Secretary Love

I first started to get the indication that David had the “hots” for me when we were alone once in the office, and he made our usual afternoon run for a snack, bringing back chocolate cherries and diet coke for me. I’d always made comments about how that combination made me a little silly, and

A business woman becomes obsessed with dirty sex and goes out on a limb for her fetish

I know that this story is going to sound really strange to you but I couldn’t help myself. From the very beginning I was lost to the sensations that controlled my actions. It all began one day when I was on the road as a sales rep for my company up in the Seattle area.

The Office Whore

Nicolette is our office whore. She started as the receptionist, but it got so difficult to get inside the front door, what with all the men lined up to fuck her every day. It was simply easier to move her to another room. Besides, it’s difficult to answer the phone when your mouth is full

Sex in the office

I work early mornings stacking shelves in a supermarket. There is just me, the cleaner, and two guys out the back with the trucks. The cleaner is a beautiful middle eastern woman in her mid thirties. She has great tits. It’s funny, in her work clothes you can barely see the extent of their size