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Annie’s Dad had been secretly having sex with me

Annie’s Dad had been secretly having sex with me for over a year by the time I write this. I had found out by this time that I was addicted to Bob’s atten- tions, and his frequent business trips were becoming harder for me to accept. Bob was going on more and more business trips,

Vintage whore

“The newly organized women’s social gathering known as “The Club” met for the second time last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Warrington on Alameda Street. A light luncheon was served and Mrs. Amelia Stringer, of 1124 Fillmore, gave a lively talk on the history of beekeeping in early California, followed by open discussion. The

My first older man

It was the year I got my first C-cup bra. I had been itching and uncomfortable in the chest for months, and sometimes the straps left painful red welts. When we went shopping for a new bra the saleslady immediately saw that I had been squeezing into a B-cup for too long and I was

A new neighbor asks me to let her be my bitch

I’m a married lady who likes a little pussy on the side now and then, something my husband knows nothing about and I’ve had a few subs through the years. I like the subservient cunts, they are easy to manipulate and always take good care of my pussy. A new family moved in down the

Bride To Be – wife sharing

I was 18 years old and was getting married to Phil in a week’s time. My friend Gina, who is 2 years older than me and married to Tom who is 25, was to be my Bridesmaid. Gina and Tom have a swinging lifestyle, wife swapping, threesome parties and things like that. I know this