Secret Fantasy

I’ve always had a secret fantasy about watching my wife
fuck another man. I wasn’t sure I wanted it to become a
reality. I never told her about it, until it actually

Last summer my wife and I went on a weekend camping
trip with our friend, Doug. Once we arrived at the camp
site our friend realized his tent was completely torn
and there was no way he would be able to use it. We
offered to let him share ours and he accepted.

I was a bit disappointed because I figured this meant I
would not be able to have sex with my wife, Patty, on
the trip. I was completely horny by the time we decided
to turn in, because the situation fed into my secret
fantasy. I waited until I thought Doug was asleep, and
then began to rub Patty and kiss her neck. She allowed
me to do this, but right when it seemed like she
started to get excited she f****d me to stop and turned
over to go to sleep.

Turned on by touching her sexually in such close
proximity to our friend, I decided to try again. We
were sleeping in two sleeping bags zipped together, so
I could feel her body against mine. I began rubbing her
bubbly ass and before long, to my surprise, Patty
reached over and started to rub my cock over my
clothes. It immediately hardened at her touch. Trying
to be as quiet as possible, I leaned over and we began
to kiss.

I reached my hand down and began rubbing her pussy
through her clothing underneath the sleeping bag. Patty
began to move her hips to match my strokes and her
breathing pattern increased. She reached under my pants
and grabbed my cock. I was so excited I almost came
even before she began to stroke it. I held out and
reached over to pull down her panties.

As I spread her legs and slid between them I noticed in
the dim light of the tent that our friend was awake and
quietly watching. This was not a large tent, so he was
within inches of Patty, who had been sleeping in the
middle. The thought of him watching and lusting after
Patty turned me on even more. I quietly pulled the
sleeping bag off Patty and I, so there was nothing
covering us.

Patty was naked from the waste down. She has a soft
voluptuous body, with beautiful thick thighs, nice wide
hips and a bubbly round ass. Her skin is pail white and
her pussy hair is reddish brown and neatly trimmed. I
lifted off Patty’s shirt exposing the rest of her body
for our friend to enjoy the view. She has a cute
slightly chubby tummy and huge full D tits. Her hair is
long and brown and she has full beautiful lips. Knowing
our friend was secretly watching my completely naked
wife in our cramped tent excited me further.

Another glance told me he was fully aroused and
touching himself beneath his sleeping bag.

I slid my cock into Patty’s waiting pussy, which was
hotter and more wet than I could ever remember. Patty
still thought our friend was asleep, but couldn’t help
letting out a loud moan. She looked over to make sure
she had not wakened him and realized he was awake and
masturbating beneath his sleeping bag while staring
intently at her body.

I thought for sure this would be the end of it and
Patty would completely freak out, but to my surprise
she just moaned again and started staring at the bulge
in his sleeping bag! He boldly pulled down the covers
so she could see his cock as he stroked it. She let out
another moan and kept her eyes glued on him! I couldn’t
believe this was happening and how excited it made me.
I could no longer hold out. I pulled out my cock and
came all over her belly just as Patty was really
beginning to get into it. Once I pulled out, she lost
her chance at an orgasm and I could sense her

“What happened?” she said, obviously upset.

“I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry.” I answered.

“Well what the FUCK am I supposed to do?!” She was
really angry, having come so close but not reaching her

I started rubbing her pussy and positioned my head to
lick her clit but she moved me away. “I need to be
fucked.” She said angrily. “How fucking dare you. Get
your cock hard like his.”

She looked over at our friend’s hard cock. He was still
staring at her voluptuous naked body. Through the
motion of our fucking the side of her body had come
against his and he was careful not to move.

“I’ll let him fuck you.” I said nodding towards our
friend. The words just fell out of my mouth. I couldn’t
believe what I was saying. It had always been a secret
fantasy to watch Patty get fucked by another man, but I
never thought I would actually offering her the

Patty’s look of disappointment turned quickly to one of
surprise. There was no longer any anger in her voice.
She put her hand up to me in shock.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” she whispered. “Do you mean

Right then, I knew she would go through with it. I was
hit by a rush of excitement, jealousy, and guilt all at
the same time. This was really happening and it was my
fault. My beautiful wife was going to let another man
fuck her pussy.

“Yeah, it’s okay.” I lied. I still wasn’t sure. A part
of me wanted her to refuse, while another part couldn’t
wait for it to happen.

“Okay,” said Patty, “but not in front of you, I don’t
want you to see. Will you go outside?”

“No way Patty. If you’re going to go through with this
you have to let me watch.”

“I won’t do it in front of you. I don’t want you to see
me with someone else.” Patty looked over at his dick,
then back at me. “I don’t know if I can do it with you
right here.” She paused. “Please just go outside?”

“Patty,” I said “I want to watch you.”

“His dick is bigger than yours, could you handle
watching me take that?” She paused again, but didn’t
wait for an answer. “I’ll let you listen, just go right

I told her again the only way she could do it was with
an audience.

“Can we put the covers over us?” She asked.

I could tell she wasn’t going to back out. “No.” I
said. “You have to do it completely in front of me,
otherwise it’s cheating.”

