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A Weekend Family Voyeur Encounter

When we were a new couple, pretty young, 20 and 19, we had an insatiable appetite for sex. In some ways, it made us more adventurous, trying to find time to sneak away and get a little was an ongoing game. We lived near our parents and so on occasion, we would go camping together.

Calling Her Bluff – A Couples first Bi-Sex

James and Rae have been together for 18 years and were very close. They trusted each other very much and knew they could tell each other anything. Therefore they loved to talk about their fantasies while they made love to each other. They talked a lot about swinging with a third person and also with

My Indian Beach Boy

We were on vacation in Bali, staying at a resort on the beach. We had surveyed the scene, hoping to find someone suitable for socialising with, but there didn’t appear to be much on offer. Mack (My Husband) & I ended up relaxing on the beach, hoping for a decent sunset at least, a couple

The complete voyeuristic one

I guess the best place to start any story is at the beginning. I meet my wife Jan when I was young and still a virgin. She was a year younger than me but despite her tender age she was already well experienced sexually, having lost her cherry two years before while only aged fourteen.