Secretary Love

I first started to get the indication that David had the
“hots” for me when we were alone once in the office, and
he made our usual afternoon run for a snack, bringing
back chocolate cherries and diet coke for me. I’d always
made comments about how that combination made me a little
silly, and this escalated into an innuendo that carried
on for a while.

One time he related a story from a Carol Burnett routine,
where the boss said something about Mrs. Wiggins having
“nice paperweights”. On the way to the ladies’ room I
mentioned that my paperweights weren’t that nice.

“Not from my perspective,” said David, a smile on his

I couldn’t believe how hot I got on the way downstairs,
just thinking about his voice and smile, to say nothing
of what he had said to me about my breasts. I had to
touch myself while I was in the bathroom, and had a
handkerchief in my mouth to stifle my cries as I stroked
my wet pussy in one of the stalls.

Nonetheless I had calmed down by the time I’d gotten back
upstairs, and work continued for the next hour, until I
went home. All the way home, and through the supermarket
getting something for dinner, my pussy was buzzing for

I was so wet that I had to put my handkerchief in my
panties to keep my juices from running down my leg. When
I got back in my car, I actually wanted to do myself
right then and there! Slightly shocked at my desire, I
drove home, and came many times before bedtime, thinking
of David’s mouth on my ‘paperweights’, as well as my

After I separated from my husband, David had a chance to
come out for Christmas, and I knew he’d have to come into
the office to at least say hello, but also of course to
service the computers and software. While he puttered
away, his dad – my boss – left for an appointment that’d
take him all afternoon. At one point, after stretching in
my chair, I felt his soft, warm hands on my shoulders and
neck, giving me a great massage.

I groaned, and told him how good that felt. He leaned
down, and softly said, “Good,” before kissing my ear
lightly, then twice down the side of my neck. I could
feel my nipples get hard under my blouse and bra, and
only half-hoped they weren’t showing through the blouse.
Suddenly, we heard steps coming up the stairs, and David
pulled away. I concentrated on my typing, and hoped my
nipples would get soft really quick, before his dad
arrived. He picked up David and they left for the day.

Before I left for the evening, I went back into the
office David had used before he moved out west, and did
myself on the floor. It didn’t matter how loud I moaned
this time, since no one was in the building, thinking
about his hands on my shoulders, just inches from my
breasts, and his lips on my neck, was the first image to
bring me over the edge.

I came three times before getting up off the floor, and
going home, where I took a long bath and pleasured myself
over and over, now that I knew more certainly about
David’s feeling for me.

The end of the week arrived, and David was going to be
leaving to go back to the West coast the next day, when
he came in. It was Friday, and he didn’t get a chance to
do other than hug me before he and his dad went down the
stairs. As I prepared, a bit disappointed, to go home
myself, I heard steps come up again, and David came back
through the door.

“I didn’t get a chance to wish you a Merry Christmas, the
right way,” he cooed.

I turned around in my chair and stood up in front of him,
putting out my hands to hold his face. We kissed just
using our lips slowly, but still excitedly, knowing he
had to get downstairs any second. I closed my eyes, and
relaxed in his arms as we continued to kiss.

Suddenly I relaxed my lips, and found his tongue in my
mouth. It was nice, but it surprised me, and I backed
off, gasping and flushed. I looked at his eyes, and
followed them to where they were looking. My breasts were
heaving, and the nipples showing through my blouse, so
stiff. I looked at his crotch a bit hesitantly, but still
feeling a bit brazen.

His hard-on was quite evident – probably around 9 inches
or more, and thick enough to look like it made a
difference. I could see the outline of his cockhead
through his slacks. My nipples got harder and I wanted
him right then and there, alas. I looked up to see his
eyes looking at mine, while I had been eyeing his cock.
David walked over and kissed me lightly, saying, “Merry
Christmas,” and left the office.

