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Old friends having fun

I was in one of those moods where nothing is really wrong, but yet nothing is really right either. You know the feeling. I didn’t have any firm plans for the week-end and all the things I should have been doing were most unappealing, like cleaning house, washing the car, writing long overdue letters, and

Slut of the truckstop

I work a sucky job. I am a waitress at a truckstop. Every day I have to put up with the hundreds of perverted, frustrated truckers. I swear, as soon as I get through college I am out of here. My boss is probably the most sexist man in the world. I should have quit

Threeway on the Freeway

I was on Interstate 80, maybe fifteen miles East of Fairfield, CA heading towards Sacramento. Up in the high, flat country with the golden grass in the summer. It was hot, very hot, but I had my windows open enjoying my new state. At 70 half the traffic seemed to be passing me. I was

Under the Desk

As I walked into John’s office, the first thing that I noticed was his desk. It was littered with books and papers and computer disks. The second thing that I noticed was that he was not in it. I took a moment to refresh my lipstick, a bright shade of red, and returned to the

Oral and Anal

I’m Terri, named after my father Terrance. He was 62 when I was born, my mother 33; I guess that’s why I find older men so attractive. It wasn’t until I was 19 or 20 that I first began to realize I wasn’t as ugly as I had always felt. Throughout grade school and junior

I Was My Mom’s Lover

This story took place several years ago when I was of the tender age of eighteen. I swear that although I’ve used some poetic license to “entertain the reader” (ahem) the events described are absolutely true.I have had conflicting feelings of guilt and nostalgia ever since these events took place, and it has helped immensely