The difficulties of fucking my wife

Believe you me, I have thought of most things to get a good fuck from my wife. Drunk is good, there is some response from her then. I guess because she’s relaxed and uninhibited. Unfortunately she doesn’t drink that much these days, not like when we were abroad, when a lot of the pictures and

My wife doing a senior

This even happened in the late 60s. No internet, porn was very hard to come by and against the law to posse or sell it. I had been buying some XXX rated movies from this guy that owned a book store,we soon became pretty good friends since we were both jaded sex maniacs. He was

Fucked by the fire service

Joanne had gotten her old job back. She’d needed to because her useless husband was not only useless in bed, but was useless as a bread winner. In the years BC , Joanne had worked in a laboratory and was very high up in rank. She’d lead a team and was considered one of the