I get to have my cake, and eat it too

My best friend, Jo and I discovered the joy of sucking each others cocks several years ago, and have been getting together regularly to indulge ourselves. Its never been a love relationship, just a mutual lust for sex that we both can share. Since I discovered sucking cock, I have craved it more and more,

Bestiality in the desert

Scenes from “the hills have eyes” were flashing through my mind as I considered my situation. I was stranded in the middle of the desert, my car was out of commission and the surrounding foothills were rather unnerving. Like a typical horror-movie-fool I had taken a rarely used road across central Nevada, thinking I could

A woman second encounter with a man and a dog

After leaving the Suffolk village as I did rather hurriedly, I was totally unaware of the goings on there afterwards. Sue left Norman to go to live in London with James… and Norman set about trying to trace where I had disappeared to. As I was not in hiding in any way it didn’t take

An extremely oral encounter in the video booths

Another true story from the mid 70s, when ALL sex was safe; an ORAL event at the book store! My Saturday afternoons often involved sucking and being sucked through the local glory holes. This day, I had sucked off a few guys, but had not yet cum. The guy in the next booth was doing

A story about my dog named Rambo and the fun we had with him

My wife and I enjoy a very active sex life. We enjoy sex in every way imaginable. We are independently wealthy and live on a large isolated tract of land away from prying eyes so we can explore indoors or out when and where we want without worrying about anyone seeing. We’ve tried a wide

Shared My Wife At The Poker Party

It all started one night, years back, when my friend was at our house playing cards with us. Just your normal card game, not strip poker or anything like that. AS it was a hot night, no AC, my wife was wearing a pair of silk pajamas. A button down top with the shorts bottom.

The Tranny Show

Friday had rolled around the family was out of town and I was wondering how to pass the time. Cruising the computer porn sights didn’t do much but bore me. I looked up the local escort sight to see if my favorite t-girl was in town working. Yes she was. I called her to see