Sex weekend in Manchester

For about a year I was chatting on msn with a girl I met through a chat room. Initially I lied about my age to access the site and get her msn addy. Then one day she announced “I have a Cam now” Great I thought I know how to a***e this situation.

So both of us plugged our cams in and away we went. I swear on anything you want me to this girl was amazing. The cam phone pics she was sending in the intrim did not do her justice. She was sat there teasing me flashing her nipples occasionally and sucking in them then the subject came up “So how old are you anyway I know your older. 27 I reply truthfully. Thats it I thought party over. “COOL” came her reply. I wont post her age as not sure on the rules of ages but I will say she was at least 13 years my junior.

So this had been going on for about a year now then I got a message from work saying I had to go Manchester for the weekend for a conference. The conference was on a friday so decided to spend the weekend up there.

Knowing my little cam friend lived near Manchester I let her know. So we arranged to meet up on the sat, Her telling her parents she was shopping.

The sat finally came and im sttod there nervous as hell when she walks round the corner. My jaw hit the ground she looked stunning even more so in person. “we have a problem” she explains. Then she moves aside and tells me how she has to look after her little sister.

We soon decide to go ahead as usual and go back to my hotel as it has a tv so we will put her in front of it while we get nasty.

Well here we are at my hotel room my little cam princess in the flesh her sister sat watching saturday tv, to break the ice we start to drink (didnt want to leave the sister out so we gave a can of lager to keep the peace)

A few drinks later then she blurts out, “Cmon then paul im dying to this cock youve teased me with on cam”

So I strip. Stood there naked in front of two underage girls. She crawls accross the bed and starts to give me the best head ever. Damn this girl could suck and swallowed the whole load to. I sit on the bed my spent cock limp when she starts to gyrate and strip for. When she released her bra and her 34C cups fell out that was it I was soon hard again. After what seemed like ages of watching her finger herself and taste herself teasing me she crawled back on the bed and and mounted me. She took the whole length no problem and was soon grinding like mad against me as im sucking her nips she explodes in pleasure and gets off me.

Shit I thought shes just teasing again. But then my cock is back in her mouth as she sucks like shes possessed, “Fuck me here I cum” so she pulls out and lets me unload all over her fine tits.

We both lye there giggling about it all as she rubs my cum into her and licking her fingures.

She hops of the bed and announces shes going for a shower so I stay on the bed relaxing after an amazing couple of unoads.

I hear the shower turn on and im lying there eyes closed on the bed, All of a sudden I feel a set of hands stroking my limp cock, of course it responds to the touch. “one more before the shower?” I ask but no response so I open my eyes and theres her younger sister who we had (or at least I had) forgotten about with her tiny hands around my cock.

She looks up with a look in her eyes of excitement before giving the head of my a cock a lick.