She Did It (mmf, exhibitionism)

My ultimate fantasy was to have my wife be touched by someone else that I trusted totally. She always said that she could never do that, and I always accepted that. She always knew that I thought about it, and she’s told me “stories” about doing it but emphasized that she never could (after I

Banging Bill’s Wife

This is the truth, the absolute truth, cross my heart and hope to die, as true as I’m sitting here. I can barely believe it myself, but it happened and it happened to me. The name’s Adrian, better not tell you my surname because it’s a small world. A bloody small world as it happens.

Gordon’s HotWife 2.

With all the presents received and enjoyed, we were now alone. I had opened a couple bottles of wine during the party and we had our glasses as we sat on the living room sofa. We talked about the some of the wonderful gifts she got tonight and sipped our wine. I told her just

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