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A young wife and extramarital sex

It was a nervous and slightly agitated young wife that awaited the arrival of photo-man for his second visit, she had already asked me to ring and cancel it three times during the day, changing her mind each time as I dialled the number. She was at last cajoled by me into accepting that nothing

Spicing Up Life

My wife Kate has never really been a big sexual adventurous type of person. For example the wildest sexual adventure we had was me fingering her to orgasm outside the local library when we were still dating. Don’t get me wrong we engage in oral sex, sex in different positions, even the introduction of a

The Story of Cinderella

Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a young woman called Ella or Cinderella like her step sisters called her. She lived with her step mother and two step sisters, Anastasia and Drizella. And life for Cinderella was pretty hard. Her step mother owned the local brothal and Cinderella and her

Tinder for teacher 2.

The school bell rings and I walk down the hall and into Mr. Jacobsen’s classroom. I drop my backpack by the door and waltz right over to his desk. I flip my skirt up and lie back, my head hanging over the edge. Mr. Jacobsen drops his pants and plunges his cock into me. I

Tinder for Teacher

Ugh. Left. Left. Ooh, right. Left. Left. Definitely right. Wait what? A match! Message him. “Hey there. What’s up?” The response was almost immediate. “Just moving into my new house. You?” “Just laying in bed. Freshly showered.” “Hmmm. You into older guys?” “I’m into you ;)” “Works for me. Wanna exchange numbers and set up