It was a happy homecoming party. Steve had returned home after four years of traveling the less explored parts of the world. As a talented writer and photographer, he’d paid expenses by doing articles for magazines and other publications. He’d become a bit of a local celebrity. Plus, it was his twenty fifth birthday. He

A mother and her two daughters vacation together on a women’s-only tropical island

I disembark from the watercraft and get my bearings. I am standing on a long dock that juts out into the bay where our seaplane recently set down. The dock ends at a smooth white beach, beyond which is a tropical forest and a group of structures rising up among the vegetation. On the far

My Sister and Her Daughter

My sister Jennifer blindfolded me and drove me somewhere. In all our years of fucking, we surprise each other constantly. We went into a house, I think, and someone put a hood over my head to replace the blindfold. Then I was led downstairs and my hands were cuffed in leather restraints and my arms