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Sarah’s cuckold party

Some adult entertainment every night which we both enjoy and have our libidos stretched. Tonight it was a voluptuous woman Sarah’s age being pleasured by a much younger woman and her man. It was very exciting watching him fucking her standing against a wall while his lady alternated kissing her and licking her large, erect

Well, we did it again!

It’s Sunday morning, the wife has gone to church to pray for my soul. Course she wouldn’t have to save my soul, if she’d just spread her legs a couple times a month! When my wife hit her 60th birthday the frequency of our intimacy decreased to the point we have been in a 2-year

To be or not to be; A Cuckolded question 2.

Jed’s dominance of Stella and Jim continued apace; Jed was now living rent free and supported by Jim’s income; while Stella’s pregnancy developed she became less able to cope with the length and thickness of Jed’s powerful cock. This resulted in Jim having to literally become a male prostitute to Jed’s wishes. Now he had

To be or not to be; A Cuckolded question

Stella was 43 years old, five foot 10 inches tall around 180 lbs, not slim by any means and often joked the bulk of her weight was in her 38C breasts especially after raising her two sons, John and Jamie. She was married to Jim a 45 year old loving man, five foot four tall

Heather sucks cock

In the rest room, they all had drinks. Sue gave her another drink of the bitter potion she had had earlier, then washed it down with orange juice. In a few minutes she began to feel her energy returning. Sue was very hot, but restrained herself from letting Heather reciprocate here in the room. She

Thrasher Girls 3 – Geeks

It was a Wednesday afternoon a few weeks ago, and it was fucking cold. I was in my leather with a sweater on and about three tee-shirts underneath, and I was still freezing my tits off. Nikki, tams and I were sitting in Magic Beans at a back table after school. As always, we were