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Go ahead, Touch it.

She sips her tepid coffee and reads the newspaper, trying to decide what to do after the bills are paid and some sort of dinner is prepared. The house echoes heavily with memories of past birthdays, some bright, some dark, all sharing the presence of other people. Making a face, she takes a marking pen

Officer Sherry, USMCR (FF/M blackmail anal/toy)

“Gin.” “Crap. You beat me again, Gunny.” “Sorry, sir.” “And don’t ‘sorry, sir’ me,” answered Sherry as she gathered up the cards for her deal. “You’re a marine. You are supposed to try to win.” The two were the only marines awake in the fighting vehicle as it was buffeted by the wind of another

Sue takes control (Femdom, strap-on)

Last weekend I sent an e-mail to Sue, my wife mentioning that it had been a long time since she had taken charge and used her strap-on dildo on me. I told her that if she was inclined, I would love for her to do it again. We bought her stap-on almost four years ago

Slut Wife Fantasy (MF, slut-wife)

I turn from the sink as I hear you come in the back door. “Hi Baby, did you have…” Your fingers on my lips silence me. You pull a chair out from the dining room table, placing one foot up on the seat, and take my hand. Turning my palm, you guide my hand to

Kinky Poolside Fantasy – by bonkgirl

Steve has been a constant feature of my fantasies virtually since I first met him. To actually say this out loud is embarrassing enough, but the burning flush of shameful guilt really starts to rise whenever I think of this next fantasy. It’s only a short one but it plays like its on endless loop

The Great Outdoor Sex

Margie couldn’t help but feel humiliation and degradation from the position she had been put in. And yet, she felt the juices seep out of her cunt and start trickling down her thighs. Obviously, a part of her thoroughly enjoyed this. Her Master had tied her arms tightly behind her back thrusting out her large

May Melissa please her Master?

Melissa and I were fighting again. Something that I was finding depressingly common. This time it was about Halloween. Sheila Wood, one of the women from her study group, had invited Melissa to a party on Halloween night and Melissa wanted me to come with her. Now I had nothing against Sheila, or any of

Bookgirl Downunder

The motor of the beast roared to life. A crunch and clunk of gears being selected and we suddenly lurched away from the curb, narrowly avoiding a collision as the large black vehicle dragging its carriage behind slipped into the procession of taxis and courtesy coaches filing past the front of the terminal building. We

M’Ress On The Plain

M’Ress, and I, out on the plain. I’m always so surprised at just how far we are from the rest of the Universe, from any other sentient being. Abornia plain, as we have named it, is a mere sector away from The Camp, again, as we have named it. That is still a distance farther

Animal Fantasy by Alex McGregor

This is about how I got interested in Animal sex. I am a lad in my late teens and I live in Northumberland (England). About 3 months ago while looking for Lesbian porn on the net a popup came on to the screen, saying do you want to see a mpeg of a woman getting

Girls Just Want to Have Cum

She couldn’t have stood closer to me if she were an Italian businessman. The top of her blonde head came to my nose, her sky blue eyes to my chin. I had to bend my head quite a bit to really see her face. Perfect white teeth framed by sexy pink lips smiled up at

Mystery Sexy-Lady (MF)

He had not known his lover long, but he did know that she was a very private and careful woman. He did not know where she lived or even whether she was married. All he knew was she was incredibly sexual and sensuous. Oh, he had been with younger and more beautiful women in his

Sexy runner girl fantasies

I watched her run, hair in a long pony tail, swishing in time with her long strides. Her long, lithe legs extending in an easy stride, whereas five minutes before they’d been wrapped round my back. This affair – this zipless fuck – had been going on for almost two years now and I still

Lesbian fantasies 3.

She’s a busy sort, utilizing the finite minutes of each day, always directed, the day’s agenda planned at the office in the morning, or sometimes the previous evening, with me aware of it when I see that distracted look in her eyes. Sometimes I think this relationship is ridiculous, too many places where the quilts

Learning How To Behave Around Women

Sunday morning I woke up with a headache, a belly,ache and a very sore heiney. I had just decided that I was going to sleep til noon when my bedroom door was suddenly thrust open and my stepmother stepped into my room. ” Everett, you’d better get moving if you are going to make church

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