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Doggie Styles

I was still living at home and young. We lived on a farm way out of town and neighbors miles away from us. I was a stick girl growing up and my family actually nicked named me stick. Skinny as I could be but I sure noticed my dad and brothers always looking at my

Sex and Workout

My name is Maria and at the time of this story, I was a 36 year old married woman with two young kids. When I was younger I was in excellent shape. After I had kids I never worked to get back into top shape and really began to look rather frumpy. It all changed

A Dog & Me in the Barn

Funny how things work out. You grow up reading books and fairy tales, watching Disney movies, and you’re pretty sure you’re going to have a summer romance, to fall in blissful mutual love with someone dark and handsome and live happily ever after. Nobody tells you it could turn out to be a big, brainy

Neat N’ Naked

Kit had been alone all day. His house was a wreck and desperately needed to be cleaned. He also needed some companionship, but he had never found someone who would fill both those needs at the same time. At least he didn’t believe it was possible. Although he heard rumors about this service, that well,

Her Male Ponies

She walked around him once. Then twice. He looked good and his training showed as well. He stood straight, his eyes facing forward, not following her as they used to tend to do. When she had first started training him he was wild and unbroken. He hadn’t wanted to be used by her, instead he