Tag teamed at a construction site

Over the course of a few months I would regularly meet a couple different guys at lunch time and depending on their schedule they would either fuck me in the booth or I would suck them dry.

Both were average guys in evryway. One a business man and the other a blue collar guy. Both I would say with a 7.7.5 in cock, neither shaved. I will call one of them Joe for the stories purpose. Joe was the blue collar type and his cock was like I said about 7-7.5 inches long but very thick and very big balls that didn’t hang much. He was also a little more aggressive than the other guy. The other guy was more sensitive and liked to be more gentle. I preferred Joe most days. Back then I communicated by secret email.

One day, I recieved an email from Joe asking if I was free that afternoon, that he wanted to meet. Joe is about 5’10 and about 190 pounds, dad bod type, almost black hair and a scruffy face. Not a bad looking guy. I got excited about the email and asked him in a return email if he wanted to meet back at the ABS and what time. He responded with a new location, a construction site at about 10 pm. This made me both excited and nervous at the same time. I spent the aternoon shaving and getting ready for a good breeding that night. About 30 minutes before I left I cleansed myself a few times and put my feminine lotion on with my g-string and I lubed my ass up.

When I arrived at the location it looked like a 7-8 story building that was under construction. I pulled up behind the only truck there and approached it, when I walked up to the window there was a note in the window telling me to get undress except my panties and to get on the construction elevator, and go to the top floor. I dropped my shorts and took off my tshirt and was standing there 50 feet from the road just in my g-string. My cock was hard as a rock and my heart was thumping. I started to walk across the lot to the elevator when a couple cars drove by, thankfully they didn’t see me.

I rode the elevator to the top and got off and saw a piece of paper with an arrow to the right. I turned right and I came out into the open and see Joe naked by the edge of the roof stroking his cock. he had a saw horse set up with a shipping blanket laid over it and on the roof was several shipping blankets piled up for me to kneel on. I walked over and didn’t say anything I just kneeled down and took his thick cock in my mouth. He let out a moan and put his hand on my head. I slowly sucked and ran my toungue all aroung his hard spongy head making him jerk back and then thrust forward in mouth. I continued for a few more minutes and all of a sudden I felt a third hand on my ass, and I jumped up and Joe started to laugh and told me to get back on my knees. He just looked at me and said surprise cumslut get back on your knees.

I did as I was told and took Joe back in my mouth and I saw the other guy stepped up next to Joe and was stroking his cock. As I was sucking Joe I could see this guy growing to over 8.5 inches and thicker than a red bull can, and really veiny. I took Joe out of my mouth and turned my head to this other guy and took his fat cock in my mouth. I could only get about half of it in my mouth so I swirled my tongue around his head over and over making him moan and grab onto my shoulders tightly. While I was sucking this unknown cock Joe walked around behind me and ripped my panties off me. Joe pulled me up from my hips and told me to bend over the sawhorse. I did as I was told . I placed the first sawhorse just above my cock and the second I moved into place under my chest. The unknown man told Joe to secure me, and that made my head go up and my eyes get big. I started to speak when I felt the unknown mans cock being shoved back in my mouth. He bagan to fuck my mouth while Joe tied my ankles to the legs of the sawhorse and the he tied my hands to the far opposite legs of the second saw horse. The whole time this massive cock is pumping my mouth with my eys watering and my throat making involuntary gagging sounds and drool everywhere.

Joe stood up and walked behind me, he started rubbing my ass cheeks and playing with my tight hole. Out of know where he smacks my ass hard making it red and burning. The unknown cock kept fucking my mouth as I tried to say ow. Then he spanked the other cheek a little harder, telling the other guy that my cheeks turned pink really easy and just as Joe said that the unknown guy leaned forward shoving his cock into my airway and spanking both cheeks at once. As he stood back up I tilted my head back gasping for air. Then he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock back into my mouth. This went on for another 10 minutes that I could tell. My ass cheeks were on fire and Joe hadn’t even touched my asshole yet. My cock was leaking precum like crazy and so desperatly needed a cock in my ass.