The slowness of progress, as promising as it was, kept me
in a state of arousal whenever he called to check in with
his dad or brother, who was now working in the office. I
still found a need to go downstairs and do myself every
once in a while when they were upstairs working, the
handkerchief in my mouth, my fingers in my sopping cunt.
But I couldn’t wait for his next visit.

Months went by, and finally his brother was getting
married, with David as best man. He arrived several days
before the wedding. We’d been making lascivious comments
to each other over the phone since his last visit, about
“Specialized Hands-on Computer Training”, with an
assortment of knowing “heh, heh, heh’s,” so I was primed
for his visit. I just hoped that we got some time alone,
and we did.

David was in testing his dad’s hard drive – which gave me
plenty of opportunity to make semi-lewd remarks about
“hard” things.

I’d worn my pleated skirt and blouse, and a thinner-
than-usual bra. It was a struggle to think without
letting the idea of my nipples and how they loved the
lace they pressed against to override the work I had to
do. Luckily I had done a lot the previous evening to
assure that I’d be finished before quitting time the next

So, around 1:00, David went out for “our Friday pick-me-
up”, and I waited to hear his footsteps up the stairs,
which definitely were his, before walking back into his
old office, where he’d been working. He saw me waiting
for him there, and approached, holding up the chocolate-
covered cherries and diet coke and smiling.

“How sweet…” I purred, and smiled, as I approached him.

“Not as sweet as you, Janie,” as I interrupted him,
holding the sides of his head, and kissing him. I let my
lips relax, giving him the signal perhaps that he’d
waited for, and pushed my tongue into HIS mouth to
surprise him.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….” he hummed, as we kissed.

I licked around the inside of his mouth, glad that he’d
quit cigarettes a while back, and dueled with his tongue,
finally giving it imaginary head, and looking him in the
eyes. I ran my fingers through his hair, and felt his
hands wander down my back, and over my hips.

I trailed my tongue around his cheek, and licked his ear,
telling him, “I like this too.”

He squeezed my ass, and I started against him, and
decided to stay that way, and ground my hips against his,
feeling his cock press against his pants at me. God, I
was so hot! I slowly pulled away, and began to lower
myself down his front. I kissed his throbbing erection
through his pants.

“I can feel it pound, David…” I cooed, before opening
his pants and letting them drop to the floor. There
before me was his massive dick, pulsating against his
boxer shorts. I knew it wanted to escape, and kissed it
through the material, sucking it into my mouth and
licking around it. David held my head, and I pulled his
boxers off before he got them too wet to wear!

He started to lower himself to the floor, but I stopped
him, pushing a hand to his chest, and pulling his sweet,
huge cock into my mouth. I hadn’t done this in years, as
my ex- was a jerk, but he did teach me to suck cock. I
hoped that my ability was better than David had ever
experienced, as I took that lovely tool all the way down,
opening my throat and humming.

I loved the way it felt inside my mouth, so smooth and
yet so hard! And the way David moaned when I pulled him
into my throat, and rubbed my tongue on the underside of
his cock.

I slurped, and hummed, feeling him hesitate to fuck my
mouth, feeling him want to hump me when he hit the back
of my throat each time, feeling his cock expand even
further, and further! I stroked underneath his balls, and
felt him build up to his orgasm. I slurped his hot stick
and hummed around it, using my tongue to full advantage.

I hadn’t had a man inside my mouth since my ex-husband’s,
and in this case it was a loving, young cock stretching
my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of sucking him, and
looked up at him, looking at me, while I did my best to
love his tool.

Finally he succumbed to my mouth, and began to hump my
face, fucking my mouth and moaning. Then he exploded
inside me, and down my throat, as I swallowed as fast as
I could. His cum was musky and thick, and his wonderful
cock fucked my lips and mouth.

I sucked hard, and David shouted, and held my head down
on his cock as he continued (!) to shoot cum into me. I
made sounds like, “Ummmh, ummmh,” as I drank down his
sweet cum. It tasted nice, not like my ex-husband at all.
My head swam as I tried to swallow all of his cum, but a
little escaped my lips, and round down my chin; but it
didn’t stop me until I’d pulled all of it from him.

