My 21st birthday

It was my 21st birthday and I was getting sad. i had no one to celebrate with me because i have always been an introvert who went to school, work and then came home. my family lived several states away and they already called and sent me my gift. My only companion was M.M. and he told me he would be busy today but promised me a celebration later.

I showered, looked in the mirror and decided to go out by myself, even if it was at a restaurant or a bar, when suddenly my phone rang. Thinking it was a family member wishing me a happy birthday, i ignored it. I put on a black dress that was short from what i usually wear and 6 inch red heels. i had just finished my make-up when my phone rang again. i looked at it and saw that it was M.M.

Me: hello

him: thought you weren’t gonna answer. come over at 6, i have a surprise for you.

me: i…. i looked at the phone and saw he had already hung up. that’s basically how our relationship worked. he would call or come over when he had time and we would have sex or dinner or both.

i looked at my watch and saw it was 5:35. i called an uber and gave them the address. i got to M.M’s house at 6:07. i knocked and his friend Fred opened the door.

me: hey Fred, what are you doing here.

fred: i wouldn’t miss this party for anything.

me: party?

fred: yeah, we came to celebrate with you

M.M: let her in already will you?

i walked in and saw M.M standing with his other friend Jason and a woman I’ve never met.

M.M: baby, this is Nadia. shes a friend of ours. i believe you already know Jason and of course Fred.

i went over to Nadia and shyly shook her hand… nice to meet you i mumbled. i looked over at M.M feeling confused. “what’s going on here? i didnt know i was having a party”

M.M: ive been planning it for a while. let me explain, fred and jason and I like to share nadia and she wants to bring another woman into it. we spoke about it and decided you would be the best option.

i stood there dumbfounded but excited. M.M continued, fred especially has had a crush on you and he wants to see if all the things i told him about you are true. i know deep down there’s a feeak under the shy facade. i want to see if im right.

He looked over at Nadia who came over and started kissing me while gently removing my clothes. i had an urge to stop her since I’ve never kissed a woman but feeling her soft lips and warm tongue on mine made me close my eyes and savor it. The men took a seat and watched as Nadia then removed her own clothes and placed my hands on her breasts. instinctively, i begin to carees and gently pull on her nipples like M.M does to me. she moved us over to the couch across from where the men were sitting.

she put my on my bag and opened my legs. i started to feel embarrassed but allowed her to lift my hips and remove my thong. Once off, she went back up to my lips and kissed me with such passion that i felt i would faint. Then she started to kiss my neck, my ears and my collar bone. i heard a noise that i couldnt recognize until i realized that it was me moaning.

she got to my breasts and gently bit my nipples which made me moan again. she went from each breast giving them both special attention with her mouth and tongue. When she got to my stomach licking my belly button, i had my first orgasm that night. By the time her hands and mouth reached my pussy, there was a waterfall in between my legs.

M.M was great at eating pussy but he tended to rush it and use his tongue roughly. Nadia was the complete opposite. It felt like she was barely touching you while simultaneously touching the depths of your soul. it was one of those things that felt so good that you wanted it to stop but you could hear your lips begging her for more.

She ate me for what felt like an eternity while i squirted in her face twice. Each time i did, shed lick it up and moan like i was the most delicious thing she ever tasted. Then she got up and laid down and said, “my turn.” I got up on shaky legs and saw the men staring at us greedily. In my trance, i had forgotten they were there.

I had no time to be ashamed though because Nadia grabbed my hand and pulled me down on her to a kiss. i got to taste my juices and that almost made me climax again. she had me kiss her neck, guiding me and whispering encouraging words to me. i mimicked everything she did to me.

i kissed her neck, her cheeks, her collar bone, sucked on her breasts and her stomach. when i reached her pussy, i became nervous so i just licked her clit a few times getting used to it. She saw that i wasn’t going to take the initiative so she rolled me over on my back again and sat on my face.

i tried to push her off but she wouldn’t budge. i gave in and started lapping up her pussy and juices with my tongue while barely able to breathe. Meanwhile she was playing with my breasts as i squirted again.

finally, M.M came over and said, “now it’s own turn..