After about 10 minutes of being gaged with a massive cock and getting spanked. I felt Joe shove a finger in my ass without hesitation, I wasn’t ready for that and pulled my head back to grunt, and again this massive cock was shoved back into my mouth with the man behind the cock telling me to shut up and suck. After a minute or so Joe shoved two fingers in me and violently sawed them back and forth out of my tight hole, after a few minutes I was moaning in pleasure.

Joe took that as an opportunity to shove his cock into my ass like he has done multiple times before. This time he was much rougher on my than in the ABS. He grabbed my hips and fucked me as hard as he could. For sure if anyone were down on the ground below us they could hear my moaning and the slaps of his thighs on my ass. The unknown guy took Joe’s aggression as a sign and began to push harder into my mouth making me c***e and drool even more. After about 5 minutes Joe told the unknown guy to come try out my tight ass. All I heard is that it wouldn’t be tight when he was done.

The uother guy walks behind me and with no warning shoves his cock balls deep with one stroke, as he did I let out a very loud “OH FUCK” He laughed and began to fuck my tight ass as hard as he could and I could feel his balls hitting mine each time he bottom out in me. Joe must have been admiring the view because it took him a minute to shove his cock in mouth. I could taste the lube from my ass as he fucked my throat. After such a huge cock fucking my mouth I took Joe’s cock all the way to the base without and issue. Joe would hold his cock there for a few seconds and then pull out to let me breath and then plunge it back it in. They took turns fucking me over and over and over. I never had Joe last that long before, usually it was about 10 minutes and he was breeding me. I lost track of time as they took turns. My ass was on fire from the spanking and from being pummeled over and over.

Finally, I started begging them to cum in my boi pussy, I couldn’t take anymore. Both of them laughed at me and Joe gave me another hard shot to my ass cheek. The unknown guy took pity on my first. He stood behind me and slid right n my ass this time. He had worked it to a slight gaping hole now. He held my hips and began thrusting without mercy for what seemed like forever when I felt him push all the way in and start grunting like wild animal. After a minute or so he pulled his half hard cock out of my ass and all of his cum ran out of me and down my balls and leg. He walked around to my mouth and demanded me to clean him up. Seeing that I couldn’t move I had no choice. He shoved his half hard cock back in mouth, I could taste my own juices and his salty cum. I licked and sucked his cock clean like a good slut. When I finished he put his shorts on and left.

Joe turned back to me after the guy left and said its my turn now. He untied me and told me to lay on my back. I layed down on the blankets and Joe took one of the saw horses and placed it over my head and then tied my hands to back side again and pulled my legs back up tying them to the cross bar, exposing my now gaping hole and rosy ass cheeks. Joe looked at their handy work and told me it was his turn. Joe had unrestricted access to my ass with my legs and arms tied above my head. He kneeld down in front of me and slid his cock back in my ass slowly pumping in and out of me. I pleaded for him to cum in my ass that I couldn’t take anymore. He took his hands between my feet and pushed the sawhorse back lifting my ass just a little more and putting me in a very uncormfortable position. He began pumping my gaped ass as hard as he could with full strokes cause me to moan uncontrollably. After a few minutes he bottomed out in my and unleashed a flood deep in my ass. As he came he let a very loud moan and I wondered if anyone heard it. Like the other guy Joe stood up and came around to my head and shoved his half hard cock in my mouth and told me to clean him off. I could taste not just his cum but the other guys come and my ass juices. When I was done cleaning his cock he looked at me and told me to please myself if I wanted to cum. Then he stood up and put his clothes on and began to leave with me still tied up. I called out to him to untie me and his comment was that he didn’t tie me up very tight and to untie myself.

Now I am tied up with my arms and legs in the cool night air with the breeze hitting my gaped asshole trying to untie myself. Eventually, I untie myself and make it back to my car naked with cum pouring down my legs. Thankfully, I kept a towel in my car and sat on it and drove naked all the way home. When I met Joe it was about 10pm and what I thought was an hour or so was actually 2.5 to 3 hours. I could barely walk, and my legs were shaking all night. But wow what a fucking I took that night. I still jerk off to the memory of it now.

Thanks more to cum…