Patty acted unsure. “Are you sure you want to see me do
this? I’m not going to hold back for you. I’m going to
fuck him like you won’t believe. Are you really sure
you want to watch your wife do that?”

She was still lying naked in between the two of us.
Doug hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her and his
cock was still rock hard.

“I’m sure.” I wasn’t, but I said it anyway.

Patty reached over and gently ran the length of his
cock with her fingertips. She looked back at me. “It’s
been a long time since I touched a dick that isn’t
yours. He’s got a real big one.”

His cock was about an inch longer than mine and almost
twice as thick. Patty wrapped he hand around it and
stoked gently.

“Okay, I’ll do it on front of you, but you can’t ask me
to stop.” She said looking over to me.

“If you are letting me do this I’m really going to let
him fuck me good and I won’t hold back. You cannot stop
me, no matter what.”

I agreed that from this point on I could not ask that
she stop. I felt helpless to my desire to see my
fantasy acted out.

Patty was now obviously into the idea of me watching.
She feigned innocence as she asked, “Do you want your
wife to be a naughty little slut, right in front of

The second I nodded yes she turned towards our friend,
reached her arm out and gently pulled him towards her.
I always had the feeling he had a crush on Patty. This
was his big day.

He got out of his sleeping bag and slid between Patty’
thick thighs as I shifted over to her other side. His
dick was hard and pressed against her thigh. Patty
grabbed my arm with one hand and his cock with another.

“Do you think his big dick will fit in my little

She looked into my eyes and smiled, but didn’t wait for
an answer. Without further hesitation Patty angled her
hips giving him full access to her slit and guided his
dick to her waiting hole. He pushed it past her pussy
lips and into her. Patty’s hand squeezed my arm hard
and she held her breath as his cock squeezed into her.

“Oh my God, his cock is so huge. It’s going so fucking
deep into my pussy!” Patty was moaning and screaming as
he started to pound her.

Pattie looked up to Doug and begged, “Fuck it hard,
Fuck that pussy.”

It was a small cramped tent and with each thrust
Patty’s cute chubby body pushed into me. My dick
started getting hard again. Patty reached up and pulled
him down making him suck hard on her fat tits. Her body
began to gyrate uncontrollably as her orgasm began.
Doug pounded her pussy with his cock and sucked hard on
her tits until she completed.

Once she had an orgasm, Patty laid back and spread her
legs wide to allow him to continue fucking her. One for
her legs fell over me and brushed against my new
hardness. She looked over to me with a look of great
satisfaction and rubbed her leg against my cock as she
continued to be fucked. I put my hands on her leg,
holding it open and she began to rub it against my

As our friend continued to fuck Patty, the tent was
filled with the sound of his balls, wet from her pussy,
smacking against her ass with each stroke. Patty’s
entire body rocked with each stroke.

“Oh yeah! That�s a good cock!” Pattie yelled, then
turned to me and gasped, “Stroke your cock while you
watch me.”

I did as she said. I slid my hand off her leg and
started jacking my dick. She began moaning again and
enthusiastically rubbed her foot against me as she was
being fucked.

I got up onto my knees above Patty’s head and shoved my
cock past her big full lips and into her mouth. This
shot her excitement level back through the roof. Patty
has always loved to cum with my cock in her mouth while
doing the ’69’ position. She began to rock her body
between his cock and mine.

She was sucking on my cock harder than I had ever felt
before. She reached another high peaking orgasm and her
body again began to gyrate uncontrollably. Our friend
started cumming deep into my wife’s slutty pussy, the
pulled out and finished off on her tits and belly.

Patty spun her body around the crowded tent so that she
was still on her back, but her pussy was facing me. Her
plump pussy lips were opened around her hole and shiny
cum was dripping out of the darkness. More cum was
splattered on her belly and dribbling down her huge

I slid my cock into her sloppy pussy as she pulled our
friends face down to hers and covered his mouth with
hers. I could see their cheeks move as they lashed
their tongues against each other inside their sealed
mouths. Patty gasped for air between kisses as I fucked
her dripping pussy until I finally added my load into

I was again completely spent and laid on my back, but
Patty had aroused Doug again. She turned over and laid
her head against my far upper shoulder with tits
against my chest and her ass exposed to him doggy
style. He slid his cock into her well used pussy as she
continued to lie on me.

Patty began very faintly moaning and I could feel each
warm deep breath of hers against the side of my face.
She whispered into my ear “Do you like watching me get

I told her I did and she let out a high pitched moan.

She whispered “I like watching you watch me. You’re so
nice to share my pussy.”

Her moans were louder now and our friend began
increasing his pace. She brought her head up so that
she was now looking directly down at my face. Her body
began to shudder. She looked directly into my eyes.

“I love that you liked…” She gasped. A sliver of spit
dripped from her mouth down onto my face “watching
me…” She was cumming again and cumming hard. “GET…

Patty collapsed onto me soaked in sweat and our friend
shot another huge load of cum all over her nice round

Doug gave Patty a towel, which she used to wipe up our
cum and her sweat. We went to sleep with Patty naked
between us and I continued to share her for the rest of
the trip. She now knows my secret fantasy and is
willing to act it out whenever I ask.