’s grunts and squeals of pleasure as I drove it into her, oh fuck, I could feel a hot glut of cum gathering in my balls as Jane’s mouth travelled wetly up and down my surging prick.

Jane knew that I was getting close, her orgasm was also getting close, as she tightened her lips down, and gave me her “Milkmaid special.” I adore her sucking me while she plays with her horny fuckhole, she delivers the best suck job ever. Her lips tightly gripped my cock, her mouth sliding up and down my throbbing shaft. I imagined the grip of Jane’s lips was the gripping tightness of her Mom’s burning cunt. In my mind I could see it, Dianne’s legs wrapped around my waist, urging me on to go deep, as I slammed every bit of my surging cock up her fiery box, I reached the edge, my cock jerked and swelled up, and I was ready to blow.

In my fantasy, Dianne growls, “Yes lover man, let me have it, cream my cunt, give it to MEEEEEEE!”

My mind imagines her voice rising up to a shriek, and as my fantasy cock exploded inside Dianne’s hot, hungry cunt, squirting wildly, my throbbing cock exploded in real life, my spunk gushing into Jane’s eagerly sucking mouth. That did it, and Jane’s muffled squeals of pleasure around my cock announced the explosion of her orgasm, her mouth became the ultimate gripping tightness around my squirting cock. My cock pumped rapidly, she had to swallow twice as I fired a massive load into her mouth, as she eagerly drained every last drop out of me.

When Dianne arrived, she smiled as she saw us look, she had decided to dye her hair, and her blonde locks looked very sexy. She was wearing a silk blouse, a tan colored wrap-around skirt, and white stockings.

“They say blondes have more fun, so let’s see how much fun I can have!”

Jane likes to get noisy when we get down to it, so when we went to bed that night, the guest bedroom was a little too close for fucking. God, the sight of Dianne’s hot sexy shape under her clothes had kept me horny all day. Jane had taken an Ambien and was snoozing away. I needed some relief, and I went downstairs quietly, and into my Den. I had to stoke out the load that was making my balls ache, or I’d never get to sleep.

I went in, and got comfortable. Just as I wrapped my hand around my cock, the door opened and Dianne stepped in. Holy fuck, all she wore was a tight pink bustier that created one hell of a cleavage, helping make her awesome tits jut out, nipping in at her waist, emphasizing her hour glass figure, and a set of matching pink panties. She grinned and stood a step in front of me.

Dianne cooed, “Ummm, such a hard cock, I know I am the cause of that, and since I created that, I must take care of that! Let your mother-in-law do that for you!”

I watched, eyes wide as she knelt between my legs, and purred, “Now, get comfortable my dear son-in-law, I’m going to stroke that load right out of you!”

I stared, mesmerized, as she took position between my legs, squirted some baby oil unto my cock, and let her fingers spread the lube all over, making my prick glisten.

She looked into my eyes, grinned, and wrapping her fingers around my prick, started to stroke me. Oh fuck, I let my head loll back, letting out a moan of sheer pleasure as her hand shuttled up and down my prick.

“So hard, ummm, I love stroking a big hard cock. Bet you’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you sweetheart? Makes me feel so sexy, the way you couldn’t take your eyes off my bikini, at the beach. Think about fucking my sweet cunt, and spilling your load into my eager, hot pussy, while I stroke you.”

Gripping my prick tighter, she started to pump faster, smiling at the way my prick got harder.

“Imagine that I’m naked, horny, and I want a hard fucking. I move up over top of you. I look into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Ummm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy? I slide my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast, I want it now! I want you to cum for your Mom-in-law, feel my hand fucking your cock, milking at you the way my tight cunt would, and cum for me NOW!”

That took me over, and I was cumming, my cock erupting again and again, a shower of white, hot cum spilling out. She kept that grip, making me grunt and growl as she pumped out a huge gush of spunk, I was gasping for breath, it felt like I was going to pass out.

Dianne smiled at me as my cock started to slowly soften, releasing me from her grip. She ran a finger through one of the slick trails, then brought it to her mouth, sliding it in, sucking my cum off her finger.

She got up, smiled, and purred, “Same time tomorrow?”