Threesome with my sister in law

After Janette and her friend used me for their pleasure I decided it was time for some pay back. I arranged for her to come round one Saturday when no one else was in, telling her I had a special treat lined up. When she arrived I let her in, “What is this special treat?”

The Adventures of Rachel Roundheels, Teen Slutpuppy 1.

“I wish we’d been born sisters.” Jesse said, gently daubing ‘Watermelon Pink’ lipstick onto my pussylips. I was sitting on the edge of the bed in just an oversized T-shirt, legs spread wide, while she sat on the floor between them in just her panties, her face just inches away from my hole, decorating it.

My kinky cousin

I was sharing a room with Lisa. It was our family reunion and everyone was sharing bedrooms and beds and someone apparently decided Lisa and I would make fine roommates. Lisa is probably ten or so years younger than me; I’m in my late twenties. I actually didn’t mind too much. I like Lisa. She’s