My Piano Teacher

When, I was 18 I got extremely interested in piano lessons. Well luck have it just across from my house was a piano teacher MS. Clapton and she was married to a man named Roger. I just called him Mr. Clapton out respect and I called Heather Ms. Clapton. MS. Clapton was a beautiful young woman in her 30’s nice brunette hair that fell to her shoulders, and she had very beautiful brown eyes. Ms. Clapton was 5’6 and was around 110-120 lbs she’s was absolutely stunning. I knew I had to get lessons from Heather after as for she was so beautiful I had to have something gorgeous to look at everyday. I ran home and asked me mom what she thought of me taking piano lesson with MS. Clapton that lived across the street. “Well son if that’s’ what you want go ahead. I’ll help pay for you lessons.” I told her that I was going to MS. Clapton’s house to ask her if she instruct me in piano. I ran across the street and rang the doorbell twice. Mr. Clapton opened the door and asked me “Yes, DJ how can I help you today?” Well, Mr. Clapton I was wondering if Ms. Clapton can give me some piano lessons this summer since I have nothing else to do with my time. “Well let’s go inside and just ask her if she can give lessons this summer.” Ms. Clapton I was wondering if you can give me lessons this summer? “Well I most certainly can give you lessons DJ.” I was so excited when Ms. Clapton said she accept me as one of her student. “We’ll start tomorrow with you lesson is that fine with you?” I told her that that was fine and that I was going to pay for the whole summer. I came the next day and could not wait until lessons started I wanted to gaze her beautiful body. I have lots thoughts of Heather for some time ever since I was 15 and started to get interested in women. Ms. Clapton tutored me all through out the summer and I enjoyed it all I fell in love with Ms. Clapton more and more everyday as she thought me lessons.

Well, it wasn’t too long until I was going to turn 18 and had to start living on my own, but I didn’t have any money so I decided I would join the U.S Army for a living so that’s what I did. I thought of Ms. Clapton while I was at FT. Benning which is where I went for basic. Good old Home Of The Infantry. Well Christmas break came and they let us go home for two weeks to be with our family. I couldn’t wait until I got back home to see my family and of course Ms. Clapton. I got home around 5 pm and I ran over to see Ms. Clapton my she was still as beautiful as ever. She was in the yard doing some yard work to me it seemed she was making some kind of garden for yard. Ms. Clapton now was 37 years old looked amazing with air blowing on her long brunette as it danced with the wind. Her long legs covered in the dirt that she was working in. The beautiful sun shinning on her beautiful face showed how beautiful she really was. I yelled Ms. Clapton how are you doing I’m home for Christmas Exodus. Ms. Clapton looked up and smiled and came running to me and gave me a big hug and I mean she squeezed me so tight that I felt her tits pressed upon my chest.

Ms. Clapton asked me “How have you been DJ missed teaching you is there any chance you can come over show how much you remember?” I said sure Ms. Clapton when can I come over? “Come back in about 30 minutes while I get washed up.” I ran home and ran to the bathroom to jerk off because the hug she gave me I could fell her tits and it gave me a hard on. I grabbed a Hustler magazine (I use to have about 30 of them gave them away though) looked the picture and jerked off and then went back to my room and set my alarm to make sure I was not late. I ran over to Ms. Clapton’s place and there was a note on the front door from Ms. Clapton. “Dear DJ, please use the back door and start playing me your favorite piano soon for me. Sincerely, Heather.” I ran to the back yard and opened the door and walked over to the piano and started playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” which is a very beautiful song and she taught me how to play it very well. “Is that you DJ Ms. Clapton said?” “Yes Ma’am I let myself in I read your note.” “Ok can you come back here I want to hear all about your boot camp experience. I said sure and went into her room I figure she was fully clothed by now, but for some reason her clothes was folded neatly next to the bath room door on the shelf. I figure that’s some clothes she wear for later and paid it no mind. I knock on the door and I hear Ms. Clapton say “Come on in Hun the door is open.” Well my suspicions were correct Ms. Clapton was not dressed she in a beach towel and she was drying her hair with one of the hair things. “Sit down DJ on the toilet and do tell me how boot camp is for you.” Well ma’am I said nervously it’s very demanding and the Drill Sergeant can be real dicks sometime.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. “I surely hope your ok with me wearing this beach towel around DJ.” I said yes ma’am your ok. I was hoping every second that her towel would fall off and give me a great view of her tits and pussy. Well it wasn’t long until that towel started to slide off slowly. I couldn’t believe this I am almost 19 years old and in a room with a beautiful 37 year old woman which whom had no kids and a husband who was never home for her. I was getting hard now with the thought that her towel was slipping and I would possibly get a view of her stunning body that I been dreaming of seeing for a very, very long time. I covered it up with my hand trying to hide and it happen her towel fell and I got a beautiful view of C+ size breast that was reflecting off the mirror in front of her. I was super hard now and had to hide it more then ever now, but it was too late she saw it. “Well, well what do we have her solider?” Umm um, um, um. “Relax, relax DJ its ok to tell you the truth I think this is a perfect thing that has happen here.” She bent down and grabbed my hand placed it upon her chest I was touching the breast of the woman I had wanted to see naked for almost 2 years now.

She looked at me with delight and said “Your not nervous are? I didn’t think soldiers get nervous over thing like this. “Also, what are you staring at Hun?” Ms. Clapton asked. I replied my um, um, um, um. “Wow are you going to just say um, um, um, um or you going to suck my tits?” That all the invitation I need so I leaned forward and flicked my tongue on her hard erected nipple. I then proceeded to lick her lovely tits and she let out a moan “You’re doing an excellent job.” I couldn’t take it much longer I came in my Hollister cargo shorts I was wearing. She looked at me and then at my short and gave me a look. How could she tell well I guess the older women can tell when things like this happen? I was so embarrassed that I had cum in my shorts in from of Ms. Clapton. “Give me your hand solider and come with me I have to clean up this mess you have made in your shorts there.” I took her hand I was beat red, but told me it was ok that things like this happen ever once in a while and that it was normal. She took me to the sink in the kitchen and told me that I had cum a lot and that it was everywhere in my shorts and that we would have to wash them. Well she looked at me and told me “Go to the couch and sit down and wait for me I walked across the house half naked with nothing on but a shirt.
Ms. Clapton came back in the living room and sat next to me and told me I had better be ready for my lesson for today a totally different lesson that didn’t involve the piano. “You’re still not a virgin are you soldier.” I said yes Ms. Clapton I am. “A young handsome guy like you still a virgin and please call me Heather.