I Was My Mom’s Lover

This story took place several years ago when I was of the tender age of eighteen. I swear that although I’ve used some poetic license to “entertain the reader” (ahem) the events described are absolutely true.I have had conflicting feelings of guilt and nostalgia ever since these events took place, and it has helped immensely

Grandpa and his goodgirl

My world was turned upside down. Grandma and Grandpa were here for the week, and I had to stay at home to spend quality time with them. It’s tough when your teen to take time out from your busy and important teenage duties. My parents decided to take a couple of days off just for

Why am I doing this?

Patricia was admiring her body. The mirror reflected a bombshell beauty. She was thirty-eight, but she still had it where it counted. At five feet and six inches, Patricia was a woman who had taken care of her body. After only one son, she still had perky and bouncy breasts, tight abs and an incredible

A Shameful Obsession

We just published a new book, called A Shameful Obsession (61 pages in print). It’s about the middle-aged headmaster of a village school who becomes obsessed by his new neighbour. There is plenty of voyeurism and fetish & power play in it. Dennis Hobson is the well-respected headmaster of the village school. Already in his

Fantasy Comes True

I was 21, my mum had a friend Ava, they had known each other since they were at school and they were pretty close. Ava was going through a hard time, her husband left her and was going through the divorce process. My mum had offered me to help Ava if she needed anything or

Family Gangbang

This story was written as an adult fantasy. Alois sipped his wine and watched with some amusement as his father sucked a boy’s cock. The boy sat on the table with his legs open, and Francois cupped his balls with his left hand, one finger of which was inserted in the boy’s anus. Alois remembered