David ran his hands through my hair, as I continued to
massage his cock back to its original stiffness. I’d
noticed that it hadn’t really become too soft after he
came in my mouth; he told me later that it was because he
was so turned on by me. It makes me flush just writing
this! I loved the feeling of his fingers in my hair, and
the smoothness of his dick as it again pulsated on my

I pulled away, and stood, looking into his eyes. David
moved towards me, and licked the glob of cum off the side
of my mouth. I’d forgotten about it almost, in the sheer
buzz of the moment. His tongue traveled to my lips, and I
sucked it in, and the cum on it. He tasted so good!
David’s tongue began to flick across the nub under my
tongue, like it would over my clit. I really started to
get wet when he did that, and could feel my nipples
hardness press against my bra and blouse, before feeling
his warm hands over them.

His fingers found their way to the top button of my
blouse, and worked down, followed by a wet kiss from his
lips where the button had been closed. God, this was so
hot, and so was I. David’s tongue flicked where he’d
kissed, as he undid me. He moved his hands inside my
blouse, which fell from my shoulders easily, hanging from
my skirt, revealing my breasts inside my bra. My breath
made them jiggle in their harness; I just hoped he liked
them, although I’m in my fifties and they don’t stand up
like they used to.

Then I felt his hands on my back, and hips, and his
tongue, as he pulled my blouse from my waistband, and
licked slowly up my front, and over to my left nipple,
where it trailed around and around it, making my pussy
throb in unison with it. And his warm mouth closing over
my nipple, through my lacy bra, which I’d worn in
expectation of just this happening! I moaned out loud,
surprising me just a little, since I KNOW how sensitive
my breasts are, and can come just from massaging and
pinching them myself.

I pulled his head to my breast, as he put his left hand
under the other cup, massaging my other nipple while he
sucked and nibbled on me. Then it happened, as I felt his
fingers and thumb rotate my nipple around, and his mouth
and tongue love my other breast.

I started to cum for the first time with this lovely man,
and pushed my hips against his chest as he sucked and
pinched me hard, rubbing with his finger and tongue. He
knew just what I wanted! I held onto the wall, and let
this man love my tits, as no man had ever before! He kept
licking and sucking my breasts, switching between them
and hearing my short groans, which I knew he loved

Eventually I came down, and he stopped what he was doing,
and leaned back, looking at me, before removing my bra.
It was so exciting to have David looking at my breasts
that way. I loved what he’d done to me so far, and
couldn’t wait for whatever was next!

I reached down, and opened his shirt and removed his tie,
then unzipped my skirt, and let it slide down my hips. I
was so hot and wet; it would be evident to him
immediately. I ran my hand over his chest as he moved
down over my belly again with his tongue, over the
waistband of my panty hose. Finally, I felt his nose pass
over my mons, pressing into my pussy, against my clit. He
reached up, and started to pull my hose down my hips,
kissing after it.

When he again reached my pussy, already sopping, I
sighed, and whispered to him, “Do me. Lick me…”

I pressed his chin into my hips, and felt his hot tongue
on my folds, clit, and lips, before trailing down to my
thighs, and back up again to my pussy. God, his tongue
felt incredible! I’d only been able to fantasize about a
man licking me there; my ex-husband didn’t think it was a
masculine thing to do. But David was practiced, I think,
and when he pushed his tongue inside me slightly, I had
to shudder, and when he sucked my clit into his mouth, I
couldn’t hold it in, and moaned loudly, pushing my hips
to him, giving his mouth my cunt for its own.

Then I felt his finger inside me. I closed around it,
squeezing with my muscles, as he sucked my clit. I was
gonna come any minute if he kept that up. Then a second
finger, spread inside my hot cunt. I squeezed against his
fingers again, then loosened up. A third finger entered
me, fucked me with the other two and spread, and his hot,
hot mouth on my clit.

