A Kindness Repaid

Maryanne sat down on the sofa in shock. “Let me get this straight. You actually want me to let Todd fuck me?” Her husband, Don, nodded without a smile and said, “Yeah, I do. He is our best friend and has been doing without sex ever since Margot left him. He’s in bad shape.” “I

Slutwife Adventures

In my last letter, I told you that I would be going on a mini vacation this past weekend. Well, Tom and I went to the city for a little fun, and I’ll tell you all about it in this letter. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bobbi Sue, and

The big cheat

Plans for dinner for both teams at a local tapas restaurant were set, but by the time we met in the hotel lobby everybody but John and me had dropped out. John offered to drive and we took off in his rental. John did turn out to be an engaging dinner companion. We ordered plate

BBW Wife Sharing

She was his age 45 and very fat, her round face was pretty but her body was just enormous. As I said he was macho and liked his wife to dress sexy but on her it looked comical. When I arrived for dinner the first night she was dressed in a lycra cotton dress that

Wife’s Cheating Delimma

My story begins: I discovered that my now ex wife had been cheating on me. I deviously set out to once and for all prove that I had no jealousies. I had a deeply inward wantonness to be a part of and contribute to her bpleasures outside the normal range of our lovemaking at home.