A young wife and extramarital sex

It was a nervous and slightly agitated young wife that awaited the arrival of photo-man for his second visit, she had already asked me to ring and cancel it three times during the day, changing her mind each time as I dialled the number. She was at last cajoled by me into accepting that nothing

Fourteen Inches

My wife and I have been married for five years and have enjoyed a long monogamous relationship. I never claimed to be real experienced at sex prior to our marriage and my wife went to the altar a virgin. However, we learned quickly and developed a very satisfying sex life. In fact, both of us

The Day Before Her Wedding

The woman tossed back her long, dark hair revealing her deep brown eyes, initially flitting desirously over the body standing before her, but soon staring deeply into the eyes of her lover. The sexual tension between them was growing unbearable. Her breathing got more and more rapid, with the knowledge of what she was about

What happened on holiday

One of the best holidays I ever had was with my ex-girlfriend C, several years ago. We went to the sunny island of Tenerife, and the weather was fantastic. For the whole two weeks we didn’t see a drop of rain, or even a single cloud! But it was what happened during the holiday that

Sharing My Wife With A Postman

Not exactly a slut wife, but wasn’t sure where to post this…. It was about 5 years ago when this happened. It wasn’t planned, but I had probably unintentionally set it up. I have a good friend named Phil that I play handball with. Once while watching a porno flick with my wife, I mentioned