Finally it was too much, and I bucked into his face, as
I’d make him do to me while I sucked HIM. I moaned sooo
loud, as he fucked me faster with his fingers and licked
and sucked and loved my pussy. I grabbed his head,
holding on, and fucking his fingers and mouth, shouting
at times, in short, little “Oh’s!” and banging my head
against the wall.

David moved into a sitting position as this happened, and
held my hips, while I buzzed from his tongue and mouth,
lowering me. I felt the head of his huge cock on my pussy
lips and clit, and reached down, guiding him into me. His
cock was thicker than his fingers had been it seemed. At
last I rested on his hips, my cunt swallowing his cock
whole, though delightfully stretching me.

David kissed me really deep, giving me his tongue to suck
on as I ground into him with my hips.

“Oh, David…” I moaned around his tongue.

“You taste divine, Janie…”

All this time, it’d been just my sweet toy, and me though
I’d never put it all the way in, just maybe 8 inches or
so of it, which was enough, believe me! But when I
lowered myself down on David’s cock, feeling it spread my
lips with its thickness, I had to gasp – my estimation of
his length had been low! I felt his cockhead softly push
against my cervix, as his heartbeat thudded against my
cunt walls and lips. I leaned down and kissed him,
sucking his tongue into my mouth, feeling his hips push
up to me, giving me all the cock he could, and started to
ride him.

I gave him head with my pussy, working my muscles around
his cock, and rubbing my clit against his pubic bone. I
was wetter than I’d ever been before, and felt my juice
sliding over his hips, cock and balls, as I started to
rise and fall on his hardness, started to feel those
wonderful little twinges that went up my spine every time
his cock hit a nice spot of mine.

David pushed his hips up into me, and I felt his cock get
even harder and bigger than before – he was going to come
again, but not before me.. I rose off his now dripping
cock, and slid back on the floor, opening my legs for him

“Fuck me now,” I sighed, looking him straight in the

“I want to fuck you, Janie,” as he hovered over me,
before I felt his cock at my pussy again, rubbing my
clit, “I want to fuck you hard…” and pushed all the way
up me, as I attempted to reply.

“Fuck me har- uh!” I ended with a yell, as he hit the end
of my cunt again.

He wasn’t as hard as when I’d been on top of him, but
that would change, I thought to myself with a smile.
Finally, after all these years I had this hot boy inside
me, pushing me over the edge and about to gush his hot
cum inside me too! His cock started to expand again, as
he fucked me good and deep. I couldn’t keep quiet as he
did me, moaning and pushing back at his hips.

“Ohhh- oh! David, oh….” as I touched his ass with my
fingernails, as he fucked me good, oh, so good… I
raised my legs around him, giving him more of my pussy.

Suddenly, I couldn’t control myself, and wanted him all
inside me! My pussy was starting to gush and pulsate
around David’s stiff dick, and it was all I could do to
concentrate enough to squeeze his cock, as he felt my
approaching orgasm, and started fucking me faster and
harder, gradually building me up to where he wanted me:
to come like a crazy woman around his sweet dick.

“Ehhh, ehh, ehh!”, I found myself saying, unable to say
anything else as I started to come hard again! I started
to shake, and shout to him again, giving my body to his.
I lost track of everything, fucking back against his
lovely cock. I think I had a multiple orgasm while he did
me so well, it seemed like it went on forever, and I
didn’t want him to stop! I wondered for a second how I’d
be able to give him my body for an entire weekend, before
hearing him.

“Oh, Janie, ehnnh!” he yelled to me, before I felt his
hardness break slightly, and fill me with a series of
spurts of cum so hard, it was coming out of me. I almost
wished I could swallow his cum at the same time as I came
around him again!

I slid my legs down his sides finally, as he continued to
pulse inside me, jerking once in a while as he flexed his
sweet cock inside me. Every time he did I had to let out
another “Oh!”, which I know he loved. He kissed my neck,
breasts, and lips, and I sucked on his tongue.

“I wish this were my home,” he started to say, before I
put a finger to his lips.

“Any time you want it, now you know where it is,
David…” I cooed.

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